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I just read all of alm and it's so good :D I wasn't one for Alpha cc but the way you use it makes it looks so good. I love the way you tell the story too. I'm actually in love with your blog right now.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! Thank you for sending me such a sweet message OMG. Have a spooky scary skeleton gif because I’m in a spoopy mood. I’m glad you found something to enjoy despite my alphaness :) ♥

hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

ok so first i’d like to give a special shout out to Naghma aka @uniquely-mii!! although we have a six hour time difference, i just wanted to thank you for always being there for me and for simply being you! you’re honestly one of the best people i know (and one of my best friends on here:’)!) and i really enjoy talking to you! (i also love how we always talk in caps unless it’s something serious,,idk how that started but i love caps and it’s my aesthetics)hopefully one day soon our schedules will align and we’ll be able to skyPE once and for all:’)! i really hope we get to meet one day so i can finally give u the biggest hug in the world and so we can finally get to hang out! i love u so much and stay amazing (ps my rooster says hi:) ) xxx

also shout out to the LOUIS MAKES EVERYONE (?) gc aka my lovely wife becca, zoe , keri , america , and bella! idk what the question mark in a box that comes after “EVERYONE” bc as yall know, i still havent updated my phone so im left in the dark when it comes to those things rip (i should probably update my phone soon),,which brings me to my next point ! thank yall for putting up with my constant emphasizing “..” and me being ghost 78% of the time rip i still love u all tho and i hope we all get to meet each other some day:’) know that im always here for you all:’) stay cool guys xxx


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once again thank you all for everything and following this mess™ of a blog! i may not talk to u all but i still love every single one of yall!! stay safe and have a fantastic summer!!

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....... *grabs nearby knife* Who was that woman that hurted our beautiful sunshine angel?? ..... Yoongi and Taehyung would you mind going on a killing spree with me?? 😈😈🔪🔪

i love this owl man and no one can change my mind


Ace Spectrum Characters: Daniela Velasquez (Sense8)

Dani is lithsexual. She experiences sexual attraction but has no desire to receive sexual intimacy. Looking the way she does, being in the limelight, Daniela has learned to use her sexuality to her advantage but she has never wanted to have any sexual desires reciprocated. Joaquin could never satisfy her sexually because she did not want to be sexually involved with another person and she only used sexual advances on Lito because she thought that’s what he wanted and what would get her away from Joaquin. A queerplatonic relationship with Lito and Hernando where she can look and not be touched is a perfect dynamic for Daniela.

please contribute to my gofundme so I can be launched from a massive slingshot straight into hussies home, punching through his wall like the kool aid man to both a) earn his respect and b) strike fear into his heart. then with this leverage ill get him to give me access to the mspa site and upload a ten minute poorly edited BUT sourced video of davekat fanart with me screaming for the audio, thus achieving canonity once and for all


Dino: What’s wrong with him?
Seungkwan: He’s always like that. He’s doing it because he knows that there will be short clips of him.

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who "founded" the lgbt community? ive heard it was black trans women but i want to make sure and sorry for bothering you

no problem. when ppl talk about who founded the community. they usually are refering to Stonewall. which was the start of the modern fight for lgbt rights and equality in the US.

stonewall was a gay bar that got raided by police. and they took all the ppl dressed as women to “check their sex”. and any woman who didn’t have the socially-mandated ‘correct’ genitals for a woman was arrested by the police. so then riots followed. for a few days.

Sylvia Rivera (a bi trans woman) and Martha P Johnson (a trans woc) were some of the bigger figures in the riots. another notable person was Stormé DeLarverie (a butch lesbian woc) who during the riots escaped from the police wagon multiple times and physically fought 4 police officer while in handcuffs.

the riots sparked many other people to rise up against violence (mostly against gay and lesbian ppl bc trans was illegal basically) and formed groups and with the slogan “d*kes bash back” to literally fight back against the police violence against lesbian and gay ppl. (unfortunately around this time terf idealogy started getting popular. and many ppl saw trans women as ‘transvestites’ and not really women. conversion therapy, aka torture, also became popular following the riots)

the stonewall inn riots were the single most important event that sparked the lgbt fight for rights in the us. with in two years after the riots there was a major lgbt group in every major city in the us.

some ppl call the stonewall riots “the shot heard around the world” for the lgbt movement. before everything was kept in secrecy and shame. and stonewall was the call to arms.

if there was never stonewall riots. there never would have been any of the rights and visibility lgbt people have today in the us.

Sense8 - Hogwarts Houses

I already know people are gonna disagree with some of the sortings. But hear me out.

Will and Capheus are obvious Gryffindors, they’re brave, chivalrous, honorable and just. Capheus is loyal to his mother and Jela but is morally sound in saving people who are not his ally (Silas). Will is driven by doing what’s right - Sarah Patrell, investigating Angela’s death, saving the kid, finding and saving Nomi, taking care of his father. 

Kala is a Ravenclaw not just because she’s a scientist or values her career above marriage, but also in the way she studies and devotes herself to her religion. Wisdom and knowledge are part of who she is and what she seeks to gain from the combined study of both science and religion. Riley has all of the key traits of Ravenclaws are individuality, originality, creativity (her skills as a DJ are recognized as a phenomena), wisdom and acceptance (she readily accepts the experiences of the other sensates before anyone else).

Lito is not only a Hufflepuff when it comes to being loyal to Hernando and eventually Daniela, but he is also hardworking with his acting career and dedicated (although we can argue he has some Slytherin traits with his acting career and subterfuge). Try to fight me on loyal, reliable, hardworking, dedicated, patient and tolerant Sun as the perfect Hufflepuff, you will lose. 

Nomi has a lot of Ravenclaw tendencies yes but she is a Slytherin - cunning, ambitious, resourceful, determined and a great leader to the infiltration plan, she will take down anyone who threatens those she loves. Wolfgang is an obvious Slytherin, not because he’s the morally ambiguous sensate but because he is clever (who else would have an RPG in their trunk), he’s all about fraternity with Felix, and we can also apply power, determination and self-preservation to him (at least before the suicide mission, he was very good at keeping himself alive by playing nice with his family and taking out those who threaten him).