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Spiderclaw (Totally Spies Inspired Spell)

A Glamour Spell to attract attention from those you desire.

You will Need: 

  • Black Nail polish (symbolizes the spider)
  • Red Nail Glitter (for romance and lust)
  • Clear top coat polish (sealing and finishing the spell)
  • Red candle (romance and lust)


  1. Light your red candle and keep it near you while you work
  2. Paint your nails black while doing this visualize them long and sharp like a spider’s legs even if they are not. Imagine you like a spider on her web grabbing at the attention you desire and pulling it close to you with your long nails (not in a harmful manner though). How your long shiny nails will pull closer the one(s) you wish to notice you.
  3. Before your nails dry sprinkle the red glitter onto them. “I will pull your attention towards me, as a spider pulls in her prey. You will see me and all that makes me beautiful. You will notice me.” Repeat the name of the person(s) you wish to attract at the end of this as many times as you feel is needed.
  4. Use your clear top coat to seal in the polish and your intent. 
  5. Close the spell by blowing out your red candle

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Aesthetics for the signs... (Based off people I know)
  • Aries: fancy cars, rompers, new york city, hamsters, polka dots, vans shoes.
  • Taurus: tattoo chokers, lazy days, puppies, manga, puns, sarcasm, denim.
  • Gemini: eyeliner, cardigans, macaroni and cheese, outlet malls, bands.
  • Cancer: netlfix, random t-shirts, pop-tarts,chipped nail polish, family get-togethers.
  • Leo: a signature perfume, italian food, bright-colored lipstick, old pictures or yearbooks.
  • Virgo: homemade food, bowling,
  • Acoustic guitars, breakfast, that hipster watch store in the mall.
  • Libra: playing dress up, baking, shoe stores, musicals, homemade cards.
  • Scorpio: pleated skirts, flannels, pizza, curly hair, movie nights, memes.
  • Sagittarius: latte art, scarves, making snowmen, those weird adult coloring books.
  • Capricorn: Sunday afternoons, blueberry muffins, ponytails, sketch books, workout clothes.
  • Aquarius: fashion magazines, colored tights, the food court, freckles, old movies.
  • Pisces: dancing, playing pretend, candy, trampolines, fall weather.

My amazing friend, yumelacquer, has SERIOUSLY outdone herself this time.  She’s just released a completely new collection of Harvest Moon inspired polishes and matching glitter toppers!  Each polish in the ‘Crops Rule Everything Around Me’ collection is inspired by one of the bachelorettes:  Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary/Maria, and Popuri <3. 

These colors are just too perfect for summer, I’m kind of dying over ‘Library Leaflet’ (neon green).  The colors in the collection are named (following the photos, top to bottom):

  • Daydream at the Inn with matching topper Orange Cup Flower
  • Caretaker with Blue Mist Flower
  • Vintage Wine with Toy Flower
  • Library Leaflet with Bamboo Shoots
  • Flower Girl with Pink Cat Mint Flower

You can check them out at Yume Lacquer on Etsy!

Right now, she also has a sale running:  ‘Getting a set of 5? Save $10 with coupon “HMSET.” Getting all 10? Save $20 with “HMSET2″ and as always, enjoy free shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $25 with “FREESHIP25.”‘

anonymous asked:

Hey guys!!! Thank you for the ever so fantastic work you guys always make! Can I request for a scenario with Jungkook based on this? youtube(.)com/watch?v=BQRUueuR-1o It is about couples asking each other questions and if you got it wrong you get a hicky from him but if he got it wrong he gets his nails painted by you please?

I watched this and it literately made me so happy XD like for real relationship goals!!! thank you for requesting i hope you like it :)

~ ADMIN Abbie

Who will Win? 

Jungkook smut

You and your boyfriend Jungkook were relaxing at home, Watching movies, laughing and cuddling close. Just like any other free day….But you were bored of it being just like all the others. You wanted something different…something fun.

Just then and idea popped up in your head, You got up and went to your room and grabbed the most popping and colorful nail polish you had. It was a bright red color. You ran back to the living room and sat down on the couch.

“Are you painting you nails?” Jungkook Asked.

“Nope! we are going to play a game” You said with a big smile on your face

“A game? What is it?”

“Its simple!I ask you questions about me and if you  get them wrong i get to paint you nails!”

“WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!!”

“Im not done yet!!!!! Then you ask me questions about you and if i get them wrong then you get to give me a hickey, Fair?”

“Hmmmm…Sounds interesting….Fine i’ll play!”

You pulled up a list of questions you could ask each other and began, So far you both were answering everything correctly and no one has gotten punished yet. But then the questions started getting more difficult and you got on wrong…

“O-Ok wait!!! that was unfair let me have another chance!!”


Jungkook grabbed your neck and attached his lips to your soft skin, His tongue traveled along your neck and he began sucking on a small spot leaving behind a red spot….a LARGE! AND OBVIOUS! Red spot.

The game continued and you eventually ended up with 5 hickeys and Jungkook only having 2 fingers painted….

“And i thought i was going to win…”

“Looks like you need to pay more attention! But of course i can always help you study…”

Jungkook leaned in a kissed you passionately, His hands traveled down your body and rested on your hips. His tongue exploring your mouth. You could feel yourself becoming more wet and turned on by the second…..This is way better then the regular free days….Way better.

~ ADMIN Abbie

Sorry its so short! im probably going to make a part 2 but i was tired and need sleep but wanted to get something out! Goodnight love you guys :)