poorly handled film

wonder woman is legit one of the best movies i’ve ever seen

seriously, it was worth every single cent and more. i literally can’t critique it. i couldn’t if i tried. literally everything about it was everything i never knew i needed out of superhero films and four hours later i still can’t stop talking about it and i think my sister’s gonna kill me.

some very high points/reasons why everybody and their mother should go see it:

  • the first twenty minutes or so with the amazons. okay, so i legit teared up in a lot of their scenes (especially the training scenes and the fight on the beach) just because it was so amazing to see women doing this, for them to be powerful like this. also it was amazing for them not to be sexualised, for not all of them to be young or to have flawless skin, and for the glimpses of diversity in colour and body type.
  • also bby!Diana was adorable <33333
  • there were quite a few traditional gender specific tropes that were flipped quite nicely as well. like i didn’t feel like Diana was ever the subject of the male gaze but the scene with Steve in the bath was literally your stereotypical accidental naked scene that most female characters get put into with the gender flipped. it was nice to see (Chris Pine’s abs were also nice to see)
  • also Steve Trevor? like he’s such a good, well-rounded character? and his relationship with Diana is so cute? there was such a potential for him to have been another rendition of the kinda misogynistic jerkass but he never is? he believes in Diana the entire time. even though he might not always think she’s doing what’s best he never actually doubts her. anD THAT LINE AT THE END “i can save today, you can save the world” NO THANKS I DIDN’T NEED MY HEART
  • i fully expected int that scene at No Man’s Land when they said that no man has ever crossed it for Diana to just go “I am no man.” 
  • also representation? main people include a moroccan and a native american and they actually bother to acknowledge racism and the fact that the British (the “good guys” no less) have done shitty things
  • oh yeah and Diana is totally bi. please. 
  • on that topic, really appreciate how they did the scene with Diana and Steve talking about sex. that could have gone very wrong so easily with Diana being all naive but instead they went nah and please Steve, she’s experienced. 
  • since i just noticed i haven’t actually talked about it, let me talk about our lord and saviour Diana Prince. not only is she a badass female superhero but she also doesn’t shirk from femininity. her being a warrior doesn’t take away from her being a woman. she never rejects wearing dresses (outside of practicality reasons), she still coos at babies, she dances. all too often being a character as powerful as Wonder Woman comes at the cost of being a woman. this never happens here. i also love that unlike so many of DC’s other superheroes (*coughcoughBatmancoughcough*), she sees so much hope in the world. her whole thing throughout the movie is that it must be a god that are causing men to be corrupted and when she discovers that things aren’t so black and white she doesn’t throw in her shield and give up on mankind. she sees that there can be good there too and she chooses to continue to protect mankind. also let it be said that there was nothing in this movie that diana did that she didn’t specifically want to do. seriously. everything was her choice. she literally said that Steve, for all his good intentions, could not tell her what to do. honestly, i’m so happy for all the little girls who went to see this movie and now want to grow up to be wonder woman.
  • everything else being said, seeing Remus Lupin in that role made me really uncomfortable

so yeah, please go see. honestly, after i left the movie theatre i kind of realised that i’d never seen a female led superhero movie (never watched Catwoman or Elektra) and I had literally only seen one other female led movie that even compared to Wonder Woman (the glory that is Mad Max: Fury Road). and that was weird. it was a weird feeling to watch a movie like Wonder Woman and to be so empowered by it, to cry because it meant so much to see women being so unequivocally, so independently the heroes. i wish this was a movie that i got to see about 12 years ago to be honest.

finally, how the fuck do i even watch a superhero movie after that?

Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Spider-Man has not had the best luck in the past ten years. First came Spider-Man 3, which is a messy, corny, but still watchable movie. Then came The Amazing Spider-Man, which was a bland reboot that had a few good points but wasn’t too impressive. Then that movie was followed up by easily one of the worst superhero films ever made, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a trainwreck of a film that repeated and enhanced every flaw of the third Raimi film. As you can guess, people were concerned Homecoming would fuck up, even though this was a joint effort between Sony and Marvel. Considering some of Sony’s recent films, it’s understandable one might be worried their shitty decisions might affect this movie, especially when they handled Spidey poorly three films in a row.

So how did they do? REALLY FUCKING WELL. This is, hands down, the best Spider-Man movie yet made; sorry Spider-Man 2, you’ve been dethroned, if only by a slim margin. This movie manages to do almost everything right in rebooting someone who has already been rebooted once, and though it does have some issues here and there, for the most part this is one of the most enjoyable and fun superhero films in a while.

The story concerns Peter and his obsessive desire to be seen as worthy to Tony Stark, so that he can achieve his dream of being an Avenger. Things get complicated since he has to juggle school and superheroics, and now he’s finding out that street thugs are getting powerful alien weapons somehow, this ‘somehow’ coming in the form of a group of former city contractors displaced by Stark’s Damage Control business lead by the disgruntled Adrian Toomes, or as comic fans may know him, the Vulture. The big question is: can Peter balance his superhero and school life, defeat Vulture, and impress Stark all at once? Or is this one challenge not even Spider-Man can handle?

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