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Joseph’s Tattoo

So I been thinking about Joseph’s tattoo… mostly because of those leaks from the apparent ‘evil’ end.

So it’s supposed to be an anchor, right?


We assume it’s an anchor because that’s what dialogue implies and it certainly fits with the whole nautical aesthetic Joseph has going

We never see the entire tattoo.  In fact this is the only mention of it.  And it’s not confirmed to be an anchor.  It just ‘looks like the bottom of an anchor’

So what could it be if it’s not an anchor?

that funky symbol that pops up in Joseph’s decor. If you’ve never seen that symbol before and only saw a bit at the bottom I can see why you’d think it was an anchor.  It’s probably the  symbol for his cult thing.

This is the same symbol that Robert has tattooed on HIS hand.  That he got to ‘remember’. Because we know Robert and Joseph had a fling at some point.  

If the cult thing IS true it would make sense that maybe Joseph had the tattoo first and some time during or after the affair with Robert, Robert got his.

Looking back this tattoo of his is probably our first clue that he’s got something funny going on.

The Signs as Art Periods
  • ARIES: RENAISSANCE - a new beginning, humanism
  • TAURUS: POP ART - removed from context, 'banal', unexpected reality
  • GEMINI: IMPRESSIONISM - the unusual, movement, critical
  • CANCER: ROMANTICISM - intense emotion, beauty of nature
  • LEO: BAROQUE - tension, drama, greatness
  • VIRGO: CUBISM - detailed, analysed, fusing the past and present
  • LIBRA: SYMBOLISM - indirect, aesthetic, thought-through
  • SCORPIO: EXPRESSIONISM - exaggerated emotions, expressing the meaning
  • SAGITTARIUS: POST-IMPRESSIONISM - light, colour, expressive
  • CAPRICORN: REALISM - truth and accuracy, showing the unpleasant aspect of life, deep emotions
  • AQUARIUS: FUTURISM - speed, technology, youth, provocation
  • PISCES: SURREALISM - fusing dreams and reality, unpredictable, illogical

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 


Thoughts full

“AHHHH!” A loud shriek pierced the otherwise silent ship, starling the occupants from their state of relaxation. The paladins sprinted towards the source of the sound in a panic, all finding themselves in front of Lance’s door, panting, weapons at the ready.

 Shiro, who arrived first, burst through the door and scanned the room for immediate danger. Seeing the room empty he relaxed and moved further into the room that smelt distinctly of sea. 

 He rushed over to Lance who was slumped over his desk, signs of his previous tasks pushed to the floor, the others close behind. Lance was on the floor, curled up in pain, sweat streamed off him in fountains. 

“Lance? Can you hear me?” Shiro asked firmly, he got no response. He reached his biological hand down and onto Lance’s forehead, hissing as he got burnt. 

“He’s burning.” 

 Hunk ran out in worry, headed for Coran and the healing pods. Shiro quickly picked Lance up but almost dropped him when Lance began thrashing around, weak whimpers making their way through his lips as his face screwed up in pain. 

 The remaining team sprinted out of the room, Shiro careful not to jostle Lance too much as they made their way to the medical bay. Ahead of them they saw Coran quickly setting up one of the pods. 

 "Does he need a suit?“ Pidge asked in a rush and Coran shook his head. 

“We can do that if he needs long term recovery!” Coran said and opened the pod, Shiro handed Lance over to Coran who gently placed him in the pod. It hissed close and immediately began scanning. 

 "What happened to Lance?“ Allura asked after a tense silence, Keith looked up. 

 "We’re not sure,” Keith said and Hunk quickly added on. 

“We just heard his scream and then we found him on the floor,” Hunk said and twisted his fingers together nervously. “Maybe it’s a fit?”

“The pod is almost finished scanning.” Coran said and a loud beep resonated from the machine, the team huddled around as Coran read the symbols popping up on the monitor. Corans twirled his moustache in confusion. “It’s not detecting anything wrong… Just a heightened magnetic energy coming from his brain.”

“What would that mean?” Pidge asked as she tried to read the report. 

“It may be a migraine,” Coran suggested and sighed. “But having him in the pod will not help him any, we’ll have to pull him out.”

“….” The paladins watched in unsure silence as Coran pressed a few buttons and he pod once again opened, Lance slumped out and Coran caught him. He carried him over to a bed and winced when Lance moaned and grasped his head.

“My boy,” Coran whispered and Lance’s eyes slowly- painfully- opened. 

“Coran, my head hurts.” Lance said and winced. “What’s the matter? Why is everyone talking?” 

“No one’s talking.” Shiro whispered and Lance cried out in pain. 

“You’re all talking too much, stop, it hurts.” Lance whined and curled up into himself.

Everyone stayed silent, staring at Lance in worry. 

“Please.” Lance moaned out in pain before his eyes fell shut once more and he slumped into the bed. Everyone looked at each other but before anyone could talk Allura ushered them all except Coran out of the room.

Coran hadn’t the slightest clue what was wrong with the paladin.

Lance awoke, the blank ceiling staring back at him, as if to taunt his existence. He heard whispers, silent murmurs pass through his mind. But he felt nothing but the slight, dull pain in his mind.

He really needed a drink.

So, he got up- wincing at a sudden pain that passed through his mind- and made his way towards the kitchen. The whispers grew louder and Lance tried to block them out- but he couldn’t- they were at the forefront of his mind, demanding attention. He still couldn’t make out what they were, but he had to wonder if he were simply hearing things, if he had gone crazy. Gotten some type of cabin fever in space.

He finally made it to the kitchen but he winced as one of the voices took prevalence over the others, he began to recognise the voice. The worried thoughts, endless with questions, filled with an intelligent undertone. Pidge.

He had no clue why he was hearing Pidge. Maybe he had banged his head, maybe he truely was going crazy. Or maybe Pidge was simply talking loud.

The kitchen was empty when he made it there, he quickly got himself a drink of water before gulping it down and filling the cup once more. Then he made his way out, going in search of the others.

He first found Keith, Keith’s voice got louder and Lance clutched his head in pain. Keith turned and raised his hand to greet Lance but dropped it when Lance ran out of the room.

On his way back to his room he bumped into Pidge. Whispers ran through Lance’s mind like a scream and Lance cried out, unused to the invasion of his mind. Pidge held her arms out for Lance in worry but cried out when he bolted from the scene.

He finally made it to his room, Lance locked the door behind him and slid onto the floor, tears pouring from his blood shot eyes. The whispers in his head calmed down, every now and then a more alert and clear voice would cut through the canopy of murmurs and every time Lance would wince.

He was going crazy. Officially bonkers. Lance pulled at his hair desperately.

‘Where is Lance?’ Lance whipped his head around in search of the posh voice. It was Allura. 

He’s probably in his room.’

There’s no way Lance had heard Allura talking through the door. He was loosing his mind. 

Was this his room?’

Lance shook his head, there was no way he had heard any of that. But surely, a knock sounded and Lance yelped in shock. A variety of sentences came through to Lance’s mind and lance blinked back painful tears. “Lance?” The muffled voice came through the door and Lance wavered.

There were other words being spoken, some he couldn’t catch others he could get a vague meaning of. But none of them spoken aloud, none of them muffled through the metal wall separating them. All of them in Lance’s mind.

Lance opened the door and Allura took in his tearful, dishevelled appearance and blinked in surprise. “Lance, are you feeling fine?” ‘He looks bad, maybe I should cut them all some slack’

“Yeah. It’s just a head ache but the others might appreciate a break too.” Lance answered absent-mindedly.

“Pardon?”‘Did I miss a part of the conversation?’ Now Lance was confused.

“No…. You didn’t miss any of the conversation?” Lance said questioningly and Allura gasped. 

“Did you hear that?” Allura asked and Lance frowned. ‘Can you hear this?’

“Yeah” Lance asked looked at Allura weirdly. “Are you feeling alright?”

“I didn’t say that aloud.” Allura answered and frowned. ‘Watch my lips.’

Her lips didn’t move, not even an inch. Yet he could still hear her. 

“…..” Lance stared at her in horror as more thoughts flooded his mind, thoughts of her home planet, thoughts of her life before. But mainly her hatred for those who destroyed her planet. Hatred for Zarkon.

All thoughts she couldn’t stop, they were a constant stream. Never ending.

“Lance, please don’t freak out, it’ll make this all worse.” Allura tried to calm as she noticed the hazy look in Lance’s eyes. Sweat formed between Lance’s brows and he looked faint. 

“I-I can read- your mind?” Lance questioned and Allura looked as lost. 

“Possibly” Allura said and looked down. ‘I’ll have to see if Coran knows about this.’

Allura left. Lance concentrated on the whispers passing through his mind. They were his teammates.

Hunk’s anxious stream of though. Keith’s brash word. Pidge’s blunt though process and Shiro’s tortured whispers.

All within Lance’s brain, waiting to be deciphered. Lance rubbed his temple, trying to rid the headache.

Lance could read minds.

Lance cautiously made his way down the hallway of the ship, headed to the medical bay. Everyone was already there, waiting for Lance. Lance knew that of course.

He walked through the door and cringed at the flood of voices. Thoughts mixed with real conversation, leaving Lance in a muddled haze.

He could hear many things directed his way, thoughts and actual words as the team crowded around him. 

“My boy,” Coran’s calm voice pierced through the confusion and Lance focused on him, feeling a hand on his shoulder. “Listen to my voice only.”

The other paladins had stopped talking and Coran walked closer. “Do you feel the separation?”

Lance nodded, feeling the voices recede. There was a distinct wall between his own consciousness and their thoughts.

Coran took Lance’s face into his hands. “Now, focus on pushing the voices away, thickening that wall.”

Lance did as told, pushing his friends worries and thoughts and secrets away. Wincing when a particular thought would yell out. Finally, the thoughts receded and all they were was a small whisper in the back of his mind.

Lance released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and grabbed Coran’s arms for support. “Breathe my boy,” Coran whispered and Lance felt like crying.

The headache was gone. 

“There will always be a wall beween your thoughts and ours,” Coran stated and patted Lance’s back. “Just remember that and use it to control it.”

“How did you know that?” Lance asked after a long pause and Coran smiled sadly.

“I should have realised sooner,” Coran looked down in thought. “It’s always a trait the blue paladin gains, after all.”

Balloon symbolism

Balloons indicate declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love. A situation in your life will take a turn downward. A balloon pop symbolizes an unrealized goal or dream. It may also represent the stresses in your life. The pressure may be starting to be too great for you to bear.

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Young God: Daveed Diggs x Reader (Preface)

Summary: “They say it’s like having sex with a young god.” The Warriors run Brooklyn and for years you had managed to stay out of their way. It was only a matter of time before you got caught up in their mythological stories.

Word Count: 800 (but get ready.. there’s a lot coming)

Warnings: Mentions of sex

A/N: Finally out of the slump I’ve been in, guys. Many chapters of this to come.


“They say it’s like having sex with a young god.

“Karen, don’t you think that’s a little dramatic?” You sighed, lying back on your bed as your best friend gossiped to you about the people that were constantly heard about in the hallways: The Warriors.

The Warriors were one of many gangs in New York City, but they were the group that ran your section of Brooklyn. Even better, they went to your high school.

There were always rumors going around about The Warriors. You knew they were there, as you passed by them every so often in the halls, but the thing that was most present was their tags on the subways cars that zoomed underground and on a wall here or there. It was their city, and everyone knew it.

There were six warriors, each with his or her own distinctive personality. But, they all had one thing that brought them together. They all had a two of the same tattoos.

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Request for #37 OTP. Thanks, I really enjoy your writing!

Thank you, honey! ^-^

The One - Dean x Reader

“And then I picked up your coffee by mistake. I was completely distracted. For some reason, I thought it was mine,” you said, apologetic. God, where was your head today? Not here on planet Earth, apparently.

“I don’t care,” the stranger in the fancy suit said with nothing but annoyance. “All I want is an apology.

Well, okay. You were sure you had made it clear, but whatever. “Yeah, I’m really sorry.”

The man scoffed, “Next time try to say it like you mean it.”

What? God, it’s not like you had tried to kill him or something. You had barely touched his cup. Dramatic much?

“Hey, man, no need to be a jerk,” the guy in line behind you intervened. He was wearing no suit, kind of looked like a lumberjack, a hot lumberjack from a model catalog, but he clearly had some manners. “The lady said she was sorry.”

“You mind your own business. No one has spoken to you.”

“Oh, should I apologize too?” The guy asked, not hiding his sarcasm, and making a smile crack your lips.

“Unbelievable,” the man in the suit muttered and, coffee in hand, he walked out of the shop.

“Unbelievable is right. What a jerk.”

You chuckled, “For real. Thank you for stepping in.”

“Hey, don’t mention it. That guy needs some serious lessons in communication before going out in public.”

As he talked, you grabbed the remaining cup of coffee and frowned at it. “Yeah, and he also needs a pair of glasses, cause he took my coffee. This one is his,” you said with a sigh.

“Hey, why don’t I buy you a new one?”

“Thank you, but I’m already late… I really appreciate it, though. Have a nice day, uh…” you trailed off.


“Dean,” you repeated with a smile.

“You too,” he said, smiling back, and making you regret your answer right there and then. What if he was the one and you were walking away from him? Maybe if he was you would meet him again, though, right? Really wishing for that, you rushed outside and walked to your car.

You took just a sip of coffee before opening the car door, hoping the fancy guy had at least a decent taste.

And, apparently not. That coffee was as bitter as him. Ugh.

You threw the coffee in the near trash can, then slid behind the wheel and headed to work.

That afternoon, on your way back home, a symbol popped up on your dash, bright red. The car needed oil, stat, so you stopped at the first garage you saw and walked inside.

An old man was talking to another customer, but soon enough he was giving you his attention, “Need help with something, miss?”

“Just an oil change. My car is outside.”

He nodded at you, then called out a “Dean! An oil change for the miss.”

Dean? Could it be the same Dean from this morning? You felt your heart speed up in anticipation.

And then… It was him. The same guy, walking towards you, a smile on his lips as soon as he recognized you. “Hey, I was wondering if I was gonna see you again.”

Well, your heart wasn’t gonna calm down now, but you embraced that feeling, the same one you had felt around your first crush, years ago.

Who knew, maybe he was the one after all. You certainly hoped so.

In the meantime, across the street, a guy was taking off his fancy suit and giving it to a homeless person. So what if he had to wear uncomfortable human clothes and be a jerk to do his job? The results were the only thing that mattered. Best Cupid in the world, or what?

i just finished swr zero hour




i’m convinced filoni is purposely avoiding a kallus/zeb reunion so that we can go off and write fanfic about it and not be disappointed by however canon handles it.

he threw us a huge bone though with the escape pod scene. IDENTICAL to zeb getting in the escape pod in honorable ones, just before kallus follows him into it (he just haaad to chase after zeb). THAT’S WHERE ALL THIS SHIT STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. someone please side by side that shit ASAP kallus is literally walking in zeb’s footsteps now.

i eagerly await all the gifs and screencaps of kallus’ bruised face and mussed hair and JUST SO DONE WITH THESE IMPERIAL FUCKS attitude cuuuz hot damn he has never looked better.

ok here have some of my shitty caps:

i am so proud of him for getting his ass the fuck outta there as soon as he had the chance. it was masterful. he stayed as long as he could but with his cover blown there was no more use for him as an ‘imperial’.


HE DIDN’T SAY ‘IT’S FULCRUM’ HE SAID ‘IT’S KALLUS’ which is so important!

he prob knew who it was before the symbol even appeared, i mean look at his face when hera says they have an incoming transmission

he had mutton chops on the brain, i guarantee it.

there are infinite headcanons for their reunion so i guess it was smart of the show to let us have the freedom to run with those. in mine, kallus now lives with such shame and self-loathing that he thinks himself unworthy to even speak to zeb, given the fact that the last time they saw each other kallus said that by exterminating zeb’s people he was only doing his duty.

this ship is problematic at best but it’s not like there’s no basis for it (honorable ones was the gayest shit i’ve ever seen). this finale towed the line as well as it could by avoiding the issue completely and will prob succeed in getting shippers and haters alike to return for season 4.

i think kallus earned the thanks kanan gave him at the end. he did risk everything. but he has A LOT to atone for (most of which he’ll never fully be able to), especially with zeb… cue fanfic/art.

the markjae hoodie

y’all know what im talking about (xx)

where did it come from, who’s is it?? who is stealing who’s hoodie here???? who is wearing the other’s !!! clothes !!! ???????? i gotta know