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Spiderclaw (Totally Spies Inspired Spell)

A Glamour Spell to attract attention from those you desire.

You will Need: 

  • Black Nail polish (symbolizes the spider)
  • Red Nail Glitter (for romance and lust)
  • Clear top coat polish (sealing and finishing the spell)
  • Red candle (romance and lust)


  1. Light your red candle and keep it near you while you work
  2. Paint your nails black while doing this visualize them long and sharp like a spider’s legs even if they are not. Imagine you like a spider on her web grabbing at the attention you desire and pulling it close to you with your long nails (not in a harmful manner though). How your long shiny nails will pull closer the one(s) you wish to notice you.
  3. Before your nails dry sprinkle the red glitter onto them. “I will pull your attention towards me, as a spider pulls in her prey. You will see me and all that makes me beautiful. You will notice me.” Repeat the name of the person(s) you wish to attract at the end of this as many times as you feel is needed.
  4. Use your clear top coat to seal in the polish and your intent. 
  5. Close the spell by blowing out your red candle

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Retractable Razor Nails Spell (Totally Spies Inspired)

A spell to break yourself free of any binding spells that may hold you.

You Will Need:

  • Blue Nail Polish
  • Metal Nail File
  • Bowl of Salt
  • 1 Black Candle
  • 1 White Candle


  1. Place your candles before you, the black one to your left and the white one to your right. Light them starting with the black candle. 
  2. Place your bowl in front of you and fill it with salt. Make sure it is between the two candles but closer to you creating a triangle like shape.
  3. Paint your dominant hand with the blue nail polish. While painting visualize your nails long and sharp like razors, ready to cut through anything that may hold you.
  4. Once painted hold your hand out before you and over the bowl of salt. “These bindings hold me tight and strong, but I shall not allow them to for long.”
  5. With your hand slash like you are clawing at something (careful not to hit your candles). “I cut through the ropes! I cut through the ties!”
  6. Grab your nail file and hold it in the hand you have painted and hold it above your head in a position one would do if read to stab something. “I release myself and break through the binds.” 
  7. Stab it down into the salt (again careful not to hit your candles or to break the bowl). “I cut them away!” leave the nail file in the salt
  8. Hover your painted nailed hand over the nail file and bowl once more. “I set myself free.” Blow out your candles starting with white then the black
  9. Leave the bowl with the file in it over night and do not remove your blue nail polish, let it chip away on its own.

Recommended: after this spell take a bath or shower to help remove any negativity still left on you. Take a good rest and do something you enjoy. 


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Metal Claws (Pokemon Inspired)

A spell to protect yourself from baneful magic.

You Will Need:

✦ Silver or Gray Nail Polish
✦ White Nail Glitter
✦ Clear Top Coat
✦ Coconut, Basil, Juniper, Lotus or Sage Incense
✦ White Candle(s)
✦ Salt Water


✦ Light and place your candle(s) where you desire as long as it/they are near you. Light them and your incense. 

✦ Using your salt water lightly dip your fingers into it a few times. Dab them dry or let them air dry

✦ Once they are dry paint your nails with your gray/silver nail polish. While doing so imagine your nails becoming hard and metallic

✦ Before they dry sprinkle on or dab on your white glitter. Be sure to focus on your intent to cut through baneful magic sent your way and to protect yourself from it as you do this. The white adding to your metal claws’ strength and gleam.

✦ Let them dry, while doing this, gently move them through your incense smoke a few times to fill them with the protective properties of your incense

✦ Once they are fully dry finish the spell by sealing them in with your top coat and adding the final coat of protection to yourself.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers - Pink Amethyst Linear Holographic Polish
“Hope” Is the Thing with Feathers: Pink amethyst linear holo with blue shimmer Personally, I have been in need of a little hope to get me through these last few months. I created this polish to cheer myself up, and I hope that it will breathe a little fresh air into each of your lives as well. It’s inspired by the poem “Hope” is the thing with feathers, by Emily Dickinson


Aesthetics for the signs... (Based off people I know)
  • Aries: fancy cars, rompers, new york city, hamsters, polka dots, vans shoes.
  • Taurus: tattoo chokers, lazy days, puppies, manga, puns, sarcasm, denim.
  • Gemini: eyeliner, cardigans, macaroni and cheese, outlet malls, bands.
  • Cancer: netlfix, random t-shirts, pop-tarts,chipped nail polish, family get-togethers.
  • Leo: a signature perfume, italian food, bright-colored lipstick, old pictures or yearbooks.
  • Virgo: homemade food, bowling,
  • Acoustic guitars, breakfast, that hipster watch store in the mall.
  • Libra: playing dress up, baking, shoe stores, musicals, homemade cards.
  • Scorpio: pleated skirts, flannels, pizza, curly hair, movie nights, memes.
  • Sagittarius: latte art, scarves, making snowmen, those weird adult coloring books.
  • Capricorn: Sunday afternoons, blueberry muffins, ponytails, sketch books, workout clothes.
  • Aquarius: fashion magazines, colored tights, the food court, freckles, old movies.
  • Pisces: dancing, playing pretend, candy, trampolines, fall weather.