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Pop Princess

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Summary:ย The truth is revealed on the set of the readerโ€™s new music video.

Prompt: โ€œDonโ€™t talk to me like Iโ€™m a god damn child.โ€œ

Pairing: bodyguard!Jensen x popstar!Reader

Requested by: @iwriteaboutdean

A/N:ย If you wanna know the scene Jensen is freaking out over, itโ€™s from Christina Aguileraโ€™s Not Myself Tonight. The parts at the end (starts 2:28 mark).

Jensen grits his teeth biting back a low growl, he can feel a dangerous rumble in his chest thatโ€™s threatening to escape. His fury filled eyes witness you greedily accept every seductive touch from your co-star Justyn.

Your bodyguard is fully aware that the sexual bullshit playing out before him is just acting. That itโ€™s your job at the moment to portray a lustful, passionate relationship for the camera. Although it doesnโ€™t lessen the strong urge of wanting to break your co-stars face.

Justynโ€™s grubby hands are grabbing and pulling you, his lips kissing and grazing you, his whole motherfucking body keeps touching you. To make matters worse, youโ€™re donning sexy red lingerie that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

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Beauty in the Youth🍯


Michael Jackson meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles during his Bad Tour at Wembley Stadium in London on July 16, 1988.

Jackson presented Britain’s Prince and Princess of Wales with gifts before his third sell-out concert. Princess Diana is holding one of the gifts, a Bad tour jacket. He also donated $450,000 dollars to the Prince’s Trust.