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Just goes to show even the limitations of heritage speakers…

I learned the Spanish word for “mushroom” today. I had never heard it before in my entire life. Why? Because it was not an ingredient my grandma ever used in her cooking, so it was a word that was never really said when I was growing up. I’ve had people around me ask what X is in Spanish and then are shocked when I don’t know. Like, I wasn’t raised in a 100% Spanish environment so there are a ton of words I don’t know because my Spanish is very situational, i.e. I can communicate well in areas I adjusted to while growing up. Fuck me if I know political terms because politics was not a common topic in my home. Every once in awhile I’d ask my mom or grandma what a word meant if an unknown one popped up on the news or in a telenovela, but for the most part I understood enough to fill in the gaps through context and so never really needed to expand my lexicon beyond what was needed to communicate with family.

Point of this rant, language learning is weird and frustrating especially when it comes to re-learning a language you kind of already but don’t really know.

[BREAKING] L.Joe leaves TEEN TOP + TOP Media

Bad news for Angels.

It has been revealed that rapper L.Joe, member of popular boy group TEEN TOP, has filed to for contract nullification with TOP Media as well as chose to leave his boy band. His contract was originally supposed to end in 2018.

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