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—[n. the act of loving in return.]

namjoon ∞ reader 

genre: fluff. soulmates that feel each other’s pain au.  

‘I just banged my knee on that table over there and you hissed in pain, dude I think we’re soulmates’ 

word count: 2.7K

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Taehyung scoots forward, chair scraping shrilly against the floor to take a closer look at the purpling bruise on your forehead you woke up with this morning. You don’t remember bumping into anything, but you’re greeted with the large discoloured blotch just above your eyebrow the first thing you look into the mirror after washing up, much to your confusion. The chestnut-haired boy’s eyes grow rounder, more curious as they take in the bruise, a hand coming up to hover in front of your face and—

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Abomination Pt 3

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,154

Warnings: Almost Drowning, Language

   I ran inside and into Gerard’s office after unlocking his door. Riffling through every drawer I could find, my fingers skimmed over every paper, under every file, and in every locked drawer. I groaned as I pulled out my phone to text Allison.

Nothing here.

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His fingers bleed.

He picks and picks and scratches at the dry skin of his porcelain hand, his chipped nails scraping halfheartedly at the flecks that fall to the ground like snow.

Akutagawa has never thought much on self-care - it’s a pesky little thing, made for those who didn’t stain their hands crimson every night, made for those who had real homes and parents who tucked them in bed at night as a child.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write an aftg fic where Neil runs after the FBI was done with him and Andrew has to get him back?

You bet your bippy I can, thanks for the prompt :))

He should’ve recognized the look on his face right away. He should’ve seen his eyes darting, frantic, and then shuttering, something slithering back under an imperfect surface.

Neil’s never been as good a liar as he thinks he is. Or maybe it’s just that Andrew can read untruths, can read him — with his white knuckled grip on a duffel bag, his mechanical voice and his dying star eyes.

Andrew thought he had enough pull on him to be a blockade, thought he was abrasive enough, careful enough. Thought he could stop Neil like a spike strip, popping his tires, deflating the fight out of him.

But the fact is; Neil didn’t run away from them, he ran away for them. Every case Andrew tried to make, every tug to bring them together, only strengthened his resolve.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I see requests are temporarily open! Your writing is so good! May I have an imagine will junkrat having a son and growing up to be rebellious and everything and not listening to him nor his s/o (can u also put in the detail that his son looks like his s/o more?) thank you so much !💛

~I didn’t know if you meant Imagine as in head canon or drabble so I just started writing and here we are 1k+ words later. Hope you enjoy it!!

The doorbell rang and Junkrat sighed. Roadhog wasn’t supposed to be back in town for a few days so it could be anyone. A small part of his brain leaped to the idea of the police finally catching up to him for his past crimes but he pushed the thought down. Those days were behind him. They had been for years. 

“I’ll get it, love,” he called to you when he heard the sink water turn off. Opening the door, Junkrat froze. “Junior?” 

Junkrat hadn’t seen your son in years. Looking at his face, the years suddenly felt longer. He still looked like you, always had, but those features were more worn now with age. If Junkrat hadn’t felt pain in his joint and age settling into his bones before he opened the door, he felt it now. 

“Hey pops,” Junior said. 

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anonymous asked:

write about a city killing you

this city, my city, has always welcomed me home after i’ve traveled long & weary days to fight myself, reinvent myself // the city sleeps in harmony while i bash my own skull in before i return home, to be just like them //

one night she invites me to family dinner, oh so lovely, the smell of burnt fleshy chicken & overcooked potatoes // they try, oh they try, but i still eat it anyway as to not be rude // but they have a different plan in mind //

wait till i overstuff my little belly & drag me by my ankles to the pole outside in Town Square // i squeal like the pig i am as they hoist me up like a pride flag // doorbells ring as each & every one of them come out to play //

why was i chosen? i will never know the answer // their tiny daggers pelt my skin, little blood droplets kiss the pavement below // i can’t cry, i can’t show weakness // “you will never be like us! you will never survive!” //

i feel woozy & sick to my stomach // the pins & needles sensation takes over my body as a prick to the stomach pops my body & i deflate into nothing // the lights slowly dim over my eyes & i haven’t the chance to kiss her goodbye //

nessiethefeministseagoddess  asked:

So I was just thinking, since I don't live near the ocean, I was curious about maybe some daily rituals or anointing oils I could use to keep my energy with the ocean strong? Thanks :)

Right off the bat I’ll let you know that as there is no one way to practice witchcraft, there is certainly no one way to practice sea witchcraft.  Most of us sea witches are solitary and our craft is shaped by our individual connections to the sea and what works best for us.  Most of these are things I feel work best for me personally, but some are things that don’t for one reason or another, but I feel they should be included here in case they could work out for you.  So feel free to test and tweak until you find what fits you best!

I’m fortunate enough to live only about an hour from the nearest beach, and to have friends who live only a few minutes from the beach, but I know there are witches like yourself who don’t and still feel that call of the ocean.  So here are some things you could do that I think would be helpful.

Creating Your Sea Water:

Rain, Moon, Salt

Rain:  One of the wonderful things about sea witchcraft is that you have the chance to include other types of magic to enhance your craft.  One of those types is storm magic.  Storms are wild, untameable, and beautiful just like the sea. Sailors and fishermen did and still do pay as much attention to the condition of the skies as they do the sea.  And there are few things as simultaneously awe-inspiring and terrifying as a storm upon the sea.  And obviously the winds of storms affect the sea’s surface.  So it’s no surprise that storm and sea magic often intersect. This is why you can find sea witches who are also storm witches/incorporate storm magic. Rain from a storm (and there are different kinds such as torrential downpours, thunderstorms, storms with high winds etc), holds a ton of power and energy and is great to use if you need to mix up some sea water. I also highly encourage you to reach out to some practicing storm witches and talk with them since I’m not an expert in that craft despite having used storm magic in my sea witchery.

Moon:  Many, many witches incorporate the moon some way into their craft.  Some celebrate Esbats, some merely charge their tools in the moon’s light.  I personally do both.  As a sea witch, the moon plays a great role in my craft.  The moon (and sun), after all, affects the tides.  The different phases of the moon bring different energies and work best for different types of magic and rituals.  I encourage you to look into moon phase correspondence (because listing them all here would make this post way too long) and become familiar with what each can bring. For the purpose here, though, I prefer to use the full moon. Also check out a chart for this year’s full moon dates.

Salt: I always shy away from making sweeping generalizations, but I think it may be safe to say that most if not all witches have used salt in their craft.  I could go into all the uses for salt, but again this already long post (and we haven’t even really gotten into it yet lol) would become even longer.  So for our purpose here, we will be using sea salt. 

Bringing It All Together:

So, for the sea witch who can’t make it to the ocean very often, these things combined are a great alternative.

  • The next time it storms, put an open jar that has a lid outside if you can (I understand that doing this could potentially raise some eyebrows or questions from those around witches who are in the broom closet). If you can’t get storm or rain water for whatever reason, fresh water from any nearby creeks, streams, or lakes is fine, and if you can’t get that, bottled spring water is sufficient, too. Just avoid tap water.
  • Collect as much of the storm water as you can/need.  When you have enough, either add some sea salt (which can easily be found at your local grocery) to the whole thing, or pour some water into a bowl and then add the sea salt if you prefer to keep some of your storm water unsalted in case you want to use it for something else.
  • Then when you have a night where the full moon is out and visible (fun fact: the true full moon lasts only a few seconds to a minute, but maintains its full appearance for three days: the night before, the night of, and the night after the true full moon), place your saltwater in the light of the moon and let it charge up for a few hours (some witches like to leave it the moonlight all night, but I personally like to move it before I fall asleep for the night and the sun hits it). You can do this outside or on a windowsill where the moonlight is shining through. 
  • To add some extra sea magic to your water, you can bless it.  It doesn’t have to be long and poetic, it can just be something small and simple as asking the ocean to lend its energy to your water and thanking it as you envision the sight, smell, sound, taste, and feeling of the ocean.  Playing some ocean sounds and lighting a candle with a scent that reminds you of the ocean is a great way to help you do this.  If you work with a sea deity, you can ask her or him in place of the ocean itself.  I personally often refer to the sea as Mother Ocean when speaking directly to and asking for blessings in recognition that all life came from the sea. Do what feels right to you!


I can’t give you too much advice on oils at present, especially making them. Oil infusions, from what I have seen so far, are the forte of many kitchen witches and herbalists and I am only a beginner on that front. So just as I encouraged you to talk to some experienced storm witches, the same goes for kitchen witches and herbalists. And sea witches who have some experience with oil infusions. In fact, talk to many different types of witches! You’ll learn so much and you never know what you’ll discover that you may want to include in your craft.

You can also anoint yourself with your blessed seawater that you made.  Ask for the sea’s blessings and guidance during the day as you do. Express your thanks.  You can also mix it with well-crushed seashells, sand, and/or seaweed if you can get it.  Different types of dried seaweed can be easily found at Asian food markets. 


I would like to direct you to saltwater-phoenix’s post on Sinking as a step before engaging rituals.  Sinking is like Grounding, but here we are aligning ourselves with the ocean’s energy rather than the Earth’s.  Read up on that and try it out and see how it works for you.  For most of my workings, I personally combine Sinking with Grounding.  I like to imagine myself like a piece of sea kelp, firmly rooted at the ocean’s floor, but growing upwards and being moved by the ocean’s currents.  Stable, but still fluid.  Depending on what type of magic or ritual I’m doing, I switch between Sinking and the hybrid because for me they each put me in a different type of spiritual space. Know that Sinking, Grounding, and anything like it is not necessary.  Not all witches do it and you should only do it if you feel it helps you. 

  • Something simple to do is to combine your anointing with meditation for a ritual.  Ask for your blessings from the sea, express your love and thanks and anything else you wish to express, then meditate, envisioning the ocean with all your senses.  Depending on your mood or what you wish to accomplish that day, you can imagine the sea’s different aspects and colors–its serenity and gentleness; its ferocity and power; its beauty and sun or moonlit surface; its mystery and deep, dark depths; it’s vastness, open and empty yet so full and brimming with diverse life.  Tropical turquoise and sapphires, deep dark blues and greens, icy steel grays and slates.  Resolve to embody it during your day.
  • You can also take a ritual bath.  Sprinkle some sea salt that you have blessed with ocean energy into your bath.  Light some of those candles that remind you of the sea and play some ocean sounds.  Relax and envision the sea as you let yourself sink into the water and it washes over your skin.  You can meditate if you like, but I warn against this because meditation and warm water together can lead to you falling asleep which is definitely not safe while you are alone in a tub full of water. You can also sink your head beneath the water and hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable and imagine your are beneath ocean waves.  I will emphasize again to only hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable.  You can always come up for air and go back down again. I promise it won’t break your immersion. After all, we can’t stay underwater in the ocean very long either without the help of things like scuba and snorkel gear no matter how much we want lol

And don’t forget that magic is all around us and within us and doesn’t always require altars and tools.  Some of the greatest ways to express your love and strengthen your connection to the sea can be done through the mundane: 

  • Recycling so plastic bottles don’t end up floating in the ocean.
  • Cut the plastic soda can nets so they don’t end up around the mouths of sea creatures.
  • If you have a party with balloons, pop or deflate the balloons and put them in the trash–don’t just cut their strings and let them float away.  Once they’ve been carried away in the air and eventually pop, they could end up in the ocean and sea turtles often mistake them for the bodies of jellyfish and eat them and the balloon wreaks havoc on their digestive system, killing them. 
  • The next time you get to visit a beach, clean up any trash that you find and dispose of it properly.  You could also give an offering to the sea as long as it is not harmful–such as a beautiful shell or two that you find while beachcombing. 
  • Visit an aquarium and spend time just meditating on and watching the amazing creatures that live in the ocean.
  • Read up, watch documentaries, and educate yourself on as much about the ocean as you can.  
  • Share these tips and knowledge with your friends and family to help widen the conservation effort. The health of our oceans is incredibly important.
  • If you eat seafood, you can quietly or mentally thank the ocean or a sea deity if you work with one for providing this sustenance and/or you can also thank and express appreciation to the sea creature you are about to eat since its life was taken to feed you. 

Book of Tides

I would also suggest starting a Book of Tides. I have one in addition to my Book of Shadows and it is strictly for my sea witchcraft. You can put anything you like in it relating to your craft.  Some suggestions would be rituals or spells you learn or come up with, why you feel the sea witch’s path is right for you, any musings you have about your craft, your experiences as you grow in your craft, what ended up working for you and what didn’t and why, any helpful information that you find that you want to study and don’t want to forget.  Honestly, anything related to your sea witchcraft.  Don’t break the bank on a fancy leatherbound journal if you can’t afford it.  A simple spiral notebook is fine and you can decorate it with ocean themed stickers and such if you like.  Binders are great, too since you can easily add, take away, and rearrange.  But really, don’t worry about whether or not everything is out of order and disorganized or if some thoughts and beliefs you once held true change down the line–this book is for you and you alone and to help you on your journey.  You may end up with many as you fill up volumes over time so don’t sweat it.

You can also bless your Book of Tides before you first start using it if you like.  I did one for my new one a few days ago during the full moon. 

I hope this helps you! I wanted to go into more detail, but this post is already super long.  I’m sorry for any typos or anything I forgot. Feel free to ask any further questions if you have them. My ask box is always open to new and seasoned witches alike c:

-Majora Moon

Reasons to love a Disneyland Balloon

  1. They are pure magic
  2. They keep kids entertained while waiting for things like parades.
  3. They replace them if something goes wrong with your balloon. Not many places will replace your balloon for free if it deflates, etc. But Disney will. It doesn’t matter if it is Day 1 or Day 5, if it deflates or pops during your vacation, simply take it to any balloon vendor and they will replace it for FREE!
  4. They are great at identifying your stroller. I thought we had a pretty unique stroller, until we went to Disney… Tying a balloon to your stroller helps it stand out in the stroller parking so you can find yours much easier.
  5. It makes it easier to spot others in your party. If it is crowded, and you separate, say to send Dad for fastpasses while you walk around Main Street, Dad can find you a lot easier if he can look for a specific Mickey colored Balloon in the air.
  6. They are filled with magic helium. Seriously! If you are able to bring it home, these things will be floating for weeks, maybe even months after your trip.

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Karasuno played a game of keep the balloon in the air as a form of training. Tsukki ends up popping it on purpose with plausible deniability after Noya and Tanaka name it and start talking about bringing it to matches as the team mascot.

Imagine that Noya and Tanaka affectionately call it “Balloon-san” and start treating it like a person, so when Tsukishima “accidentally” pops the deflated, wrinkly balloon, they scold him for treating a senior citizen so roughly.

The one.

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone, it would be this. Everyone is going to meet the one, whether you are 14 or 60, you are going to cross paths with the most amazing person you’ve ever met in your life. We all have someone that was made for us, I promise we all do. You’re gonna meet a person thar can make you the happiest you’ve ever been, and the saddest you’ll ever be. Someone that you can sit next to on a long car ride and never turn the radio on because you’d rather spend hours talking to them. Someone that makes you mad at the sun for going down because you never want the day with them to end. Someone that you think about in the closing moments before you fall asleep, then you dream about them, only to wake up and think about them the second your eyes open. This person is the one, and let me tell you, nothing on this planet will ever make you happier than laying on a couch holding each other, until you both fall asleep. Some people spend their whole lives with the one, but some let the one get away. DO NOT let the one get away, because you will wake up every day, realizing how pointless life is without them. You will think about what you did that caused you to lose them, and you will regret it every moment your broken heart is beating. When you think about your memories together you will smile, and you will get a momentary high, for those few moments you drift out of the world and into your thoughts, for those few moments you are happy. Then you will come back to reality, and instantly feel like a balloon that has just been popped, you’re instantly deflated. Please people, don’t let that person get away. Life can be good, but when you experience life with this person, and how great it is, life without them will feel terrible. Losing someone you love is the hardest thing anyone will ever experience. So if there’s anyone you can do so that the one that got away, doesn’t get away, please do so. You do not want to feel like this, your heart is beating, but you feel dead. Falling in love is a wonderful thing, don’t let anyone tell you different.

anonymous asked:

ooo yay! i love your writing!! can i request 134. ”They don’t like dogs. It wasn’t going to work out.” with winteriron?

No-powers AU, making this up as I go, la-di-da.


“He’s here?” Bucky whispered quickly, almost sliding across the floor, fingers digging into the countertop.

Nat raised her eyebrow at him, blew a large bubble of gum, let it pop and slowly deflate, chewed it back into her mouth, and then said, “Yard two.”

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Summary: Korra finally gets around to answering some letters. Makorra. Sort of (kind of) filling elementalavatars request. not really but pretend i did
Word count: 3500
A/N: time is a goddamn luxury


…. most of my time trying to find apartments for my aunts and uncles. They all need to find jobs too, because obviously they can’t go back to Ba Sing Se, but Bolin thinks he can get work for them on mover sets. Nuktuk, hero of the South, saving the day again. I have to run but I’ll write again soon. Take it easy on yourself. – Mako

In the morning, Korra wakes up, throws the sheets back, and begins the long ordeal of getting out of bed: first, massaging the stiffness from her legs, the numb ache that clenches her thighs during the night. The lack of use (of strength) is wearing down on them, the lines of her muscles slackening into softer, weaker shapes. Once there’s feeling in her legs again, Korra reaches for the wheelchair by the bed. The arm rests are warped, parts of them bent out of shape; when her hands are not enough to pull it forward, she grits her teeth and metalbends, working more than Kya thinks she should (but the effort alone feels good, Korra thinks, even if it leaves her breathless.)

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Hook, Line, and Sinker (Narry)

Summary: Harry is a lifeguard who can’t swim and Niall is a merman with abandonment issues. (Mermaid!au, 12K, side Lilo)

A/N: Based off  this offensively adorable picture from Beeegoood. It started getting cliché near the middle so naturally I made fun of it being cliché.


 It’s eight in the morning, few people wandering the beach and Harry’s first day as a Lifeguard on duty -alone and without one of the more experienced guards to help him along- and Harry’s absolutely terrified sitting up on a lawn chair settled on the tower because he had no idea that when he signed up to be a lifeguard he’d have to guard people’s lives, the potential threat that he might actually have to breach the water and save someone. His flotation devices -floaties- can barely support his weight, if a thrashing, frantic child clings to him they’d both go down and Harry’s a walking hazard waiting to happen.

It’s only for a summer -an incredibly long drawn out summer while his friends were gone fucking off all around Europe- and he figured they wouldn’t leave him alone without a partner, then again he also expected a swimming test to be involved somewhere through the process of getting hired and that never came, so he’s basically paralyzed in his seat, half tempted to sound the alarm and start yelling shark, but he needs this job and there’s probably a hidden rule against that somewhere so he stays in his seat wishing that no one gets a stomach cramp or decides to get swept away by the current.

 A kid splashes along the shoreline and Harry tenses in his seat, gripping the armrests tight enough his knuckles turn an unhealthy shade of white. He’s called away by his mother and Harry relaxes, his palms indented from the chair -he doesn’t know if he can survive another seven hours of this not without straining a muscle or popping a blood vessel.

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