(above is my own photo)
My friend went to get her cartilage pierced at a shop called bedazzled. Before she went, I specifically advised her to get it done with a needle, not a gun, and recommended a reputable shop. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen. This shop gives free piercings with purchase of earrings, which cost about $60. (You could get a piercing done with a needle, and a titanium stud for $50 at the shop I recommended)

I went to check out the shop that she had went to a few weeks afterwards, and was shocked. They advertised “free, painless, sterile piercings with purchase of earring”.

As seen above, it is basically a stapler using the earring as the needle (blunt!). They did not offer needle piercings. I asked whether they wore gloves during the procedure, and was told “No! Why would we need to wear that? Everything is sterile”

I asked the woman how she disposed of the cartridges after piercing, and she showed me a drawer with HUNDREDS of used cartridges (which could have tissue/blood on them, not sterilized, all checked together) and picked one up with her bare hands! (breeding ground for bacteria) Those same bare hands which she soon pierced another customer. Ugh.

Another moment:

“May I see your autoclave please?”

“What’s that?”



Oh my god that is disgusting, especially the no gloves and the drawer or cartridges. Like I don’t even think claire’s stores their used ones like that.

poorlymodified reblogged your photo: These tapers really are huge. Guess they just…

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Aw. Watch your ear look like shit after. 😊

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Okay. A poorlymodified blog just reblogged this? Really? Okay. They don’t know me, that’s alright. Oh wait, no. It’s not. Don’t assume shit. Those are 7/16" stainless steel tapers. I put them in after having my 00g ears for about 5 months. They didn’t even hurt when I put the tapers in. The reason why I said they looked big was not because of how big the gauge was, but how big the taper itself was. It’s 2" in length. Plus it’s steel so it’s a little heavy. My ears look gorgeous. Not that cat asshole lookin shit. They are perfectly healthy. And I will stretch them safely, like i always do, to ½" when I get my glass plugs in the mail.

Okay? Okay. I’m done.

This is a blowout. 

Blowouts occur when you stretch too fast or you are using the wrong jewelry. When you stretch you have to make sure that you wait a certain amount of time.

16g - 8g wit at least one month

6g - 2g wait at least two months

0g - 00g+ wait at least three months

If you stretch too fast, this can happen. Also if you skip sizes. NEVER ever skip a size.

If this can happen to you when you get it done professionally, why risk doing it yourself? Never self pierce guys. If you hit the wrong vein, you will have a load of trouble. There are two main veins in your tongue. Think it over guys, and please don’t be stupid and un-educated. 

industrial bar

about 2 years ago i got my industrial pierced at avant garde, little did i know they pierced it in the wrong spot (too high) i took it out because it started to hurt a lot and my hair kept getting tangled around it. when i got my septum done the piercer noticed the scarring on my ear and asked where i got it done, he told me it was done in the wrong spot and called avant garde “rape piercing” (get in, shut up, get out) now i only go to starship where they actually TELL you informationabout your piercing rather then pierce you and say “done”. the scar itches and hurts occasionaly now, but im glad starship told me it was done wrong so now ill never go back to A.G.


At least you found a new shop that you like and that is professional in that way. I would have said something to the old shop.



i dont even know….omg.


Um… I have NO idea what was injected into them, if it was anything. They have some pretty messed up foreheads, but a bad poorly modified thing on the girl on the left is that eyebrow. But other than that, I don’t see anything bad besides the eyebrow and the foreheads…

this is my own photo, of my own foot. it’s supposed to be a kodama, or tree spirit, from the miyazaki movie princess mononoke. before i turned 18 i was so set on getting tattoos, and i visited good, reputable shops often, to ask questions and search for artists. i was immersed in the body mod culture, but obviously i just couldn’t wait the 2 months until turning 18 to get my first tattoo. so 1 late night, a bottle of india ink, a sewing needle, and some piercing aftercare lotion later, i’d stuck this abominable creation into my leg. needless to say, within a week of turning 18, after all the ink had washed out and left slight grey marks on the inside of my ankle, i had that monster covered with what it was supposed to look like.

don’t stick and poke. please don’t.

Pick your friends wisely.

When I was 15 years old, I wanted another piercing besides my earlobes. I thought it’d be nice to get my cartilage done in both ears, and I told my friends at a sleepover one day that I wanted to go to a shop to get it on my birthday. They insisted that instead of wasting 40 or so dollars, that I should let them do it. I declined, even though my friend got away very lucky with her self planned lip piercing and that was the reason why she was safe. I told her no, and she got very upset but let the issue go once we settled down for bed.

I’m a notoriously heavy sleeper - so much so that I did not feel my friends numbing my cartilage with an ice cube, poking a ‘sterilized’ sewing needle through my ear, and putting an earring post in it. I woke up early that morning to find the pillow having a ring of blood in the fabric and my face caked in congealed blood. I was so shocked they did it anyway that I tried to remove it, but it took several minutes because it had so much crusty pus and blood that I was crying while doing so. When my mother picked me up I foolishly didn’t tell her, because they were still my friends.

A little over a week had passed, and every now and then crust built up around the hole. I scratched it off thinking it’d heal on it’s own. One day, I touched it and I stopped breathing for a whole 5 seconds, almost blacking out from the pain. My body was telling me something - that I had a serious infection. I told my mother I needed a doctor now, and I was rushed to the hospital, where a doctor squeezed out a black lump out of my ear and put me on antibiotics. If I had not gone as soon as I did, I could’ve lost my ear. Thankfully there’s a small purple scar and bump there now, but I was advised never to pierce at that spot again, which crushed me. Needless to say, my mother never let me hang out with these friends once she found out that they had done this to me without consent.

Normal piercings done right rarely get infected. My nose piercing only does when I get a cold which is rather understandable. Please, for the love of god, pick friends with good common sense who would never want that to happen to them either - or to you!