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i’m sorry i couldn’t help myself

protip for if you’re trying to do an assignment/study and are getting tired

grab your phone and your headphones and put on the catchiest pop song you have on hand, and make sure the volume is high but not enough to hurt

(my go to song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, but it’s up to you) 

and then dance around your room/the living room/wherever you might be working for one to two durations of aforementioned catchy pop song

I’m talking like, dancing like no one is watching (hopefully, no one is), going, just jamming out however you like to this fucking catchy song

seriously, you will feel so much better, not just more energised but also probably happier 

mauvette  asked:

I know you like bees but it really isn't fun when an actual bumblebee comes flying into your room and makes a couple of rounds before (THANKFULLY) finding its way out through the window again. It was large, Nat. Very very very very very, large.

This large?

Lauren Ober listens to a lot of podcasts.

Ober is the host of The Big Listen, a broadcast about podcasts, you see. Her job is to listen to, and recommend, tons and tons of podcasts.

We — Glen Weldon and Linda Holmes — at NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, also listen to a lot of podcasts. Not on an Ober-esque order of magnitude, admittedly, but we have plenty of favorites.

Ober recently joined us on Pop Culture Happy Hour to talk about our favorite episodes of non-NPR podcasts that came out this year. Click the audio link above to hear our conversation. (Pop Culture Happy Hour is usually hosted by Linda, but for this episode, regular panelist Stephen Thompson took over the host chair.)

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Podcast Episodes Of 2016

Illustration: Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR


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Whoot, it’s time for #FridayReads!  I’m finally digging into Max Gladstone’s Craft series – it’s long overdue for me.

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer has Joseph Mitchell’s classic Up in the Old Hotel.

Boss Lady Ellen is reading Sheryl Sandberg’s latest.

Critic Annalisa Quinn is prepping her review of The Devil and Webster – check this space next week!

And Pop Culture Happy Hour producer Jessica Reedy is reading John Darnielle’s sad, surreal Universal Harvester.

How about you?

– Petra

Because I feel this needs to be said

If you’re able to contact spirits, spirits of the dead in particular, you’re not required to help them. You’re not required to pass on messages and you’re not required to help them move on. You’re also not required to help physical people contact their deceased loved ones or spirit guides or gods. If you want to great, but please please please make sure you know what you’re doing and what you’re getting into because not all spirits are friendly. But just because you can talk to them doesn’t mean that you’ve been chosen and that you have no choice.

And if you do choice to act as a medium you have ever right to pick and choice who you help and when you help them. You’re allowed to not allow strange spirits into your home or tell them they’re not allowed to show up at all hours of the day and night. It drives me crazy when I see mediums on tv who have spirits that pop up at all hours of the day and the medium feels they have to act on it right then and say things like “when spirit calls I have to act”. You’re allowed to say no, to spirits and to physical people.