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Ollie, do you think it's possible for someone like me (draws cute things and listens to K-pop) to ask out someone that's super into research and horror/gore?

Yeah man! I love some good gore!

i’ve got this suspicion that oingo and boingo don’t really understand stands at all

i mean, bad guys rarely show their stands to other people. and oingo and boingo both have bound stands, which aren’t super common

like. what if they just assumed all stands took the form of everyday objects or body parts bc there’s no evidence to the contrary

neither of them ever see a punchghost in canon. never. imagine how you would react to seeing a punchghost in real life and then multiply that by oingo’s general overdramaticness. imagine

Akashi practicing how he should confess to Kuroko:
  • Bokushi, facing the mirror with a smirk: I'm going to kill you with my love, Tetsuya.
  • Oreshi, staring in the mirror with a dumbfounded look: Seriously?
  • Bokushi: Then, how do you think should we tell him?
  • Oreshi, clears throat: I'm going to kill everyone close to you, if you don't choose me, Kuroko. *flashes angelic smile*
  • Bokushi: ...
  • Bokushi: People may have misinterpreted our personalities. *shoves Oreshi's consciousness deeper inside Akashi's head*

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I started watching life on Mars....I've made a mistake. A wonderful wonderful wonderful mistake. Ahh John Simm is just such a cutie and a great actor.^~^

He really is. LoM is a fantastic show — I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

Other things I’d highly recommend watching him in if you haven’t:
The Lakes
Crime & Punishment
State of Play
Moving On
The Village

Aaaand pretty much anything he’s done, really. Even if some of the films/shows he’s been involved in aren’t that great, it’s always worth it to see him cry act.

maybe there is

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If I were dating you, I'd bring you to a nice comfy library café where we could argue and theorize about fictional characters and worlds for entire afternoon. Then we'd go to my place and watch/live react to something and do a in-depth review afterwards. We would nitpick at every aspects of every second that we saw and try to rank this on a scale of quality. And sometimes I would randomly send you text or pop out of nowhere asking you trivia question about thing to see if you really know it all.

Oh that sounds perfect. I wish I was dating you :)

table for two

character: mark

plot: You’re sitting alone at a two-person table in the campus resource center when a guy who looks familiar pops out of nowhere and asks if he can sit with you because there are no other tables available. He asks to treat you to some ice cream after and his name is enough to make you realize he’s the hottie in your social work class. 

genre: au, drabble, fluff

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Nothing would make the red carpet interviews greater than if someone were to ask Niall a question that he wouldn’t be able to answer without lying, and Liam pops up behind him out of nowhere and responds for him.