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All right, guys, confession time

I told myself I would remain completely unbiased to Ross Lynch by not allowing myself to research or watch/see anything he did prior to My Friend Dahmer, but if I’m going to be honest, I am a liar and I live for spoilers, so I obviously went snooping around (just a little!) With no trailer or anticipated release date, I don’t really know what else to do, sooooooo…

For anyone else completely oblivious to who Ross Lynch is or anything he’s ever done (like I was), this video is one of his more recent (almost exactly a year ago - October 2015) things released with his family group R5 (personal note: I won’t lie to you guys, I usually avoid family-based bands like the plague, they usually remind me of the Brady Bunch, tbh, and I can’t take them seriously because I detest all 4 of my siblings, so it’s beyond my realm of understanding, BUT ANYWAY) It IS a little dark, kinda weird and western-y, but it’s certainly post-Disney.

Yeah, I watched some other videos of theirs/his and heard a few *cough - this whole album (Idk who I am anymore) - cough* other songs, but this one definitely made the biggest impression on me. There’s underage drinking (Ross will be 21 in December - research, lol), some (demon?) possession, there’s even a tiny itty bitty amount of blood in a quick random shot of a sink, and finally, there’s Ross’s exposed chest (which, I’d be willing to bet, contains a heart. Bad joke. Ha.) Sure, it’s still pop rock, but we can’t get much much more Dahmer without a little murder, metal, mall antics, masturbation, and of course, a male (love?? that can’t be word I’m looking for…) interest. In other words, my body is ready for My Friend Dahmer and I’m too excited to see Ross Lynch play him.

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youre joking about the harry styles shit right

No, I’m not. Listen to the song before you try to be a pretentious elitist who can’t see the genius in a pop song, because you’ve put rock and roll on a pedestal and swear that everything that’s mainstream these days is wrong, even though the brand of rock and roll that you listen to is mediocre at best. 


Zaxina (LoliRock OTPs 2/4 - “Sin”)

This idea initially came up when Praxina expressed her dislike for pop music in “Smart”, and I joked that maybe Rock or Heavy Metal was her thing; she’s a dark, chaotic, and rebellious character with an edge; then I started thinking about Zack and his choice of music and instrument (especially when its red :P); he’s a guy who is always looking for his parent’s approval and puts his feelings aside for their benefit. They both seek approval from their authority figures, but Praxina thinks for herself and has an honest perception about how cruel life can be and how the world works without wallowing in it. I think they would come across each other either accidentally or while on a mission in disguise; he’d be attracted to her regal and dark attitude and the way she refuses to back down and she’d be both disgusted by his confession, but shocked and delighted by the fact that she’s the center of attention. Mephisto would totally try to hook up his big sis and she’d be angry but surprised and unsure of how to react because Zack is so damn nice, but she knows he has a more rebellious side, he’s just uncomfortable showing it because fear of backlash. Prax would probably get really protective and wouldn’t take his wounded puppy act, and he’d appreciate having a supportive push over high expectations. Also, she can’t stand his parents, and they can’t stand her. Zack usually goes to Prax for conversation, but he trusts Mephisto as well, and even though the twins suck at encouraging people, somehow, they’re exactly the kind of people Zack needs. When you take three lonely people and bring them together, life gets a little less lonely. 

Also Zack saves Mephisto from Prax. A lot. Cuz she’s his tiny bat baby and bats like the snuggles.


But what? 

1. At the real beginning, Liam says it’s a song about bottoms *Louis laughing out loud* *Liam looking at Louis*
Then, he answers “we like bottoms” while looking obviously at Harry

2. From like 1.11, Harry starts thumping his foot to represent the more up-tempo thing from the next song, but then Louis says something to Niall I can’t quite understand but it sounds like somewhere in those words is Harry (not tinhatting, the first time I heard it i thought he said something like “we’d just say Harry …….”). After Louis said that, Harry looks at him and snorts/smiles..