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Hiya Cory! What's your fave movie? I'm sorry your host is sick but now your out so you get to play right? What's the first thing you're gonna do? -from roza

Hi Roza sorry I didn’t reply before I was asleep! Think my fave movie is big hero 6 because baymax is the best or inside out! What’s yours? Didn’t really play because I feel very poorly but watched kungfu panda. I had a shower and it started smoking! Snorlaxs partner turned it off before fire but it scared me! I hate being wet and hate fire 😳 Someone will fix it soon. I hope you are ok! From Cory

@halfofxerxes liked your post:slothfulbear: Bad news, Since I poorly planned…

Panda couldn’t believe his eyes.

He gently blinks for a moment as he stares at Van. It was early in the morning and here he was.

Panda moved out of the way to allow him in now; Currently wearing a blue pajama outfit with small panda’s on it, the shirt was a bit tight on him so his stomach pudged out in it and you could easily see how chubby his stomach was.

“What are you doing here so early sunshine? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

Panda asked Van as he rubbed his eyes. He’s a little tired, but seeing him here and the sun not even near up yet quickly woke him up.

It wasn’t usual for the other to come straight here after work? Unless?