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I scanned my new pony stickers! Large on the top (1576x1960), small on the bottom (680x845) Unfortunately the 6000px+ ones were a little too large ;|

What I find weird… the date! “2011 Hasbro”. By that time, FiM was taking place, and even if they were still doing G3, it would’ve been Core7/G3.5! 

There’s so much pressure in a first kiss, so much anticipation, so much expectation, so much hope and fear and want and need. Sometimes when you pull away and look them in the eye you feel so happy, so excited, so giddy, so overwhelmed that you can’t help smiling, giggling, laughing. You both laugh so hard you can barely breathe, because it’s the only way to let out the hundreds, thousands of feelings inside you at that moment.

Or, maybe there’s just something kind of funny about mashing your face against someone else’s because you just like them too much to bear.

Twilight's Motivation - a spell to help you stay motivated in your Magick studies

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*inspired by Twilight’s love of books and particularly or studying Magick*

- a purple candle
- Quartz and Rose Quartz
- something that represents your craft or studies
~ if you have a want you could use it. if you dont, it doesn’t matter

- set out your representation, with the candle above it
- Set your crystals on the top and bottom of your representation.
- Light your candle, and let it burn for a minute or two. 
- Take the time to pull energy from your candle, and put it into your crystals
- use them to disperse the energy into your representative by gently moving the crystals across the surface of the item. 
- say/think: “ I’ve found my passion, now its time for action. this is something i’ve long awaited, help me stay motivated. This may seem erratic but I want to study Magick!”
-Blow out your candle to close and activate the spell!

- Aesa <3 (thanks to @noelle-corvus for the idea!)
This is my original spell, do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 
Do Not Advertise for yourself on my posts!

- Aesa <3

More outsiders headcanons about a road trip but this time they stop for gas.

-Sodapop, Steve, Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, and Two-bit go into the small mart

-Darry is getting gas

- because he’s reasponsible

-Dally is sweet talking a bunch of girls in the aisle

-He gets yelled at

-(Jally) Johnny tries to get Dally an alcoholic beverage

- His baby face isn’t working to well to get it

-(stevepop) Steve buys soda a stuffed animal

-Sodapop gives it to ponyboy

-Steve is pissed off

-Two-bit meets a pretty girl and they start to have a connection

-Her boyfriend walks over and introduces himself

-Two-bit walks away mid conversation

-Ponyboy and Johnny buy all the candy

-Johnny and Ponyboy comfort Two-bit

-Dally is laughing his ass off

-(Stevepop) Steve buys another stuffed animal and clearly instructs to not give it to ponyboy

-He gives it to ponyboy anyway

-Darry is finally tired off waiting and comes in

-Darry drags all of them out

-Sodapop sees an adorable dog and he has to pet it

-Everbody has to wait for sodapop

A pretty girl will make you go to any lengths to make her smile

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Imagine: Johnny noticing you doing a choir recital. 
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Choir wasn’t exactly cool. When Two-Bit, Ponyboy or Johnny would hear them practice, they’d smirk. Gloating in the cool of their carelessness. That is until Ponyboy had a meeting with his advisor. Grades were wonderful. Track was a nice touch. But any involvement with the arts would put him over the top for a scholarship. Some mumbo jumbo about being well rounded. When Darry caught wind of the suggestion, he found himself enrolled in choir. The gang teased him mercilessly, but soon forgot.

That is, until the big spring concert. He begged the gang not to go. Pleaded even. With the concert theme being, “On the Silver Screen,” there wasn’t a chance in hell they’d miss it. On the 5 of April, they crowded the auditorium seats. They behaved themselves through the intro. But after the first number, “Surry with the Fringe on Top,” they were dangerously close to losing their composure. The site of Ponyboy singing and swaying to the beat was too hilarious to handle. 

As funny as his buddy was, his eyes kept wandering to the corner of the stage. There was a pretty girl tucked in the corner. She had shiny auburn hair. She scanned the crowd nervously and headed forward. 

“Now we have, Y/N with Embraceable you by Ms. Judy Garland.”

Her hands trembled as she adjusted the microphone. Her olive green dress came down to her knees with taffeta peeking out of the bottom. She didn’t have much make up on, except mascara and ruby red lips. Not that she needed it. Johnny figured she could light up a room all on her own.

“ Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you.
Embrace me, you irreplaceable you.  “

Her words floated across the entire auditorium, soothing the restless audience. She stopped his heart right than and there. It looked like she lived to sing. 

“Just one look at you
My heart grows tipsy in me
You and you alone
Bring out the gypsy in me”

Johnny thought she looked like a movie star. The way she closed her eyes to sing. The way she swayed like a church bell. Sodapop elbowed Darry and pointed to an awestruck Johnny Cade. Johnny did know one thing. He could’ve listened to her forever. The song ended far too soon. Not that it mattered. He ignored the rest of the show and replayed her performance a million times in his end by the time the concert ended. 

Ponyboy however, was glad the whole thing was over. Even though that meant sufficient razzing from his brothers and Two-Bit. 

“You dance so purdy, Kid!” Two-Bit laughed. 

“Should be up on the pictures!” Soda teased.

He was waiting for Johnny to take up for him. Nowhere to be found. He dodged embraces and fake punches from the gang to scan the crowd. “Where’s Johnny at?” 

Soda smirked and pointed to the refreshment table. His eyes about fell out of his head. Johnny held a nervous hand out, clutching a cup of punch to Y/N. She blushed and grabbed the cup. No one could hear what they were saying. Not that it mattered anyways. They were just plain stunned. Johnny Cade went up to a girl. No act or facade. Just himself to offer. And it seemed to be working judging by the way she leaned in and smiled while she talked to him. He looked equally terrified and happy. Sometime it seemed like Johnny was really the one with an edge. A true gentleman amongst hoodlums. 

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Two-Bit pipped up.

“Yeah, well. A pretty girl will make you go to any lengths to make her smile,” Sodapop nodded proudly.

“Especially like that,” Darry said clapping Soda on the back. 

I love that girl you just chased off

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Imagine: being social outcasted, even by the greasers. Be that as it may, Two-Bit still has eyes for you. 

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(Inspired by Speak.)

It all happened on a muggy summer night. The bash of the year. Enough beer and stolen liquor to keep the party roaring all night and into the morning. The air was laden with hormones and smoke.

A girl stumbled through the sea of greasers. Clinging and to whatever her hands grasped. She stood on two legs made entirely of jelly. The next thing she steadied herself on, was Curly Sheppard’s shoulder. He coolly shoved her off, causing her to stumble to the floor. Her lip was bloodied along with mussed up hair. her dress strap was torn clean through. Curly wasn’t in the mood to deal with a sloppy drunk.

The party continued on and she faded into the background. That is, until someone shouted, “Cops!” Teens poured out of various exits, eager to avoid the strong arm of the law. A perfectly good party got busted up for no good reason. As Two-Bit guided a drunk Steve out of the door, he glanced back at the nearly empty living room. The girl with the torn dress was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch.The phone receiver was wrapped up in white knuckled hands. Here eyes were glassy and gazing forward. There didn’t seem to be anything behind them. 

Of course, Two-Bit wasn’t the only greaser to spot her with the phone. It spread like wildfire. That was the night a couple greasers got locked up. Y/N was officially branded a squealer and a traitor.

A year later, things died down. Two-Bit found himself at the local drugstore grabbing some asprin for his mom. Crouched on the floor, was a familiar face. Y/N was restocking cotton swabs and cotton balls. She felt his stare without looking. “Can I help you?” She asked plainly. “You look familiar.” 

“I mean, I work a lot of hours here,” she said carefully.

“Nawww, that’s not it.”

She sighed dramatically and looked up at him. “I’m the party squealer.”

His breath caught as he searched for the words. She was right. That’s where he remembered her. He figured the past year hadn’t been too kind to her in these parts. Sometimes he thought about that night. Wishing he’d gone back for her. 

“Feel free to throw things at me and call me names,” she said snatching up her box of stock. 

“Hey wait a minute,” he said grabbing her shoulder.

“You ain’t going to get any guff from me. Man, I can’t tell ya how many dumb things I’ve done drunk,” he said with a goofy smile.

She was a loss for words, and had a rare smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Thanks,” she said shyly as she dodged in the backroom.

They’d casually chat anytime he’d duck in to grab something. It was nice. Two-Bit was so kind and funny. And she laughed at his jokes and asked him questions about himself. She found herself looking forward to his shopping excursions. She figured he was just doing her a favor. Just feeling sorry for her. But as the weeks passed, he just kept coming. Until, he finally asked her out on a date. 

The usually fun conversation took a serious tone as the party was mentioned. Her eyes grew familiarly glossy as she told him what happened. Long story short? She was pretty drunk. Some guy pulled her into a room and took advantage of her. She was pretty out of it and panicked. She dialed the phone but wasn’t sure what to say. Really, she was still processing what happened. But to the rough side of town, she wasn’t to be trusted. If only they knew.

Her shoulders shook as sobs slipped out of her mouth. Two-Bit didn’t expect to hear that. And he was filled with equal parts guilt and anger. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve all the shit she got either. He for once was without much to say. He just pulled her into a warm hug and rocked her back and fourth as she cried. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered in her ear. “You didn’t deserve any of that. But ya know what? I pity the man that ever bothers you again. You better believe it.” 

He fingers rubbed her back gently as she calmed down.

“Thank you, Two.”

He didn’t care one lick what anyone said. He was crazy about her. The gang didn’t get it. Why? Why her? He’d just shake his head and say, “You don’t know her like I do.” They blissfully stayed in their own little world together. That is until Darry invited them both for dinner. 

The gang thought he was nuts. Absolutely nuts. He was insistent. “If she’s that important to him, we could learn to all get along.” The gang swore they’d be good hosts.  But it wasn’t long into dinner that the comments started.  She expected dirty looks but Two-Bit spoke so highly of everyone. He didn’t think they’d be outright mean. After a particularly rude comment from Steve, she patted Two’s leg and took a deep breath. “Hey uh, I think I’m gonna head home.”  She smiled at Darry and bit her lip. “Thank you so much for dinner. I really appreciate you inviting me.” Two-Bit recognized the face she was making. She wanted to cry. She darted out the front door before her composure cracked. It tore the heart right out of him.

Darry was scolding the group of boys as Two-Bit stood up. They quieted down while he slipped on his jacket.

“Ya know, I spent so much time telling you guys that I care about her. And that’s the treatment she gets? After I told her. Hell, after I promised her you guys were good decent people. That she’d be welcome. You don’t know half of what when on that night. And if you did? You’d be damn ashamed of yourselves. Be more ashamed that I am of ya.  I love that girl you just chased off.”

With that he headed out of the door with a loud slam.

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