pop tart gallery

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Episode 7, In the last week before the opening of “Your Face Here” at the Pop Tart gallery tensions are rising between Lenora and Phil about how to run the business.  Austin gets to shoot with Cassandra Peterson A.K.A. Elvira but is realizing that with each passing moment he is running out of time to complete the project.


These are from the night we had a pop up dinner by Anne Lee of Castle Gourmet amongst the Rhonda gallery show at Pop Tart Gallery.  In attendance were some devoted Rhonda fans, friends, sponsors from DJCN, and alumn guest DJ Juan Maclean. Aftewards things got a bit hazy as we partied at a friend’s birthday, and somehow my dress wound up on our graphic designer Trevor. She looked good in it though, everybody looks better in a dress. haha.

Watch on austinyoung.tumblr.com

BEHIND THE TART- Episode 4- About To Pop

The web series about bomb shell curator, Lenora Claire, follows my solo show, YOUR FACE HERE from inception to completion. 

It’s one week until the Pop Tart Gallery Opens and there’s still so much left to do. Lenora and Phil discover the solution to their bar problem may be a right under their noses. It’s a team effort to put all the finishing touches and make the gallery pop.