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Humans are Weird - Part 6

So I’m writing this right after an anon ask about if I’m continuing the series and they told me how much they liked it, so I’m assuming that other people too are enjoying this little thing. Anyways, enjoy this part!

The floor seemed to be vibrating. While a normal hum was common on a spaceship, the rhythmic vibrations seemed to shake each crewmember. Sil’keen, a young female Grangle, was currently begging Captain Zellnor to find the source of the racket.

“Please, Captain! Me and the other engineers are terrified! We’ve never heard a noise such as this, nor has the ship ever made such a strange vibration before!” She begged, clasping her furred paws together.

Captain Zellnor sighed, his scales a dark shade of orange. He was worried. “Yes. I’ll have-” he stopped as he eyed the crew. “Where are the humans?”

Xylion looked around frantically. Had the vibrations harmed the humans? He didn’t know much about them, but he knew enough about them to notice they were sensitive to certain things. What if this was one of them? What if- what if they were, dare he say it, dead?

Captain Zellnor looked to him. “Find them. Now.”

Xylion nodded, and hurried off towards their cabins as quickly as possible. As he neared Human Mason’s cabin, he felt the vibrations grow louder and he could hear the low beat of…something. Now, he was even more confused. What could that be?

When he reached the cabin door, he typed in the password and he watched as the door slid open. Immediately loud voices were slammed into him. The sound was terrifying. It was like being pushed back. Xylion felt his whole body begin to ache.


Human Jenny shook her head and touched a button on some weird device in the middle of the floor. “Mason, we are not listening to your stupid rap stuff anymore!”

“And your mix of Five Seconds of Summer, One Direction, and Megan Trainor is much better?” Human Isaac questioned, narrowing his eyes at her.

Human Jenny looked him dead in the eye as she pressed another button on the machine. The sound of a woman’s voice blasted out of it. She was singing something about ‘lips’ and ‘lying’, though Xylion couldn’t understand what it meant. Why did the two coincide?

“What are you doing?” He yelled, trying to make them hear him.

Human Fredrick glanced up. Hs mouth moved, but Xylion couldn’t hear him. Human Fredrick frowned before closing the book he was reading and walking over and pressing a button on it. The noise stopped.

“Hey!” Human Jenny cried, her eyes wide.

“Hey, Xylion. What’s up?” Human Fredrick asked, looking at him.

Xylion let out a breath. “What. The. Hell. Is. That?” He was so proud that he was using a human word.

Human Fredrick let out a nervous laugh. “Ah, that is music.”


“You do know what music is, right?” Human Isaac said, his eyes wide as he stared at him.

Xylion crossed his tentacles. “I know what music is, Human Isaac. That? That wasn’t music.”

Human Jenny stood up and crossed her arms. “That was music, Xylion. Good music.”

Xylion sighed. “Show me, then.”

Human Jenny smiled at him as she typed something into the machine. A song then began to play.

Xylion frowned at the lyrics. Why was this woman talking about gold and wanting to be like herself when she was already herself? It was confusing.

He shook his head. “I’m not into it.”

Human Jenny sighed. Human Isaac grinned. “Mason’s turn!”

Human Mason nodded, walking over to the machine and typing something in.

Xylion listened to the weird conversation between two men. That was definitely not music. He was about to state that when he heard a dude began to talk really fast. Did he say…Rap God? What in all of Galactia was rap? He knew what a god was, but a rap god?

He shook his head. “He doesn’t sound like the girl.”

“They’re different people, Xylion.” Human Isaac said, shaking his head in disappointment.


Human Isaac pointed at Human Fredrick. “It’s your turn.” He said, a wicked grin on his face.

Human Fredrick nodded as he typed something into it. Xylion listened to the sound of thunder and bells. He frowned. Was this music?

Suddenly, a voice began to sing. Xylion nodded. “This is actually pretty good. Just like back home.”

Human Isaac snickered. Xylion frowned. “What?”

He didn’t have to answer. Xylion heard it. The sound of sudden screaming. Instead of the smooth voice, he heard them yelling at him about ‘devils’ and ‘shoulder’s. Xylion almost screamed in fear.

Human Fredrick quickly turned it off. Human Isaac chuckled. “Alright, my turn, fellas.”

Xylion was terrified. What could Human Isaac be showing?

He immediately heard a voice talking. It was repeating ‘back’, and then it began talking about coffins. Xylion shook his head. “No, I don’t like it.”

Human Isaac sighed as he turned the music off. “You didn’t like any of that?”

“No! Who sung them?”

Human Jenny chuckled. "Mine was Me Too by Megan Trainor.”

“Mine was Rap God by Eminem.” Human Mason said, his voice showing no emotion, as the humans called it.

Me, Myself, & Hyde by Ice Nine Kills.” Human Fredrick said, nodding to himself.

Human Isaac ran a hand through his curly hair. “Mine was Back from the Dead by Skillet.”

Xylion shook his head. “Those were all terrible.”

Human jenny shook her head. “You’re impossible to please, Xylion.”

Xylion shook his head, and then recalled something. “Say, why were you guys fighting over the songs? Don’t you all like them?”

Human Isaac laughed. “Puh-lease! Us humans are even harder to please than you, Xylion! No one likes the exact same music as someone else! There’s so much to choose from that it’s virtually impossible!”

“There’s more than just those songs?”

Human Jenny nodded. “Of course there is. Why wouldn’t there be?”

“You mean you don’t just have five different performers?”

“There’s thousands of bands and artists out there. I mean, I don’t even know all of them, and I am a music savvy.” Human Isaac said, shrugging.

Xylion nodded. “So you don’t even know all of your own music makers, and there are different ways to create music?”

HUman Fredrick nodded. “For example, Megan Trainor is classified as a pop singer slash songwriter, Eminem is classified as a hip hop slash rapper. Ice Nine Kills is classified as a Metalcore band. And Skillet is a Christian Rock band. There’s a lot more genres, like Country, Spanish, Punk, and Alternative, just to name a few. Music is very diverse on Earth.”

Xylion was about to answer when the sound of pounding feet was heard and Zellnor and Sil’keen appeared in the doorway. Xylion stood up and saluted his Captain. “Sir, it was just the humans listening to their music too loud.” He stated, looking to his superior.

Zellnor relaxed. “Thank goodness. Now, please listen to your music in a quieter volume, alright?”

The humans all nodded, and Human Fredrick typed something in, and a song began to play.

“What’s this one called?” Xylion asked.

The Moment We Come Alive by Red.”

The aliens listened to the song, and Xylion smiled. It was soothing, almost. It reminded him of his favorite performer back home.

Perhaps the humans weren’t very different from them after all.

I hope you enjoyed this little segment! Music taste. Such a different thing.

I think this is one of my more favorite parts, mainly because it gives me the chance to share some of my favorite songs with you all, while also creating a bride between the Aliens and Humans.

The next part should hopefully be up tomorrow, but I have *sigh* Summer school so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it up. We’ll see.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions for another part, then go on ahead and either send me a message or comment them below!

Jughead Jones | Punk Babe

Count of words: 723

Warnings: none

A/N: I just hope you like it ♥ If you want a part two please let me know ♥




Could you please write a jughead x reader where the reader is a punk, has purple hair and is from southside and transfers to riverdale high

I was always the outcast of my school, wearing that stupid hat on my head, constantly typing away in my laptop, and with my stupid name. Bulling was inevitable for me so I was beyond surprised when it suddenly stopped. It was another dark day in Riverdale after the case of Jason Blossom was finally closed when there was another new girl in our little high school. She was the kind of girl you could not take your eyes off. And even if you tried her deep purple colored hair would catch your attention again. She was wearing combat boots and a Southside Serpents jacket, paired with black ripped ‘mum’ jeans and a black band T-shirt. She was very mysterious to say the least, and she defenitely looked dangerous, but that didn’t stop the pricks from the football team to hit on her. 

She was sitting alone at lunch and I was too curious as to why she was in our school instead of the Southside High. But, before I could walk and sit with her, the lovable Reggie Mantle settled down and started hitting her with his failed pick up lines. She seemed indifferent, as if she couldn’t even hear him, but she was mad. I saw her fists clench and before anything happened I walked up to her. “Reggie, pal, this girl over here seemes indifferent, at least, so why don’t you go learn something and maybe later you can show it off,” I said with sudden confidence. “Aw, how sweet. Freak number one fancies freak number two.  Nice.” He relied laughing. “But, I think I’m staying. My new friend over here, Y/N, is one interesting chick.” He said again and she, for once, looked absolutely livind. “Then I guess I will let her show you how interesting she is,” I responded and nodded for her to do whatever she was about to do. Just right then and there Reggie was found on the floor, with a bleeding nose, given to him by a very small framed girl in comparison to him. That would be indeed an interesting story to tell.

After what happened with Reggie this morining me and the new girl, that reaportively is named Y/N, went to Pop’s together. She was a very pleasant person to talk to, plus her music choices were surprisingly good. “Oh god, wow!” She laughed after I talled her one of the few funny stories I had with my dad. “I never though FP had a funny side,” she joked and I smiled. “So,” I began, “how comes a surpent treanfers to Riverdale high?” I asked being the curious human being I am. “Well, there were some issues with me and so fuckboys in my school to the point I was kicked out of Southside High. My family insisted that I continue school so my other option was your school, I guess.” She explained looking down. “Oh, ok.” I uttered just as Pop brought us our orders.

Y/N and I became close and closer by the day. We became inseparable. We would always be with one another in school and then we would walk to Pop’s together, where I would help her with some of her homework and she would help me with my novel or the articles for the blue and gold. So, right now it was a free period for me and the gang but Y/N was in algebra class. “I pretty sure she is cursing me under her breath right now cause she has algebra and I have a free period,” I chuckled and Archie looked at me with disbelief. “What?” I question and he just nodded his head no. “It’s nothing really. But, can you just stop pretending like you don’t like her,” he said. “We all know she likes you too,” Veronica intruded the conversation. “I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me, ok?!” I responded to my friends and they laughed. “Yes, that’s why whenever she is not around you talk about her, that’s why you look at like she is some kind of precious diamond to you, tha-” “That’s why you even let her correct your writing at times, even if you still keep what you originally wrote,” Archie interupted. It took me a second to process but they were right. Maybe I did have feelings for her.

Coffee and Civility

I’m in the mood for some quick fics, so this is the first of the ones I have for today.

For @feelingsinwinter

Bucky stared at the shattered remains of the red mug, eyeing the sloshed coffee with a growing sense of unease. He had told Steve that this was a horrible idea but the damn punk hadn’t heard a word

“I’ll - I can get you another mug,” he said quietly, eyes darting over the spectacularly destroyed coffee mug that Bucky had come to know was Tony’s favourite mug. 

“Yeah,” Tony muttered absently and Bucky glanced up for a flash to see Tony looking at the spilt coffee with a thoughtful frown, like he was puzzling out some problem,“Sure.”

There was always an air of tension when both of them were in a room, no matter how many days had passed since the Avengers had taken down Thanos and had put some band-aids over their fractured team. There were no band-aids for gaps as wide those between Bucky Barnes, a 1940s WWII soldier turned assassin turned whatever he was now, and Tony Stark, a weapons manufacturer turned superhero turned Avenger turned ex Director Of SHIELD. There was no medicine effective enough to soothe the wounds of a murderer and a victim. Bucky mused, on particularly dark days when the voice in his head would rattle dangerously against his brain, about who exactly the victim was. Wanda had asked during one of those days if it even mattered anymore. Victims were hidden in everyone nowadays, she had said. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey! This isn't really a prompt,,, but anyways. My thought was that the other Sanders Sides (one of them or all three) would find the other one (which ever you want) doing something that is really super out of character for them (the character might be embarrassed that they like/do this thing?) and the others either [angst option] react really badly, making the one doing the thing even more sad/embarrassed, or [fluff option] they react by helping the one doing the action feel like it isn't (1)

A big deal, and that they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. (Maybe the others admit to doing activities that are out of character for them?) I hope this makes any sense at all lol. 💗 ~Rose Anon

So I decided to do both options because I couldn’t decide. Also in case you can’t tell by the end of this, yes, I’m an Irish dancer. I love to dance whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed, it just calms me straight down. Anyway, I hope you like the way I answered this.

Thomas had decided to do another Q and A video with the sides. Anxiety had been enjoying himself. He actually liked the Q and A’s and it helped that no one was asking about kissing this time. Then Thomas had asked a question directed towards all of them, asking if the sides had any hobbies the viewers didn’t already know about.

Logic had talked about how in addition to his poetry and love of mystery novels, he also enjoyed star gazing. Morality had enthusiastically talked about his love of all things DIY. And Prince had admitted he loved designing and making clothes. Then they had turned to Anxiety.

“So what about you, Sneering Beauty?” Prince asked. “Any hobbies besides brooding in the shadows.”

“Why should I do anything else,” Anxiety shot back, ready to just move on to the next question.

“Awww, come on Anxiety.” Morality interjected. “There has to be something. Everyone needs a hobby.”

Anxiety hesitated. Should he tell them?

“This is a waste of time,” Prince said dismissively. “He clearly doesn’t, Morality.”

Anxiety’s eyes narrowed. That was it.

“Actually,” he snapped. “I dance. Irish dance, to be specific.”

There was a pause. Then Prince burst out laughing.

“You? Dance?” he wheezed. “Oh, that’s a image. Nice one, Anxiety. I didn’t know you had an imagination.”

Anxiety’s stomach clenched. Fuck. He should have just kept his stupid mouth shut. There was a reason he’d never told the others. But he’d let Prince bait him, and now look what had happened.

“I’m sorry, but what is Irish Dance exactly?” Morality said in, trying to speak over the sound of Prince’s laughter.

“It’s a form of traditional dance from Ireland,” Logic explained. As Morality still looked confused, he continued, “Think Riverdance, for example.”

“Oh,” Morality blinked. “Well that’s … different.”

Anxiety was done. He wasn’t going to stay here and hear another incredulous reaction. He didn’t need this. Better to get out now and hope that they’d all have forgotten about this the next time he saw them.

He popped back into his room. He could feel himself shaking a little, so he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm himself down. But it wasn’t working. He was too upset. Angry at himself for saying anything. Angry at Prince for laughing. Humiliated that the others now knew.

Fuck it, he was going to dance. This was one of the reasons he had fallen in love with the sport. Whenever he danced he could pour out all of his feelings, let it all go. That’s why he loved hard shoes best. As he slammed his feet into the floor, being as loud as he could, it felt like he was on top of the world, and none of his fears could touch him. He loved soft shoe as well, but there was something special about hard shoe.

He slipped his on now, tying the laces, and pulling the buckles tight. He’d managed to fix up a small dance studio off from his room a while back. It had taken a little bit of time to adjust the mindscape before he had it just right, but he’d gotten it eventually. He’d also managed to make it soundproofed, not that he’d really needed to. His room was far enough away from the others that they wouldn’t hear him anyway.

His hard shoes on, he went to turn on the music. Most of the time, he practiced to the traditional music, going over his routines. But sometimes, especially when he was upset, he’d throw on his angrier, more modern music and just dance. No choreography, just whatever came to mind.

Today he went for a mix of the two, turning on The Devil’s Dance Floor by the Dropkick Murphys. It was an Celtic punk band, which meant it had an Irish sound, but it was angry enough to fit his mood.

As the opening notes sound,d he prepared himself point his right toe and counting off the beats. As the singing began, Anxiety danced.

A bang and treble, step back and step click down. Treble, treble and treble hop back. Bang and bang again, he had to pound out the anger. Forget what had happened

He danced harder and faster, his heart racing as the song went on. Before the song had reached its halfway point, he was already panting. But he kept going, his eyes now closed focused only on his feet and the beat of the song.

When it had finally finished, the last of the music fading out, he collapsed, sinking to his knees, gasping for air. But before he could drag himself over to the corner where he kept water bottles, there was already one there being stretched out in front of him.

Blinking in confusion, he followed the arm holding it up to see Morality, who was smiling down gently at him.

“That was really good, kiddo,” he said. “I can’t say I know anything about dance, but it was really fun to watch.”

Unsure of what was happening, Anxiety didn’t reach for the water. “How-how long were you watching?” he croaked.

“Take the water,” Morality coaxed him, pushing the bottle into Anxiety’s hand. “You looked like you were working hard.”

Once Anxiety had taken a few sips, Morality continued. “I think I came in about halfway through. Sorry for coming in without permission. I did knock first, but you didn’t respond, and well, I was worried so I came in anyway. Although I can guess why you didn’t hear me.”

Anxiety’s brow furrowed. “You were… worried about me? Why?”

Morality lowered himself down to sit beside Anxiety. “Well you did run out of there pretty quickly. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“You mean after I humiliated myself,” Anxiety muttered bitterly, unable to help himself. “Yeah, I’m just fine.”

“Hey,” Morality’s arm settled on his shoulder. “You didn’t humiliate yourself at all.”

“Tell that the Prince” Anxiety replied, taking another sip of water.

Morality frowned. “Don’t worry I plan to have a talk with Prince later,” he said. “That wasn’t very nice of him earlier.”

Anxiety looked down at the water bottle. “You know, Prince may have laughed” he said carefully, “but you, um, you seemed pretty surprised too.”

He then felt arms wrap around him, as Morality pulled him close. “Oh, no, kiddo, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I was surprised, but it was a good surprised. I’d never heard of Irish dance before, so I was just surprised that it was your hobby. But I think it’s great I really do. And now that I’ve seen it, I can say it fits you.”

“Really?” Anxiety asked skeptically, “you don’t think it’s weird? Ot that I don’t seem like the kind of person who would dance at all?”

“It is unusual,” Morality said honestly, “but that’s why it fits you. An unique sport for a unique person. And the sound fits you too, loud and emotional.”

Anxiety smiled slightly. “It’s not always loud,” he said. “These are hard shoes. But in soft shoe, it’s quiet, more focused on grace.”

“I’d love to see that some day,” Morality said. “You’re a great dancer, and for the record, I don’t there’s people who do or don’t seem like dancers. All I know is that I loved watching you dance, and you seem like you really love to dance and that’s all that matters.”

Anxiety ducked his head down. “Thanks,” he said. “And maybe I can dance again for you sometime.”

“I’d love that, kiddo, I really would”

“I’m not dancing for Prince though”

“Yeah, that’s fair.“


Collab with @texts-from-bts

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Yoongi opened the door to his hotel room and let you all in. 

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said taking off your beanie and throwing yourself on the bed. 

“But now we have goodies~” Hoseok sung dumping all the items he grabbed onto the bed. 

“I got band t’s if anyone needs any!” You said grabbing one and walking to the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower! Order some food while I’m in there yeah? I’m starving.“ 

“Y/n it’s 4 in the morning… what place is going to deliver?” Jin peeped up.

“Then someone go get foood!” You cried out. 

“I’ll go, I’ll go…” Jungkook offered, “Jimin give me money.“ 

"Say please punk." 

"Please punk." 

"Fucker.” Jimin handed him some money. 

“Yeah yeah, I’ll be back in a bit. Let’s see what I can get with 15 dollars.” Jungkook crumpled up the money and shoved it in his pockets. 

A couple minutes had passed when you heard knocks on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” You said not knowing if you were loud enough because of how tired you were. “Hello?” You walked closer to the door, about to grab the knob.

“Hey I was wondering-” Jimin had opened the door as you walked toward it, smacking you on your forehead causing you to fall back. "Oh my god! I’m so sorry!-“ he looked down at you and shrieked. 

"Get out you piece of shit!” You pulled a towel on top of you. 

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t think you were naked! You just got in there!” He screamed from outside the door. He turned to the other boys that were just staring at him. They all turned to look at each other and started laughing at him.

“Fucking A,” Namjoon laughed, “gotta see her naked before I did.” Jin slapped him on the shoulder also laughing. After the laughing fit and a couple hits at Jimin, you came out, clean and angry but spotless nonetheless. 

“One of you fucks want to go?” Hoseok got up to take a shower. 

“I took one of the shirts you got.” He said. 

“It’s okay.” You put your hand on his shoulder as he passed by you. 

“You didn’t get any shirts your size? That shirt fits you like a dress.” Namjoon stated. 

“Good, that way I don’t have to waste clean pants.” You told him. “Anywho where’s Jungkook?” You sat on the bed closest to the front door, in between Jin and Namjoon. 

“Not here yet. Idiot probably got lost.” Jin said. 

“So what’s up with all of you? Why did we rob the place?” Yoongi finally spoke up. 

“Just cuz,” You shrugged. “We don’t have money and we thought it’d be fun. Now look at all the stuff we got.” You said grabbing all the cds and pulling them towards you with sparkles in your eyes. “We’re gonna have music slappin for days." 

"Ahh I see… a gang of trouble makers. I guess I would fit in with you gu-” Yoongi spoke until there was pounding on the door. He got up to open it. It was Jungkook. “Woah what the fuck happened dude?" 

"Where’s the food Kook?” You asked not seeing the commotion. He walked inside and that was when you realized some shit happened. “Wait babes what the fuck actually happened?!” You yelled standing up and running to him to look at his face. “Your face… it’s all beaten up. Were you hurt anywhere else?” You started shifting his shirt around until you spotted a big red spot near his ribs. “Damn that’s going to turn into a bruise…" 

"These shitwads jumped me. I don’t fucking know why! It was complete bullshit! There was three of ems! How is that shit even fair?! They took the fifteen dollars and my fucking phone! Can you believe that?!” He laughed angrily. “I just want to sleep yeah?" 

"Take a shower first kookie… or at least a bath okay? Also were they driving a car or something?” You said. 

“After they were done I seen em hop into this green shitty ass car with a shit ton of stupid stickers that didn’t even make sense… I mean I was probably a bit gone with the head trauma and all but still. Anyway I’ll go shower.” And as by magic Hoseok came out in perfect timing. 

“Woah the fuck happened?” He asked him but instead of answering he just went into the bathroom. 

“Lil homie got beat up.” Namjoon answered. 

“And I say we get revenge.” Your mouth widened into an evil grin. 

“Put some pants on and we’ll go find them fuckers car.” Jimin said. 

“Stay here twat. You’ve had enough fuckeries for one day. I’ll bring you back a souvenir or somethin. Come on Joon you’re good at breaking stuff." 

"Hey!” Both Jimin and Namjoon yelled. 

“I’m kidding. Now come on… also I’m not putting on pants. I refuse. Hand me my cardigan.” And with that you guys were off except for Jin, he stayed behind to make sure Jungkook was fine. 

“I think it’s that one?” You pointed to the car. “I mean it’s the only shitty green piece of crap we’ve seen and I’m sure Kook didn’t walk far." 

"It is!” Jimin pointed as well. “There’s the stupid shit stickers!" 

"Perfect,” you smirked, “you all know what to do." 

You all went up to the car and looked at it for a moment, "This needs more design, don’t cha think?” Yoongi sarcastically said as he pulled out his keys and started keying the damn thing all over. You looked around for anything sharp. Luckily you found a nail. 

“And these tires look way too pumped, a lil less air would do the trick.” You started popping all of them. 

“These stickers are meaningless. Joon help me scratch these shits off.” Jimin said scratching some off but leaving the messed up layers there. 

“Does this car really need windows? I mean, they obviously need oxygen in their brains if they’re messing around with just anybody.” Hoseok took his jacket off and wrapped it around his hand. With a kiss to his fist and some force he broke the backseat window making the alarm go off. 

“Fuck! Hobi?!” Namjoon yelled. 

“Shut the fuck and go start the car! All of you!” He stayed behind to take a peek in the car. Oooh these fucks aren’t playing around I see. He grabbed a bag of what looked like fucked up weed and some watch he found on the floor of the car. “Oh! There’s Kooks phone!” He said to himself, “and a wallet I see… $600? Why’re these fuckers stealing from a poor boy what the hell." 

"Hey! Who are you!?” A man shouted from the steps of his house. 

“Hey keep it down. You don’t want to wake your neighbors.” Hoseok laughed as he kicked the backlight and ran towards the car. You held the door open for him. “Come on y/n! Let’s go!” He yelled. 

“One second!” You grabbed a big rock from the side of the rode and jumped in.

“Why the fuck?” Namjoon asked. 

“Yoongi make a u-turn!” You demanded and he did as he was told. You threw the rock at the car making the windshield window crumble into bits before the very eyes of the man looking distraught. “Don’t you eva fuck with us! You fucking piece of shit!” You all laughed all  the way back to the hotel. 

“Nice shot and I’m real sorry about earlier okay? I really didn’t mean to.” Jimin said to you. 

“Look, don’t worry about it okay?” You put your arm around his neck as all of you walked back to the hotel room. “Helloooo fuckers. Introducing the most badass crew in town. Here catch!” You threw Jungkooks phone at him. “Aaand we also instead of the fifteen dollars, we got six hundred dollars. Mmm you’re welcome.” Jin and Jungkook just looked at you guys in confusion. 

“H-how?” Jungkook questioned. 

“Don’t worry about it. But we have a small problem. We have to skip town. Book it. Dip. Leave the premis-” Namjoon was speaking but was cut off by Jin.

“Wait, what the fuck. Why? How bad you guys fuck up?" 

"Well you see we may have actually totally wrecked the douches car. It’s a mangled mess and speaking of cars pretty sure the dude got an eyeful of Yoongi’s.” Hoseok spoke up. 

“What am I going to do with you guys?” Jin sighed, “I’m sorry Yoongi we’re going to have to leave your car behind somewhere." 

Yoongi just nodded his head in response, "Hey don’t worry about it. Shit was a piece of junk anyway. I was waiting for the day it broke down on me." 

"I guess now is a perfect time to go get the truck. Hopefully it’s not ransacked. I have valuables man.” Jin spoke. 

“Jin, your pink sweater is not a valuable. Alsoooo I’m too tired to go get it. Can’t we just wait here?” Jimin whined. 

“Here I have a plan,” Yoongi intervened, “You can take my car to get your truck and once you get to wherever the hell you left it, you can leave behind mine. Let me just get my stuff out of it." 

"Okay, sure. Thanks." 

Yoongi left the room to go down to his car. 

"Now you idiots don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. Hobi, don’t let Namjoon and y/n rip each others heads off. And Namjoon, please for the love of god, just go to sleep. That’s all I’m asking from you. Okay?” Jin sternly asked.

“Okay fine,” he folded his arms and mumbled, “it’s not like I saved Jungkooks phone or anything." 

"Joon you scratched off stickers.” You popped his bubble of him helping. 

“Yeah but I didn’t do it well so some of it was still on there! You know like how there’s stubborn bits left! Yeah I did that on purpose.” He pouted, laying down and rolling over to face the other way. 

“Oh my god. Just two and a half hours please?” He sighed, walking out of the room. 

“Hey guuuuuys~” Hoseok called, pulling out the bag of weed he found, “Who has paper?" 

"I do.” Jungkook answered, passing one to Hoseok. 

“Now we’re just gonna have fuUun!” Hoseok exclaimed. 

“Oooh can I get in on this?” Yoongi asked as he walked in the door. 

You all sat in a circle on the floor in the middle of the two beds passing the joint around until the majority of you got sleepy. Namjoon, you and Hoseok shared one bed while Yoongi let Jungkook and Jimin share the other bed with him. Everyone fell fast asleep, even Hoseok who was curled up next to you. You patted his hair as you looked down at him. You jumped when you got startled by a voice. "Can’t sleep?“ Yoongi asked. 

"Nope, you either?" 

"Nah. The weed was good but I just haven’t dazed." 

"Hmm tell me a story, maybe then I’ll sleep." 

"I don’t know any stories." 

“Tell me about how you got that scar on your eye." 

"Oh. Okay. Uhm well I guess it all started when I was still living with my parents. They would always throw parties so there would be lots of drunks at the house. People I didn’t even know and I’m sure my parents didn’t know them either. I have a sibling, Jiheun. My little sister. Sweet girl. Maybe you’ll meet her one day but for the time being she’s with my grandma who lives across the country. Anyway some man stumbled into Jiheuns room but I didn’t know until I heard screaming, blood curdling screams. I ran as fast as I could to her room and she was hiding under her bed like I taught her to if anything happened. God she was so scared. The man was trying to grab her. Idiot didn’t even realize I was in there until I stomped on his spine. He got up and tried attacking me but all he could do was ram me into the mirror closet. The mirror shattered everywhere. On me, on the man, even on my sisters hand. The guy basically knocked himself out so I grabbed Jiheun and got our asses out of there as quick as possible. My parents didn’t even ask where we were the next day. They didn’t even ask about the closet or the damn man. We ended up sleeping at a friends house. We eventually went back to our house but only to grab our stuff and leave. So yeah… that’s how I got my scar on my eye. By a fucking mirror… you still awake?" 

"Yeah… wow. You’re a hero." 

"Just had to do what I had to do. You should go to sleep now okay?" 

"Okay.” And that’s what you did, knowing that you really were surrounded by good people. 

You woke up feeling someone on you. You knew it wasn’t Hoseok because he was in front you. The only other person it could have been was Namjoon. One of his arms was under your head and the other laid on your waist. You grabbed on to it but he pulled you closer. You could feel him breathing against your neck. Suddenly you felt something rise behind you, his cock. “Joon? Joon. JoooOOooon.” Why is he such a heavy sleeper? You reached back and grabbed onto his nose while also covering his mouth. It seemed to do the trick seeing as he pushed your hands away. 

“What the hell y/n?” He sleepily asked. 

“You’re all up on me. What else was I supposed to do?" 

"Say hey. Ya know, wake me up normally?" 

"Look here you piece of shit, I tried, but your dick is all up on me and you wouldn’t wake up when I called your name!" 

"Who’s dick was all up on you?” Jimin slowly got up, rubbing his and yawning.

“Namjoon.” You answered. 

“She’s lying. I wouldn’t never put my baby near her." 

"Then why is ‘your baby’ up and about?” You laughed, pointing at it. 

“It’s not!” He covered it with his hands and rushed to the bathroom. 

“What’s with all the talking? Jesus.” Jungkook woke up. 

“Joon got a boner for y/n!” Jimin laughed while throwing himself aside. 

“I did not!” Namjoon yelled from the restroom. 

“Damn guys! I could hear you from down the hall.” Jin finally arrived with a tray full of coffee. “Hurry up and take your shit down to the truck. We gotta go.” He started by waking up Hoseok and taking his own bag down. 

“Hey Yoongi?…” you pushed him a little. “Yoongi?” You poked his cheek but he still didn’t wake up. “Man what the heck. YOOOOOOOONGIIIIIII!” You yelled which made him jump of the bed, hitting his head on the wall. “Oooh shit.” You laughed, jumping off the bed, and rubbing his head. “I-I’m sorry Yoongi. I tried waking you up delicately but you wouldn’t budge." 

He looked up at you and froze a bit, "Oh uh it’s okay. I’m fine. Hopefully I don’t get a concussion haha." 

"Okay cool. Okay come on everybody! Up and at em!” You grabbed some clothes to changed into and headed to the bathroom. “Joon hurry up!" 

"Shut uuuuup! My baby needs time and care." 

"Ew.” You looked around the room to find a places to change. Oh whatever. “Hey, no one come into the closet. Imma change.” You went in and changed into some leather pants and one of the long sleeve band shirts you stole. “Alright I’m ready. Anybody need help?" 

"Can you take my stuff down to the truck?” Namjoon asked from in the bathroom. 

“What do I get from it?" 

"I got you head phones." 

"Fine.” You all brought all the stuff down to the truck, except for Namjoon that is, and were ready to go. It was Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi in the front with Jungkook, you, Hoseok in the back. Namjoon being the last person down had to also sit in the back. 

“Okay everybody ready?” Jin asked. 

“Wait! Play this!” You handed him a cd. 

~The world is lazy 

But you and me 

We’re just crazy 

So when I’m with you, I have fun 

Yeah when I’m with you, I have fun~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long ahh but i hope you enjoy okay? okay!

Break My Heart - Part 5 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary:I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for therapy for over a year. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? *Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart”*

Warnings: smut, mentions of abuse, family, coerced romance, kissing

Word count: 4, 260

A/N: FAST UPDATE, FAST UPDATE, LOOK AT ME LMAOOOO. Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine). Remember- comments are good karma !

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So dim that spotlight- tell me things like “I can’t take my eyes off of you”

I got great feedback on my last Rockstar AU and was even asked if I would write another, so I figured why not! The When Harry Met Sally fic is still happening but you’ll have to wait for the next bit. 

Song- SuperStar
Synopsis- Rockstar AU
Word Length- 792
TW- some very scandalous kissing (HOMOSEXUALITY IMPLIED)

Simon Snow couldn’t believe his luck. He could hear them in the next hotel room over. They weren’t using amps, so the music was quiet, but he was sure it was them. Simon had been listening to this band for nearly five years now, he was seeing them live the next day and they were separated by only one room. The band was called The ReDead. Their first album was screamo but they had matured into a more casual rock-punk-pop kind of things. Simon’s girlfriend Agatha hated them. She hadn’t wanted him to go. Birmingham was a few hours outside of their town and Simon had to stay there overnight. Agatha didn’t trust him to not hook up with any girls. That’s what Agatha was like, jealous and hated good music. But she was… comfortable. So he stayed. 

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consider this: SMH & one direction

i just wanna talk about smh and 1d ok im so sorry this wasnt supposed to be this long i have no control 

  • dex grew up with sisters (let me have this he has a bunch of sisters ok) so not only was he completely unable to escape one direction he was not allowed to get away with any sort of ‘bands that have mainly young female fanbases are not real music’ misogyny that lots of teen boys and adult males have 
    • so he likes 1d he doesnt advertise but he had to listen to them a lot so he knows their entire discography and what they have some good songs ok bro 
    • so yeah they find their way into his workout playlists so fucking what man they’re fucking hype songs 
    • his fave is niall bc hes chill and just wants to drink beer and play his guitar and listen to dad rock and he’s irish (dex is irish and is grandma loves niall bc she’s irish and what a sweet young lad) he’s not like die hard niall stan but he knows all of the 1d discourse from his sisters debating (im willing to listen to other opinions my back up is louis bc hes a punk) 
    • he save up one year (and got help from his fam) to get tickets for his sisters to see a wwa concert as a birthday/christmas/every holiday present bc theyre expensive and they dont have a lot of money 
      • his mom technically bought the tickets he just helped pay for them and the girls surprised him with a ticket for him to come with (mama poindexter: well i cant let them go alone who’s gonna watch them you have to go make sure they dont get arrested for doing something stupid) dex played it cool but it was such a fun concert and so fun to hang out with his sisters tooo
  • nursey now is a goddamn hipster u cant tell me he isnt into a bunch of british alternative bands and bc of his brit music phase he knew about one direction from the very start at the x factor stage (he definitely mentions this all the goddamn time when they start becoming popular but he chills out through the years)
    • hes been to at least one concert for every tour (he even got tickets to the madison square garden show) - he went to every concert with his sister but it was his idea to go and she was just there to keep an eye on him
    • also a big reason he got into the band was zayn like heres a pakistani muslim boy who’s super talented with these white dudes and that representation is super important (i also hc nursey as muslim or at least partially but zayn is a brown muslim boy killing it so yeah its awesome) 
    • but nurseys fave tho is harry especially when harry is a total hoe with long hair and jewelry and those red carpet looks like nursey is in love but also in awe bc those sparkly boots and that floral suit like those are iconic Looks™ and nursey loves it bc gender isnt real and he loves hoe looks (zayn is like 1.5 tho bc nursey is in love)
      • nursey tries to serenade dex with little things one day when they’re chilling by the pond on the grass and dex punches him bc nursey is making him emo even when he knows dex doesnt have emotions (in public in front of people who can see him cry)
  • bitty likes them they’re no beyonce but theyre fun and attractive and yeah hes gonna have some fun dancing to them he isn’t really up with all the drama and disc*urse until the boys have 1d nights and they watch this is us and the concert dvds bc he learns a lot 
    • he loves 2013 era harry and all the time liam (that boy is thicc and bitty 100% does not swoon)
  • holster like come tf on holster loves them he unironically and passionately loves one direction completely unashamed he does not care for your opinions and no one makes fun of him bc he’s a 6′4 fucking big ass hockey player who could drop kick u across campus if he wanted to
    • he claims he doesnt have a fave but he would die for all of them 
    • his fave rotates seasonally and he has a different fave for each era 
    • he went to the tmh tour and he’s gone to every tour since - he goes with his sisters bc its a bonding topic for them he sits at the edge of the floor or at the end of a row on the sides bc hes so tall he feels so bad and he tries to stay out of the way of the little girls behind him but hes nice to them and talks to them and so they like him even if hes a giant
    • but really he and his sisters are so close bc they have a lot of similar interests and they talk about pop culture stuff and its hard to keep intouch when hes away so much but they have group chats about 1d and tv shows and stuff so its so nice for them to keep up a strong bonding time 
  • ransom is a britney bitch and holster dragged him into 1d. he’s in it for the memes and the drama really. (he likes the songs and thinks its fun but he wouldnt have been a fan and gone to concerts if it wasnt for holtz)
    • holster takes him to the wwa concert and they have a blast 
    • holster also drags his ass to see this is us opening night (they both cry)
  • chowder just loves everyone and he doesnt understand why people hate 1d (or other pop artists with majority young female fan bases that ppl hate bc misogyny) when theyre so fun he’s not an active /fan/ until smh has team bonding nights involving one direction jam sessions and concert dvd watching and drunk history
  • on such 1d nights they put on one of the dvds and it accidentally turns into a drinking game (mainly drinking bc this part of my god did u see that !!! THAT NOTE CHANGE !!!! and ZAYN WHY !!!! and other painful parts) and some of them *cough* nursey dex and holster *cough* get possibly the most drunk they ever get bc of this 
    • theres loud awful drunk singing along and some sobbing (this is definitely not based off of any sort of personal experience whatsoever nope never done this before) 
    • after the movie when everyone is so drunk they talk about 1d history which is how the veterans teach the others about the exciting drama and disc*urse  
  • lardo is a bad bitch who is tough as fuck and manages a division I mens hockey team and every single one of them is afraid of her. AND she would not let any bro tease her for liking one direction bc why the fuck not. 
    • she has plenty of their songs thrown in arting playlists and in pump up playlists 
    • and she knows theres nothing better to cheer holster up when he’s having a rough day than a 1d dance sesh 
    • dont forget where you belong is the first song on her team bonding playlist bc its a love song to ur bandmates which transfers very well to love songs to ur teammates 
  • shitty unapologetically loves 1d and boy bands and girl bands and he supports all things that young girls love but are not taken seriously bc girls like them 
    • he’s written at least 3 papers/projects on the misogyny surrounding young girls and their interests and involvement in fandom and also boybands (he tries to fight all guys who disrespect girls’ interests and the power of teenage girls)
    • he’ll randomly show up to a 1d night bc obvi he’s in that gc and he’s ready to party and express emotions and dance and talk drama 
    • he loves harry bc “THAT FLOW MAN!!! HIS FLOW IS SO SICK!!!”
    • he cried when harry posted the pic of the hair he chopped off and cried when he saw the another man shoot where harry was defying all sorts of societal norms it was beautiful and his flow is still so nice even this short its ok it’ll grow back better than before
  • one friday night the lax bros sneak over to try to prank the haus and peak in the window and see half of the hockey team in the living room drunk off their ass singing loudly to a one direction concert on the tv - holster and nursey jumping around attempting to dance along, ransom clinging to bitty on the floor crying about a ‘hiatus’, bitty soothing ransom, dex forgetting about the drink in his one hand to drink rum from the bottle, shitty naked (not surprising) and slow dancing with a life sized cut-out of harry styles with tears streaming down his face (more surprising), and chowder lying on the couch singing through mouthfuls of pie 
  • they walk back to the lax bro house without executing the prank and they never mention it again

GoT modern/high school au headcaons!!! (loosely based off this post; aka i had a conversation about dany in a bar and this just sorta happened)

-transgender/genderqueer arya; she fights with the boys from her neighborhood until they agree to teach her how to land a few actual good punches, she wears dirty sneakers, wolf tshirts and a snapback, hair cut into an overgrown pixie cut

-sansa runs a pretty flowery hipster tumblr blog on which she occasionally fangirls over the hot-but-douchey pop/r'n'b star joffrey, this goes on for several months until she gets just a tad too much into the social justice corner and realizes what a fucking piece of shit he actually is, she moves on and becoms more aware of social problems (which she frequently discusses with the gorgeous fascinating girl called margaery she met on tumblr who she definitely NOT has a crush on, jeez no she probably lives half a world away, no no no)

-jamie lannister used to be at the top of the social food chain, what with being the quarterback of King’s Landing High and a rich kid, perfect hair perfect teeth perfect body perfect clothes, until he said a few words too much about neddie stark’s plain clothes and old-fashioned chivalrous attitude, and somehow he got mugged in an alleyway once and beaten up… at least that’s what he says, but when the word is out that underdog cat tully, the graceful, quiet, but headstrong senior, was the reason his perfect hair doesn’t flick as nice anymore, both his face and reputation are completely ruined

-loras is like a gay rights advocate all the way, even equipped with a tumblr since his sister marg bullied him into getting one (she seems to be super into it tho, “like what is she even doing, who is she even /talking to/ in her room all the time renly i don’t get it she just always giggles and smiles at her screen like a damn moron”) and he is super out, but his bf renly isn’t out because it could ruin his future like financially and loras is a good boyfriend and supportive but also sad because he wants to hold hands in public (//oh look i made myself sad)

-jon snow is the hister emo kid who listens to the arctic monkeys and the 1975 and bastille, he wears white shirts with snowy patterns or wolf prints and black skinny jeans all day every day, can be frequently caught in the library with his best friend sam, nerdy fantasy enthusiast and avid gamer, one of them reading and the other staring about and thinking about life, the both of them sometimes joined by sam’s best friend-slash-maybe-girlfriend gilly, social outcast and teenage mum

-cersei is top cheerleader obvs, and even though now head cheerleader and quarterback of Kings Landing High are siblings, some still joke that there is a dating tradition to keep (wink wonk)

-varys and petyr baelish are the ambigulously gay duo who run student council and threaten everyone’s asses into doing their homework for them

-tyrion is a dropout who doesn’t give a shit and works at pizza hut, but still reads vonnegut and is starstruck when he, by chance, befriends one of the infamous school sluts, shae, and finds out that is kinda everything he ever wanted in life wow

-brienne is the first female football player on the team, the boys used to give her shit for it until one day she tackled loras to the ground effortlessly and sat on his face, which made renly laugh at his bf’s stupid face, which lead to him being so amused that he forgot to make the team run laps for warming up, which kinda gained her the team’s respect forever

-tywin has a big company of some sort in town and he pretty much runs the school cause ~money~ and ~my kids are more important than ur kids~

-danny is the weird kid whose parents and family died and her brother fucked off to god knows where, and now she dresses punk rock and hangs out with the older kids. she got herself three aggressive chihuahuas who bite her enemies ankles, and they’re annoying as hell but she loves them to death. she loves picking bar fights whilst her best friend jorah, who is actually kind of a nerd who just sorta accidentally ended up with her (lab partners), is like fuuuck lemme finish my beer first. also her fave band is imagine dragons, shut up.

-asexual greyworm because of reasons

that is all goodbye

“Here’s to the kids.

The kids who would rather spend their night with a bottle of coke & Patrick or Sonny playing on their headphones than go to some vomit-stained high school party.
Here’s to the kids whose 11:11 wish was wasted on one person who will never be there for them.
Here’s to the kids whose idea of a good night is sitting on the hood of a car, watching the stars.
Here’s to the kids who never were too good at life, but still were wicked cool.
Here’s to the kids who listened to Fall Out boy and Hawthorne Heights before they were on MTV…and blame MTV for ruining their life.
Here’s to the kids who care more about the music than the haircuts.
Here’s to the kids who have crushes on a stupid lush.
Here’s to the kids who hum “A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me” when they’re stuck home, dateless, on a Saturday night.
Here’s to the kids who have ever had a broken heart from someone who didn’t even know they existed.
Here’s to the kids who have read The Perks of Being a Wallflower & didn’t feel so alone after doing so.
Here’s to the kids who spend their days in photobooths with their best friend(s).
Here’s to the kids who are straight up smartasses & just don’t care.
Here’s to the kids who speak their mind.
Here’s to the kids who consider screamo their lullaby for going to sleep.
Here’s to the kids who second guess themselves on everything they do.
Here’s to the kids who will never have 100 percent confidence in anything they do, and to the kids who are okay with that.
Here’s to the kids.
This one’s not for the kids,
who always get what they want,
But for the ones who never had it at all.
It’s not for the ones who never got caught,
But for the ones who always try and fall.
This one’s for the kids who didnt make it,
We were the kids who never made it.
The Overcast girls and the Underdog Boys.
Not for the kids who had all their joys.
This one’s for the kids who never faked it.
We’re the kids who didn’t make it.
They say “Breaking hearts is what we do best,”
And, “We’ll make your heart be ripped of your chest”
The only heart that I broke was mine,
When I got My Hopes up too too high.
We were the kids who didnt make it.
We are the kids who never made it.”

-Pete Wentz

Break My Heart - Part 15 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary:I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for years for therapy. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? (Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart.”)

Warnings: extreme emotional abuse, contemplation of abuse, seriously, please don’t take the warnings of abuse lightly ok don’t trigger yourself stay safe pls, coerced romance, inappropriate relationships, cursing

Word count: 6,916 (DOUBLE THE USUAL!! BOI–!)

A/N: Hey guys I’m so sorry this update took so long! I had writer’s block for the longest time, and then I live directly in the path of Hurricane Irma, so I was busy evacuating… I just got back to my house today. I’m posting this before internet goes out again. Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine).

Tags: @yeollieollie

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Date Night

Request: Can you please do a continuation with Mikey Ways ‘Chemistry’? Where they actually go on the sate and their both a little nervous and the reader at the end of the date gives Mikey a quick peck on the lips before she runs off to her house?

Part 1

I stood in front of my closet, waiting for an outfit to pop out at me. But nothing. Today was my date with Mikey but I had no idea what to wear. I didn’t know why I was so anxious, it was just Mikey. I knew he wouldn’t judge me if I didn’t look perfect. Still, I wanted to make a good impression, This would be the first time he would see me besides in school with that stupid uniform one.

I decided on a simple outfit, skinny jeans, a top and a jacket. I had no clue where we were going or what we were doing, so I figured dressing simple would be best and I prayed we weren’t going somewhere fancy.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was Mikey, I got up and gave myself one last glance in the mirror before opening the door. Mikey stood there in a thankfully equally simple outfit with a shy smile, offering me a small wave. 

“You look beautiful Y/N,” he blurted, his cheeks turning a rosy pink at the outburst.

“Thank you, you look pretty great too,” I complimented, making him chuckle lightly and murmur a small thanks. 

we walked back to his, him opening the door for me before getting in himself. I grinned wildly at that, I was always a sucker for romantic gestures. 

“So where are we going?”

“I thought we could go out to eat? No where too fancy, but just go and get some dinner?”

“Sure, sounds great.” He smiled and nodded, looking relieved that I didn’t dismiss the idea. We rode along in silence, small talking about little things like his family and job at the record store. I learned that even though Mikey was a straight A student, he had zero interest in going to college and dreamed of being a bassist. 

“I’m pretty okay at it. Plus, I like having an important part in a band but also being more out of the spotlight. And we’re here!” 

I looked out that window at the restaurant, relieved to see that he was right and it was nothing too fancy.

“Is this okay?” 

“Yeah, it’s perfect,” I reassured, watching that beautiful smile over take his face again.

I learned a lot about Mikey at dinner. He was a virgo, comic book nerd, die hard gamer, and shamelessly loved punk music. He was a lot less shy after he loosened up, still soft spoken and as a sweet as ever, but much more confident and open.

He walked me up to my door in a comfortable silence, the atmosphere between us changed greatly. “I had a lot of fun tonight,” he said when we reached my door.

“Me too, thank you for the date Mikey. It was great.”

“Pleasures all mine. D-Do you maybe wanna go out again next weekend?” He asked nervously, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Of course. I would love to,” I said excitedly, giving him a hug as he stood very still. He slowly relaxed and returned the hug, keeping his arms high on my back, being the gentlemen that he is.

“Goodnight,” he said once we pulled apart. Both of us lingered for a minute, knowing what we wanted but neither of us had the guts to pull apart. I finally gave in, leaning forward and quickly brushing our lips together. I heard him draw in a sharp breath at the quick touch, his hand flying up to his mouth while his face flushed a deep red.

“Goodnight Mikey,” I smiled before retreating back into my house, leaving him standing there in total shock.

You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri] [Part Three]

Summary:  AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol.

Warning: idk if its a warning but this is kind angsty and theres a lot of tears and its sad but it gets happy? and there’s a slightly raunchy bit idk??

Part: three of ?? [find part one here] [find part two here]

i follow back (unless you’re a porn blog) 

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Butterflies and Hurricanes

Genre: it’s like, fluff and kind of angsty.

Words: 6,135 (I am sorry.)

Warnings: Negative thoughts, maybe? Some swearing too.

Summary: Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil, ends up falling for the cute piano player who likes to play Muse on his recitals, even when he kept telling himself it would never happen. youtuber!Phil/pianoplayer!Dan

A/N: The AU no one was asking for! This only happened because I was like, “Man, I wonder if Dan knows how to play Butterflies and Hurricanes” and this is how it ended. oh god. I have no self-control. 

(also, I listened to Psycho, Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music while writing this. You just need Matt Bellamy screaming not-romantic lyrics to write cheesy stuff.)

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some words about ‘life in real time.’

recorded in 2015.

i’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the shortened, anticipatory instrumental intro. cole made this track; with jordan & michael’s help. it’s swirling & vibey, it sounds for a moment like something is going to happen but then it doesn’t; it’s etherial & pleasant, which we thought was a cool contrast to the biting sarcasm of…

where to begin.
written in early 2014.
recorded in early 2015.

my favorite song on the album; written while listening to a bunch of the killers & ben folds five.
michael made the track over a year ago & within 6 hours of having it in my inbox, the whole song was finished. it wrote itself; it’s weird how when you’re fighting to understand your artistic blocks, they tend to reveal themselves to you through the art itself: the frustration of not being able to write a song ends up being the part of you that writes the song.

as feels painfully apparent, this one came at a time when we were being pulled in a lot of directions over what we were supposed to do next; 2014 was a hard year to make sense of being in a pop rock band, because a lot of our tour-mates & favorite bands were either breaking up (which we didn’t want to do), chasing to the much more hardcore / modern pop punk side of the spectrum (which is an awesome genre, but felt wasn’t us), or, worst of all, trying to squeeze themselves into the cookie-cutter of hyper-generic commercial musack— for instance, we did a session with a few writers where we were told “less words, less specific, more general, just say happy things, now B HOOK WITH OHS OR AHS OR BAHS OR DAHS OR NAHS!”

what was even more frustrating was that the songs turned out pretty good. they definitely sounded like the kind of thing that might have played behind a target commercial. if they’d have sucked, it would have been easy to ignore them. but instead, it resulted in a lot of internal struggle.
ultimately, we decided they weren’t us, & my frustration with those songs & that struggle led to a grand piece of satire— where to begin. i’m happy with it. i think it’s pretty aggressively honest. originally, before the big band explosion & ba-de-das, i’d planned to answer the “where do we go next?” question— with a verbal, spoken, “i don’t know, some vapid & meaningless B hook?”

but of course, the vapid & meaningless B hook is the part of the song that i most look forward to. music, ain’t it a thing?

back to life.
written in 2014.
recorded in 2015.

i’m intrigued by how obsessed artists are with the freedom of youth. there’s something about the period of time after learning to drive & before being sucked into the real-world vacuum of taxes & monotony that is constantly, obsessively heralded as the time of ultimate freedom. i don’t know about other people, but my youth wasn’t like that; my youth was a time of learning to dwell within & experiment with the bounds that were set for me. my youth was about trying to win debate tournaments & stay out of the way of people in high school who didn’t like me.

the only real freedom that was involved was emotional freedom, & that was something i had to allow myself— i loved a lot harder & cared a lot more back then, before i learned not to, & started to develop this thick skin of adulthood. & i think that’s why we romanticize it. the freedom of youth is in it’s stupidity— bold, reckless, vulnerable stupidity.

i wanted to write a song with characters that embodied that innocent, emotional freedom; idealized characters that sound like they could be protagonists of a young adult novel, who genuinely believe that youth isn’t a time in your life but a way of viewing it, & that ‘people only grow up when they’ve got nothing better to do.’

i reference a lot of my favorite art from that era of my life— ‘I’ve got a $20 bill…’ is from a Brand New song. ‘The only thing that matters is how well you can walk through the fire’ is Bukowski. ‘Stay Golden’ is so oft-referenced that it out-shines the book it comes from (i had to alter the syntax for the sake of rhyme, by the way).

who we were with.
written in 2013.
recorded in 2014.

i’ve written about this one at length, & talked about it often, so i’m afraid my analysis of the song has over-shadowed my feelings about the song itself. but i guess that makes sense, because the song is itself is probably over-thinking relationships anyway.

it was written over a track that cole, lucas, jordan, marcus & michael made while i was out of town. evidently the track had some structural errors, but i wrote over it anyway, which is why some of the verse lengths are weird & feel random.

it was written after seeing after watching several relationships, my friend’s & my friend’s parent’s, that fell apart because the expectation of the relationship, the desire to just ‘have someone,’ the words used to describe the relationship, overshadowed the important parts. it’s a pretty basic theory— for better or worse, settling for less or creating more, we learn to love who the people who are around us.

talk about it.
written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

jordan made this track, which is why so much of the instrumental bed is crazy guitar. he gave it to me a year ago & it had so much vibe that i spent 6 months trying to write to it, but every time, i’d fail the tone. then one day, one line made it all make sense, & the rest of the song happened.

every relationship i’ve ever been in has reached this moment, the point where it’s bursting forth with feelings & hang-ups & hold-ons, all things worth talking about, & it’s so overwhelmed by them that the only rational response is to talk about none of them. one in particular that i think was my main reference for writing was one of those back-and-forth, 2-am-text kind of relationships, & i can remember thinking very distinctly one morning, “she likes how i make her feel, i like how she makes me feel, & we don’t give a shit about each other.” & neither of us really wanted to talk about it.

you to believe in.
written in 2013.
recorded in early 2014.

‘if i ever lose my faith in you, there’d be nothing left for me to lose.’ - sting.

there’s a lot of shitty things; & i spend a lot of time thinking about those things. i’m generally disappointed by politics, & the media, & celebrity culture. there’s a tremendous amount of hurt in the world & we ignore most of it. people are starving, the Earth is on its way to being completely broken, & if you let yourself be fully empathetic to all of that suffering, you’re never going to keep your head above the water. so what, in this vacuous wasteland of a planet, is there to care about? what’s left to believe in?


written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

cole made this track & wrote this chorus & sent it to me. other than tacking on some verses, it’s end-to-end his creation, & one of my favorite pieces of music on the album. the way it makes me feel— completely swallowed by the sound— perfectly captures the lyric. he’s written a lot of phenomenal songs; i think this might be my favorite.

written in early 2015.
recorded in 2015.

i think this song is about cinnamon….

cole wrote the chorus of this song, & i think found a very cool way to speak directly to the questions that everyone asks themselves in every relationship: am i really into this person, or am i into the idea of them? are we great, or does it just sound great in my head? do i love them, or do i love the story i’ve written for us in my head?

i hope i was able to honor that. in the social media age, where we can observe air-brushed versions of everyone’s lives, i think it’s easy to create a picture perfect narrative of how your relationship story is going to go before it actually happens (i do this all the time; i’m a serial first-date wedding planner). the problem with that, of course, is that it’s not going to go the way you want it to, regardless of how well it goes, & when the story in real life doesn’t match up with the story in your head, there’s bound to be friction. but alas, i can’t stop myself from doing it. i’m a slave to the sentiment.

next to me.
written in 2014.
recorded in 2015.

it was my soft, simple, sappy comedy ode to the 2 am walk home from the bar with the girl who’s impossibly out of reach.

because i think it always goes like this: everyone looks so big, so out of reach, too good for you from up close, so you disappear into self-consciousness & ignore the human parts of them. then, past 2 am, people start to unravel & become who they really are, & you realize that all of the impossibility of them was in your own head— just like you, they’re afraid of the future & afraid of what the world has in store for them & afraid of being alone. & you realize you were close the whole time, you just weren’t letting yourself be.

written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

when i heard this track, i think i saw the song before i wrote it. the instrumentation sounded to me like the 2 am, dark blue moment where the thing you’re most afraid of keeps you awake, so you stare out the window with your head on the pillow & wonder what the point of any of this is. the age & gender & struggle of every character in the song is different, but they’re united by that moment, the sky they’re looking at, & their desperate need for sleep to find them.

i hesitate to write too much about it; to explain the position of each character is to over-complicate it, so i’ll just leave it at this: i very carefully considered every line in the song, how the characters felt, & how the world felt about them. it’s one of my favorite songs that’s ever found me, & i hope it finds you too.
also, jordan’s guitar solo is incredibly tasteful.

say my name.
written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

cole wrote this song; it’s a fantastic love song, but i can’t speak much to it!

written in 2013.
recorded in 2014.

for reunion, i had the unique experience of being somewhere (a bar in our home town in south dakota) & feeling a song write itself in a single moment, like a different me was sitting in a room with a piano above me sending words down. i talked about the idea for it quite a bit here:


but the basic gist is this: everyone’s lonely, especially in their early 20’s. we go places like bars to feel like we’re not, but what we end up doing is comparing our lives to the people around us & feeling even more lonely. but at least we don’t have to be alone.

that’s the kind of thing that gets better, right?

right? anybody?

Break My Heart - Part 6 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary:I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for therapy for over a year. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? *Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart”*

Warnings: mentions of abuse, family, coerced romance, kissing, cursing

Word count: 3, 458

A/N: … that update was ridiculously slow. I’m so sorry ^^; ! I hope I can make up for it with the content. Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine). Remember- comments are good karma !

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You're Not Punk And I'm Telling Everyone.

By Penny Rimbaud

I’ve got no allegiance whatsoever to punk as a form of music. Never really did. Punk as I knew it has a political purpose. What is classified as ‘punk’ music these days is absolutely empty and gutless.

I genuinely believe that if it hadn’t been for Crass and the movement which grew out of it, punk would now only be remembered as another old dame in the rock and roll pantomime; just the same old attitudes dressed up in a different costume. The Pistols certainly didn’t do anything more radical than Elvis Presley, the only difference was that Elvis could handle his drugs better than they could.

Crass wanted to change the world, and in some respects we did, but nowhere to the degree that we set out to. We wanted to undermine the prime institutions of the State and everything that it represented. We went to great lengths to do that. The rock and roll swank of performing in a band was simply the platform we used.

What we did as activists was much more important to us than the music. We were always looking for some way of moving beyond being just a band. In our history we had dealings and run-ins with all sorts: Baader Meinhoff, the KGB, the CIA, the IRA, MI6, Margaret Thatcher. You name them, they all tried it on. When you compare that to bashing away on stage, you can see where we were at. I guess our interest in performance was secondary.

Punk in the hands of the showbiz world is an absolutely pointless farce. It means nothing. Fine, rock and roll can be fun, you can have a good night out, but what’s that got to do with punk? All these reformed punk bands and major label acts who like to think of themselves as punk are okay if you want a laugh and a good old jump around, but it’s nonsense to imagine that it’s anything to do with what punk was really about. Punk was a way of life, not a pop fad.

If you’re a band there’s a degree to which you have to make a commitment to put forward a public image, and the only way you can do that is to keep up a personal front. In the end we found it impossible to keep up that front, which is one of the reasons we stopped—1984. Very Orwellian.

The lyrics, music and imagery of Crass were involved with global politics, but ultimately I think the effect we had on people was more on their personal politics. Punk used to be a massive cry against inequality and injustice, but then it became incorporated into the mainstream. I detest people who allow that incorporation to happen. It makes me angry. Time and time and time again you hear youth expressing its voice. Time and time and time again you see that voice destroyed by drugs, self-indulgence, stupidity and sell-outs. It’s sad.

But for all that, you have to go on believing in possibilities, believing that people want something better in life, looking for something outside of ugliness, vulgarity, cruelty and exploitation; something that has a meaning, that’s got connection. But every time there seems to be a possibility of that happening, it gets knocked down. It was like that with the Clash. Everyone was so excited because finally there was someone talking politics and saying things like “I’m so bored with the USA”, and then the next month what are they doing? They’re snorting coke and doing big gigs in the USA: big deal, guys.

People are so endlessly let down by their heroes, but I guess that’s their fault. They shouldn’t have heroes, but that’s the society we live in: big heroes, little people. Sure, I acknowledge that there are people who might see us as heroes, but those are the people who completely missed our central message— “There is no authority but yourself”. However, I know from the letters we continue to get from all over the world that many people were deeply and properly moved, not toward their pockets, but in their souls. That’s because it wasn’t a matter of us saying “Come on, buy our latest fucking album”, no, we were trying to let people know that their life was important, that it was the only one they’d ever have, and that they should try to live it their way, whatever that way was.

We offered information, and I do believe that a lot of that information was real and correct. When I say correct I mean actually presenting something of value which people could take hold of and say “Yeah, maybe I could make something of my life”. The thing we wanted to help people understand was a sense of autonomy and authenticity of the individual human soul. Just as soul is constantly demeaned in the media, so it is undermined by drugs, inside or outside, but in the end it’s the only thing we’ve truly got. As personalities we’re just a series of remarks picked up on our journey through life, and, sadly, this becomes what we think we are. But beneath all that we’ve got something we were born with, something we die with, something which exists beyond time, and that’s our deepest inner soul. I guess I’m talking about a kind of immortality. To me the purpose of life is to connect with that inner soul, because by doing so we actually become part of life’s continuum. If we exist as separate entities, as individual personalities, there’s no reality to life and no continuity beyond it.

There’s a connectedness between everybody and we all breathe, we all eat, we all sleep and we all have an inner soul which enables us to do that. It’s all so obvious and natural. That’s a starting point, and that’s what we were actually (well, I was) attempting to promote through Crass. Yes, the lyrics of Crass were a lot to do with “the bomb” or “the State”, but what I was saying was “look beneath all that, look beyond it, and where do you find yourself?” If you can do that, if you can find your soul, you connect with all humankind, with all of life.

We all exist in a day-to-day reality of lies and deceit, and nobody will ever make any sense of it. That’s why we need to allow for tenderness, for silence, for contemplation. We need to find our own soul within all this mess. We’ve let ourselves become commodities, pawns in the marketplace. The only way we can get out of that is to realise that our personality, the very thing we think we are, is no more than a costume of ideas. We all like to think we’re someone special, so we mouth the right words, dress up in the right gear, but it’s all projection, all so fucking irrelevant.

But for all that, I believe people want to connect. Deep down they’re tired of being no more than an idea of themselves. That’s why people look for more, that’s why they have sex, why they smoke dope, why they go on binges. They probably won’t find the answer that way, but all the same, they want to connect. People want to know that they’re alive, but let’s face it, in a consumer society, that’s no easy job.

Yamato’s  Jealousy

Summary: Jealousy is like a terminal disease. There are stages until Yamato Kougami couldn’t take it anymore. [#6]

Notes: Crack!fic. Told in Yamato’s POV but written in third person. Now, this something light-hearted to read (and to write, haha) for a change. But it’s Rated T because Yamato curses a lot in his head—and if you like Kyohei Rikudoh from REVANCE, you’re in luck because he made a very special appearance in this fanfiction. Also, jealous Yamato is the best. So, yeah. 

Let’s get crackin’.

There was somebody, there was somebody.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have sent him a five minute delayed text, you wouldn’t have been out late for an extra thirty minutes, and you definitely wouldn’t have looked so far-off in their daily conversations in lunch. Plus, it was Saturday. What were you doing out in the world without him? She was working, Yamato’s logical thinking echoed. Right. Uncle Kuni got you a job that was way better than cleaning the Long Island sports bar—hang on, what if there was someone very special at work?! Furious at that thought, Yamato folded his arms, glared at the clueless woman (that would be you) in front of him. 

In response to this, you raised your brow.


Okay, okay, she’s asking what. Now was the time to crack a question. It could be something casual first such as how was your day because Yamato wasn’t prepared for a reaction if you were doing what he thinks you’re doing… Or Yamato could go straight to it and demand if you were doing what he thinks you’re doing. Yamato cleared his throat ever so casually. 

“So, how was your day?” he asked instead.

“Great,” you said with a smile across the dinner table. You said it was great, but what was the definition and the legit reason? “Expound it.”


“What made it so great?” said Yamato, eyeing you crossly.

You paid no attention to it and just shrugged. “I got this nice toothbrush from the boss plus a promotion—which I think I texted you about—and then I also had a nice cup of coffee. For once the water dispenser didn’t malfunction on me. And then I found a kitten in this cute little box at the street—I didn’t pick it up, but I wish I did, I think it’s lonely—” He held his breath for anything suspicious but before Yamato could release a sigh of relief, you continued on eagerly, “Oh-oh, and while I was at the convenience store, this nice guy from the counter gave me some of their coupons—”

“What nice guy?” interjected Yamato, gritting his teeth. 

“Oh, the cashier.”


“And he gave me some of their coupons. Aren’t you listening? … Although, I actually think it was his coupons from a restaurant. I don’t know why he gave them to me—”

“What’s his name?” demanded Yamato yet again.

“What? I don’t know. Yamato, he’s just a cashier,” you spoke with such stress. Yamato looked down, a bit ashamed at his misconduct. He was being an idiot. Why on Earth would you do what he’s thinking? No other guy could top Yamato unless it happened to be the looks and especially the personality. Well, almost the entire human race could beat him if it was base on the latter but whatever.

You cleared your throat abruptly.

“So anyways, while I was at the sidewalk I was wondering if I should go ahead and get some free food or something—and when I turned around I bumped into this other guy. Now he looked weak but at the same time strong enough to punch and that’s so adorable because you cou—!”

“What’s his name?”

You sighed exasperated, but replied otherwise, “Kyohei Rikudoh.”

“So he did give his name.”

“Well, I did give him the coupons.”

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 Sucker For Love


(e /c) – eyes color & (h/c) – hair color

He was here, his favorite flannel and black skinny jeans. Michael was literally stressed out, a mess, he asked (Y/N) on a date before he goes on tour and now he was back in town.

Since Michael met (Y/N) at Jack’s (Barakat) Birthday party, he knew he was a sucker for love .. Her (E/C), her (H/C) and her smile, haunted him every night !

-That’s ok Michael, is just (Y/N) .. What am I saying ? It’s fucking (Y/N) !

He knock on her door, and wait for her .. seven white roses in his left hand and an awkward smile on his face. He could hear Neck Deep’s lyrics from the inside of the apartment. (Y/N) always loved pop punk, she goes at Warped tour more than twice and .. she was everything he want !

-Hey ! Mike hello ?

-.. Oh hey .. sorry i-i was thinking

-That’s ok !

Her laugh was the most beautiful sounds he heard in his life !

(Y/N) never wore clothes like dresses .. but it was ok for him, she was beautiful in her (too big) white shirt, her skinny an her Jeffrey Campbell.

Both of them were singing the songs on the radio, like idiots, screaming lyrics on the top of their lungs. She liked Michael’s old Ford Mustang .. he bought the car like two days after she said, she liked black ‘69 Ford Mustang. He was a sucker for love !

He aslo dyed his hair black again 'cause she said he looks a bit like JB. Armstrong like that and he liked it !


-What ?

-I don’t like him and his stupid blond hair !

-Michael he just tried to be polite

-Polite my ass yeah !

Now Michael was hating the waiter, because he smile to (Y/N). He can be a real child, but (Y/N) this side of Michael too !

-At the end he’s gonna give your his number !

-And i’m not gonna call him Michael !

-We’re on a date .. respect that dude !

(Y/N) laugh and starts to eat her food, but Michael, him keeps looking at “the stupid waiter and his stupid blond hair”

-Michael eat, we are here to have a good time !

-Wait, I try ..

-Everything is ok ?

-Was ! Said Michael. Everything was ok, before you came dude !

-Michael ..

-No, it’s true, he smile at you as if you were alone, or a piece of damn meat .. first my friend she is on a date, with me ! And second she’s human not a bloody piece of meat ..

-I’m-i’m ..

-You know what we are fucking leaving ..

(Y/N) said his name in a small voice, but his eyes said everything .. The moment when he dropped $40 on the table, she knew he was upset, they were having a good moment, Michael wasn’t that shy as usual, no he was kind of flirty tonight and she liked it !

He was drumming on the steering wheel and she could see the anger in his eyes.

-Michael ..

-Please, no !

-Ok ..

She didn’t dare to say anything more, no she was sitting next to him, the radio was playing some old songs, they both like .. but none of 'em was singing..

-Ok, maybe it was a bit too much, but this fucker was looking at you like you were meat or i don’t know what .. and I lose my..

-Mike, I’m a big girl you know I don’t need anybody to defend me .. but thank you.

-I think i’ve got pizza leftover and beers at home, it’s ok ?

-Beer and pizza are always ok !

-Cool ..

She put her small hand on his, and he smile at her.


Michael apartment was a bit of a mess, but living with Luke was something ! Guitars on walls, a full collection of CDs and DVDs. A big TV, a couch with some flannels and a calvin klein boxer on it.

-Sorry it’s a bit messy but Cal was here today so i didn’t have the time to clean up ..

Lie ! Michael called Calum in the afternoon so the Kiwi could help him to clean his place with him, and help him to get ready ! The bassist even forgot his wallet on the coffee table.

-Oh Mike you should really check out ROAM !


-Yes, good pop punk and they’re big fan of you guys !

He nodded, and gave her a beer with a straw, another of her strange habit that Michael loves more than everything in the world. Everyone thinks she is weird but to him, she’s cool !

-I’m sorry for the ..

-Michael, let forget it please !

-Ok ..

He was looking at her and he didn’t says anything, no he was just looking at her with passion, just like when he play for thousands and thousands people. But she was different, (Y/N) was his special one !

She was smiling, and watching Oli Sykes on TV, Bring Me The Horizon, was one of her favorite band, so once Michael bought her tickets and they went to the show, he almost kissed her on Can You Feel My Heart, but he didn’t .. no, he only kissed her cheek.

-Eh ..

She turned her head to see him, but he put his lips on her. After all this time he finally kiss her, but she didn’t move .. she was like frozen or dead.

-I’m sorry .. I-I s..

She cut him, and kissed him, her hand on his cheek, she was smiling against his lips and his hands were on her waist. He was living one of his other dreams..

-I’m in love with you .. Like seriously in love !

-That’s ok, I’m too !

They both laughed, and kiss again, and again.

Lost in their own little word, they were kissing on the couch, Michael’s hands moving on her body, and hers in his hairs. They were making out, on Michael and Luke’s couch ..

Luke didn’t expect to find two people on his couch after his video games night with Calum and Ash .. he didn’t expect (Y/N) and his best friend making out here, almost naked in his apartment after their date.

-Huh.. hey .. hi ..

-Luke ?

-Hi, guys !

Michael took the plaid to hide (Y/N) and himself, even if Luke already saw him naked plenty of time, on tour, here, back in AUS. And Luke, he was simply laughing !

-I’m going to my room .. and hi (Y/N) !

-Hey Luke ..

She was laughing, and Luke was red like a tomato ..

-Oh god ! He says

-What a night !

-Yeah but i finally kiss you !

-True !

In the end Michael was a sucker for love ! In love with her !

Ok i think it suck a bit (ok a lot) but yeah ! 

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Little Me | High School AU | Part 3


I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year x
In case you are confused about this the “-” in the middle of each pref means that it’s on another time. 

Read part 1 here

Read part 2 here

W A R N I N G - T R I G G E R I N G


“….O, by this count I shall be much in years, Ere I again behold my Romeo!” You read out from the script, crossing your legs, waiting for the next replay. As the silent felt on both of you, you let out a frustrated sigh.  ”Luke did you even practice?” You questioned, letting your script fall from in front of your head, towards your lap. Looking down from his script, he ran a hand through his hair. “I did practice some.” He mumbled, sinking further down his chair. “Fine. What is your next line?” You asked, teasing clear in your voice. “I eh..” He fumbled with the words, looking up at you for help. “Farewell I will omit no opportunity. That may convey my greetings, love, to thee.” “Right.” Luke remembered, his mouth changing to a straight line. “If you don’t have any interest in acting, why did a boy like you choose to be in the play?” You asked, making him lean forward towards you. “Why did a girl with such a lack of outgoing radiance choose to play the part as Juliet?” He fired back making your eyebrow raise. “Touché.” You leaned forward as well. “ I guess I’m full of surprises just like a football jerk like you.” “Oh so were going this way I see?” Luke asked, his blue orbs burning into yours. As you was about to say something cruel back, a knock from the door made you both snap your head up towards it, seeing Mrs. Chanre opening it. “I hope my favorite couple is ready to practice on stage.” She cooed, looking hopefully at you both. “Yeah we are.” You smiled, standing up from your chair. “Right Luke?” You asked sugar sweetly, making him groan. As you went on stage, Mrs. Chanre freaked out about so many things, but both you and her were surprised to see that Luke actually remembered the lines to the songs you were performing on stage. After practicing lines and music, all the student went home expect two.


“Sorry I didn’t practice.” Luke mumbled behind you, as you sat at the end of the stage, looking out at the empty audience, at the exact same spot you guys met only 3 weeks ago. “It’s ok.” You shrugged, looking behind you. His tall frame hovered over you slightly, before taking a seat next to you. “Y/N can I ask you a question.” “Yeah.” You shrugged, removing your hair to the right side of your shoulder. “You’re such a quiet girl. Why did you choose to try out as the part as Juliet?” Luke asked making you chuckle. “Everyone has this theory about me. Everyone thinks I’m this absence quiet girl. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I wanna show the whole world that I actually got some talent inside of me. I know this seems very weird because of my part as Juliet, but I’ve got stage fright – or I used to.” You corrected, your mind memorizing back in kindergarten when you forgot the words as the part as Cinderella. “ I feel kind of the same way.” The words made you snap your head up in confusion. “You forgot your lines when you played Cinderella?” You asked in confusion, making him laugh. “God no… But I have a passion as well. Everyone thinks that I’m just a selfish womanizer jock who doesn’t do anything else than hook up with girls, go to parties and play football. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I really enjoy singing. But the other jocks just laugh at me when I mention it. Not some of them though. It was Michael’s idea getting me the part as Romeo.” Luke explained, making your eyes go wide in surprise. “Remember Michael the light guy?” He asked making you nod. “Him, two of the other jocks and I consider starting a band.” “That sounds awesome.” You smiled, making him smile as well. “Yeah I feel like it too. We’re working on some punk pop music.” “Isn’t Michael the one with pink fluffy hair?” You asked with a raised eyebrow. “Oh yeah.. So much for being punk.” Luke trailed of making you laugh as well. Again a silent felt over you, but now it wasn’t as tense as the last one. “How about we go practice at my house tomorrow?” Luke suddenly announced, making you smile. “Yeah that’s sounds good.” You smiled, standing up with your backpack. “See ya later football jerk.” You snickered making him groan, but wave anyways. 


Walking down the path of books in the library you let your fingers slide over the different books, sighing happily about the peaceful atmosphere. As you grabbed one and pulled it out of the rack, you gazed on the front page, before pulling it back on its original place. As you was about to do it a figure made you almost drop the book in shock, your eyes going wide. “Hi Y/N.” Calum waved on the other side of the bookshelf, making you scuff. “Not you again.” You mumbled placing the book on its original place, walking down further against the bookshelf. “I’m still here.” Calum stated from the other side of the shelf, making you groan slightly. “What do you want?” You asked, crossing your arms, as you both got to the end of the bookshelf. “I was just wondering if you could like, eeh.” Calum trailed off, pulling on his hair slightly, “I was wondering if you could teach me some of the cool tricks you can do.” “What do you mean?” You asked in confusion, letting your arms fall to your sides. “You know, out at the field. You’re fantastic with a ball.” Cal explained making you blush. “You’ve seeing me playing?” You asked making him nod. “I could possible teach you some, yeah sure.” You mumbled making him smile. “But don’t get too excited I’m not that good.” You stated insecure, making him scuff. “You’re kidding.” Cal said in disbelief making you shrug. “The way you tackled Maranda. It was awesome.”  The words made a pinkish flush come across your cheeks as you let out a “thank you.” “The games for both boys and girls are up soon, and I really wanna make some good work.” “I know.” You mumbled, nodding. “Coach Hanson hasn’t been talking about anything else than that stupid game for so long.” You stated making Calum laugh. “He’s a bit of a pain in the ass.” Calum commented making you laugh. “Yeah but he’s a good coach.” You giggled, making Calum nod in agreement. “And he for sure loves you.” Cal winked making you blush.


“You’re late again.” You stated, as Calum came running down the field, his direction towards you. “I’m sorry, Mrs. I don’t even remember her name cause her classes is so boring, hold us back even though the bell had ringed.” He said out of breath, throwing his bag pack to the ground, before collapsing next to it. Laughing down at him, you placed yourself on his stomach, making let out a “puff” sound. “Shouldn’t we be practicing?” You smiled down at him, your hair falling down almost tickling his cheeks. “Yeah, but I’ve got a walrus sitting on my stomach, which make it slightly difficult to remove myself.” He commented making you gasp in a fake shock. “You idiot.” You groaned, smacking his chest lightly before removing yourself from him, pulling him onto his feet. |“Luke!” Maranda whisper yelled, making Luke look up at her from his seat, both of them skipping class.   What now?” Luke whined, lifting himself from the stool. “Look.” She pointed, making Luke scratch his eyes before looking towards her pointed finger. “Please tell me I’m just having a nightmare.” She whined, letting her head fall back. “Well as far as I can see it’s Y/N and Cal running around the field with a ball.” Luke replayed dumbly, making her groan. “For how long have they been doing this?” She hissed making Luke shrug. “I dunno. They’ve been teaching each other different tricks. He’s becoming really good and so is she.” Maranda gave Luke a death glare. “We gotta do something.” She exclaimed, stamping her foot on the ground in frustration. “ I don’t know, the guy is madly in love with her.” Luke said without knowing, but realized what he said; when he saw Maranda’s shocked expression. “You’re kidding right.” She said quietly, but with death in her voice. “Holy shit.” Luke muttered, making her groan, pulling on her hair slightly. “I can’t believe you guys. We need to separate them.” She stated, looking up at Luke. “Why?” Luke asked in confusion making her groan again. “Because she’s playing on the different team compared to us. She’s dangerous. And I don’t like it.” Pulling onto Luke’s arm, she gave you guys a last glance before heading towards the changing rooms down under the audience chairs of the field. “Come on I’ve got an idea.” She smiled, making Luke smile back unwell.  


”Wow your room is. Girly.” Michael said in surprise making you laugh. “Yeah, I like the color pink.” You trailed off, making him nod in agreement. “Did you draw all these?” He asked amazed, pointing towards the wall over your dresser, where you had filled it with different drawings and doodling. “Yeah.” You breathed, walking over to stand beside him. “I enjoy making it, like to express myself. Most of the doodling is made in classes.” You confessed, making him laugh. “Mrs. Woodsy is dry biscuit I understand.” Michael nodded walking over to your bed. “But what about the thing you were doing in class today.” “What about it.” You asked confused, sitting next to him, placing your bag by the bed. “That doodling I saw you making.” He refereed, sneaking his hand down your bag, taking your notebook out of it. Browsing through your notes and doodle, he finally found it, showing it to you. “Oh.” You said quietly, looking towards where his thumb was pointing. “You can talk to me Y/N I want you to know that.” Michael cooed, slightly rubbing your back. Letting out a big sigh, you fell back onto the back resting your body on the madras. “There was a point in my life where my parents were so close to get a divorce. There were fights every night, and I had to go in to my little brother’s room, trying to comfort him. We were both crying together and I don’t know why but I felt like it all was my fault. After some bad episodes, I did it for the first time. Then a second time, and when my vision started to blur I knew I had to stop. I haven’t done it since. But after it, I had the feeling that I had to demonstrate against anything that appreciated me.” You mumbled the last part, looking over at Michael too see his depressed face. “I’m sorry Y/N.” Michael mumbled, not knowing what to say. “It’s ok.” You smiled. “It’s the past. Now do you want some cookies? “


“I’m almost at you’re house Y/N.” Michael mumbled, with his phone in one hand, and the other controlling his bike. “Are you crazy.” You screamed through the phone, making him jump slightly on his bike in shock. “You told me to come.” Michael laughed, as he turned at the corner, now seeing your house in view. “Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to come at 11AM! You protested, trying to find some clothes in your room. “You’ll survive.” Michael concluded, before placing his bike up against your garage. “I’m at your porch now.” Michael smiled, looking up at your window. “The door is open.” You mumbled, occupied with something else. “Okay.” Michael said in satisfaction, opening the door to your house, practically inviting himself in. Hanging his jacket on one of the racks, he headed towards the stairs, wondering what was taking you so long. “Y/N I don’t even care if you’re naked, I’m coming in.” Michael stated, smiling to himself at his comment. “No plea-“ Before you could alarm him about anything Michael opened your door, but when he saw you he was frozen. “Y/N?” He said in disbelief but it came out more as a question. “Yeah, you mumbled quietly, removing some of your hair out of your face. “What’s wrong?” You asked, even though you knew the answer .“Y/N.” Michael breathed. “You’re a babe!” He exclaimed, blinking his eyes repeatably, trying to memorize the moment. “I’m not.” You protested, making him scoff. “I’m just not wearing my usually clothes okay?” You said, referring to the not so emo outfit you were wearing, the make-up simple instead of war paint, and the hair loose instead of your hoodie covering your curly locks. “I think I’m in love.” Michael mumbled, making you furrow your eyebrows together. “I mean- I brought our science project.” Michael smiled, saving himself from another awkward moment. “Uhm can you tell me why, you dress like the queen of death?” Michael asked, as you both sat on your bed, tipping different notes into your laptops. Letting out a sigh you pushed the laptop away from you before looking at Michael. “I’m trapped in the character. Imagine what people would say if I came to school like this. They would think I’m mental crazy.” You explained, before taking your laptop again. “And Y/N?” “Yes Michael?” You breathed looking up at the now nervous looking Michael. “I’ve wanted to ask you for a while now, but haven’t had the balls to ask you.” “Spit it out Cliffo.” You smiled, and he took a deep breath. “Will you go to the prom with me?”


”but watch out, a bird is in the way of the intimidate moment. What the hell is that supposed to mean.” You laughed, leaning back against the armrest of the couch, having your legs lying on Ashton’s lap. “I dunno.” He mumbled, trying to concentrate about his geography assignment but got distracted every time you yelled up about something in the magazine you were reading. “What is your zodiac sign?” You asked, removing the magazine from covering your head. “Y/N I’m trying to concentrate could you please stay quiet for a second?” Ashton asked annoyed, making your eyes go wide. “The answer is cancer by the way.” Looking back at the zodiac signs you found the cancer, but choose to not read it out loud. “The girl is in a trap but watch out; before you know it everything will change.” Raising one eyebrow at the lines, you looked back up at Ashton to see his concentrated look. The way he bite the pencil, his eyebrow furrowing in confusion and when the pencil weren’t in his mouth, it was down on the paper tapping along to a rhythm. “Why are you still working on that assignment?” You asked in confusion and Ash let out a scoff. “Oh sorry Ms I know everything about the world’s continental plates and how they work. I just don’t know how to make this assignment okay?” Ashton exclaimed frustrated, letting his head fall back onto the back of the cushion. You let out a pout as you saw how frustrated he was, and moved your body towards his, placing yourself on his lap. Snapping his head up, he saw you take the paper in your hands, reading the different questions. “Name a place where the continental plate “hot spot” is placed? Ash sweety this is easy.” You smiled, letting him groan some more. “Can’t you just do it for me please.” He pouted making you shake your head. “Pretty pretty please.” His pout got bigger, his eyelashes flashing. “Nope.” You replayed, poking him lightly on the nose with the pencil. Sneaking his arms around your waist, he pressed you down on the couch, letting his hands fall down to your sides to tickle you, and you let out some hysterical laughs rolling around trying to get out of Ashton’s grip. As Ashton stopped tickling you, you let out a sigh of relief, heavy breathings falling from your lips. “I hate you.” You breathed making Ashton laugh. “I really like you though.” He smiled, sneaking his arms around your waist again, kissing you repeatedly on the cheek. “Ash.” You mumbled, trying to get out of his tight grip. “This is getting disgusting.” You laughed. “That’s the point.” Ashton smiled.


Walking down the corridor of the school Ashton let out a shriek as someone grabbed his shirt, pulling him into a class room. “Are the rumors right?” Kathleen hissed, taking Ashton by surprise. “Shit Kath you scared me.” Ashton shrieked, looking confused at her. “I asked you a question.” She demanded her nostrils getting bigger in frustration as she spoke. “What rumors?” Ashton asked in utter confusion, pulling on his hair slightly. “Don’t give me that shit, is it true that some sophomores saw you at Y/N’s house here a couple of days ago?” Letting his hands fall from his hair to his sides, Ashton mumbled out a, “Yeah why?” looking up at her, his eyebrows furrowing a bit. “Are you fucking crazy?” She exclaimed raising her voice. “What did you do, wait no I don’t wanna know it.” She breathed, holding her head in her hand. “We were just making homework.” Ashton trailed off, making Kathleen scuff. “You could have been making homework with me?” she questioned pulling on her hair in frustration. “Well maybe I like her, did that thought come across your little piece of shit that you call your brain?” Ashton asked in frustration, tired of keeping secrets anymore. “You what?” She asked pulling her hand up towards her chest, being taken aback. But all of the sudden in the intense debate, Kathleen saw a shadow behind Ashton. Seeing you stare back at her in a mix of blank and confusion, she breathed heavily before a smirk came across her face. “Why are you smiling?” Ashton asked in a stern voice, but was taking by surprise as Kathleen grabbed him by the collar, pressing her lips to his. Whilst kissing Kathleen made them turn around, making you get a full view of them, and as she pulled away from Ashton, her back towards you now, Ashton caught your eye. Not only were you wide eyed but Ashton was as well. “Y/N” he breathed, as he saw your eyes get watery but he didn’t had a chance to say something else as you ran out of the classroom, wanting to get away as fast as possible.