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Here’s a rare biographic from the New York Daily News in 2006. My older brother cut it out back when he was a huge fan of Xtina. He gave it to me and it’s been on my wall for years. I finally decided to scan and post it since I can’t find it anywhere online. It’s an awesome little read. Click the image to see the scan in HQ. Enjoy!


Rena promoting the digital release of Tomorrowland with So Takei

Lots of news sites are promoting this with titles such as “Matsui speaks about marriage!” or “Porposal! the chances of these two getting married is?? ‘not zero.’ ”

So I decided to take a look. Falling into that click-bait *haha*

As always when asked about marriage Rena said at the moment she wanted  to focus on the entertainment business and that she had absolutely no desire of getting married. But we already knew that didn’t we? :P

(Of course the reaction of Takei-san was that usual response of people when women say they don’t want to get married~)

Takei-san said something like “There’s no such thing as absolutely no, anything can happen in the future…” etc etc

And so everyone laughed cause it sounded like a future proposal lol and so he said “well, the chances aren’t zero”

Rena was like this video is going to be used you know! *laughs*

Rena being Rena lol

She also said her ‘goal for tomorrow’ was to make a 100 friends. And so to realize that goal she made friends with Takaei-san~

She seemed to had fun and as always she looks really beautiful.