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Being Damian’s Friend Would Include...

Hi! Could I request where you are Damian’s friend that the batman doesn’t know about and one day they follow him cause he is acting weird and they see you both being really adorable in the park? for anon

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY, I know i disappeared and i know this isn’t  exactly what you requested. but my stress blocked my brain and i failed my english class so i can’t seem to english right since then so i’m just insecure, ignore me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damian and reader are around 14/15

  • You meet Damian thanks to Alfred
  • ironically, you walk his dog. Titus
  • You aren’t rich and you needed a job 
  • and the fancy old man that buys groceries on the same place that your mom thankfully was nosy enough to overhear the entire conversation with your mom
  • “mOM I’M BROKE” “Get a job then” “bUt WhEre?” “go sell some lemonade or walk some dogs” “but i don’t know anyone with dogs and the twins down the street already have a lemonade stand”
  • so he offered you to take care of the huge dog a few times during week
  • you accepted (obviously)
  • the fancy old man is hella rich
  • Spoiler: He isn’t rich he’s just the butler 
  • but anyways the place is HUGE and you start to suspect that maybe some bad people live here
  • Like the mafia or something
  • You’d never seen anyone besides alfred too much Investigation Discovery isn’t helping with your mental health
  • So you decide to ask alfred about the bosses
  • “Master Bruce is always working and his sons tend to disappear”
  • Something clicks when you hear the name
  • this is the- no, wait. THE Wayne manor
  • As in Bruce Wayne’s manor
  • shocking
  • Mafia theory: Discarded
  • New theory: The Waynes are vampires
  • (this one was discarded after you found out that the youngest son was a vegetarian)

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Haitus - Unknown Period of Time

Hey guys, so its that time of year again? (i guess).

I’m gonna be putting the blog on haitus for the next little while. Don’t really got a time frame aside from “”until I get myself a better job”, so I mean…It might be two weeks, it might be a month? I’ll try to keep you guys posted.

I’m kinda slowly drifting into the red financially, and I really need to hunker down and focus on making money right now. Once I’m back on track, that stress’ll be gone and I should be able to come back.

I’d really love to keep the blog running, but to be honest, it’s a distraction. And I really really really need to focus (Lol, which uh. I AM SUPER BAD AT SO). Also stress and junk = bad one for channelling Sans, so he’s asleep rn.

Hopefully my super focusing will pay off and I’ll be back before you know it.

seventeen - the struggles and triumphs of high school as told through showtunes

in - carrie: the musical // what i was born to do - bring it on: the musical // beautiful - heathers: the musical // portrait of a girl - bare: a pop opera // eight hours - the burnt part boys // state road 21 - the bridges of madison county // watch what happens - newsies // let me be a kid - runaways // montage, part 1: hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love - a chorus line // montage, part 2: mother - a chorus line // montage, part 3: gimmie the ball - a chorus line // everything else - next to normal // growing up - fugitive songs // first date-last night - dogfight // do your own thing - bring it on: the musical // crazier than you - the addams family // one - bare: a pop opera // my junk - spring awakening // seventeen - heathers: the musical // there she goes/fame - fame //