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GOM reacting to yuri on ice?!?! :D

OMG THIS ASK JUST MADE ME SUPER EXCITED. I’m not sure whether this is an MTC ask, gif reaction or headcanons request, so I’m just gonna make a reaction thingy.I hope you like it! - Rin

Long post ahead! Episode 1 spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen it yet!

(I’ll include Momoi and Kuroko in this!) credits to the owners of the gifs!

GoM reacting to Episode 1 of Yuri!! on Ice

Kise: Wow, the opening song is cool! The colors are nice! Do they have this song on Karaoke? Hold on I’m gonna look up the lyrics—

Aomine: Oi Kise, you’re too loud. Shut up.

Kise: Jeez, fine.

Midorima: This is interesting.

Kuroko: Their English is good. Wow.

Kise: We were born to make history.. I’m tweeting this!

Murasakibara: Can I go get some snacks?

Akashi: The episode’s starting. Be quick, you might miss important scenes.

Aomine: Are there only three main characters? The glasses guy in the beginning, blondie and the gray haired dude?

Kise: So the guy with the silver hair’s name is Victor Niki.. what was it again?

Akashi: Nikiforov. So he’s Russian..

Momoi: He’s attractive..

Murasakibara: Their clothes are fancy in figure skating..

Aomine: Glasses guy is back.

Midorima: His name is Yuri Katsuki.

Aomine: Shut up, Glasses guy.

Midorima: *frowns*

Kuroko: He sure is having a hard time..

Kise: Did I hear that right? His family dog died?!?!

Murasakibara: Oh, it’s him.. *bites into his snack* He looks mean..

Murasakibara: Eh, he is.

Akashi: So there are two Yuri’s now.

Aomine: What’s the kid so angry about? Hahaha

Kise: Huh.. Victor’s voice sounds familiar..

Kuroko: I agree.. It sounds kinda like… umm..

Momoi: Why would he turn down his offer? I thought he idolizes him.

Aomine: That Minako girl’s cute.

Murasakibara: Ehhh~ She’s flexible.

Kise: Is Yuri wearing multiple jackets? 

Kise: *gasps* NO WAY

Aomine: What?!

Kuroko: *hugs Nigou*

Momoi: Oh no!!!!

Akashi: Poor dog..

Murasakibara: …..

Kise: Yuri likes this girl?

Kuroko: His younger version is cute.


Aomine: Now I want a poodle.

Momoi: You’ve always liked dogs, huh, Dai-chan.

Kuroko: Oh, he’s copying Victor.

Aomine: Huh, that’s actually pretty cool.

Midorima: I’m impressed.

Murasakibara: Skating looks tiring.

Akashi: His skating is remarkable.

Momoi: Yuri has Victor posters all over his room!!!!!!!!!

Kise: How cool!! His imitation video of Victor went viral!!

Momoi: That Yuri is cute.

Murasakibara: Eh? But he’s mean~


Kise: Look, another dog!!

Aomine: If that dog dies too I’m out.

Momoi: OMG OMG

Kise: But that’s Victor’s–?!

Akashi: Then that means..

Murasakibara: Do you guys have snacks?

Midorima: You’ve had two bags of chips!

Momoi: YES!!

Aomine: Really?

Kise: Look at Yuri’s face hahahaha

Momoi: \(*0*)/

Aomine: What…

Kise: Uh…

Momoi: Yes!!

Kise: Victor’s voice really sounds familiar!!

Midorima: He sounds like Aomine.

Aomine: Hah?

Kise: *gasps* You’re right!!

Murasakibara: Ehh.. Now that you’ve said it..

Akashi: This show is interesting.

Kuroko: Do any of you know how to skate?

Momoi: Next episode please!!!!


“Where are you going, Aomine-kun?”

Daiki had just laced up his basketball shoes when Tetsu emerged from the bedroom, bed head in its full glory. He had rolled to the right (Daiki’s spot was always to his right- he refused to sleep under the window for very ludicrous reasons involving superstitions about aliens, but Tetsu knew better than to question it) in search of comfort in the form of a large tanned back to cuddle. He awoke when his hands had found only slightly warm bed covers.

“Hey, Tetsu. Sorry for waking you, that idiot Kise called and wouldn’t stop whining about 1-on-1, so I was just about to head out. Go back to sleep, it’s still pretty early.” Slinging his bag over his shoulder, Daiki leans down and kisses the shorter boy on the head, smoothing back some of the unruly locks. “Be back later.”

Slender fingers clung onto his shirt, not letting him go.

“What’s wrong, Tet-” Daiki stopped. Was- was Tetsu…pouting?

“…I thought we were going to spend time together, because your parents went on vacation. But instead you’re going to be with Kise-kun. It is a little maddening.” Tetsu mumbles, a red tinge creeping its way onto his cheeks. Daiki stared, mouth slightly agape. 

“Sorry, Tetsu. You were still sleeping, I was planning on getting back before you were even awake.” Daiki explains sheepishly. He hadn’t thought that Tetsu would have minded- he had always been nonchalant about most things.

“I have a limited amount of time like this with Aomine-kun.” Tetsu says softly, thumbing the material of Daiki’s shirt. He leans forward and buries his face into the crook of Daiki’s neck.

“It’s precious.” He whispers. “Are you going to spend that playing 1-on-1? With Kise-kun?”

Daiki smirks, one hand already flipping his phone open and hastily typing out a quick text to Kise. 

“Well then, Tetsu, what do you suppose we do instead?" 



(06:12) Aominecchi
Nvm abt 1on1, found better thing to do

(06:12) Me
EHHH? But Aominecchi! I’ve already left!
(06:13) Me
Aominecchi! Are you there!
(06:14) Me
Aomineccchiiiii! I want 1-on-1! ( ;´Д`)
(06:14) Me

  • Kise: Do you know what my shirt is made of, Kurokocchi?
  • Kise: Boyfriend material. *winks*
  • Kuroko: So that's why it looks too clingy and hard to maintain.

For Akaki Day 1: “Shut up, Kise.” 

Pairing: Akashi/Kise

A/N: Flower Shop AU

The bells on the front door nearly rip off at 11:04 on a calm Friday morning during which he was still reorganizing the store from Valentines Day even though it had been two weeks ago. He had sent Chihiro home exactly twenty minutes ago when he realized nothing more would come from this day besides two or three bouquets sold. Also his presence was only likable when the other was distracted with a light novel, but unfortunately he had recently finished a series and thus was quite chatty about the inadequacies of the plot (to which Seijuro responded simply with light novels weren’t known for their plot and angered Chihiro even more).

Without Chihiro here, he is probably better equipped to deal with the 189 cm mess that walks, or rather charges through his door. 

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Scene from Fandisc regarding GoM and Kise's Perfect Copy
  • Mukkun: Kise-chin don't just copy me on your own. I'll crush you.
  • Kise: Eh?? I need your permission??
  • Mukkun: You gotta pay me 1 year's worth of Umaibo.
  • Kise: No way....
  • Takao: Oh then for Shin-chan it's oshiruko (his red bean drink) right?
  • Midorima: Yeah.
  • Kise: Wait!
  • Reo: What about you Sei-chan? Gonna make it tofu?
  • Akashi: Yeah I should do that.
  • Kise: Akashicchi too?! Everyone's so mean!!

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Hi! Love your D:M work! I was wondering ... what was Kise like when his beloved Senpai suprised him with a visit and what was he like when Senpai had to inevitably leave?

The best times are when Kise is not expecting Kasamatsu to visit. Because then it’s a delight he didn’t know he was going to experience that day, and that’s always the best kind of joy.

The planned visits are good too because it gives him something to look forward to, but those have their own drawbacks. If he can count down the days, the hours, the seconds, it’s a way of keeping sane (unless the visits are too far apart, like when Kasamatsu has exams. Then the numbers just mock him and everything is horrible). If he can say, just five more days, just four more, just hang in there—then the bad days are not so bad because it’s just a matter of surviving until relief.

But if Kasamatsu is late—or worse, if something comes up and he has to cancel (something that happened once before, because his brother got sick, and Kise hated that unknown boy so much for taking away Kasamatsu’s attention—he’d never experienced such agonizing jealousy until that day) then it was so much worse than not expecting him to come at all. So there’s that draw back.

The surprise visits have their own disadvantages because he hasn’t prepared for them. If Kasamatsu suddenly walks into the room and Kise is busy watching a soap opera with Momoi, then Kasamatsu says he should continue watching the soap opera with Momoi and that he doesn’t mind joining them on the couch and that isn’t what Kise wants at all.

(“You’re being so greedy, Kichan!” Momoi had hissed at him once. “I’m not trying to steal Kasa-senpai from you! I just want a friend!”

“You have your internet friends, leave mine alone!” Kise wailed. He got so little time with Kasamatsu, and he wants it all to himself, and he hates Momoi and Kuroko and occasionally even Midorima for trying to take some of that time. At least Murasakibara, Aomine and Akashi leave well enough alone).

“I’m glad you came, Senpai,” Kise says when he gets the chance, because he wants Kasamatsu to know how much it means to him but he’s terrified of scaring him off. “You’ll still come next week, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Kasamatsu says, and Kise wonders if he’s just agreeing to it or if he wants to or if he—

“Are—are you glad you came?”

“Yeah, I had fun,” Kasamatsu says. And he ruffles Kise’s hair like he might a younger brother (which is simultaneously frustrating and thrilling—he likes any contact with Kasamatsu but he really doesn’t want to be treated as a younger brother). “I like hanging out with you, even when you’re being a brat.”

“Senpai, I am always on my best behavior,” Kise pouts.

Kasamatsu just looks faintly amused when he says, “Yeah, I actually believe that. See you next week.”

And that’s the absolute worst part—watching Kasamatsu leave. It’s depressing because this moment marks the furthest time away from the next time he gets to see Kasamatsu, but it also always makes him wonder what Kasamatsu is thinking when he walks away.

Does he miss Kise, when he’s not around? Does he think about Kise at all? Or is this just an obligation, a box to check off as he moves on to the next responsibility.

“You know,” Youji says, “If you didn’t live on base you could probably see him more often. If you went to a high school, for example.”

“What would I do in a high school?” Kise demands, because that suggestion is just ridiculous.

Youji just shrugs. “Yukio plays basketball.”

It’s an absurd thing to think about, but maybe it’s the only possible solution, so that moments like this when he has to watch Kasamatsu walk away from him and not look back won’t exist.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! And thanks for the prompt! I am a big fan of poor pining!Kise =D (Who, of course, does end up happily in love with his senpai). Hope you enjoyed!

Request - Gom + Nijimura + Kagami reacting to Haizaki being whipped by an adorable s/o.

( AU where Niji is still living life with these other kids or like they are used to him being around even if he doesn’t bball? That’s the best thing I could come up with him still being in this request sorry! Also not all the characters are gonna be talking a lot just because then it would be 7 pages, I did this as a scenario if you want just like hc please feel free to request again. )

Nijimura - “How did he manage to get her?”

Kise - “Wah! She’s so cute!”

Aomine - “Shut up Kise, she does have nice boobs though.”

Kuroko - “For once I have to agree with Kise.”

Akashi - “Quite a cute girl indeed.”

Kagami - “His probably keeping her there against her will!”

Midorima - “Keep your head down Murasakibara”

Murasakibara - “Nee, I want more snacks Mido-chin.”

The boys tried their best to stay hidden, while as best as you can when you’re a group of 8 mostly tall basketball players. They had been watching yours and Haizaki’s date sense they came across you two while he was buying you an ice cream in the park. He had a grip tightly around your waist and seemed to glare at anyone who even took a glance at you. Sense when was the boy who would spend one night in the sheets with any girl that had a nice butt so protective? The boys had originally planned on playing basketball on the court which was also in the little park but now all of them were more keen on following you two around, some of the boys were waiting for Haizaki to mess up and you run away and others waiting to step in so he wouldn’t hurt you. But so far Haizaki was, do they dare say, being a gentleman?

“Shougo look!” You squealed breaking out of his tight grasp and running towards something that had gained your attention. “Fuck ___ wait don’t run off!” He said worrying someone else would grab you away from him. After rounding a tree after you, he saw you seated on the ground holding a tiny kitten as other ones crawled onto your legs and into your lap. He groaned at your little kid behavior as you pointed at the free kittens sign. “Shougo can we get one?” You asked looking up at him with puppy eyes.

The group had followed you to where you ran off now almost shivering at the rejection you were about to receive.

Aomine - “No way in hell.”

Kise - “Poor girl! I would get her a kitten just as adorable as her!”

Kuroko - “I would introduce her to #2”

Midorima - “Let me shoot the cats.”

Nijimura stood tall ready to walk in and save you when Haizaki let out a sigh pulling you up with the kitten in your arms. “Is that what you would like babe?” You nodded eagerly looking back down at the black kitten in your arms. “I can’t say no to you.” He whispered pulling you against him as you cradled the animal in your arms smiling up at your boyfriend. “I love you.” You said sending him a bright smile.

“Love you to.” He grumbled kissing your forehead but as he looked up he saw his old team plus that one idiot he got in a fight with last winter cup (aka Kagami) and his faced hardened.

“Oi Haizaki your whipped.” Aomine called out with a smirk. Haizaki flipped him off behind your back as to not ruin your innocence that he took a long time ago. You turned around in his arms seeing the boys. “Oh! Are they your friends?” You said waving at them causing most to blush. “No, we are leaving bring the cat.”

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Inspired by YouTube pranks: Aomine, Kagami, Midorima, Kasamatsu, and Himuro's s/o doing the "Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank" with one of their guy friends!

HAHAHA wait. not with a dummy but another guy?  How do you even clean that mess up?! Here’s the link for any of you guys who don’t know this prank already: CLICK ME

Aomine Daiki: “What the fuck?!” He would roar and yank out the blanket from the bed roughly, revealing both you and Kagami fully dressed. Not yet understanding, he jumps on top of Kagami furiously and jerks him up by the collar, his clenched fist ready in the air. However, both of you burst out laughing and he loosens only a little bit, still grabbing at his shirt. Even after you explain through your laughing tears, Aomine stays there puffing, unable to cool down. 

Kagami Taiga: As soon as he sees another man’s head next to yours in bed, he chucks the Maji burger at the unfamiliar head. With the burger smashed against his face, Aomine comes up, shirtless, and Kagami’s eyes widen even more. You are not even in his line of vision as his fist connects cleanly with Aomine’s cheeks. And only when Aomine pushes him off and you hold him back is he able to listen to your explanation. He gives out a stupefied chuckle and pulls you protectively into his arm, shooting Aomine an angry glance. 

Midorima Shintarou: His lucky item, Mr. Frog, shatter on the floor and you look up from your bed as Midorima staggers towards you. He lifts the sheet beside you in horror, finding Takao in his pretend sleep. Confusion and anger would merge into an incomprehensible expression, and he’d back away slowly in disbelief. You stay silent, feigning surprise, but when he tries to leave without saying anything, you grab his arm and grin. Takao springs out to blow the cover, and Midorima audibly sighs, running his thumb over your smooth skin to make sure again and again that you were still his. 

Kasamatsu Yukio: You would only be half surprised when Kasamatsu throws himself on the veiled figure, and snatches the blanket off. Kise lays underneath with a nervous laugh as he eyes both you and your boyfriend interchangeably. You only give him a shrug which Kasamatsu takes as permission to beat him up. Poor Kise, but Kasamatsu already seems to have picked up on the joke, so you leave them be; Kise yelling in protest while his senpai lands blowing kicks. 

Himuro Tatsuya: His eyes were always the scariest. Hot heart and cool head, as was his motto, he stalks over to the bedside to confirm the giant figure, Mura-chin, laying next to you in bed. “Atsushi.” He coldly mutters with a burning glaze in his eyes, and you actually shiver at how scary the man can be. Murasakibara only lazily glazes over him, complying to neither your prank nor his anger. You hurriedly blow your own cover and confess your prank, and Himuro relaxes just a little before roughly grabbing you by arm and leading you out of the room. 

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GOM+Kagami +takao finding out their s/o has insomnia

Akashi -

“Insomnia? is it cureable? I’ll get you any medical treatment that you’ll need.” “Ah don’t worry Akashi-san… I have medications to help me sleep…“

[the next day]

“Akashi-san…? What are all these stuffed animals doing here?”

“I thought that they would help you sleep better. Here, do you like this bear?” Akashi pointed out.

“OUAAA! Its so big! Thank you!~” Akashi’s s/o squealed as she hugged Akashi tightly.

“My pleasure.” Akashi smiled.

Midorima -

“……. So to sum it up Midorima… I have insomnia. And i can’t sleep well at nights.”

“I see.” Midorima nodded as he pushed his glasses up.

“Yup. I have to go now. Bye~” Midorima’s s/o gave a quick kiss on his cheek and left from their study date.

(The next day) *DING DONG*

“Oh s/o, you came quicker than i expected. Come in.”

“Okay thanks.” Midorima’s s/o said as she entered his room.

“WHOA Midorima…? What are all these books doing here?” Piles and piles of books were all scattered in Midorima’s room.

“For… Personal use. I wanted to learn more about insomnia… To see if i could be of any help.” Midorima said as he looked down, a bit embarrassed. His ears turned pink.

“Awww that’s so sweet! Did you research insomnia just for me? Thank you~” Midorima’s s/o said as she touched her heart.

  Kise -

“INSOMNIA?!?! ____-CCHI! ARE YOU GOING TO DIE?! DONT DIE!” Kise wailed as he clung unto his s/o.

“Dont worry Kise-kun. It’s just that i cant sleep easily and i take medications.”

“CANT SLEEP?! My poor s/o…” Kise cried out. “I GOT IT. Let’s have a sleepover!”

“A sleepover…?”

“Yup! And i’ll stay by your side till you fall asleep!” Kise smiled widely.

[at s/o’s room] [night]

Kise’s eyes felt heavy as he slowly drifted to sleep. “NO! I can’t sleep till my s/o sleeps first!” Kise’s eyes fired up in determination.

{5 minutes later}

“ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz….” Soft snoring was heard from Kise as he finally slept.

“Thank you for staying up with me Kise-kun. You’re the best.” Kise’s s/o whispered as she kissed Kise’s forehead and fell asleep.

  Murasakibara -

[After two hours of trying to explain insomnia to Murasakibara… He just didnt get it so his s/o finally gave up]

*munch munch*

“Okay ____-chin. I have found a solution. Wanna hear it?”

“Yea?” Muk-kun’s s/o questioned.

“I’ll just stay up with you all night. Together, so you won’t feel lonely…”

[at night]

  “Muk-kun? It’s okay to sleep if you’re tired you know…”

*munch munch*

“No it’s fine. I can stay up and eat all this snacks. Want one?” Murasakibara passed his bag of potato chips to his s/o.

“Thank you… For doing this for me.” Murasakibara’s s/o peered down in embarrassment.

“No problem _____-chin. I would do anything just for you.” Murasakibara said as he patted his s/o’s head.

  Aomine -

  *Ding Dong*

“Huh? I wonder who it is…” Aomine’s s/o wondered out loud.

“Yo… Gosh it’s so cold out here. Let me in!” Aomine scampered inside to the warmth.

  “Whats up with you? Coming over so late?” Aomine’s s/o asked.

“Nothin much. Just wanted to… You know hang around.” Aomine said as he walked into his s/o’s room.

“Care to join me?” Aomine said as he laid on his s/o’s bed.

“You know I can’t sleep Aomine… I have insomnia.” Aomine’s s/o said as she crawled into Aomine’s arms.

“It’s fine… We can just cuddle like this till morning.” Aomine whispered.

“Don’t tell me this was why you came here…”

“Maaaaaybe…” Aomine muttered, clearly embarrassed. His face blushing madly.

“Kawaii~ (cute~)” Aomine’s s/o thought to herself.


{at Kagami’s room}

“INSOMNIA??????? What’s that? ARE YOU OKAY? HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP??“ Kagami panicked.

“Yes dont worry about it Bakagami… Its just that i cant sleep well at night and i need medications.” Kagami’s s/o patted Kagami’s head gently.

“Still….” Kagami was worried.

“Im finee. Just a little bit tired.” Kagami’s s/o yawned.

“Come over here ____.” Kagami said as he pushed his s/o’s head to his lap.

“Huh?” His s/o said confused.

“Sleep.” Kagami commanded, his face completely red in embarrassment.

“So sweet~ thank you.” Kagami’s s/o said as she put her hands on Kagami’s cheeks and kissed him on the lips.

“Wha-….!!” Kagami was left completely speechless as his s/o laid comfortably on his lap.

  Takao -

{At the hospital}

“Baby~ Your prince charming Takao has clme to save you!~”

“Hahahhahahahahahha~ well thank you for picking me up… prince Takao-kun.”

“Shall we go home?” Takao held his arm out for his s/o. And his s/o took it.

“We shall.”

{At Takao’s house}

“Hey Takao? I’m hungry. Could you make me some food?”

“Yes my love, i’m going.” Takao said as he walked into the kitchen. His s/o followed.

 “So… _____, how was the checkup? Your insomnia… Did you get your medications?”

“Um, yea i did. And they will help me sleep.”

“Be careful with the amount and dont take too much.”

“Yea okay. Thanks for worrying.” His s/o said as she walked up to Takao and gave him a back hug.

 “Dont worry about me too much Takao-kun. You have the basketball championship to worry about no?”

“Nope, my ____-chan is waaaaaaaay more important!” Takao said as he turned around and gave a big hug to his lovely s/o. “Dont keep your pain to yourself _____-chan. I’ll always be here for you. Okay?” Takao whispered as he gave a quick kiss on his s/o’s lips.

“I love you~”

“I love you more~”

“No, I love you most~”

  -Admin Sae ^-^

Anon? Did i do a decent job?? I hope i did haha. This was a fun ask. After writing, I reread it and found it kinda cheesy. I hope it wasn’t too weird for ya. Hope you guys like it! :)