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The only Naruto I've watched was when my friend showed me some episodes. I've seen enough to get some jokes and recognize a few characters. And whenever I see shit about Sasuke being attractive to ppl I reaally question them bc why the FUCK do u want broody emo boy?? He's a dick and I would kick his ass if he was a living breathing person.

my 600 page character analysis of sasuke uchiha and his impact on pop culure will likely make you change your mind but in the meantime please show some respect and don’t sasuke shame me

“I full on Swayze-d that mother...” - The Ghost of Dean’s True Identity

2x01 “In My Time of Dying”, 5x04 “The End”, 7x06 “Slash Fiction”, 11x04 “Baby” - What do all these episodes have in common? Aside from the obvious that they all are Supernatural episodes and feature the main characters obviously. The title gave it away, didn’t it? But yes, they all feature one thing: “Swayze”. Or rather moments that feature lines relating to movies Patrick Swayze was in or him in general.

While on the surface all these instances may simply for the casual viewer appear to be inserted for “laughs”, Dean’s obvious love for Swayze movies reveals much more than just the fact that Dean’s very pop culure savvy. It’s yet another bit of characterization that shows who Dean truly is underneath the hardened mask and tough guy exterior he has manufactured and perfected over the years. It’s a sign of the soft core, Dean hides behind brick walls of hypermasculinity that seems to be the oxygen the hunting community breathes.

All of the episodes mentioned above show Dean in moments he’s either facing imminent death or his integrity as a person and his identity endangered or so much further twisted into the opposite of who Dean is at his core: A little boy lost, clutching his younger brother to his chest afraid to lose everything and everyone if he just lets go and loosens the grip the tiniest bit. And because he won’t take the chance for that to happen he therefore invents a persona that’s nothing like that, a persona that tries to mask these fears by becoming the opposite. Not a scared little boy, but a fearless grown up (even though not even double digits at the time); not someone afraid to end up alone, but someone who embarks on one-night-stands and celebrates the fact to “not getting attached” (which seasons later is revealed to always have been a foil, because Dean despises “the adios” and craves intimacy and connection that goes far deeper than something physical and in fact has nothing to do with sex at all). The mentions of “Swayze” in that light can be seen as moments of the true Dean shining through when everything around him collapses.

One may see Dean being a fan of Patrick Swayze in the same light as his fanboying over Dr. Sexy MD - a possible sign for Dean’s fluid sexuality, his interest in both genders. And while that’s of course a valid interpretation, I feel that limiting it down to just this oversimplifies the beautifully and sometimes tragically complex identity of one hunter that goes by the name of Dean Winchester.

In 2x01 “In My Time of Dying” Dean shares the fate with Swayze’s character from the movie “Ghost” - a story that in the end comes down to death, the (fear of) letting go and as cheesy as it may sound: “the power of love”. Both of these things are practically burnt into Dean’s bloodstream and are the key motivators for a lot of Dean’s actions. He obviously watched the movie and was able to relate. Dean, just like Swayze, doesn’t let go and in the end is delivered - though in a fairly different way than Sam Wheat was.

Given that Dean apparently was/is a huge fan of Swayze (movies) it’s not a stretch to asssume he watched “Dirty Dancing” - more than once (and I’m actualy fairly certain Dean watched “Black Swan” also because he likes dance movies and didn’t just watch it twice due to the hot “tutu on tutu-action”) - if his comment in 7x06 “Slash Fiction” about “Nobody putting baby in the corner” is any indication. Most tragic surely is - and hands down one of my personal absolute favourite music moments of the show - the scene in 5x04 “The End” in which Dean, fleeing from croats, runs into a road block and is “saved” by soldiers blasting “Do You Love Me” by The Contours (which is played in “Dirty Dancing and must evoke very different feelings to what Dean is currently confronted with) while drinking and shooting around and with that being poster childs for the death of humanity even though they are human. The way the music fades out gives the scene an even more eerie feeling, because in the end much of “The End” - just like 2x01 is also about love, death and letting go. Dean meeting himself, just a shell of who he used to be, gruff, seemingly unfeeling and tragically and scarily reminiscent of the Dean we have seen in S11 so far (and really the parallels to Endverse are endless), shows how the manufactured tough guy persona won over the true Dean, because remaining that person would have been too painful.

In 7x06 “Slash Fiction” yet again Dean’s identity and integrity as a person is at stake, because leviathans are posing as him and Sam, making them vulnerable and reflecting those parts of thems back at them, they’d rather forget about. Similarly in S11 after being freed from the mark, we find Dean sharing a connection with a Goddess that freaks him out, paralyzes him and deeply affects his free will and bodily autonomy. And yet again we have Dean mentioning Swayze like a sort of safety blanket and revelation of the person Dean is at his core even if he may have lost sight of who that person is at the moment. 11x04′s “Don’t use Swayze’s name in vain” (a nice little nod to God there btw) is 7x06′s “Swayze’s always gets a pass”. And of course the fact they stop at a “Road House” in 11x04 as such an Sam’s line about “not even Swayze going to a road house like this one” is meant as a reference to te Swayze movie “Road House” (thanks for that bit of info @sleepsintheimpala, which bit seems not just Dean, but Sam must have watched too - I bet Dean made Sam watch it, for the fight scenes of course. ;)

Patrick Swayze was most known for his roles in romance and comedy and I think certainly these two movies are the ones most people remember him from. Both of these films are commonly seen as typical chick flicks. Chick flicks that Dean supposedly doesn’t like, but continually proves to have seen and adored, because deep down hese stories resonate with him, because they connect to who and how he really is: a sensitive and complex man with a very soft and vulnerable side. One he was always afraid to show, but that ultimately just proves one thing: That Dean is much more than he lets one with much more commonly feminine associated character traits than masculine. Yes, in the end, to me especially Dean’s fanboying for Swayze shows not so much that he may bi, but that Dean’s all about love and his most beauitful weapon has always been his heart. You just have to find it again, tin man. Don’t let your string be pulled like Calliope did with the scarecrow, don’t be crippled by feat like the cowardly lion. Just embrace everything you are, your soft side, your dark side, your quirky side and your sad side, because all of those truly make you, who you are and make you the person, your brother, Castiel (and yes probably even Crowley) love.

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Honestly, I think people need to let it go. As someone who doesn't ship, all this ruckus every week because of a pairing being canon is really silly. Obviously people should criticize the manga for what it is but holding onto to silly tiny things to complain about a romance is really counterproductive . By doing that people are just hurting themselves over and over. Not saying anyone has to like it but I really think people go over the top with this.

I think you and I are very like-minded with regard to ships, anon. When I see a canonical ship, my reaction falls between, “That’s nice. Good for them. Moving on now..” to “Hooray! I love it. Moving on now…”. Becoming an activist about a ship of any kind in any franchise is a foolish waste of time in my opinion.

To be fair, I toot the horn a little bit about a few ships like Korrasami because of the social implications of the ship: a kids show portraying a romantic relationship between two bisexual women of color without fetishizing them.

“Hooray for social progress!” Not “hooray for Korra & Asami! Everyone needs to hear about it and validate my opinion that they’re a great fit for each other!”

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Seriously, I’m super stoked we have a mainstream pop-culure bisexual PoC ship in the world that doesn’t fetishize the concept of bisexuality, homosexuality, or women of color itself. WOOT! I have no beef with people who are grossed out by Korrasami. I’m just glad the ship exists.

But I digress…

For better or worse, we share Tumblr with people who take ships very, very seriously. They argue a lot. They spam ship apathetic fans like us with their flame wars. They make us miserable. They make us (and I do mean “us” because I myself have done this in the past) post comments and submit anon asks begging people to shut up about [insert shipper flame war here.] It goes without saying that shippers are making each other miserable. The shippers are here to stay. We need to find a way for them to indulge in their ships without driving each other and everyone else in the fandom crazy.

That being said, I want to point out that I made my two “we have to do better” posts in response to someone complaining about people posting hate messages about an individual character in that character’s tag. Not a ship, but an individual character. I’m not going to dignify the comments as being criticism. The post involve Sinbad “critics” in the Magi fandom posting statements like “Sinbad is worse than Hitler,” and “I hate Sinbad so much! I hope Aladdin kicks his ass!” and “I wish Sinbad stayed dead [because] I hate him! He’s so evil.” They don’t elaborate or present an argument or rationale of any kind. Something in the manga happened, they got upset, and they want everyone to know “Sinbad is worse than Hitler.” Full stop. No discussion. If you call them out or ask them why they think Sinbad is worse than Hitler in an honest attempt to have a civil conversation they say “fuck you! I don’t have to justify myself,” or “You’re not entitled to my opinion!”

That last one was a real response I got from someone reblogged one of my Magi theory posts saying “This is LITERALLY the stupidest shit I’ve ever read,” full stop. I reached out to them asking why they thought it was a stupid idea, using polite language and making it clear that I valued their opinion and wanted to know more about what they felt were weaknesses in my posts argument. Their response was literally “I’m not going to respond to this because you’re not entitled to my opinions.”

Short, negative statements like that are what I call character hate. It doesn’t belong in the #sinbad tag. The the #sinbad character tag is for people who want to find Sinbad related fan art, imagines, headcanons and engage in debates with Sinbad critics who think “Sinbad is worse than Hitler because [insert assertions that serve as the basis for your opinion here.]

Posting “Sinbad is worse than Hitler” in the #sinbad tag is the equivalent of posting a picture of dog poop in the #sinbad tag. It makes clear statement that you don’t like Sinbad, but duh, lots of people don’t like Sinbad for a wide variety of reasons. A Sinbad fan can’t argue with a picture of dog poop. The person who posted the picture of dog poop and tagged it #sinbad isn’t interested in talking about Sinbad. It just makes Sinbad fans feel bad and provides one-sided catharsis for the person who posted the picture of dog poop.

The current system gives the person posting a dog poop picture in the #sinbad tag provides no disincentive for the person posting the picture. They see Sinbad fans getting upset and feel validated. So dog poop all day every day forever in the #sinbad tag. Hooray!

Complaining about ships is counterproductive. People are hurting themselves and other fans who don’t care about ships. They are going over the top. I don’t think that’s what serious shippers or critics of specific characters want. That’s why I’m suggesting that they use a neutral tag like #SinbadDebate or #AliMorDebate. It’s something people aren’t going to look up unless they’re looking for a place to vent or feel like investing energy in a flame war.

The troublemakers aren’t going away. they have every right to express their opinions, even if the way they express them is self-harmful and self-defeating. Such is the human condition.

I think our only hope is redirecting them to a different tag so people who just wanna see some fluffy AliMor fan art or silly Sinbad memes or a Luffy fan comic can do so in peace.