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Image: Jessica Diaz-Hurtado/NPR

In the seventh century B.C., the poet Semonides of Amorgos wrote a catalog of unmanageable women – from the yapping dogs, who won’t shut up even if you knock their teeth out, to the bee, who’s industrious, devoted and, most importantly, fertile.

Now, 3,000 years later, everything is different, and nothing is different.

In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, cultural critic Anne Helen Petersen has written her own catalog of unruly women: celebrities and other cultural figures who have been called too strong, too fat, too gross, too slutty, too old, too pregnant, too shrill, too queer, too loud and too naked for uncomplicated cultural acceptance. “Each of these women is constantly igniting the line of acceptable behavior,” she writes. “You don’t know where it is until she steps over it, at which point it bursts into flames.”

‘Too Fat, Too Slutty’ Challenges Cultural Expectations Of Women        

[Seo Byung Gi’s Pop Culture Review] Meanwhile, Just Like a Marvel Movie… BTS is Flying

BTS’ Sky Dome concert was, in one word, enormous. Going from AX Hall in 2014 to Gocheok Dome in 2017, BTS’ concert have risen to a global scale and level.

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) began their world tour for their “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III in Seoul” on February 18th-19th at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome. They will continue by holding 19 concerts in 11 cities for a total of 8 countries: Chile, Brazil, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia.

BTS is the 4th singing group to perform in Gocheok Dome following EXO, PSY, and Big Bang. With their recent 2 concerts, BTS had 40,000 people in attendance.

Many reporters flock to artists’ concerts and fan meetings for content. However, it’s not easy for them to sit through a fan meeting. That’s because they’ll be hearing lots of cringeworthy words that are difficult to swallow if you’re not a fan.

On that day, after BTS performed their songs for 2 hours and 40 minutes and with their new song ‘Spring Day’ remaining, they engaged in a long talk with the audience. This was the time with their so-called fan-club named “ARMY”.

On that day, after congratulating J-Hope for celebrating his birthday and as he began to relay his thanks and other words, those words didn’t seem that cringeworthy. The reporters weren’t “ARMY”, but they were able to feel the sincerity that the group was trying to convey. Hearing them say things like, “You guys are the sky and we’re flying in that sky” and “Whenever we read your letters, we think 'So this is the kind of life they’re living’, 'So they have these kinds of sufferings’, and we’re glad that we were able to learn that. From now on, let’s grow our wings and go towards more spring days” made me realize how BTS wanted to communicate.

The concert that day was quite a sight to see. The 5 sequenced videos that were shown between stages were fantastic. While their stage was sophisticated, it also felt like a cyber world from a Marvel film.

The 7 members’ dances were cute, adorable, marvelous, and alluring. They were glowing with health, too.

BTS stages consisted of group tracks, solo tracks, 4-member tracks, and 3-member tracks, but there was still an overall feeling of balance and harmony. A big strength of BTS was that with 7-member idol groups, there’s always a chance for members to be divided into the mains and the subs, yet not of the BTS members were falling behind at all.

They displayed an even bigger strength by being able to command the flow even under such a strong atmosphere. They’re not just being trendy, but watching them run towards their goal and seeing their story of growth unfold makes you want to cheer them now. We want to examine how they overcome their 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ from school and the temptations of youth.

Both the beautiful Jungkook (Begin) and his appealing stage and the pink-haired Jimin (Lie) with his blindfolded performance showed that their stages were no easy feats. Suga showed his charms with 'First Love’ through his rebellious yet sorrowful rapping.

Rap Monster’s 'Reflection’, the soul-captivating V’s 'Stigma’, and J-Hope’s 'MAMA'—who projected childhood photos of himself—all showed emotional performances.

In the handsome Jin’s solo track for 'Awake’, a string sound was presented in both the intro and outro. From this performance, you can feel that Jin is good at singing ballads. The lyrics were concretely conveyed.

Regarding reactions that the music video for the new track 'Spring Day’ reminded some of the Sewol tragedy, Rap Monster stated that he’d “leave that up for interpretation to those who watch and admire the video”, also adding that “we have given donations to services that support those affected by the Sewol tragedy and to families of the deceased”.

Although all idol groups grow, I could especially feel BTS’ evolution and identity through their performance that day. They don’t have just intensity. When J-Hope sang 'MAMA’ and when Jin sang 'Awake’, the lyrical and emotional feelings come straight to life.

They effectively combine strength and smoothness, aiming straight forward but also straying, rationality and emotions. That is how they removed the feeling of them being machine-like idols.

All in all, BTS’s strength to push their music along is slowly growing. They are not content with simply directed songs and music videos. They are determined to be a “concept idol” group. Music that internalizes with you and takes the lead, that is the strength they use to push their music and make their storytelling even stronger.

Of the idol group concerts, the performance the BTS showed that day will be one worth remembering.  

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

I’m passionate about cartoons, especially adult animation, so I decided to examine another cartoon trope.

Unlike the previous post, I don’t think the problems of this trope solely belong to the fans. The problem I have with Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, and Mad Men was with the fans, I thought the writing and characters was sophisticated and had an important and subversive message. Not so with the three above.

To be clear: it’s okay to enjoy these shows. I enjoy these shows and still watch them all the time. Family Guy least of all, but that’s because of how much it’s declined in quality, not because it’s offensive to me.

That being said, the trope we’re examining is the careless, selfish, bumbling patriarch. This usually comes along with the attractive, nagging, neglected, wife character.

The three characters listed above, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, and Stan Smith are all examples of this. The Simpsons is one of the first animated tv shows to use this trope, and Family Guy was largely based on the model of the Simpsons. American Dad, another similar Seth MacFarlane show came shortly after.

The problem with this trope is it does a massive disservice to both women and men.

The male characters in all three shows are consistently portrayed as being incapable of doing basic things like simple household tasks, they’re also stupid and reckless, unless the plot demands otherwise. The nagging wife is usually portrayed as smarter, although Francine Smith alternates between being smarter than Stan and so stupid she’s almost comatose as the plot dictates.

The problem with this is it persists in the idea that men need to be taken care of by women, that men go out and have adventures and work and do crazy things and in most episodes the women mind the home and clean up after their husband’s antics.

Granted part of this is a commentary on the problems with the nuclear family, but unlike many other subversive animated shows, the themes are not central to the story telling in a way that makes the message clear. The only character that significantly grows and changes for the better of these three is Stan. From season one to present he’s changed significantly and become less openly selfish and reckless than Peter or Homer.

If you watch season one of family guy or the Simpsons, you find a much more understated version of the character than in current episodes, they’ve gotten worse over time, likely because the writers have gotten bored, and because to keep the shock value going, the characters have to be more and more outlandish. Although don’t get me wrong, Stan constantly does appalling things.

The characters are also more believably connected to their families earlier on, as the shows progress, both Peter and Homer treat their wives and children worse and worse, but are still portrayed as lovable. At the end of every episode, all is forgiven, and the following week the abuse continues.

In family guy especially, in some episodes there’s straight up domestic violence from one party or the other, and the emotional abuse Peter directs towards Lois makes it clear it’s a show that hates its characters. Something similar happens in later episodes of the Simpsons.

In the current season Marge and Homer’s marriage is more in shambles than ever before and yet it drags on. They even tease us with divorce and rather than follow through, similar to the plot for Brian’s death in family guy, it was a bait and switch to make us think the show would change, significantly, permanently, only for them to go back on it so they can keep their tired formula as it is. And it gives us the same message about the characters. People can’t change.

This doesn’t work well with the formula of ending each episode on lovable buffoon learning a lesson, because the forgiveness at the end of the episode feels increasingly hollow, and the lesson learned, immediately forgotten.

While for some, these are “just” TV shows that shouldn’t be analyzed too closely, I personally think it’s important to be critical of the things we like and the media we consume.

A Few Thoughts on ‘LA LA LAND’ (D. Chazelle, 2016)

1. So much raves for this movie - the record-breaking 14 Oscars nominations, the numerous awards it has received, and the generally positive reviews from critics and viewers. I have been listening repeatedly on its soundtrack long before I have seen the movie and when I finally saw it, it dawned on me - everything good that they say is legit. 

2. We’ve seen the familiar story on Once (2006) and Begin Again (2013) - two lost souls passionate in their own craft met and fell in love despite of the circumstance, with the beauty and power of music perfectly intertwining with the narrative. But there is more to this than the usual - the songs, the screenplay, the jaw-dropping cinematography, the direction, the actors, the musical score, and the musical numbers. Simply put, it’s like everything good wrapped into one, excellent masterpiece.

3. I became a fan of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (sorry, Andrew Garfield) after I saw their movie ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (2011). What amazed me more, aside from Emma Stone’s natural humor and convincing performance was how Ryan Gosling prepared for his role - he actually learned how to play the piano. Wait, not just piano but Jazz music which is considered as one of the most difficult to learn and play. (Trust me, I’m a Music teacher.)

4. Speaking of music, I think what made this excel above other movies of the same type was the use of Jazz. Jazz music relies on improvisation, that is, musicians are required to be inventive and create music on the spot. The beautiful music reflects on the story and vice versa - beautiful, sophisticated, improvised, and natural.

5. I thought the “Expectations versus Reality” montage in '500 Days of Summer’ (2009) was the most heart-wrenching and depressing scene in a romantic/love story that I have seen. I was wrong. Screw that “What could have been” (or some critics say, “A typical Hollywood ending”) montage towards the end of the movie! The melancholic beauty of those last minutes. Why do you have to break my heart?

(5 Stars for the City of Stars!)

anonymous asked:

do you have any klance fic recs?

h*ck yeah i do 

i’m gonna keep this short since most of these are a bit long, but feel free to send me an ask if anyone wants more!

Don’t Forget to Remember Me by CamelotQueen

Words:  4107   One-Shot   Rated: Gen
Summary: Over a decade after the team was launched into space, Keith is back on earth struggling with dissociative amnesia. Luckily he’s not fighting it alone, and his husband is there for him. 
Lots of angst but it’s comforting. 
Review: This will rip your heart out and then tuck it under a warm blanket. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve reread this. 11/10, will probably read again tonight

I’ll Never Leave You Alone by CamelotQueen

Words: 17300   Chapters: 7/7   Rated: Gen
Summary: Second part of Don’t Remember to Forget Me but with a lot more days and a lot more characters. Over a decade after the team was launched into space, Keith is back on earth struggling with dissociative amnesia. Luckily he’s not fighting it alone, he’s got his husband, his husband’s family, as well as the rest of his team there to help. Lots more angst.
Review: I don’t tend to cry to fics, but I cried to this one. The emotions are so tangible, so real, that you can’t help but feel them as your own. The author did a beautiful job with this. Goals. 12/10, a good, well-needed cry.

you had me at merlot by ryomakun

Words: 17333   Chapters: 2/2   Rated: Teen
Summary: Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect. (Ft. copious amounts of wine and a truly shameless number of references to MyDrunkKitchen, DailyGrace, and general pop culture) 
Review: The amount of fluff and pining in this… It’s too much to handle. I was red as hell, but it’s so cute and so sweet, and they both care about and want to be with each other so much. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend. 10/10, I rec this to everyone

you never stood a chance by kagshina / @spacehance

Words:  12221   One-Shot   Rated: Teen
 Lance accidentally sends a shirtless gym selfie to Keith, a guy he barely even talks to, saying “bet you wanna lick these nips”. Nothing was supposed to come out of it… until Keith keeps messaging him back.
Review: This fic is honestly so cute. It has barista!Lance, dancer!Keith, and the two pining so hard they can’t even see straight  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But in all seriousness, this is really well written, and I also recommend this fic to just about everyone! 10/10, am currently reading again

Spilling Like An Overflowing Sink by PastelClark / @pastel-clark

Words: 32379   Chapters: 7/?   Rated: Teen
 Lance Alexander Rafael McClain is born in the middle of a summer storm, thunder cracking and rain slamming onto the roof of an old ramshackle house that had seen more than its fair share of children. The miracle baby, that’s what the family had called Lance. In which family is always complicated, Lance’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, and he and Keith are really emotionally constipated for each other.
Review: It’s okay, I love death and dying. This fic hits and hits hard. It’s got a lot of warnings, so make sure you read the first authors note before actually reading it, but if you do, it’s so worth it. The prose is beautiful, the emotions are so real.  I just,,, love crying. 11/10 still haven’t finished, but will today.

“Survivor - A Review Game”

“The Tribe has spoken.” 

Every student loves a good review game.  In fact, if I could just play review games in my class, I think my students would never leave.  Not only do games engage them, but as students have told me in the past, they are especially helpful for them to remember the information, especially when it comes to vocabulary.  Pair a good game up with pop culture, and it will always be a success.  

Recently, I was able to teach the other language arts teachers at my school a game called, “Survivor.” I didn’t make up this game, but it has always been a student favorite in my class.  It was actually more entertaining to watch the teachers play it instead.  I highly recommend this game for any content/grade level.  It is also great because it doesn’t take any prep or paper.

Here are the directions:

*Use this game as a review for any content area.  It does help if you have the possible answers written on the board for students, if necessary.*

Set up:

Explain to the kids about the game “Survivor” if they haven’t seen it before. Explain the idea behind having alliances.


1) Have students sit on their desk

2) Explain to students that you will ask a question. If they know the answer, they need to raise their hand.  (I let them know that if they are annoying me by talking, I won’t call on them.  Works every time.)

3) You will randomly call on a student.  If they get it right, they can vote one person off of the island.  Remind them that this is where their alliances will come into play.

4) If they get the question wrong, that student sits down.  At that point (after you have a student in their seat), any student that is sitting down can be called on and “saved” by me. (This helps with keeping the students engaged that are sitting in their chairs and have been voted off the island.)

5) Last person on their desk wins the game.  For round two, that person is “immune” from being voted off the island for the first two questions.


1) Everyone sits on their desk again. Give students time to form new alliances or confirm their old ones.

2) The game is the same, except this time, a student can either vote ONE student off of the island or can bring TWO students back up.  The one catch is that a student can only be brought up ONE time during this round.  However, I can bring a student up as many times as necessary.  (If I am running out of time, I let them vote five students down or whatever is needed.)

3) Play until there is only ONE student that has survived.


1) Bring the winners up from Round 1 and Round 2. Have them face off in opposing desks in front of the room. It’s more fun if you have a buzzer device between them, but they can always just slap their hand on the desk for the buzzer.

2) Read off a question. The first person to hit the buzzer doesn’t get to answer the question.  Instead, they must choose someone from the audience to answer it for them.  This is the part that makes alliances more fun.  The person in the audience can decide if they want to answer the question correctly or not. If they get it correct, the person up front gets a point.  If they don’t, the other person gets the point.  *If a student hits the buzzer before I am done with my question, then the opponent gets to choose someone from the audience. This makes them work on their listening skills.*

3) I usually play until the first person gets five points and is declared the ultimate survivor.  

So, do kids want to play games AND learn at the same time? YES!  The tribe has spoken.

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A Few Thoughts on TRAIN TO BUSAN (Yeon Sang-Ho, 2016) 

1. I thought I have seen the perfect illustration and allegory of society and morality in a train in 2013’s ‘Snowpiercer’ (which was also co-produced in Korea). I was wrong. This movie exceeded my expectations as a zombie flick and as a representation of social unrest, moral polarization, and class rebellion. You have to give it to the Koreans. Wow.

2. So many punchlines about this movie being set in the Philippines, I don’t know where to begin. (Side note: Do you guys know that our maintenance provider for our MRTs is from Busan? Yep. Start making those insane theories. Haha! But I hope to see the light of day when our train will be as efficient, clean, modern, and spacious as theirs.)

3. What happened to Korean Pop Star PSY after “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”? He got old, grumpy, and pushed people away to save himself from the hoard of zombies. Damn I hate that guy. He’s worse than any stupid character and treacherous villain on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

4. Speaking of, maybe Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang can learn a thing or two about zombie apocalypse from their Korean counterparts.

5. Some zombie movies suck because of the lack of character development. Maybe future filmmakers and cinephiles should take notes from this movie. That is how you do character development.

6. Zombies who are immobile in the dark? Yeah right. We have an advantage. Zombies who run as fast as Usain Bolt? Say goodbye to this world.

7. Some sequence and scenes are only as good as their musical score. I am no filmmaker nor a film expert but as a teacher of Music in High School, I am impressed. That is how you leave the audience at the edge of their seat.

8. The ending. THE ENDING. That is how you end a movie. How insane was that? Basta, putangina ang ganda. “Perfect” is an understatement.

9. I heard that there was a hint of a sequel. Nah, just leave it as it is. Some movies are better left alone to turn into an instant classic.

[5 Starts. Definitely 5 Stars.]


I thought this comment was a great breakdown of their Deliver performance from the LA fair and just their general characteristics as singers. The reactor on youtube is Tilsade Mersalle, if you wanted to check him out. He gives very insightful reactions.

thanks love! really cool to see. 
- taylor


Gaga: Five Foot Two | Movie Review

Here’s my review on the newest Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga entitled, “Gaga: Five Foot Two”.

Would love to hear what you guys thought about the doc!

An episodic, drama-fueled round-up.

Television: Those on the up and up.

Steven Universe didn’t break a sweat getting to No. 1 after kicking off the Summer of Steven.
Voltron is No. 2 after some fans aired its dirty laundry…
Teen Wolf (No. 5) is growing up and moving on to its final season.

Movies: The comeback kids.

Moana (No. 4) will be the first Disney princess without a love interest, and we love that.
Doctor Strange returns to the list after the latest trailer release.
☆ Our favorite arachnid-influenced man has done it again. Spiderman: Homecoming debuts at No. 17.

Music: The drama is real. Part I.

Taylor “No, I didn’t” Swift is No. 1 and
Kanye “Yes, she did” West is No. 6 and
Katy Perry returns to No. 16. Less for the commentary tweets, more for her Summer Jock Jam.

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Celebrities: The drama is real. Part II.

Kim Kardashian reveals her sleuthing skills, jumps to No. 1.
Kat Von D (No. 15) made a 14 minute video outlining exactly what she thought of Jeffree Star.
Leslie Jones, hero, rises to No. 2 after facilitating the ban of infamous Twitter troll.

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Games: The drama is real: The Intermission. Enjoy your break.

Persona 5 debuts at No. 6 after debuting its opening movie. Games have movies now! Neat.
World of Warcraft returns to No. 14 as players prep for a demon invasion due out August 30.

Web stuff: The drama is real. Part III.

Jeffree Star debuts at No. 8 after clapping back to Kat with a 23 minute video response.
Carmilla returns to the list to No. 19, when what we really want is for Carmilla to return to YouTube.
Nerdy Nummies (No. 20) debuts after cooking Undertale donuts with Dan and Phil. That’s a whole lot of pop culture.

A Few Thoughts on “The Winds of Winter”, the Season 6 Finale of Game of Thrones:

Let me just start with this: Last week, I declared that “The Battle of the Bastards” was the best episode since the first season. I guess I now have a new all-time favorite and probably, the best of the series to date

Here we go:

1. There is beauty and a lot of things to be heard in an eerie silence. Some scenes at King’s Landing and the Great Sept of Baelor were shown in silence. No dialogues, No musical score. There was a mystery and we were expecting something big. They pulled it off well.

2. I bet we can all agree that the best musical score of this episode was that of the scene leading to the destruction of the Great Sept. No percussion. No orchestral music. Just strings. Just those tension-filled music emanating from the strings. As a teacher of Music, I am impressed.

3. From now on, we shall cease to use “Water boarding” as a way of torturing our enemies. “Wine Boarding” is far, far better. Please ask Cersei Lannister for Instructions. (Plus points for things going full circle for Cersei - “Confess!” and “Shame!” you bitch. Haha!)

4. Tommem did a Season 1 Bran Stark. Unfortunately, this is not the North and you are not a Greenseer. Say goodbye to House Baratheon, fellas.

5. The Citadel’s Library. Wow. I wish our libraries are like that minus the chains in books. (P.S. So, that’s how they do a weather report in Westeros. Interesting.)

6. They should do a Game of Thrones spin-off entitled “The Adventures of Lady Olenna Tyrell and Lyanna Mormont”. Or “The Queen of Burns and Comebacks”. Those ladies. I just can’t. Haha!

7. I think our Government should consult Arya Stark and Varys regarding an efficient and fast transportation across continents. Maybe they can ease our travel and commuting woes. Ang bilis nilang mag-travel ano?

8. That scene of Liam Cunningham/Ser Davos Seaworth crying and mourning the death of Shereen. The feels. So. Much. Feels.

9. Daenerys made a good decision to leave Daario at Mereen and to make Tyrion Lannister Hand of the Queen. I can’t wait to see the showdown between Tyrion and QyBURN.
(P.S. I hope Jorah Mormont makes a comeback next season. Yay.)

10. “You have to protect him, Ned” is this show’s “After all this time? Always” to Harry Potter. And the way they shifted from Baby Jon Snow to the present-day “King in the North” White Wolf was a pure, glorious, cinematic moment. Wow. (R+L=J bitches!)

11. I never thought that I would hear the statement “The King in the North!” again after season 1. Wow. That scene - fueled by LAdy Mormont’s sass - gave me chiils.

12. That scene when Cersei was crowned the new Queen of Westeros? Wow. It captured the rise-of-a-new-villain vibe - the color grading, the mood, the musical score, and Lena Heady’s resting bitch face. I can’t wait for next season!

13. The last scene when Dany together with the fleet of Dorne and the Iron Islands gives us a glimpse of what is to come next year. It will be exciting since, together with tthat armada, we have the Night’s King beyond the wall ready to wreck havoc, the newly-installed King in the North, and the Ruler of Westeros whom everyone hates.

14. The men and women behind this show have raised the bar so high, they have to outdo themselves in the next 2 (?) seasons.

(5 Stars for being the Best Game of Thrones episode ever.)

Godzilla always has been a strange beast. Born from the ashes and trauma of post-WWII Japan, it was a slumbering monster awakened by nuclear tests—a threat to Japan but also the reaction to that threat, and a metaphor both for the threat of nuclear warfare and for national pain.

Over the years, however, Godzilla changed dramatically, transforming first from menace to savior, and later to mascot and ultimately cinematic legend. Now, after we’ve almost forgotten the extremely unfortunate 1998 attempt, director Gareth Edwards finally has brought a remake of the classic Japanese film to American shores. And while it certainly is a respectful film, one deeply aware of the history of its franchise, it’s not a particularly interesting one.

[MORE: Godzilla Isn’t a Train Wreck, But It Sure Is Boring]


17 Pop Culture Wins for Women in 2013

To quote Eurythmics, sisters were doin’ it for themselves in 2013.

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New Tumblr PCR Blog is GO!

For all of those readers wondering why the site has been down and inactive for a few days - I apologise. I’ve been slowly transferring what used to be PCR to my new Tumblr blog and now it is finally working!

I decided on tumblr because it is a great format for blogging. I’ve been using Wordpress for a long time but it’s no longer a viable platform for me. So this is now PCRs new look and home. I’ll be slowly updating the site with new reviews (which is why it has taken a while to get some of these published).

Welcome back to the new look PCR.

Thank-you for all your support, I hope you continue to enjoy the ride!


Got a question about the Pokemon Go banishing spell that I’m gonna anonify and post because I think it’s useful for pop culture magicians to review (dunno if OP wanted it private or not):

I did the Pokemon go banishing spell, I was very angry and I didn’t want to be anymore. I think it worked a little too well. Things that would have made me angry normally just aren’t. Like I just wanted stop being angry about just the one thing.

Hm. I’d say that if you want to adjust that slightly, you could name a Pidgey “detachment” or maybe “apathy” and then give it to Professor Willow. Or possibly name one “anger” and then power it up with a candy to get your anger back to the level that you think is natural. I mean, there’s a lot of other ways you could address it, but those are the ones I can think of that would use a similar mechanism to how you got that way in the first place.

This is definitely a possibility with any sort of mood/emotion-altering magic or shadow work. It can take a lot of adjustment before you hit the right balance for yourself. You might want to see if you can reduce the effect when you do the spell somehow, or set up a time that it’s supposed to expire. An example would be deciding that your pokespells end at midnight or on a lunar cycle, or just naming a pokemon “end spell” and transferring THAT to Professor Willow…

All in all there’s a lot of room for experimentation! It’s good you’re attentive, just experiment to find your balance and remember that you’re the one who decides when these spells begin and end.

Anyone else out there have suggestions or observations? The down-side of magic like this is that it’s new and largely untested and IMO varies in effect and exact mechanism from person to person.