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If you don’t scream this song when it comes on then I don’t know you and we can’t be friends. 😜 #blackparade #mychemicalromance #mcr #rock #sing #song #music #headphones #punk #pop #curls #tattoo #mandala #inked #girlswithtattoos #sandiego #california #humor #derp #fun #nmj #nicolemariejean

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The signs and their last words

Aries: mmm watchya say
Taurus: mmm watchya say
Gemini: mmm watchya say
Cancer: mmm watchya say
Leo: mmm watchya say
Virgo: mmm watchya say
Libra: mmm watchya say
Scorpio: mmm watchya say
Sagittarius: mmm watchya say
Capricorn: mmm watchya say
Aquarius: mmm watchya say
Pisces: mmm watchya say

michael/gavin | 600 words

ten little roosters!verse, clone!gavin pov. canonical character death. I made up most of the rules surrounding the clone and their past. also, this is based on the assumption that the clone was the one who ran up to michael while the original remained sitting. 

Michael dies. 


When Gavin was five, he tripped over himself, left foot against right foot with as much grace a five-year-old could posses, and fell face first into the sidewalk. 

Well, at least the original did.

He didn’t. But rules are rules and science is many things but mostly merciless, so the original scraped his knee and so did Gavin.

There was blood everywhere, and Gavin shrugged, dragging himself and the original away from the pavement before sitting down at the nearest, most comfortable-looking patch of grass, waiting for an adult to come.

The original wouldn’t stop crying. 

“You’re bloody annoying, do you know that?” He told the original in between the other’s loud, irritating sobs. “It didn’t hurt that much.”

The original glared at him. 

“Of course it didn’t, for you,” he said, and the words were a slap in the face. “You aren’t real.” 

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