pop and schlock

Hey everyone, we’d like to thank you for supporting the show. We’re incredibly happy with the way things have worked out for us in these first few weeks. We have big plans to improve the show in the days, months, and years to come.

But today I just wanted to tell everyone how best they can support the show so we can make those improvements.

First and foremost, subscribe to the show on iTunes. If we can get noticed and ranked we can hopefully bring in sponsorships and that might help us get some interesting people to appear on the podcast in the future. It all snowballs, really. Rating us and leaving a review helps as well.

Also head over to the show’s page on Stitcher Radio and give us a rating/review there as well if possible. There are a ton of great podcasts on there and the more listeners,ratings, and reviews we have the more likely it will be that new folks will find us there.

Also follow us on twitter (our handle is @PopSchlockPod) and like us on Facebook (click here for our FB page). We plan on doing promotional giveaways if we have enough people there interested. Also we keep everyone updated on new episodes that way as well.

Once again thank you all for the support. You are awesome and we hope you continue to enjoy the show!