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Niall Blurb Request - The Cruise

This ship was enormous. Like, I’m going to get lost in it constantly, enormous. Holy shit. I walked down the never ending hallway and finally came to a stop at room number 2482. I popped the key card into the door and stepped in. I tossed my bag on the bed as I looked around. It was pretty standard - bed, desk, television on the dresser, decent bathroom. It would do. I never slept that well when I wasn’t in my own bed, anyway, so my expectations weren’t that high.

This cruise hadn’t been my idea but when Melanie had started talking about getting the high school crew back together again, this is what we had collectively come up with. It would be fun, I admitted to myself.  It had been years since we had all been in the same place at the same time so we were going to make the most of it. Besides, I could certainly do with some much needed girl time. Matt and I had finally called our marriage quits six months ago after trying for years to make things work. It was overwhelming trying to step back into normalcy. And the dating world? Forget about it. I was too old for this shit. Not that 32 was old but Matt and I had been together since we were teenagers, so I didn’t even know how to begin navigating the sketchy waters of dating in your thirties. So far, I was failing pretty spectacularly.

“What are you doing? Get changed so we can head out to the pool!” Melanie said as she and Jen walked in. “It’s time to get our drink on.”

I laughed as I dug out my suit from my bag. “Alright, alright.”

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alpinewitch  asked:

roast me please 🔥

Will do! I drew THE LIMB and THE INSECTS but a third card popped out! We have a guest visit from THE BLACK DOLL.

The limb indicates that you may be in a rather unsteady predicament but it’s of your own doing. Apparently, you’re terrible at keeping your word on things. You may even have a bit of a martyr complex where you want to help all the time, except when someone asks you to do something. Oh, but do stay away from large theaters, the curtains are loose and surprisingly heavy.

The Insects are a rather active card today! In this case, in combination with the limb it shows you may be getting some disagreeable news. And a muscle spasm of colossal proportions. Field harvesters may or may not have a vendetta against you, especially in September, so remember to stay away from wheat fields.

As a whole, it seems like you’re rather a person who is accident prone and can’t be relied on except for your ability to chatter ceaselessly.

Ah but the BLACK DOLL has a specific message. That thing your afraid of? Yep, that one, it’s slowly approaching. Not as slowly as the harvesters, mind you.

Just Student Witch Things

✨Enchanting pencils before exams

✨Cursing cruel instructors

✨Blessing the library before finals week

✨Making tarot cards out of cheap card stock during boring lectures

✨Doodling sigils on the corner of tests for good luck

Can’t decide which one to listen too ;; #poppunkproblems

Little tips for the college witch!

I know personally how hard it can be to maintain doing the witchy things you love when you’re at college. Here are some things you can do that don’t take long while you’re at college!

1.) Do a one card tarot reading for yourself! My favorite is just asking: “What should I work on today?” This prevents any worrying cards from popping up and discouraging you in your academic endeavors.

2.) Sigils sigils sigils! Write them in your notebooks, on your art supplies, whatever! Scroll through this tag and check out what they have!

3.) Use your desk as a mini sacred space! You almost always have a desk at college, so if you do, fill a space with your little witchy things. One shelf of my desk holds crystals, a salt lamp, my tarot cards, and essential oils and herbs!

4.) Cleansing: My favorite method of cleansing is by using sage, but we aren’t allowed to have smoke in the dorms. Instead, I place my crystals near a salt lamp! The light from the lamp with cleanse the objects placed near it. You can just leave your lamp on while you’re in the room, and it’ll do the cleansing for you! (Please note that not all crystals should touch salt! Some can be highly toxic, so please do your research.) 

5.) Spell jars! You might not even be allowed to have candles in your room, or you might need to be a little more low-key with roommates. Spell jars are a great low-key way to do spells. Here is a great masterpost 

6.) Crystals! Throw a crystal in your bag with you when headed off to class. Citrine is an easy and affordable crystal that is great for confidence!

7.) Don’t be discouraged. A witch that only practices once a month is still a witch. If you can’t do any of these other tips, just practice the more internal practices of your own craft. This can include being mindful, having a vegetarian/vegan meal, and even meditating for a quick second while in the bathroom stall! Your craft is your own. (These are just some examples. Follow your own craft and beliefs when doing this.)

I hope some of these tips helped you! Feel free to add some more. 


I made this pop-up card for Misha!

It was tough to make it though.. I cut out my illustrations of Misha, Cas, Sock monkey and etc from cardboard and made very simple pop-up mechanism, then tore Japanese paper into small pieces and glued them onto the card. (So you can feel softness when you touch the surface) And I tried to write the letter in English but the result was.. ugh.. That’s still too difficult for me..     

When I gave it to Misha at the autograph session (at Hollycon tokyo), he inspected it closely and said “Is this.. paper..? You drew these? ..Really!? Wow, you’re so talented.. Thank you for this!” And I sweated with both excitement and embarrassment.. There are lots of fans far more talented than me.

When You're a Witch (Pt. 5)

I’m rapidly learning that my tarot deck has a sense of humor… I was shuffling in while walking home (keeps my hands busy, prevents me from walking with my nose in my phone, and helps build a bond with the deck). As I walked, a card popped out and fell to the ground. I pick it up: 8 of wands reversed. Delays in travel.

“Huh. Okay.” I pick up the card and continue shuffling and walking. Just before I get home, a card pops out and falls to the ground face up. Eight of Wands. Reversed. Right in front of me. Like it was saying, “See? Told you that you’d be delayed! I did it!” All while laughing as I shuffle it again.

I knew getting this deck was a good idea. I can relate. XD

You Can’t Look Back // Taking Back Sunday