pop culture references that no one gets

OKAY BUT concept: Lazytown, but it’s meant for teenagers

Okay but- imagine how different Lazytown would be if it were meant for teens while STILL trying to be educational 

Like, it’s a few years into the future, and all the kids are now in middle or high school (depending on age. I like to think Ziggy 13, Stingy and Stephanie 14, and Trixie and Pixel 16) 

Of course, Sportacus, Robbie, and the other adults would all treat the children differently now that they are older. They are open to talk to the kids about more mature and serious topics 

The teens are a really confusing time to be going through, and I’m sure Sportacus would still be just as supportive and willing to save the day…he just does so in different ways now 

The show would cover and educate teens on  issues that teens might go through like 

*Ziggy being self-conscious about his weight to the point where he just- stops eating and Sportacus tells him that how his body FEELS is more important, rather than how it LOOKS (covering body positivity, eating disorders, showing that boys can have that problem too) 

*Stingy developing his very first crush on someone and becoming very clingy and possesive and needing to be taught that people are NOT like things and you can’t just CLAIM a person as yours (covering consent and healthy relationships) 

*Steph getting her period for the first time and she and the Mayor have no idea wtf is going on (cuz lbr, the mayor is kind of dumb) so Sport’s crystal beeps and they’re like “she’s bleeding!” and Sport knows what’s happening but doesn’t know what to do so they actually call Bessie for help. But after that, Sporto starts carrying pads/tampons along with him just in case cuz you gotta stick out for your friends 

*Given the amount of time Pixel spends with computers, I’m sure you can make at least one episode on internet safety with it. Pixel’s crush on Stephanie might be good material for episodes on teenage romance and healthy relationships too 

*Trixie maybe starting to realize that she’s “not like other girls” and doesn’t really pay much attention to boys like they do (covering sexuality) Perhaps she even likes Stephanie a little which could add the element of a love triangle

*Maybe in that same episode, Sport teaches them about gender and sexuality in general and he brings up non-binary gender and Robbie overhears and identifies it with himself, giving us a message that it’s never too late to come out or discover who you are 

*Imagine the drama of an episode where one of the kids gets their hands on a cigarette and Sport catches them just before they’re about to light it and for the very first time EVER, he’s visibly VERY ANGRY at and DISSAPOINTED in the kids, but it’s all out of a place of concern 

*Or an episode where Robbie slips Sport just ONE shot of alcohol in secret and given how sensitive his body is to just SUGAR, Sport instantly gets alcohol poisoning which leads to Robbie freaking out and probably asking the kids for help or something because not even sportscandy is fixing it (teaching kids to be careful around alcohol and also what to do if a friend happens to get sick) 

*Sport shown to actually be overwhelmed with worry about the safety of people in town every once in a while and having anxiety over it, and being confused because he goes outside a lot and eats healthy so WHY is it happening? And Robbie who also dealt with anxiety issues in the past actually telling him that sometimes, that’s not enough and how sometimes, medications and therapy may help (teaching that it’s okay to let people know you aren’t always ok, and that you shouldn’t hide it) 

And of course, Sport would STILL be promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. He’s the cool high school health teacher dad, who’ll talk to the kids about anything they want to know, from puberty to sex to crushes, anything. And Robbie has toned it down on the schemes a bit (since the kids are older and much less guillable now so there’s no point) and has warmed up to the kids a bit now that they are older. But, he’s still the lazy insomniac we know and love. Maybe sometimes, …Robbie might even be a better teacher in terms of MENTAL health than Sportacus even, given all the stuff that he himself has dealt with having 

…Not to mention, an older target audience opens up potential for Sportarobbie to actually be a thing? 

There’s just- so much potential that Lazytown could STILL have, even if it weren’t meant for younger kids

This is just- something that I really really want and like to think about 

EDIT: Some MORE ideas for you since I came up with more 

*Pixel’s crush on Steph just getting bigger and bigger but he has no idea how to talk to girls, so for whatever reason, he asks ROBBIE for advice on how to do that, who ends up bringing out Rottenella for him to practice on 

*That ends up being a bust given that Rottenella can’t talk, so he ends up asking TRIXIE to help him practice and even after realizing that the girl he has an eye on is Stephanie, …she helps him out anyway even if it hurts, because Stephanie and Pixel are her friends and she actually….sacrifices her own feelings for theirs 

*Sport is the one person that Trixie can talk to and vent to about her feelings for Steph, being the one guy she can trust, and then Sport totally hits us with the feels by being like “I understand what you’re going through….the person I like wants me out of town forever.” 

*Robbie going through one of his depressed states during the winter holidays (perhaps seasonal affective disorder? The episode covers depression) and isolating himself around Christmas because his self-esteem is in the gutter and he’s convinced that nobody wants him around, so he’ll spend the holidays alone, and Sport is just heartbroken and like “No, you’re very wrong, we WANT you to come be with us and we love you” and we finally get a translated performance of “Aleinn um Jolin” 

*Robbie reprogrammed Sugar-Pie to act like a normal dog, but one day he stops functioning  and is beyond repair and basically “passes away”, and everyone else is like “??? but it’s a robot, just make another.” But Sport reminds the kids that regardless, this was someone that Robbie was close to and that they should let  him grieve and be there for him (covering loss, death, and the stages of grief, which is something everyone goes through at some point) 

*Bessie becoming the unofficial mom that helps the girls out with the things that Sportacus and the Mayor might lack ability or knowledge to help in (like, bra shopping and shit like that because the idea of momma Busybody is just great, you guys) 

*Being the youngest, Ziggy is just entering high school and the older kids support him and help him get used to the transition from middle school 

*At least one episode with the trope where one of the boys is dealing with their voice cracking due to puberty (Stingy, because he would be the funniest) 

*There is still a Bing Bang at the end of each episode, but each one is different where sometimes, a different character sings it, or the music changes genres or parodies some sort of pop culture reference 

…You can make at least 12 episodes out of all this? That’s like, half a season right there 

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve noticed how a big handful of you said that you fucking want this? Well, I’m not stopping you? Everyone, be my fucking guest if you wanna contribute to this in any sort of way. 

Actually…it might be kind of fun, making this into a sort of group project (collaborate on art, fics, etc) You guys can like, message me if that sounds cool

Concept: ADHD Lance is great with social cues and l o v e s talking so whenever Keith isn’t getting a joke or pop culture reference or what someone means by something he jumps in to explain. Meanwhile Autistic Keith is great with details and if Lance zones out during mission briefings Keith can give him a nice, clear summary of what he missed and what he needs to do. They stand near each other in most social situations so that if one of them ever gets confused the other is right there to help out (or to share a look of mutual confusion with).

Here’s Why Black Thought’s 10-Minute Freestyle Is So Remarkable

The Roots’ Black Thought proved yesterday that eviscerating lyricism still matters in hip-hop when the rapper dropped a nonstop, awe-inspiring 10-minute freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show.

Spitting over the beat of Mobb Deep’s “The Learning (Burn),” the Philly MC delivered a performance that’s so impressive, his name began trending on social media last night after the freestyle published on YouTube. Just as the fanfare ensued, Black Thought himself hopped on Twitter to drop a little humble brag about the whole thing.

“That verse was just what I had to say at the moment,” the rapper tweeted.

As a co-founder of The Roots and member of The Tonight Show band, fans have a chance to see Black Thought rhyme on television almost every night — but rarely like this. Similar to a comedian crafting an hour-long comedy special out of individually rehearsed and distinct-but-related smaller bits that add up to an overwhelming crescendo of laughter, a freestyle like this is a methodical act of linguistic acrobatics very few rappers are agile enough to execute. From the breath control to the stacking of metaphors to the spectrum of his playful pop culture references (Shakespeare, Jesus and the Kardashians all get name-dropped) woven throughout, there is something remarkable about holding that sheer volume of wordplay in your dome at a time and being able to let it off at a moment’s notice in one take.

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Team Free Will:  A Complete Beginner’s Guide, by Dean Winchester.

1.  This is Dean.  The star of the show. 

He specializes in being being heterosexual and kicking monster ass.

2.  There are three things Dean Winchester absolutely does not do:


Chick flick moments.

And dudes.

3.  He’s also always 100% honest with himself.

4.  This is Sam.  Also known as “the less handsome one.”

He specializes in having stupidly long, girly hair and being really tall.

5.  Dean absolutely does not project his personal issues onto Sam.

Like wearing women’s underwear.

Or being attracted to guys.

Or flirting with Cas.

6.  He’s a bit of a weirdo.

(But if you touch even one stupidly long hair on his head, I’ll skip rope with your entrails.)

7.  And this…is Castiel.

He specializes in being a weird, dorky little guy and having stupidly pretty, stupidly blue eyes with stupidly long lashes, that you just want to heterosexually drown in forever.   

Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole “angel” thing.

8.  Cas doesn’t really get sarcasm.  Or pop culture references (though he’s kinda gotten better at that last part.)

When he’s confused, he tilts his head to the side and scrunches up his eyebrows, and you kinda just want to heterosexually hold him forever and ever.

9.  And most importantly, Dean Winchester is NOT attracted to Castiel.

He doesn’t have wet dreams about the sound of his voice.

He doesn’t touch him just a little more than he needs to, and think about it for days on end.

He never thinks about what it would be like to cook for him, and cuddle up on the sofa, and watch chick flicks together.

I mean, yeah, he does occassionally fantasize about what it would be like to run his fingers through his hair, but don’t ALL straight guys do that with their platonic bro-pals?

And yeah, he has occasionally gotten a heterosexual boner while looking at him, but that’s only natural.  I mean, just look at the guy. 

So yeah, Dean Winchester is not attracted to Cas.  Because Dean Winchester is 100% straight.  

10.  So yeah , that’s Team Free Will:  one ex-bloody junky, a high school dropout and my boyf- my huggy bear- and CAS. 

And no, we’re not accepting any new admissions.

Voltron Marching Band AU

I keep seeing marching band aus out there but I don’t agree with them so I have to make my own. Here goes!

- dedicated tuba
- somehow first chair even though he’s convinced that the rest of his section is better than him???
- he’s very modest
- has lungs like a fucking blimp
- *plays thirty-two 4/4 measures at a super slow tempo*
- *still hasn’t taken a breath*
- always making sure the rookies are taking care of themselves
- “did you eat breakfast today??” “are you drinking water???” “don’t strain yourself too much, but remember to practice! :)”
- the band mom
- has the music memorized the day after he gets it and no one understands
- except pidge
- the only one who doesn’t break a sweat during band camp and the others are so concerned
- “shiro seriously are you dehydrated you’re supposed to sweat how are you not dead”
- shiro: *shrugs* *does the entire routine* *isn’t exhausted yet* *still hasn’t sweated*

- fourth chair saxophone
- would play bass guitar during concert season but he loves his saxophone
- can play alto, tenor, and bari, but alto is his favorite
- “it’s so small omg I love it so much”
- would die for anyone in his section
- has memorized every alternate fingering ever and is happy to share his knowledge
- he’s on the loading crew because he can carry a sousaphone in each hand and a bass drum on his back
- not very good at sight reading
- he has to hear the music before he can play it
- but he plays great by ear
- has never chipped a reed
- ever
- not even at band camp
- pidge is jealous
- just. sounds like an angel when he plays
- takes such good care of his sax by killing literally anyone who touches it
- “did you just dent my saxophone”
- terrified rookie: um I’m sorry omg don’t hurt me I don’t wanna die I’m so sorry I’ll do anything
- most of the younger kids are absolutely terrified of him and he’s okay with this

(I’ve seen a lot of “trumpet keith” aus but honestly?????)
- keith is drum captain
- he plays snare and he fuckin kills it
- keith is not a good leader in most aspects of his life but when it comes to music he’s just so in tune to it and he knows exactly what everyone needs to do to make the music perfect
- one of those people who can tell whether a note is in tune just by hearing it and he hates it
- “pidge you’re out of tune”
- “I just came from the tuner I’m perfectly in tune!!”
- “okay but you’re not you’re a bit sharp actually”
- doesn’t know how to dynamic
- “okay keith that was great but you need to tone it down a bit. play a bit softer, your dynamic is piano”
- “lol what does softer mean”
- he just beats the drum as hard as he can all. the. time
- never officially came out to the band, coran found him and lance making out in one of the practice rooms and afterward lance wrote “keith is gay and dating the color guard master” on the white board
- everyone was confused because “why would he date allura if he’s gay”
- lance was very bitter

- trombone during concert season
- but in marching band he kills with a flag
- so flexible omg
- “keith look what I can do with my leg”
- “please untie yourself you’re going to get stuck”
- (he has gotten stuck before)
- hips made of fucking. rubber or something idk how do they mOVE LIKE THAT
- he and keith are not allowed to be within sight of each other in shows because keith gets so distracted by lance’s Hips From God™
- gives the rookie guard members makeup tutorials
- has a large role in the costume designs for the year because in lance’s rookie year the outfits were clashy and not good and lance was horrified
- he vowed to fix this abomination
- has never dropped a flag. not once.
- he has, however, lost grip of his rifle several times and accidentally nailed someone in the head
- he is the reason all the rifles have grippers now

- second chair clarinet and super salty
- has a photographic memory so she memorizes music like that
- doesn’t understand bass clef and will never try
- “that’s an e”
- “no pidge this is bass. that’s a g”
- “that’s a fucking e fight me”
- absolutely despises first chair clarinet
- “he’s so cocky I hATE HIM SO MUCH”
- really good with rhythms?
- hunk doesn’t understand this
- “hunk all you do is count it. look”
- “can you just sing it for me i’m lost”
- drinks 2948592859$-484 gallons of water per day
- puts on so much sunscreen during band camp that she gets paler
- “pidge why don’t you lay off on the sunscreen and try to get a tan”
- “because, lance, not everyone wants to get fucking sKIN CANCER”
- when she burns she burns bad
- somehow still has a sock tan???
- “heh look pidge’s feet are DARKER than her legs. told you you were getting paler”
- her reeds never last more than two weeks
- they are always broken, usually because she refuses to buy a mouthpiece cap
- “pidge this is why you’re second chair”
- doesn’t do trills. ever. hates trills almost as much as she hates the first clarinet
- coran tried to get her to play bass clarinet in concert once
- her reaction was basically ???????
- “coran i’m three inches tall and have the muscle mass of a corn chip I can barely lift my regular clarinet”
- absolutely lives by the “if you see a word you don’t know look at the director” rule
- no knowledge of musical terms
- “accelerando??? lol what’s that”

- baritone during concert season
- color guard captain
- the master of “spin a thousand times without getting dizzy”
- perfect balance
- has literally stood on three fingers and spun a flag with her foot and could do it again
- very loud
- she will always be heard
- thinks the rookies are cute but she will not put up with their shit
- “lance stop giving everyone makeovers we’re supposed to be learning the routine”
- has made a flower crown for her flag
- so graceful
- has never fallen
- has dropped the thing she was spinning (flags, rifles, sabres, etc) exactly once and that was because she threw a sabre at lance’s head
- coran was not pleased but it was pretty funny
- can do your hair 101 ways but only one of them is acceptable because we all have to look the same, goddammit lance stop with the braid trains
- doesn’t take lance seriously at all and tbh he doesn’t blame her
- took dance classes as a kid and found that she enjoyed it
- but color guard is where she belongs
- (even if some of her fellow guard members *cough*lance*cough* are assholes sometimes)
- one time a toddler ran out onto the field during a show and hugged allura’s legs and she melted
- “coran can we keep it”
- “her parents are right there”
- “but can we keep it”
- pretends to be Mature and Serious but in reality she’s as much of a dork as the rest of the band
- once she heard a cheerleader say “i’m glad we don’t have to work with the band like the color guard” and she decked them
- has temper issues but is overall a great performer

- the wacky director
- band camp stories take up half the class time
- if someone doesn’t want to play this part again, or is tired of marching this set, all they have to do say “hey coran did ___ ever happen at your band camp” and coran will never shut up again
- this is a risky move though because if he realizes what you’re doing you will never see the light of day again
- the living embodiment of “one more time” *ten times later* “one more time”
- “if you’re not perfect then we’re not competing”
- was humiliated once by a rival school because of an immature band
- will never let it happen again
- tries (and fails) to reference modern pop culture
- “i think you kids will like this song! it’s kind of like that one the kids sing now with the doors and the painting”
- “the what now”
- “you know, the one by those scared parties”
- he means well
- super chill but if you get on his bad side then you will see hell
- jokes around a lot but he is serious when it comes to music
- and if you’re not then coran will not hesitate in kicking you out
- “if you can’t play your instrument then you wON’T PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT HOW’S THAT BYE FIND A NEW 5TH PERIOD TEACHER”
- a professional Student Roaster™

anyway here are some headcanons for the niflheim best sibs (prompto&aranea)

  • prompto’s low key shy in front of aranea at first, but he’s used to traveling with a bunch of boys who revel in each other’s badassery so he does something cool and is like “DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!” and realizes only aranea is there, but she’s like “wow, look at you” before he can get shy and he’s STOKED because she’s THE MOST BADASS
  • prompto actively seeking out praise from aranea and aranea being that babysitter in charge of a kid that’s exhaustingly enthusiastic but u don’t wanna break their spirits, you know?
    • “check this out!” “-out of breath, stabbing an enemy- nice one”  
    • “aranea, look at this!” “can’t look yet shortcake or we’ll both die”
  • prompto is Pop Culture Boy and aranea grew up in a military state essentially, so she probably has 0 pop culture knowledge 
    • a recurring gag is that prompto will serve her a reference that she doesn’t get and he has to give her like a five minute summary so aranea has an approximate knowledge of all pop culture
    • aranea: star wars? that’s. the, “beam me up scotty” one right?
    • prompto: oooh, you’re ..so close! (she’s not close)
  • aranea’s also like 100% not used to people being openly emotive in front of her because of her upbringing in the empire, so she’s like, kinda happy to have someone who’s so relatively emotionally honest and can’t stop commenting on prompto’s moods. definitely softened by the whole thing.
    • “look who’s happy!” “what’s got you so cranky?” “don’t tell me you’re down in the dumps again, thought you’d crawled out of that”
  • aranea’s actually super into selfies! the only pictures she’s had taken were for military personnel logs so she loves the idea of being able to take them on her own terms and gets low key excited whenever prompto asks her to pose
  • prompto’s a city kid who’s never seen snow and aranea’s that embittered “I GOTTA GET THE MILK AND THE BREAD” east coaster
    • prompto: -jumping into snowbanks at full speed-
    • aranea: i really don’t see the appeal
  • prompto asks aranea to pull him behind the snowmobile on a piece of scrap metal they found
  • prompto starts a snowball fight. he regrets it.
Dating Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes would include:

Request: Yes
Headcanons: SFW and NSFW

We hope you enjoy it! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

Dating Steve Rogers would include:

● Him telling you stories from his childhood and the army while cuddling.

● Trying to teach him about modern pop culture and him getting overly excited when he gets references about movies, music or books.

● Having a lot of movie marathons.

● Trying to teach him how to dance he is hopeless.

● Cooking together.

● Him surprising you with breakfast in bed, sometimes even lunch and dinner if you are ill or mad at him.

● Steve would try to convince you to buy a puppy.

● You end up adopting one from the animal shelter even if you don’t like dogs and naming him “Bucky”.

● The dog sometimes sleeps with you because he is in constant need of attention especially during a thunderstorm because poor thing gets scared.

● “Why is there another dog in my living room?” is asked by you at least 3 times a day.

● “I couldn’t leave it in rain!”.


● “STEVE YES” basically him being a little reckless shit.

● You can’t be upset with him more than 3 hours because of his lost puppy look.

● Hugs from behind any day everyday.

● A lot of hugs in general.

● Befriending Natasha and Bucky.

● Going shopping with Nat to buy lingerie that you think Steve would enjoy to see you in.

● Waking up to him having nightmares and cuddling afterwards to comfort him.

● Him being quite nervous the first time you two make love.

● Him being surprisingly dominant in bed but being gentle at the same time.

● Him making sure he does not hurt you during sex.

● Cuddles with you after.

● Calling him Captain in bed or soldier.

● Being called beautiful by him at least 20 times a day.

● He loves it when you only wear his shirt and gets secretly turned on.

● Taking bubble baths together to relief stress and always using a different kind of bath bomb.

● Him loving to wash your hair because he can feel you relaxing after a long day.

● Whispering sweet nothing to one another while enjoying each other’s company.

● Just healing and growing as a person together.

Dating Bucky Barnes would include:

● Having the habit to wake up at 3:00 in the morning, just to check if he had nightmares again. 

● Nat-Nat and Steve being by your side 24/7, you are Bucky’s precious (Y/N). No one is going to touch you without your permission or your boyfriend’s.

● Playing with magnets on his metal arm. He can’t tell you to stop, because you are so damn cute.

● Starting a friendship with Sam, even if your boyfriend doesn’t like him that much. Bucky gets jealous easy.

● Helping him with his depression and always being there for him when he is about to shatter like glass.

● Sweet and wet kisses on your neck while you are cooking, he can’t help himself.

● Him staring at your beautiful while you have this look in your eyes when you talk about your passions.

● Bucky being a little bit scared at first to make love with you. “Steve, I just can’t do that, what if I hurt (Y/N)?” He would tell his best friend about that.

● Steve would try to talk to him, but let’s face it; Natasha would be the one telling James what to do.

● Your first time was full of passion and love, his hands being all over you.

● Starting to have a weird kink for his metal arm.

● Taking a shower together always ends up with something really dirty.

● Men/women stop flirting with you, ‘cause he gives them that death glare.

● Him feeling terrified about the day he has to meet your parents.

● Turning out that your mother loves him like her own son, while your father is colder.

● Your younger siblings trying to touch his metal arm and play with it.

● Bucky softly laughing at them. “WOW, MOM, CAN I GET ONE TOO?!” One of them would ask.

● “They are just joking, miss (M/N).” You listened at their conversation. “(S/N), please, I don’t think it’s easy to have something like this.”  Your dad added.

● After a while, your dad would have a soft spot for him too.

● Waiting for him at night to come home after a long mission.

● Taking you in his arms and kissing your forehead. “Love, I’m home.”

● Bucky saying that, because home is where you are.

It’s amazing how much more comprehensible the Very Serious Literary Classic Les Misérables becomes once you realize:

Anytime you can almost decipher what Hugo’s getting at but he’s still about six inches to the left of making sense, or a scene has the pacing of a joke but the punchline is a total non-sequitur…

…it’s either a 30-year-old pop culture reference or a passive-aggressive subtweet.

Every fucking time.

You don’t even have to get the reference. All you need to know is that 95% of the time, the answer to “Am I missing something…?” is “Not all of us have a home to miss anymore, at least not one that we’d recognize, Georges-Eugène.” The other 5%, it’s a pun so egregious it defies translation.


Summary: Bucky Barnes is a superstar actor in Hollywood, and the reader works as a photographer for an upscale fashion and pop culture magazine. One day, she is assigned to take photographs of Bucky to promote his upcoming movie, but her schoolgirl crush on Mr. Barnes proves to be a problem.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,547

Warnings: Smut (a little bit of D/S undertones). Also some fluff, it’s not 100% smut.

A/N: *THIS IS A REPOST FROM MY OLD ACCOUNT.* This is my submission for Kait’s (@bionic-buckyb) 5k AU challenge! My prompt was “Model/Photographer”. Hope you enjoy! (also if anyone can guess what reference I’m making with the fake movie title I put in this fic, you get brownie points!)

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Another day, another photoshoot in the studio with some rude celebrity who thinks they’re better than you.

You sigh, shuffling over to the strobe to make sure it’s synced properly to your camera. With a quick press of your shutter button, the light goes off, and you’re satisfied that everything is set up perfectly for today’s shoot. Your contentment doesn’t last long, though; the thought of having to deal with another snobby subject clouds your brain. Sure, the concept of meeting celebrities every day at your job seemed cool, but once you got used to it, you realized that they’re all just regular people. There was hardly anything special about anyone you met, aside from the few who were very nice and complimented how good you made them look with your camera.

“Oh, wonderful, you’re all set up!” Michael, the fashion consultant and your bosses’ assistant, bursts through the studio doors. “James will be here in a second. I want you to make him look SO sexy in these photos, got it, Y/N? Carol needs to be proud of our work when she’s back from vacation.”

You shake your head and give him the slightest pathetic smile you can. “I can’t make someone sexy if they already have an ugly face, Michael. Now which James are we talking about?”

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Mayor Damien

As a firm believer of the theory that the Colonel is Wilford and that Mayor Damien is Dark, I’d like to expand on this. I was rewatching WKM and especially keeping an eye out for Damien and the way he engaged with certain characters. This is gon’ be a long ride kiddos.

This first thing is probably the thing that I find the most interesting. Damien is the perfect character. He is intelligent, he is sympathetic, he obviously mourns Mark and he is very kind to us. He uses big words yet isn’t afraid to tell the Colonel to get his head out of his ass, which doesn’t seem like a very Dark thing to do now does it? No, this is a role Dark is playing. This is him wanting us to think that he really cares about Mark’s death because we do too. Imagine if you were really in that position. Your old friend just died in front of you, that would hurt a lot. Damien is guiding us through that in a way, because he shares our feelings. He’s showing us; ‘I know what you feel. I can be trusted. I am your friend.’ A little too much if you ask me.

Another thing is.. What really concerned me even in the first watch of the video was Damien saying he needed alone time. The alarm bell immediatly went off with me because holy shit, what is he gonna do when he’s alone? Back then I didn’t even link Dark to Damien so even without Dark that is still a fishy thing. Though I personally don’t believe Damien was the one who did it, who knows what Dark can do when he’s alone?

Third thing is the way he treats the Colonel who we assume to be Wilford. It’s very much like in Markiplier TV don’t you think? Very friends, but not really friends type of thing. Damien also says that the Colonel is eccentric and that it’s his best and worst quality. Well, we have heard Dark respects Wilford. If we assume that is the truth, then maybe this proves it even more? Wilford or the Colonel being eccentric can be good too, if you know how to use it well. Dark obviously does.

Fourth thing. Which is clear as day, Damien is extremely refined. Hair slicked back, suit in place and everything. (Something we didn’t see with Dark in Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye because it wasn’t canon Dark.) He is really the perfect charming character and his appearance matches that. So many people already love Damien, including myself, who have also fallen for Dark. It’s a pattern.

And then the last thing.. Damien. His name literally means devil. (I’ve been corrected, it doesn’t literally mean devil but there are many pop culture refences to the devil when talking about the name Damien. So it still counts lol.) Now the devil is the prince of lies, the one with the silver tongue. If you look at the devil in another way than a little red man, you will find he is very charming and will manipulate and seduce you into trusting him before getting you to do whatever it is he wants. The devil is VERY similar to Dark and now even Damien’s name is a direct reference to it. And, can’t forget that both names start with a D.

I have seen many other amazing theories out there, and many other way deeper thoughts about this than I can do in just twenty minutes, but this is what I have so far. Also, tagging @mayor-damien-protection-squad because maybe you’d like to see this?? I don’t really know.

That’s it for theory time with Theresa because I’m a mess

Power Rangers Headcanons (post aftershock)

•I feel like if, God forbid Jason dies, Zack would be the next leader. He’s serious when he needs to be, he’s dedicated and a great listener.

•Trini likes to annoy tf outta Jason. That’s how she shows she cares about him and the team. She’s pretty quiet but her one-liners and comebacks are savage af.

•Jason is a nerd™. He always makes pop culture references much to the annoyance of the team (except Billy of course, they both love star wars)

•Trini once caught Jason imitating vader’s breathing 2x now. She managed to walk away without laughing. (He was dead serious about it as Billy watched in amazement)

•Kim was the one who made a group chat. She’s the one who always texts everyone cute messages and reminds them to be positive.

•Billy once showed Alpha 5 how snapchat works…..now they get selfies of Billy and Alpha 5 every day with different snapchat filters. (Jason, Kim, Trini and Zack have it all saved on their phones)

fics i require after the wolf 359 finale

  • the obligatory “kepler lives fic”
  • kepler gets turned into an alien double and lovelace laughs for 40 years
  • jacobi and lovelace become the murder twins and blow everything up while renee takes care of doug (doug: i want to blow stuff up too! renee: watch the star wars, and then we can blow stuff up)
  • bob gives effiel his memories back and honestly it’s pretty upsetting
  • effiel is sent to earth as planned and works with mr. koudelka to save the world from decima until everyone else makes it home
  • “holy shit we lived” sex, with, honestly, everyone
  • the crew is arrested as soon as they land because goddard. effiel can’t make any prison escape pop culture references and that’s the worst part of it
  • 50,000 words of “what the fuck do we do about miranda pryce”
  • jacobi gets drunk and finally admits that he loved kepler
  • renee helping doug heal and helping him become a better person but also feeling guilty because doug was a great person and is she a bad person for making him different?
  • doug trying to figure out who he was fucking, because he was fucking someone, right?
  • what happens with hera? does she move into an ipod or something?

feel free to add on or pick one to write. free to a good home

Boyfriend Series: Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Honestly, this boy is such a romantic nerd. He really pretends like he’s too cool to be sappy, but in reality he’s such a softie. If you use puppy eyes against him, he won’t be able to resist any of your demands. You also catch him staring lovingly at you sometimes and tease him about it. He claims he wasn’t staring but honestly, those goo goo eyes were very noticeable. He also has a picture of you as his homescreen. When he falls, he falls hard, and you need to respect and reciprocate that.  
  • In the beginning of the relationship, Tetsu can be a bit awkward at times. Despite seeming like a cool cat, he’s actually pretty nervous around you. He really doesn’t have much experience with relationships, so he really doesn’t want to mess anything up. Kissing and even hugging in the beginning make him flustered, giving you a few good chances to tease him and admire the cute blush on his face when you give him a peck on the cheek.
  • He really, really needs you to be cool with teasing and odd humor! He loves to tease you and actually thinks it’s pretty hilarious to be teased. He doesn’t do it constantly or go too far, but it’s a good factor of your relationship. His sense of humor is a little off the wall, he’s definitely a lowkey meme expert, and he will send you a lot at one time. You won’t have to worry about researching new memes and pop culture references to keep up with him, he will message you new ones and doesn’t mind explaining them.
  • He’s a dog person and really wants a few around the house if you’re okay with it, but he’s also not opposed to getting a cat as well. He takes videos and snapchats of them often with the stupidest captions and sends them to you while you’re at work or school. Although it’s a small gesture, it’s really helped you out during rough times and you appreciate the dash of humor he can add to your bad days. Also, dog walking together in the evening at a nice park while just chatting about your days and just life in general is a regular thing for you two. Sometimes when you take a nap or go to bed in the winter, you all cuddle together in a big pile and just enjoy each other’s warmth. Your fur babies will be treated as royalty by your boyfriend as well. He makes sure they are well fed, groomed, and watered (you have to wash their dishes afterwards though and vacuum up the hair smh)
  • He’s such a good listener and gives the best advice. Whenever you have a problem, no matter the time or place, he’s ready to talk to you in person or on the phone. No problem is too small for him and he always wants you to know he’s there for you. He’s very rational and thinks about what he says before answering. Tetsu is also one-hundred percent down for late night chats, talking about anything from conspiracy theories to just random things you want to get off your chest. He really enjoys these moments when you’re super honest and open with him.
  • He’s not ashamed of PDA in the slightest, and he will kiss/nuzzle you in front of others just to make you flustered. He prefers doing this in front of your friends to really rile you up, but he’ll do it in front of his teammates too to gross them out. If you’re truly uncomfortable, he’ll stop, but he thinks it’s hilarious and adorable to see you so flustered.
  • Although he enjoys spending time with you, Tetsu really needs time for himself and his friends as well. Sometimes he’ll just spend a little bit of time alone in the living room, reading a book or will go out with his friends for a few hours. As long as you trust him and let him do his thing, he’s totally fine and it’ll be smooth sailing. But if you try to hold him back or force him to spend all his time with you, he’ll start to become very reclusive. He just needs time for himself and his friends, just like anyone in any relationship.
  • However, there does come a time where he holes himself up and crams for exams. These periods are very hard on him, since he struggles to balance volleyball, his grades, and your relationship. It’s best to just leave him be and maybe offer your help in any way. He greatly appreciates it and will sometimes take you up on your offer. You leave little notes of encouragement in his textbook, bags, and lunch, hoping to help him out in his time of stress. Every time he sees one, a small blush warms his face and he smiles softly, fondly thinking of your voice saying these words to him. He keeps every note in a shoe box under his bed and looks back at them whenever he’s upset.  
  • Tetsurou is a huge fan of horribly bad movies, off color comedies, and Sci-Fi. His favorites are shows/movies like: Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Stranger Things. He loves to binge watch them with you and just hang out. You guys just end up throwing popcorn at each other and stealing each other’s snacks. You guys also have nice study dates where you listen to soft music and help each other with your shared classes. He’s also a fan of spooky Youtubers like Nightmind and Mr. Creepypasta. You two watch them in the dark under his comforter late at night, he always holds onto you tightly to make sure you’re not scared. But you know he’s way more scared than you are.
  • He is very excited to be in a relationship! He wastes no time introducing you to his teammates, friends, and family once you guys really start going steady. They all take an immediate like to you, Tetsurou is a good judge of character and they trust that you’re a good person. Lev and Inuoka become friends with you easily, and the others soon follow suite, but it takes Kenma a little longer to warm up to you. Once he does, it’s almost like a right of passage. You’ll know you’re truly accepted when he starts talking to you without being prompted to.

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@cipheredsong (sorry this is so short!)

-when they get back to earth Lance shows Keith all of his favorite movies and Keith doesn’t really care for movies and tv/most other types of media, but Lance is so excited that Keith can’t help but smile whenever pop culture references come up (and Pidge and Hunk turn it into a game )

-au where they meet each other and fall in love and don’t tell anyone else of their relationship. One day, Hunk asks Lance why he suddenly knows so much about motorcycles and/or knives (“Lance, you didn’t join a gang, did you?!) Shiro is the same to Keith, but more like “when did you learn all these jokes? are you ok?!” Pidge probably knows everything (Matt is with Shiro and Keith, and she knows Hunk and Lance)

-Keith having to half carry an injured Lance back to the ship and Lance is mumbling to himself and Keith hears some… interesting things

-Keith unconsciously pining for Lance. Everyone besides him and Lance can tell. Then one day Keith is spacing out a bit and kisses Lance. Right on the lips. In front of everyone. With no explanation as to why.

-Lance is tired and falls asleep against Keith when they were both on the couch and Keith realizes “oh my gosh I love him

- Lance cradles Keith in his arms and understands why Keith was so offended when he said he didn’t remember

-Lance discovers that he’s altean and jokes about how they’re both aliens

-LANCE TEACHING KEITH HOW TO SWIM idk, does it ever show Keith swimming in the show? can’t remember. idc tho, this is cute

-They’ve been dating for a few months. Lance gives him a kiss. Keith won’t stop blushing for the rest of the day

-au where they have powers (based on their lions) and Keith accidentally burns Lance like that scene in avatar

-Lance and Keith are talking about earth and Keith says something about how he has no family and Lance says kisses him and says“you do now”

harry tries to introduce draco to all the pop culture references, but draco just doesn’t get it because it’s so much

and one day draco comes home to see harry dancing and singing to beyonce’s single ladies, yes? and he’s like “okay…… okay, i think i get it….”

so the next day he throws a little box with a ring at harry and harry is like “what” and draco just goes with “well, if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it” and leaves the room while harry just stands there with a ring in his hands and then he says “what, draco WHAT?!

and then he dies of laughter because his boyfriend fiance just proposed to him with a beyonce reference and can he get any cuter?




So at the end of season 8, Metatron downloads All Of Pop Culture Ever into Cas’s brain, right? Because he’s tired of Cas not getting his references?

Guess what? That would include Westerns.

Which means that Cas would have had full knowledge of the movie Tombstone without Dean making him sit through it.

This leads me to one of two conclusions: Either Dean knew that Cas didn’t need to actually watch it and wheedled him into watching it anyway, probably with some “it’s not the same unless you actually experience it!” line, because he wanted to share this thing that he loves with his boyfriend (and Cas let himself be talked into this)


Dean doesn’t know about the downloading and Cas let himself be talked into watching the movie anyway because it was quality time with Dean and he wanted to see it through Dean’s eyes. See what these movies mean to *Dean* since theycare clearly so important to him, even if Cas doesn’t really get it.

And that is true love my friends.

(It’s possible that their cute movie dates started earlier, pre s8, but this is my headcanon so sssshhhhhhhhhhhh)

anonymous asked:

I've seen your criticisms of Ready Player One as a concept and I don't get it. What is wrong with celebrating geek stuff and pop culture? Loving these things is still mocked to this day. And come on, why wouldn't/shouldn't people still enjoy and love stuff from 80s/90s? I know people who love and won't shut up about stuff from 60s and 40s!

There’s a difference between loving things and appreciating them and examining them vs. a shallow and pathetic obsession with media you consume as a ‘collection’ and treating how much obscure references you know as the point of enjoying media, which Cline does

Also he’s a shit writer


Simon Lewis Appreciation Week
Day 2: Favourite Simon Quotes → Science Fiction References

Don’t tell me you don’t know what a Jedi is.

A Little Education

Characters: Steve x Reader

Summary: For a guy who has trouble keeping up with pop culture references navigating  the often murky world of sex is a bit daunting.  Who can he possibly ask for help?

Word Count: 1860 words

Prompt: My sex life

A/N: This was written for the amazing @emilyevanston and her wonderful challenge.  A massive thank you to @amarvelouswritings and @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for reading through this one for me and making sure it didn’t suck.  You guys are awesome.

Steve watched the exchange between Clint and Natasha with a frown.  He was sure from the look on Sam’s face whatever was being said was bawdry but he just couldn’t follow it.  Getting to his feet he left the room feeling old and very alone.  It’s not as if that whole thing had come easy to him before he hit the ice but now… Women and what to do with them seemed like an exotic and very confusing landscape for him to navigate.  He’d tried talking to Buck about it but all that got him was a pat on the back and ‘just go for it man, you’re Captain fucking America! If you can’t get laid then what hope is there for the rest of us.”

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