Since I’m back to using my old laptop, I found a little ancient gem. haha
(Also a cute little Kiki I drew & put on a chewed up toothpick!)

This list was probably created in…2009. haha
It’s amazing what all can happen in just 4 years.

Most of what’s on this list is still true, some of them are being taken care of, and none of them have actually finalized. I’m a nerrrrrd.

- - - 

Also, fair warning, I may be posting old art work/adding it to my queue for the next few days! (I’ll date them. Hopefully. haha)

Webcomic Starting

Hey hey followers!

Just a heads up, I started my webcomic blog! Yay!

Since my Senior Grad Portfolio is going to be my webcomic, I’ll be posting the process, progress and final results of my concept illustrations, final pages, official website (when it’s ready), etc. :D

I know I have like a billion page links at the top of my blog, and there’s not a ton of stuff going on with the webcomic right this moment, but it will be soon! The link is: REORIGIN webcomic.

Hit it up if you’re interested!
Most of what’s on the blog now is stuff I’ve already posted here. But, I’m no longer going to be posting all the webcomic related art on here, so if it’s something you’ve enjoyed seeing so far, head on over to REORIGIN!

That’s all!

what up followers!

Just a little list of things I will be doing this summer.

  • get re-started on my webcomic
  • finish the two children’s books I haven’t been able to get to all semester
  • do as many first fridays as possible
  • do more independent work, esp. large paintings
  • don’t stop drawing people from life–art stalking is fun!
  • kickball, because YESSS!
  • get better about making lists, plans, & schedules


  • make Sarah’s man-tree-chart a posterific reality
  • I’m so graphsign right now I can’t even deeeal