“Where are you going, Aomine-kun?”

Daiki had just laced up his basketball shoes when Tetsu emerged from the bedroom, bed head in its full glory. He had rolled to the right (Daiki’s spot was always to his right- he refused to sleep under the window for very ludicrous reasons involving superstitions about aliens, but Tetsu knew better than to question it) in search of comfort in the form of a large tanned back to cuddle. He awoke when his hands had found only slightly warm bed covers.

“Hey, Tetsu. Sorry for waking you, that idiot Kise called and wouldn’t stop whining about 1-on-1, so I was just about to head out. Go back to sleep, it’s still pretty early.” Slinging his bag over his shoulder, Daiki leans down and kisses the shorter boy on the head, smoothing back some of the unruly locks. “Be back later.”

Slender fingers clung onto his shirt, not letting him go.

“What’s wrong, Tet-” Daiki stopped. Was- was Tetsu…pouting?

“…I thought we were going to spend time together, because your parents went on vacation. But instead you’re going to be with Kise-kun. It is a little maddening.” Tetsu mumbles, a red tinge creeping its way onto his cheeks. Daiki stared, mouth slightly agape. 

“Sorry, Tetsu. You were still sleeping, I was planning on getting back before you were even awake.” Daiki explains sheepishly. He hadn’t thought that Tetsu would have minded- he had always been nonchalant about most things.

“I have a limited amount of time like this with Aomine-kun.” Tetsu says softly, thumbing the material of Daiki’s shirt. He leans forward and buries his face into the crook of Daiki’s neck.

“It’s precious.” He whispers. “Are you going to spend that playing 1-on-1? With Kise-kun?”

Daiki smirks, one hand already flipping his phone open and hastily typing out a quick text to Kise. 

“Well then, Tetsu, what do you suppose we do instead?" 



(06:12) Aominecchi
Nvm abt 1on1, found better thing to do

(06:12) Me
EHHH? But Aominecchi! I’ve already left!
(06:13) Me
Aominecchi! Are you there!
(06:14) Me
Aomineccchiiiii! I want 1-on-1! ( ;´Д`)
(06:14) Me


For Akaki Day 1: “Shut up, Kise.” 

Pairing: Akashi/Kise

A/N: Flower Shop AU

The bells on the front door nearly rip off at 11:04 on a calm Friday morning during which he was still reorganizing the store from Valentines Day even though it had been two weeks ago. He had sent Chihiro home exactly twenty minutes ago when he realized nothing more would come from this day besides two or three bouquets sold. Also his presence was only likable when the other was distracted with a light novel, but unfortunately he had recently finished a series and thus was quite chatty about the inadequacies of the plot (to which Seijuro responded simply with light novels weren’t known for their plot and angered Chihiro even more).

Without Chihiro here, he is probably better equipped to deal with the 189 cm mess that walks, or rather charges through his door. 

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kisemonroll-deactivated20150922  asked:

Hello dear ^•^ Good luck with the blog! I've already read the drabbles/scenarios you've written so far and I really like them so I'm sure you will be fine <3 So, can I request Kise forgetting a special date for his girlfriend like her birthday or a concert or something like that and she's really disappointed about it, so he makes it up to her? :)) Thank you and I hope that's fine with you~

AHHH THANK YOU GREATLY. I hope so too, I’m still a little shy about sharing my writing! Yes, it’s fine with me. I LOVE ME SOME ADORKABLE KISE. Who doesn’t?

Kise Drabble

In which Kise accidentally forgets your birthday date with him and runs across town to apologize.

Kise slouched into his bedroom, tuckered out from another day of school, modeling, and basketball. Groaning, he quickly changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt. When he caught a glance of himself in the mirror as he passed by on his way to the bed, he shuddered. He hoped no one would have the opportunity to see him like this.

Falling face first onto his pillow, he took out his phone and pressed the power button, sighing when he realized that it was out of battery. Attaching it to the charger, and waiting for it to light up, he stared at the phone with half-lidded eyes.