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louisiana creole clarisse headcanons for your consideration:

* clarisse and silena used to speak french to each other, though never around the other aphrodite kids (it wasn’t always pg)
* she and her mom spoke creole some at home growing up, but no one at camp spoke it so she gradually began to forget it as she got older
* when she met hazel and found out she was from new orleans, clarisse was thrilled to have someone to speak creole and eat cajun food with (she didn’t let on too much, of course)
* speaking of cajun food, clarisse makes a mean étouffée…she’s actually a great cook, but it doesn’t really align with the ares kid image, so she keeps it on the dl
* silena (and eventually hazel) are the only people clarisse cooks for
* she gets rave reviews every time
* like a lot of creole people, clarisse doesn’t know too much about her exact ethnic background
* most people read her as black, but she’s also really proud of her choctaw heritage
* finding out she was half greek god was rough for clarisse, because she was raised as a devout catholic
* eventually she learns how to balance her religion with her life as a demigod. she still gives something up for lent
* (usually hazing new demigods. everyone wonders why every spring clarisse gets nice all of a sudden)
* and of course, she still goes hard as fuck on mardi gras
* whenever she misses her mom and other relatives, she’ll put on some zydeco or swamp pop
* you’d think the ares cabin would drag her for it, but they’re mostly chill
* and anyway, if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with her
* she’s pretty sure none of her gods, greek or christian, would have a problem with her beating the shit out of any punk who disrespects her culture

basically, just consider clarisse la rue refusing to give up her cultural roots and being proud as fuck of her creole heritage

anonymous asked:

What kind of music/songs would the batboys listen to?

lets see…

Dick- I think Dick is the kind of person who is into whatever music is popular at the time, one of the longest stints was uptown funk. But he is also pretty into classic rock, Journey, Led Zeppelin, the such. Don’t stop Believing is probably his favorite song (to lip sync at three in the morning, dancing on the bed in his apartment)

Jason- Jason of course has to keep up his image, so he mainly listens to punk/alternative rock. Like seriously. Most of his playlist is just Green Day, (although I’m pretty sure theres some Fall Out Boy on there too). His favorite song is most likely American Idiot.

Tim-Tim’s playlist basically sounds like he went onto spotify and had a seizure. Like it’ll go from Twenty-One Pilots to bluegrass whistling to Beethoven’s Fifth. He mainly likes to listen to Indie/Alternative Rock, bands like Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, The Killers. His favorite song is Viva La Vida or Warriors.

Damian- Damian likes Arabian pop, as a nod to his heritage. He also is actually quite fond of the Beatles,Of Monsters and Men, and don’t tell anyone but he most definitely has The Devil Went Down To Georgia on there. It seems slightly random but he likes to branch out. His favorite song is The Last Rendezvous (أخر ميعا) by Ahmed Gamal. (here’s the translation for it x, and song is here x)

Theatre Book - Macbeth
Theatre Book - Macbeth is an augmented reality pop-up book that brings 'the Scottish play' to life with miniature projection mapping. Created by Davy and…

Theatre Book - Macbeth is an augmented reality pop-up book that brings ‘the Scottish play’ to life with miniature projection mapping. Created by Davy and Kristin McGuire in 2014, the multi media book features six pop-up pages designed like sets on a stage, with actors projected onto the paper scenery. Macbeth is the first story of a series of AR pop fiction books.