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Seventeen in North America Fan Projects

hi everyone, sorry for the absence! i’ve been busy helping coordinate the banner project for the august 23rd stop of their tour with a few others and as of yesterday, we’re at 84%! we need only 107 dollars to complete the goal before the july 30th date so any bit helps! for a sample of the banners plus the donation link, please click here. additionally, there will be an ocean and flag project once the banners are completed and for both things to happen, our target goal is $265!

to donate for the dallas banner project, please use the following:

venmo - svtindallas2017
paypal - paypal(.)me/svtindallas2017

also anyone going to the concert in nyc, there will be an ocean project done by @happydk (or akkindads on twitter). the goal is to get 3,000 bags in the rose quartz/serenity colors so that each plastic bag can cover a lightstick and form a glowing ocean for the boys! the target is $300 for the goal and if you’d like to donate, click here!

please reblog to spread the word! let’s make their first tour in north america unforgettable.

the bass drum through the years