pop music no one remembers

I’m sick of this place
But I’m also scared for things to change
Where stars will fall off your walls
—  Sad News In A Quite Room; Keyes

There are two types of fangirl…

I would just love 5SOS to become All Time Low famous. Not One Direction famous.
That way they wouldn’t have to worry about swearing, and they could be proud showing off their partners to us. And have awesome merchandise that you would actually want to wear in public because it wouldn’t be aimed for 6-12 year olds. The thing is, I would just like them to grow into famous artists free and happy, not trapped buy their own management.

The struggle of real life is that there’s no background music


Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low

I really want to meet my favorite band member but at the same time I don’t because I’m afraid that I will embarrass myself in front of them or they might not like me and think I’m a freak

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“Time to go to bed” I say when I stay up for another 5 hours listening to music