poorly done as an experiment

“Also, also, I don’t like the OC hate. If it’s a well made OC, then why are you hating on it? I’ve done various amounts of research for my OC, Indiana, and I’m still scared to roleplay with her because I’m scared people don’t want to roleplay with her or even learn about her.“

OC hate, if baseless, is pretty bad.  I speak this from experience as someone who used to hate OC’s with a burning passion and just denied every one of them due to most of their creators throwing tantrums at me and refusing to accept constructive criticism.  Nowadays, I try to be more tolerant only because of a friend who has a pretty great OC, but I need to address your final point: the one where you address having fear of people not wanting to roleplay with your Indiana OC.

This may sound harsh and blunt, but that’s just how some people are, myself included.  I don’t hate OC’s needlessly nowadays and do try to give more chances, but I certainly don’t have much interest in them.  Especially not in roleplaying.   It may sound disheartening, yes, but you need to understand that roleplaying is a two-way street.  I’ve had that happen to me where I was RP’ing Nyo!Vietnam and I had a poorly done OC shoved onto me.  If one of you isn’t interested or invested, the roleplay will most likely not go well.  Likewise, you can simply just find somebody else: I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone that accepts OC’s for RP’ing.

That saying so, don’t give up or feel scared at facing other people’s opinions towards your OC.  Yeah, it can hurt or sting, but that’s life.  Don’t let it get you down and just keep going.  Express and introduce your OC but do it in a way that isn’t imposing.  Ask the person politely if they don’t mind RP’ing with an OC first and if they say yes, you’re gold and may have a new RP partner.  If no, respect their wishes and find another person.

OC’s are a very touchy subject in fandoms, in general, and I think it’s mainly because of the sections that really ruin it for everyone.  

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Parts of Me (part 6)

-A Leonard McCoy x reader mini-series-

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“Sir, with all due respect, we cannae jus’ le’ her go back down there.” Scotty scurried to follow Leonard as he followed you down the hall. 

“We can, unless you plan on restraining her and keeping her hostage, which might kill her just as fast.” Leonard scowled as he directed you verbally through the halls to the transporter room. 

“I know, but isn’t there somethin’ we can do?  She’s not medically stable you could…”

“If she doesn’t want medical care, she can refuse.”

“But she’s part o’ the enemy people, surely we could hold her in the brig…”

Leonard turned on Scotty, and the older man almost ran smack into his chest. “I’m not keeping her prisoner, Scotty.  That’s final.” He took a breath and checked to make sure you weren’t in hearing distance. “She’s been through enough, I’m sure, did you see how it was connected to her nerves, to her brain? It was crude and poorly done, like a first-timer’s job.  Like an experiment.” Leonard shook his head.  “If she won’t listen to us, maybe we’ll at least have collected enough data to figure out how to stop these bastards.”

Scotty fell silent as he listened, and he knew Leonard was right.  “Aye, ye’re making sense.  Poor kid.” He looked over Leonard’s shoulder at you, who had made your way onto the transporter pad. 

Leonard turned away from Scotty, afraid that his face would give away the chaos of poorly masked emotions that he was feeling.  As a doctor, it was always hard to see patients refuse medical care, but this was different.  Leonard wanted to help you, wanted to see you rid of this computer that was destroying you from the inside out, to see what you are without it.  He wanted to save you.  

“All set, sir.” Scotty’s voice interrupted Leonard’s thoughts.  Scotty had moved to the control panel and was looking back at Leonard. 

Leonard looked over at you, standing on one of the glowing circles, your wild hair matching your wild eyes and set jaw.  Your hands trembled at your sides, and Leonard wondered if you were in any pain right now. 

“Do it, Scotty.” He breathed. “Energize.”

And just like that, you were enveloped in a swirl of golden light and then you were gone. 

“Aren’t we goin’ in after her?” Scotty slipped he headset off his head and stood beside Leonard. 

Leonard sighed. “I’m going to give her a five minute head start, I’m not going to watch her kill herself.”

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imagine steve's mother taught him old family recipes for apple pies and tarts and other little sweets and he likes to spend his free time in the future trying out new recipes for other baked goods like rainbow cake and oreo/chocolate chip cookie/brownies

Steve flicks through cookbooks at first, but pretty quickly moves on to blogs to see what he can try. He tries all kinds of cool stuff: rainbow cakes, brownies stuffed with Oreos stuffed with cookie dough, caramel brownies…

Eventually he branches out, starts experimenting with flavors and colors and then he decides to start his own blog. He starts with all of his best recipes.

People start asking if he’s ever tried certain things; if he’s ever done poorly at something. Infrequently, he posts his failures, or does an experiment that someone asked him to try.

He doesn’t get to post very frequently, because of missions and everything, but at least when he tries new stuff, he has a great panel of people to try everything.

Even Thor puts on a few pounds.