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Diablo! Damn it. I’m trying to get out, not go deeper. But, I guess, this time the only way out… is through.” Mosaic

Cover art for Mosaic #008, “Take the ‘A’ Train”

Art by Khary Randolph and Emilio López


Topp Dogg reveals music video teaser for “Top Dog” off upcoming 3rd mini-album, “AmadeuS”

After revealing two individual video teasers of members Hansol and B-Joo, Topp Dogg reveals a music video teaser for “Top Dog.” Set to be the title track of their 3rd mini-album “AmadeuS,” just like the title suggests, a play on Mozart’s classical style can be heard in the teaser and seen in some of the dance and even outfits.

The track will boast a strong and dramatic concept with elements of rap, electronic music, and hip-hop. The mini-album will be released on June 9th.

Are you excited for “Top Dog” and “Amadeus”?

Source: Stardom Entertainment


#9 Best Songs of the 1980′s - It’s My Life - Talk Talk

My brother always hated No Doubt. I never found them to be terribly offensive or terribly interesting, but I liked that “My shit is banana’s” song. It’s a terribly wonderful song along with other terribly wonderful songs like Keesha’s, Don’t Stop, and Falco’s, Rock Me Amadeus. Pop songs so profoundly ridiculous we’re left with no other choice but to make hideous faces at ourself in the mirror of our suffocating narcissism.

Anyway, I asked my brother why he burned down half the county and slaughtered thousands of peasants every time No Doubt came on the radio. Over the hail of gunfire and roaring jets I could barely make out that he was upset about No Doubt’s cover of, It’s My Life, originally done by his favorite band, Talk Talk.

I didn’t know anything about Talk Talk, other than I’d considered the song, It’s My Life for my silly book about 1980’s pop hits. Then in doing some research. I discovered Talk Talk was a helluva great ‘80s band. They made these huge noisy dense improvised masterpiece albums after all their big pop success. Albums that got them sued by their label for not being “commercially satisfactory”. (Let’s all raise a glass to the commercially unsatisfactory!)

Anytime an artist deconstructs words, color and sound I’m thrilled by the vital carnage. Yes! Tear it-a-fuckin-part. Art is such a wonderful place to succumb to the base urge of deconstruction. Especially with music. Because it’s totally 4 dimensional. Music is just something we can’t explain, but like electricity or Heidegger or Pro Wrestling it speaks to something primal, something essential. 

It’s like the dream we had
where we were a forest
full of animals
wind and water 


A whole mind blowing forest
then a mountain
an ocean
an entire world
the cosmos
beyond and beneath

discovering ourselves
as everything