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I was lucky enough to get a sketch from Funko artist, Eddie Irizarry, so naturally I asked for Li'l Stevie and Sergeant Barnes to go with my new WWII Cap! Then at the Funko panel someone asked if they would be doing a WWII Bucky pop, and they responded that they’d love to do the entire Howling Commandos lineup if they can… SO HERE’S HOPING :D

To round up the Agents of SHIELD news from ABC’s upfronts:

  • Agents of SHIELD will be premiering Fridays at 9pm. [source]
  • It’ll be premiering mid-season, after Inhumans has finished airing. [source]
  • ABC have ordered a full 22 episode season. [source]
  • The lead in to Agents of SHIELD will be Once Upon A Time. [source]

See the full ABC fall schedule here.

💗 Valentine’s Day Spells 💗

💖 for feeling beautiful 💖

💕 for confessing 💕

💘 love spells 💘

💞 for past loves 💞

🖤 for unwanted approaches: 🖤

💔 for broken hearts 💔

Bath/Body Product Magic

This was just something i was thinking about, feel free to add your own

Body wash
Protection, shielding, removing negative energy from yourself, self love 
Face wash
Removing self hate, clearing up misconceptions, glamours
Removing malevolent magic, clearing up mental blocks, banishing
Shielding, beauty, glamours, persuasion
Bath bombs
Absorbing spells directly into skin, powerful burst of magic, divination
Glamours, AOE magic, beauty, big smelly shield
Soothing, smooth things over, emotional softness, self love
Bubble bath
Divination, banishing (when you pop the bubbles), shielding 

🌟Steven Universe Spells List 🌟

a short list of my steven universe inspired spells for pop culture witches

Something my brilliant partner just pointed out to me regarding everyone’s Framework fixes:

Coulsons’s fix happened when, as an adult, he didn’t join SHIELD.

May’s fix happened when, as an adult, she saved the girl in Bahrain.

Mack’s happened when, as an adult, Hope didn’t die.

Fitz’s fix happened *the moment he was born* as Radcliffe pointed out that AIDA changed Allistair so that he would stay.

So while May, Coulson, and Mack all retained a lot of their core personality because a majority of their lives were the same as the real world, Fitz had an entirely different life starting from birth, through all of his very formative years.

No wonder he was so completely different and seemed to have much more difficulty immediately upon exiting the Framework- he had two very different narratives and his entire lifetime of memories to reconcile.