pop middle ages

Pop Middle Ages is a print-series based on the coolest referents of popular culture. They are basically 8.3x11.7 prints (f**kin’ A4 prints) available both B&W and color which represent characters from popular culture in an edgy medieval style. They are a fine blend of the style’s elegance with the freak and awesome of the action cartoons from the 90’s and indie video games.

Hey everyone! I’m appearing as a Guest artist for the Pop Middle Ages Kickstarter campaign! You can get a neat-o print of the Awesomenauts I drew especially! I’d encourage you guys to select the £12+ reward as you can choose to get my print instead of a random one. It also financially benefits me which is pretty great. 

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Buddy you have an iphone

Back at my old job ((at a mom and pop bakery)), this middle aged couple came in to buy a few pastries. Since it was the middle of the week, we were slow as hell so my coworker and I both helped them ((mostly bc we had nothing else to do)).
After they paid, they asked for directions to some random address that was apparently “just of Main Street.” The kicker, she read the address off her iPhone.
Now, a lot of people ask us for directions to places like the bank or the mall - both of which are just down the road. But some randomass house?? In a town I don’t live in?? ((my coworker doesn’t drive so she doesn’t really know where a lot of stuff is))
So, since the store was dead and the owner wasn’t around, I pulled out my phone and plugged the address into Google Maps. I then showed the couple the directions I got. They then asked me to show them how to work Google Maps.
These people were in their 40s.
Like they were nice about it and all but my coworker and I were baffles by it for the rest of the day.


Rachel yells to the sleazy popped-collared-middle-age photographer who offered her a deal as a model at his studio 

Rachel didn’t appreciate his obvious backhanded comments about Max