pop rock candy

The signs as Halloween candy

Aries: Candy corn

Taurus: Pop Rocks

Gemini: Starbursts

Cancer: Butterfingers

Leo: Kit Kats

Virgo: Nerds

Libra: Smarties

Scorpio: Snickers

Sagittarius: Twix

Capricorn: Sour Patch Kids

Aquarius: Reeses cups

Pisces: Crunch


In late 1976, General Foods took the novelty candy world by storm with it’s new candy, Pop Rocks. It was such a hit, that a few years later they released a new similar candy called Space Dust, which was basically Pop Rocks, just crushed up into a fine powder.

It was a instant success also, but quickly parents complained that the name “Space Dust”,  along with the appearance of the candy, was too similar to illegal drugs such as Angel Dust. Accusations were even made that the candy, because of its similarity to powdered drugs, would lead kids into real drug use.
As a result, the name was changed from Space Dust" to “Cosmic Candy”.

That problem seemed to be solved, but more trouble was brewing. A rumor started going around that the candy was unsafe and that a kid died while consuming the candy while drinking a soda. These rumors once again got parents in an uproar over the candy. It got so bad that Bill Mitchell, chemist and creator of Pop Rocks and Cosmic Candy actually took out a full page newspaper ad in the Feb. 6th edition of the Pittsburgh Press in 1979, explaining that the entire thing was not true. He explained how he started making the candy back in the 1950’s for his kids, and how it was perfectly save despite all the rumors about it.

The candy remained wildly popular for a few years. Stores struggled to keep it in stock. But in a year or too, it seemed everyone lost interest in it. Stores who had stockpiled the candy suddenly found themselves stuck with boxes of it they couldn’t sell.

anonymous asked:

What would everyone's favorite Halloween candy be in class 1-A? Bakugou's already is snickers from earlier posts lol



as for the rest……….

  • Izuku really likes chocolate. he’s a simple guy
  • Uraraka really likes pretty much any candy b/c she grew up poor and didn’t get much as a kid. she really likes Smarties and pop rocks
  • Kirishima eats Jawbreakers like they’re fucking nothing. just. takes a goddamn bite out of them. the others are horrified. he also really likes red hot cinnamon candies (they remind him of Crimson Riot, plus they make him feel SUPER HOT BLOODED). he also likes chocolate and rock candy
  • Tsuyu really likes those gummy/taffy candies, and she really likes fruity flavors
  • Aoyama like white chocolate. and banana flavored candy in general. 
  • Shouji actually really enjoys sour foods and stuff like twizzlers 
  • Sero likes pretty much anything. he’s not really picky
  • Momo likes really sweet candy, like pixie sticks or chocolate. she finds dollar store candy fascinating and also really enjoys gummy bears an caramel 
  • Iida also chocolate, but mostly if it has nuts or mint in it. he also likes dark chocolate
  • Mineta likes grape flavored anything. particularly lollipops
  • Kaminari likes sweet/sour stuff. especially sour. the class is kinda surprised that he doesn’t like ‘safer’ candy, but the feeling of super sour candy reminds him of his lightning, just without the ‘frying his brain’ part. he particularly likes those sour lemon candies
  • Tooru likes sweetarts and Smarties and chalky candy
  • Tokoyami likes dark chocolate and licorice. anything bitter.
  • Satou likes chocolate bars.
  • Jirou likes jelly beans and sour gummy worms. also cola gummies
  • Ojirou likes anything with nuts in them. generally he prefers healthier candies 
  • Todoroki likes anything cool and mint. particularly mint chocolate
  • Kouta likes granola bars and peeps. anything with marshmallows 
  • Mina loves acidic/sour stuff. pop candy and candy rocks and sour fruit juice. she also likes anything with bizarre flavors
  • Bakugou also likes crunchy candies and gum. he tends to grid his teeth a lot so it helps. also bitter stuff.
  • Aizawa likes dark chocolate and anything coffee flavored
  • All Might loves sweet milk chocolate. he’s also a simple guy. (like father like son)

On this day in music history: June 12, 1979 - “Candy-O”, the second album by The Cars is released. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, it is recorded at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, CA in February 1979. Released six days shy of one year after their self-titled debut, The Cars’ sophomore album is recorded shortly after the band come off of the promotional tour for the first one. With their first album still sitting comfortably in the Top 30 on the Billboard Top 200, the bands’ label Elektra Records wants to hold back the release for several more months until the others momentum begins to wane. However, with Ric Ocasek already writing songs for the next album, they are insistent that Elektra not delay the release. Like their debut, “Candy-O” features all newly material written by Ocasek and bassist Benjamin Orr, with the leftover songs from the first being scrapped in favor of the new ones. Working once again with producer Roy Thomas Baker, The Cars take a slightly different approach, wanting to make their sophomore “less slick” sounding than the previous one, and also being more democratic in choosing the final group of songs the album. Initially, the track “Double Life” was going to be dropped, but when the other band member outvote Ocasek, it is reinstated. The albums striking cover artwork is illustrated by artist Alberto Vargas, famous for his paintings appearing in major publications including Playboy and Esquire magazines. Drummer David Robinson suggests to his band mates that they hire the then 83 year old artist, who agrees to come out of retirement to create the cover. The model featured in the painting is actress Candy Moore, best known for playing Lucille Ball’s daughter Chris on the 60’s sitcom “The Lucy Show”. Having previously been married to actor Paul Gleason (“The Breakfast Club”, “Die Hard”), Moore and Robinson date briefly not long after the release of “Candy-O”. The new album is well received by fans and critics alike, spinning off three singles, including “Let’s Go” (#14 Pop) and “It’s All I Can Do” (#41 Pop). First released on CD in the mid 80’s, it is remastered and reissued as a 24K gold CD and 180 gram LP by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2011. It is also issued on colored vinyl (red) as part of the box set “The Elektra Years - 1978 -1987 in 2016. "Candy-O” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Gal Gadot Tries a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the First Time
Gal Gadot breaks down just how unimpressed her daughter is about her being Wonder Woman and shares a popular Israeli treat with Jimmy while she tries an Amer...

Gal Gadot’s first Halloween is such a typical Israeli experience!   (And the Israeli pop rock chocolate makes an appearance!