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really, I just wanted to draw a small floating kiibo head in the middle of a large canvas 


Popstar Meme | Relationships [2/?] - Conner4Real & Ashley Wednesday

There’s moments in your life when, all of a sudden, everything just clicks into place. And you’re, like, “oh, shit! This is my person. This is who I’m gonna spend my life with.”


I’ve been on a character-making roll lately, so for this one I combined two of my favorite things.

hips and chicks-wait no
Because I’m bad with names, I’m calling her Magiken, or Magi for short.


10 Imogen Poots Performances(Update)

“It is a difficult one, as you get scripts where women are just objects. If a role has been too one-dimensional I have turned it down. I still try to be a feminist in some tiny way. There is more for women in terms of character roles now. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith have constantly changed over the years and challenged themselves with different roles. That’s impressive.”

12 Days of Check, Please! Christmas

Day Two: Ice skating (the fun kind)
Prompts by @nsfwzimbits
I could use my baby as an excuse for why I didn’t get even a half-assed fic out of this… but I won’t.

Jack invites everyone to the holiday family skate with the falconers
-why anyone is surprised, he has no idea. Ofc the Samwell guys (and lardo) are his family
-he was a closed off mess before he met them

they’re In Awe ™

remember when Dex had literally no chill at hazeapalooza and talks to jack about his ass?
-He does that again
-with soooo many players

but nursey only trips twice on his way to the ice
-poots looks vaguely distressed
-guy laughs

chowder is the calmest of all of them??
-how, my child?
-“they’re just normal people, guys!”
-He disappears for a few hours
-bitty walks in on them staring at pucks then slowly walks back out

speaking of bitty

he is an immediate hit with all the falconer’s kids.
-He may kidnap thirday’s daughter one day
-she’d be over the moon if he does
-she bugs thirdy for weeks about figure skating lessons
-(even though she has showed no interest in ice at all up to that point)

the surprise of the day is that lardo is too???
-she refuses to talk to kids like they’re dumb and they LOVE IT
-“you mean you skate with all the big boys?!”
-“I don’t just skate with them, I tell those useless boys how to skate!”
-…the parents don’t appreciate so much that she doesn’t censor herself

Holster propositions Tater for Ransom?
-“hey, my boyfriend thinks you’re hot. You should try him on for size.”
-tater finds him hilarious
-all three of them have a date for the day after christmas???

Georgia keeps a close eye on bitty
-because maybe the falc’s have been talking about adding speed to the roster for a few years now
-and because bitty is the faster skater she’s ever seen
-she ambushes jack about it the next day
-“what do you mean he hasn’t even considered the nhl?!”

Shitty immediately gravitates to the WAGs SOAPs
-“because jack is my motherfucking life partner”
-“no you’re not, shitty”
-(he sort of is)

Jack just sits back and watches
-his two families fit together perfectly
-and it’s so wonderful

he can’t remember ever being so happy