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B.A.P Live on Earth 2016 Auckland AWAKE

I’m not gonna put this under a “read more” because a lot of people don’t actually read “read more”s.


For K-Pop idols, New Zealand is known as the place near the bottom of the world with beautiful landscapes and our native Maori (I am seriously so proud whenever they ask something about us Maori and actually know what they are talking about). But no K-Pop idol has ever performed here before. B.A.P got the honour to be the first ever K-Pop group to hold a concert in NZ when they announced us as one of the countries on their world tour. Naturally, everybody was excited, and since it was my first concert ever (I don’t count seeing Hi-5 when I was five as my first concert) I was even more excited.

The venue they played at was the Trusts Arena, which is known to be the home court for the Mystics, one of the most well-known netball teams in NZ. The way this venue is set up is like what you would see at a netball (or basketball, if you’re not familiar enough with netball) game - there are seats around the sides, and then the actual court area (this was covered with carpet at the concert, of course).

There were three different types of tickets you could buy. They were slightly pricey, but in the end it was worth it:

  1. Silver was general admission, and this was for the back section of the court area. This is the one that I got with @madamecellaneous and @classywasabi
  2. Gold was for the seats on the sides of the court area. Their tickets were about $80 more expensive than silver, but I guess if you want a better view of the boys and don’t want to stand up for long periods of time, then that was your calling.
  3. V.I.P was around $100 more expensive that Gold but it included a CD signed by one of the members, a few other things, and the hi-touch event. They were situated right in front of the stage, so naturally they were in front of us Silver tickets.


We live about three hours south of Auckland, so my parents were kind enough to hire a car and drive us all the way up there for the day. By the time we arrived at the arena to have a look at the setup, it was around 2pm (the doors didn’t open until 6:30pm). Please note that it was pouring down with rain around this time.

We drove into the car park and around the front of the arena to take a closer look, and there were already around 50 people lined up for the V.I.P door. We were flabbergasted, because we were one of the many that didn’t think that there would be such a big turnout (but there was).

I’m certain most of them looked at our car and thought that we were actually B.A.P, but were disappointed when they found out that we weren’t XD. @classywasabi also freaked out a little too much seeing a member of the staff.

We went away to the mall for a few hours, where we met up with some other friends that were attending the concert and killed some time, so when we arrived back at the Trusts Arena, it was about 6:15pm.

The lines for Gold and Silver were almost running onto the road, and the V.I.P line was packed to the max.

Everybody got handed one of these banners by one of the admins of the B.A.P NZ Facebook page (credit to them for the photo above and the awesome banners), and a group of boys were going around with their father selling little light sticks and a packet of stickers for $20, with this light stick having a particular member’s name on it. @madamecellaneous bought one which had Youngjae’s name on it, but I got to hold it throughout most of the concert because her bias is Jongup and mine is Youngjae.

When we finally got inside, you could go to the bathroom, buy food and drinks, pick up pre-ordered merchandise (there wasn’t any official merchandise sold at the arena because of this) or head straight into the venue. Security was pretty light - they just had to check your bag quickly, make sure you were in the right line, make sure your water bottle was empty etc. - but it was pretty understandable why they have to do all of these precautions.

I also got stuck holding the bathroom door open for a good two to three minutes whilst waiting for my friends to go toilet. Thankfully someone offered to take that over, otherwise my arm would’ve been dead.


I unfortunately only took footage of the ending VCR because we weren’t actually meant to take videos in there (most people did anyway), but @madamecellaneous took a few. Not too sure if she’ll upload them here, though.

As everyone thought, it wasn’t a sold-out concert. There was still a bit of space behind us, and only about half of the Gold seats were filled up, but the turn-out was absolutely incredible. There had to be at least 500-600 people there, at the minimum (and the setup was only intended to hold around 1000 people anyway).

I won’t write about all the songs, since I don’t remember them all right now, but I will write about the ones that stuck in my head.

Warrior: The first song they performed and holy crap that is fascinating to watch live, because it’s such an intense experience. The lights, the vocals, the choreography. It felt like I was going to heaven.

1004 (Angel): I’m certain almost half of the people almost had a heart attack when this song started playing, and it was by far one of the loudest fan chants of the night. Once again, everything was on point.

Feels So Good: I’ll be honest, there were a few people there that weren’t too familiar with B.A.P, but once they heard this song, everyone started singing and jumping and the atmosphere was beautiful.

Carnival: Felt like an actual carnival. There were no games or circus acts or anything like that, but man, once that chorus came on…everyone was jumping for joy and screaming along.

Jongup’s Solo Stage: Boy can he sing! I don’t remember what song he sang, but everything was on point. It was the perfect mix of sexiness and passion. I can’t even.

Youngjae’s Solo Stage: I’m not a huge RnB fan, so I hadn’t heard the song that he sang before (I have a feeling it was called Slow Motion though). How dare this man be that sexy. He even had a choker. It was unacceptable. I had heart eyes during the entire song.

Zelo’s Solo Stage: He danced to “I Can’t Feel My Face”, “Goin’ Down For Real” and “Pillow Talk” (I will never forget @madamecellaneous when that last song came on. She wasn’t ready for it). Maknae went shirtless and grinded on the floor. This was also unacceptable. This was the highlight for one of my other friends, also. She won’t stop talking about it XD.

One Shot: This was the one song I was the most excited for, and I was not disappointed. Zelo’s little head spin thing that he does during his rap almost made my legs give out beneath me.

No Mercy: They performed this about three times, and each time was better than the last. Everyone was screaming so loudly, I’m certain I was caught on many people’s videos trying to sing along with Daehyun.

Bang X2: Another song they performed about three times, and each time was better than the last. This was definitely the head banging song, and the song with the most strobe lights. Totally worth it.

Excuse Me: Another song they performed about three times, and each time was better than the last. I’m certain this is the song that Himchan was most excited for, too.

Hurricane and Badman Remix: Everyone was in a club during this time, that remix was on point. I was too fascinated with Badman (it’s my favourite B.A.P song) to actually jump around like everyone else, but Hurricane was club heaven.

With You: Daehyun got us to sing along to the Forever With You part of the song before the song actually began, and it was the loudest we were throughout the entire song. Most of us were just very mesmerized at it.

Young, Wild & Free: They performed this song about twice, and the first time everyone was too excited about the encore to realise that it was this song XD. Thankfully they played it a second time, and everyone’s voices were dead by the end of it.

Be Happy: On the ride to Auckland, my dad played this song so loud we all went deaf for a moment (he, himself, is practically deaf in one ear) and hoped that we remembered him when it came on in the concert. We did. Didn’t ruin the song though. It was one of my favourites. The VCR was too cute.

Since it was the final concert of their tour, they did about three to five encore performances, and everybody was still hyped about every single one of them. Even when they bowed to say goodnight, they came back out again and performed even more. There was a lot of water during these parts.

Now onto the members themselves. Cameras do not do them justice they are such visuals:

Yongguk suits black hair so much. Because I was a short person stuck behind tall people, he was one of the members that I saw the most through the gaps of other people’s heads. He was the most quiet member during the concert, but I’m sure that’s just his nature. I don’t see him talk that much.

Himchan was the member that I saw the most of (the first half of the concert for me was a giant Himchan fancam) and there is a reason why he is the visual of the group. I fell for him hard during the concert, but like Yongguk, he was one of the most quiet members.

Daehyun was so vocal, both in singing and talking. I’m not too sure if I enjoy the blonde hair he has now, but keep that style because the style of his hair was perfection. He was very extra. So extra. He also did a long note for about ten seconds, did this twice, and one of the other members was trying to distract him.

Youngjae is my bias for a reason. He absolutely slayed this concert. Like Daehyun, he was so extra with everything. He loved pointing out the male fans in the audience (the male-to-female ratio was around 3:1). My favourite line of the night came from him though. “You guys are my favourite crowd, but don’t put this on SNS because otherwise other crowds might get jealous”. Well, it’s done now, Yoo Youngjae. He was another member I saw a lot of during the concert, with most of that time being him pouring water on the V.I.P fans.

Jongup was someone that I saw the least during the concert, but thankfully his solo stage and their little talking parts made up for that. He was so happy, especially when he got the chance to speak in Korean to us. Like, the boy never lost his smile. It is sunshine.

Zelo is a walking piece of art. I saw a lot of him during the concert, and if he ain’t your bias or bias wrecker after attending a B.A.P concert, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you XD. He was definitely the member that got the most cheers (the only ones rivalling him were Daehyun and Jongup), and everyone knows why. That damn solo stage.

Most of us fans there don’t look like we would be into K-Pop. There were so many people there from so many different races and from so many different age groups, and I was impressed. I only saw about one dad that had been dragged along because his daughter wanted to go, and a few boyfriends that had been dragged along also. But everyone was having so much fun, it was worth it. My favourite of the fans was a group of about ten that were near me, who loved to scream, “We love you Youngjae!”. My heart felt touched by them.

There was also a chick with light-up shoes, and another with a Suga jersey tied around her waist.

I wanted to steal both of these.


It was raining, but the atmosphere was still there. Most of us couldn’t believe that we had actually gone to a B.A.P concert (to this very moment I still can’t believe it).

On the ride back to our hometown, we were still hyped up about it. We were hyped up so much that we ended up running out of energy and falling asleep, and when we woke up, our voices were almost gone.


Live on Earth was the greatest experience of my life so far. Everything about it was perfect (although I wish that I was taller so that I could see the stage in its entire glory). It’s a serious recommend for everyone. Not just Babyz or K-Pop fans, but everybody that enjoys having fun or just great music in general. I would do it all again if I had that chance, and I hope that after B.A.P’s experience, that more K-Pop acts can come to NZ shores and perform for us.

If Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, David Bowie or myself were auditioning for American Idol, we wouldn’t get past the first audition, because that’s not what they’re looking for. They’re looking for the next guy that 10 years from now, is going to be a singer on a cruise ship … That’s really what their career is going to be, because there is no creativity in it.
—  Alice Cooper, commenting on reality TV shows like Idol and X Factor