pop goes the evil


So I watched Descendants 2 (yeah I know it’s a “kids movie” but I loved it, 10/10 would recommend) back to the point. Mal, the main character is my pop culture goddess. She goes from being a evil badass fairy, to being a princess, back to a evil badass fairy, then to a badass fairy queen WHO CAN TURN INTO A FUCKING DRAGON. So I’m in love with Mal and I’m probably gonna start doing dragon magick

luke’s fav is problematic: yavin 4
  • has active volcanoes that children climb into for rocks
  • the trees are sentient and also jedi (yes.)
  • the trees have totally killed a guy
  • populated with invisible snakes
  • and something called The Night Beast
  • also populated with sith corpses inside of various sarcophagi
  • which spring up with evil spirits like the worst version of pop goes the weasel
  • the spirits regularly possess children
  • has a guy named qorl who lives out of a ruined TIE fighter and kidnaps children (aka worst hagrid)
  • has a golden globe that only exists to hold the captured souls of children
  • houses several temples where the sith conducted ritualistic sacrifice
  • luke skywalker’s immediate choice for hosting jedi hogwarts

I’m not a writer but I do have a Pokemon AU for today’s Crossover theme, So I will be writing out some basic ideas I have for it in a sorta coherent way.
Also here’s some pictures I took a little time to make for you guys.

-Saitama is from Kanto and is from Fuchsia City
-He starts off his Pokemon journey at age 12 like all other kids however he didn’t battle any of the gym leaders or try to become Champion.
-He trains his Pokemon very intensely as you can but never abused or made them do things that would harm them or push them beyond their limits.
-Because he treated and trained his Pokemon so well they eventually surpassed whatever limits they had on themselves.
-They fight Team Rocket and take Giovanni down quickly and anticlimactically.
-Rumors starts surfacing about his team and their power and it slowly reaches to the League who doubt him and denounce him as a liar because he never challenged them and followed the Leagues rules. the only people who know his true power are the Champion, King and Fubuki the Ice type Elite 4 member.
-Since people outcasted him and no one was a real challenge he decided to climb and train in the toughest area in Kanto, the peak of Mt Silver.
-He is currently 19 years old on top of Mt. Silver bored and just reads manga in his cave.
-It’s rumored he only goes down when evil organizations pop up in other regions.

Saitama’s Pokemon Team:
Slacking: He found it in Hoenn as a during the reign of Team Magma and Team Aqua and he immediately loved it and took it along.
Blissey: He found an egg during one of his battles against Team Rocket in Johto and it hatched into a Happiney. (Also egg)
Absol: When he was in Hoenn an Absol suddenly appeared in front of him and followed him. When he asked the people why that might be they told him about the bad omen Absol brings with him. Saitama understood what that feels like an let Absol follow him for the rest of the journey until he decided to take him home.
Shuckle: Just look at it!
Eevee: His starter Pokémon and closest companion.

-Genos is from Nimbasa City in Unova.
-Right before he could have started his Pokemon Journey a rouge Experimented Pokemon (Genesect) escaped from Team Plasma’s clutches and destroyed part of the town killing his family and almost him. When a Scientist found Genos who begged him to turn him into an experiment himself. The man tried I tell him he was only trained on experimenting Pokemon, Genos didn’t care. He was transformed into a cyborg and went off on a journey to find the rouge Pokemon and destroy it.
-He started off by destroying Team Plasma’s base with no mercy.
-He trained his Pokemon as best as he could but they were too rowdy and rarely paid attention to him and usually fainted in battle.
-He went region to region searching for the Pokemon while on the way helping Unova, Sinnoh, and Kalos from their own problems.
-He ends up in Kanto when he’s attacked by a woman with bug and poison types who is taking the blood from local Pokemon.
-When Genos’ team faint and he’s left with no choice but to self-destruct a random trainer comes by and stops the Woman and saves Genos and his team.
-Genos is 15 at this time.
-Not as fully cyborg as Real!Genos, doesn’t have as many weapons if any and is simply a metal body to survive. he does however has the ability to record and look things up and his strength and resistance to nature.

Genos Pokemon Team:
Luxray: He found a Shinx when he was in Sinnoh and it followed him around.  
Metagross: I mean come on.
Porygon Z: Look at Metagross.
Bisharp: Ready to protect and defend like Genos.
Emboar: Starter Pokémon that was already assigned to him before the attack, he went back for it and is the most hotheaded of all his Pokemon. (needed to represent Genos’ firepower)
Lucario: Edge.

-Genos begs the trainer to be his teacher. To which the trainer refuses and goes back to Mt. Silver.
-Genos follows him there and Saitama is surprised he actually came.
-Saitama only lets him stay to hear him out and when he is about to tell Genos to leave when Genos sense a Pokemon heading this way and it’s Articuno.
-They beat it and Saitama lets Genos stay for a while.
-Over time they end up living together in he cave.
-Saitama is taught about the League rules and why he isn’t recognized as a powerful trainer.
-Genos officially becomes Saitama’s student.
-idk plot and years go by.
-Gay shit.

The end.