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Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

(A/N: This one is a bit longer than usual but I hope you enjoy this extra dose of Jamie! Hope you enjoy!)  

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

“Hey babe,” You heard Jamie’s voice say from behind you before you felt a hand rubbing your side, “How are you feeling?”

You let out an inaudible groan as you moved your head to look back at him so that you could actually see him and not have you voice muffled by the obscene amount of pillows that your face was buried in.

“I’ll take that as a not very good,” He chuckled, before repositioning himself, so he was lying next to your sprawled mess of a body.

“I hate being sick, hotstuff,” You whined sickly, coughing for good measure and reaching up to grab his face, “I can’t do anything, I feel awful and I can’t even remember what day it is,”

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anonymous asked:

You dislike colons, the punctuation, and possibly, colon, the large intestine.

u got damn right. every time i see a list i boil with rage. every time i remember bowel movements exist i curse god himself for creating the world this way. he put me here just to suffer this multiple colon life

i was just talking to my 90 y/o grandpa and he was telling me how much he loves dogs and how he counts them on the way to work and if he sees more than 4 its a good day. and that was super cute so i told him about how im volunteering at two of the nearby animal shelters and how they’re full of pittbulls and i just want to give them all a home and he just cuts me off and says “i have no need for pittbulls. they need to be eliminated.” like thanks for ruining the moment with your dreams of doggie genocide, pops