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Hello Chippo. It seems like news popped up in the main menu so, there seems to be a new crystal gacha and event on 25th...? Could I get some info for it? No rush and thanks for all your help on Smash Borders :)

Of course! I’m sorry I’ve been quite slack posting about new announcements >.>

So the new announcements are, firstly, this new event coming up:

The Team Opposition Operation Exercise. Nominally to help Operators practice, this event requires players to gain points from defeating and capturing trion soldiers while enemy agents will try to get in the way while wearing butler and maid outfits. This event will between 25th October to 31 October, starting and ending at 12pm Japanese time.

And of course by having your characters also wear butler or maid outfits you can double the number of points you get (or triple, or more, depending on how many on the team are wearing the outfits). That’s where the gacha comes in:

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My statement on the current “news”?


Not to mention the FBI released their investigations files proving Michael’s innocence. Not only was he proven Innocent in court and in these files, The files also proved he was set up from the beginning and used for money.

In their 20 year investigation they couldn't find anything on Michael. They tabbed his phones, his houses and still nothing. Give It Up.

Not. Guilty.

In response to the fact that [50 Shades of Grey] earning millions made him feel “a little sick to think about,” Fraction is planning on matching donations to the Futures Without Violence charity generated by the sale of Hawkeye merchandise on WeLoveFine.com between now and Monday. Now is your chance to make your contribution count for double.

(more info here x.)

Buy a cool shirt, help charity, and everyone wins!

F(X)'s Amber To Debut Solo February 2015

Good news for f(x) fans!

It has been revealed that f(x)’s Amber will be debuting as a solo artist in February 2015. Following the string of successful solo debuts such as Super Junior’s Henry, Zhoumi and Kyuhyun along with SHINee’s Taemin, SM Entertainment will be promoting the multi-talented and charismatic Amber. This appears to be a smart move as other f(x) members will be busy with other schedules for a full group comeback.

Who else is excited for this debut?


Good news everyone! Cinema Relics has created a live-action Futurama fan film using with such awesomely realistic prosthetics and special effects that takes all our favorite characters on a nosedive deep into the uncanny valley. It’s called Fan-O-Rama and you can watch the trailer here:

Keep an eye on the Fan-O-Rama website or follow Cinema Relics on Instagram for updates on this geektastic movie.

[via Neatorama]

Watch Pete Wentz and Gerard Way Test Out ‘Guitar Hero Live’

Activision have announced a new edition of the Guitar Hero series, Guitar Hero Live, which incorporates actual live concert footage from a library of hundreds of videos. My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz recently “performed” together at the reveal event. Check out the trailer and videos here by clicking “read more” below.

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Doctor Who Series 2 Pops! Revealed

Funko is back and this time they have 7 new figures that will be on sale soon!

“Our second wave of Doctor Who Pop! vinyl figures are materializing soon! The Ninth Doctor, haunted by the Last Great Time War, is joined by his faithful companions, “Captain” Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler! The Eleventh Doctor’s wife, and “child of the TARDIS,” River Song joins them! Sarah Jane Smith and her trusty K-9 robot are also essential! You’ll need all the help you can get to stop The Silence!” [x]

“In my yellow room, sunflowers with purple eyes stand out against a yellow background… And the yellow sun, coming through the yellow curtains of my room, floods all this flowering with gold, and in the morning, when I wake up in my bed, I have the impression that it all smells very good.”

-Vincent van Gogh

That’s Andy Warhol among the sunflowers in his little-known homage to van Gogh. The pop genius (and brilliant student of art history) would have been 86 years old today. See more images from the sunflower series here

The Gang’s All here!

  Never has the term “Team SSSiN” felt more appropriate.

(I know I don’t usually put watermarks on my stuff like this but this is the kind’ve thing that’s more likely to get stolen and used for evil, so it seemed necessary. Just to stress the point of it: this image is not for reposting, editing, or for sale.)