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MAMA 2016 Results


  • Best New Female Artist - I.O.I
  • Best New Male Artist - NCT 127
  • Best OST - Lee Juck for Don’t Worry (Reply 1988)
  • Best Female Artist - Taeyeon for Rain
  • Best Male Artist - Zico for I am you, You are me
  • Best Dance Performance Male Group - BTS for Blood Sweat & Tears
  • Best Dance Performance Female Group - GFRIEND for Rough
  • Best Vocal Performance Male Solo - Crush for Don’t Forget
  • Best Vocal Performance Female Solo - Ailee for If You
  • Best Dance Performance Solo - Taemin for Press Your Number
  • Best Vocal Performance Group - Davichi for Beside Me
  • Best Male Group - EXO
  • Best Female Group - TWICE
  • Best Band Performance - CNBLUE for You’re so Fine
  • Best Music Video - BLACKPINK for Whistle
  • Best Collaboration - Suzy & Baekhyun for Dream
  • Best Rap Performance - CJAMM & BewhY for Puzzle
  • Song of the Year - TWICE for Cheer Up
  • Artist of the Year - BTS
  • Album of the Year - EXO for EX’ACT


  • Best of Next Asian Artist Award (Male) - MONSTA X
  • Best of Next Asian Artist Award (Female) - BLACKPINK
  • Best Asian Artist Japan - Sekai no Owari
  • Best Asian Artist Vietnam - Noo Phuoc Thinh
  • Best Asian Artist China - Hua Chenyu
  • Best Asian Artist Singapore - JJ Lin
  • Best Engineer - Hironobu Tanaka
  • Best Producer - Black Eyed Pilseung
  • Best Visual & Art Director - Min Hee Jin
  • Best Choreographer - J.DA Apissara Phetruengrong
  • Best Promoter - Masahiro Hikada
  • Best Executive Producer - Bang Si Hyuk (Bang PD)
  • Best International Producer - Timbaland
  • Inspired Achievement - Quincy Jones
  • Best Asian Style - EXO
  • Worldwide Favourite - GOT7
  • World Performer Award - Seventeen
26th Seoul Music Awards Performances (170119)
The problem with every *mic drop* moment: It’s just a cool, dramatic gesture. Nothing more or less. No follow up. No nothing.

*Me to my dad in the hospital after he got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.*

*Me* “So, um, can I do anything for you now?”

*Him* “Sure! Take me out for a cigarette. It’s too late now, isn’t it?”

If he could have had a mic available, perhaps he would have dropped one.  But reality sets in. Like it always does.


*Me* “Seriously,  though: we have to deal this shit.”

Neck Deep proved why they’re this year’s BEST LIVE BAND and tore up our 2016 #APMAS stage - the whole crowd was singing along 👍🎶  (📷 : Lily P. McLaughlin)


unfollow and block me please. be grateful that our boys won SOMETHING, and BTS deserved to win just as much as they did. EXO won album of the year which is a HUGE award and being greedy about wanting every single damn award they’re nominated for is childish. I doubt EXO is sulking about what they did and did not win, so you should do the same.
spend less time making our fandom look bad and unnecessarily attacking others so you can spend more time congratulating EXO on their achievement. seriously. it’s unbelievably annoying.