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Check it out lovelies! 😄 My new art book Femina and Fauna 2nd Edition  released and it’s so pretty omgosh! 😍 I have a a whole bunch for #SDCC with me at my booth 4723 📚 I’m even doing a special deal for the show! If you buy two books at my booth I’ll do a sketch in one for FREE! 😁 Stop by and check em out! Oh and don’t forget my signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth 2615 is today at 4pm, make sure you have your wristband 😉 Plus Simone Legno from tokidokibrand will be joining me! He’s the awesome fella who wrote my forward for Femina and Fauna 2nd Edition 😊 Hope to see you there! 😚💝

Pop-Up Prompt!

Write About: Rose-Colored

The prompt is to just write about the concept of “rose-colored” and whatever that evokes in you. It could be rose-colored glasses, or it could be more literal. There are no rules. Anyone can participate as much or as little as they want and you can make up analogies and metaphors and interpret things your own way, but if you want me to see what you write for the prompt, you have to make one of your FIRST FIVE tags #PardyPrompt so that I am sure to see it on the tagged page (https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pardyprompt). You can also submit your piece to me if you’d like to, but be sure to check off the #PardyPrompt tag as well. You do NOT have to personally tag me in your posts, and if I ever miss something you’ve written, just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out.

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Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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