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As Halloween draws closer the Department of Marvelous Makeup can’t wait to see what sorts of spooky eye-art Israeli visual artist Tal Peleg (previously featured here) creates to inspire us.

“Halloween is around the corner! I love this holiday so much, and though I don’t need any excuses to create dark themed works all year long, Halloween is the time to get crazy with it!

Many people ask me if I go out with these works on my eye… the answer is “usually not”, but… Halloween is definitely the best time to rock some special, artistic makeup!”

This year one of Peleg’s new creations is a stunning homage to Stranger Things:

Follow Tal Peleg on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with her latest works of ocular artistry.

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TV shows need to quit peddling the rape myth that 'no means yes'

There is a cheapness to incorporating yet another version of this kind of storyline, and not because it is vulgar or crude – it is cheap because it is an insincere attempt to appear edgy while actually reinforcing boring, regressive ideas about women and sexuality.

Why, for example, does Elizabeth need to be “persuaded” through brute force into giving in to sexual pleasure? Is it because the construct of the chaste woman, although tired and predictable, is as much of a dramatic fallback as the swarthy man who forces her to confront the strength of her own lust? Is it because the same things that prevent viewers from accepting that a man can be both a hero and a villain at the same time also prevent them from accepting that a woman can be both passionately sexual and deserving of respect?

Poldark isn’t the first television drama to have walked this well-worn path. A similar backlash occurred in 2014 following an episode of Game of Thrones when showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff made the clear choice to deviate from George R.R Martin’s original text, changing what was originally a scene of explicit sexual consent to one in which Cersei is unequivocally raped by her twin brother, Jaime. In response to furious fan outrage, the episode’s director, Alex Graves, argued that the assault “becomes consensual by the end, because anything for [Cersei and Jaime] ultimately results in a turn-on, especially a power struggle”.

One of the (many) problems with this depiction of Cersei and Jaime’s relationship is in how it cynically capitalised on the idea that “she says no , but she really means yes” in order to titillate its audience. It says a lot about the minds behind the HBO version of Game of Thrones that they felt a sexual relationship between two siblings (twins, for that matter) needed some kind of “spicing up”, and that the age-old trope of the reluctant woman overcome by the power of persuasion was how to go about it.

In fact, it says a lot about our collective conscience that these kinds of storylines remain so persistent. Sex and rape have both been traditionally used as a way of escalating the storylines of male heroes, either by rewarding them in some way (through sex) or allowing them to avenge someone they love (who has been raped).

“<My morning ritual is imposed on me by my society,> I pointed out. <Your society - human society - does not impose a similar requirement.>

<Unless you consider drinking coffee and scarfing a toaster strudel a ritual.>

<I do find the ritual helpful sometimes. On days when I expect to face danger, for example. But it causes me to miss some of the banter between Katie and Matt and Al.>

<Who and who and who?>

<They are the humans who appear regularly on the Today show,> I explained.”

- Book #28: The Experiment, pg. 91 (by K.A. Applegate)


An artist by the name of Steelberg creates awesomely convincing fake VHS covers for modern movies (previously featured here). Each cover looks so great, complete with genre and pricing stickers and even worn plastic sleeves, we’re almost sorry we can’t watch these movies on VHS, bad tracking and all.

Follow iamsteelberg on Instagram to check out many more modern movies in retro VHS cases.

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Ambient-Mixer.com has a section dedicated to the background sounds of fictional worlds, so you can study to the sounds of the Gryffindor common room, read in Belle’s library, or browse the Internet while you’re being chased by a hoard of Dothraki. Source Source 2


We just discovered that Nichelle Nichols, aka Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura and one of the most awesome people around, now has her very own Barbie! The Uhura Star Trek doll was recently released as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

Barbie Uhura is dressed in her original red Federation uniform and comes with a communicator, which she can hold her hand, and a tricorder with a shoulder strap.

And we can all order her here.

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