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I'm gonna have to dissagree with you on the whole "Eridan is irredeemable" thing. Simply because he did have his reasons for doing things(they were just bad/misinformed reasons), and wasn't as much of a Nice Guy(TM) as everyone says. Here's what happened, according to what I remember: Eridan tries to convince everyone(or at least Feferi) that there's no hope if they don't join with Jack(not realizing that there's no hope with Jack either). 1/4

Feferi’s like “Ew, you’re just doing this cause you like me.” Eridan goes “Ew bitch, no. I am so far over you, I literally don’t care about you except you’re also technically the Empress now.” Sollux challenges Eridan to their Hate Duel and Eridan goes “Ugh fine”. Sollux gets Rekt, and Feferi gets pissed that her new “pet”(because that’s what Sollux seemed to be to her) didn’t win and tries to kill Eridan. 2/4
Eridan kills her first, destroys the Matriorb to distract Kanaya when she looks like she might go for him next(arguably the only uncalled for action, as I don’t think she’d actually attacked him yet), kills Kanaya, and then leaves poor Karkat alone and goes to find somebody to go with him to join Jack. ¾
So he didn’t just go on a murder spree, he was either winning a duel(Sollux), or defending himself against (percieved) threats(Feferi and Kanaya). If he was really gonna go on a murder spree, he would’ve killed Karkat, too. Also all of this probably wouldn’t have happened if A: Feferi had done her job as his Moiral; or B: Present!Karkat hadn’t called it off with Past!Eridan. (Sorry if this all sounds rude, I just really hate when people don’t actually pay attention to Eridan’s character) 4/4

You have some serious issues with women, anon. From the top:

A) Eridan was cruel, ungrateful, judgmental and unpleasant to everyone who had the misfortune of talking to him from his first appearance. Also, he’s a fucking Nazi. Feferi was forced into a position of trying to cool the temperament of a literal genocidal nazi asshole. Nobody owed Eridan further emotional labor once he was no longer a threat.

B) Your view that Feferi viewed Sollux as a ‘pet’ is as uncharitable as it is based on absolutely nothing. If you’re going to make statements that dramatic at me, be prepared to back them up with the text and have your reading put under scrutiny. I’m not here to indulge the validity of everyone’s pet headcanons. I’m here to talk about Homestuck. 

C) You’re forgetting the part where Eridan tried to get Feferi SPECIFICALLY to join Jack with him. The offer was not open to Sollux and was not made to anybody else. Eridan considered her worthy because she’s ruling class, because oh have I mentioned, Eridan is a fucking nazi.

D) I literally do not care to what extent Eridan was personally out to go on a murder spree. He’s still a gutless coward who abandoned all his friends and took dim views of even the ones who went out of their way to show him kindness, like Karkat, on account of his ***LITERAL SPACE NAZI IDEOLOGY***

E) Andrew Hussie himself talked about him in the dimmest of terms, calling him the worst kind of bastard Homestuck has to offer in the context of Act 5–harsher words than I’d use, considering LE and Gamzee exist. But like. You’re gonna have a hard time finding evidence for your pet reading, bud. 

F) Maybe when you’re expressing virulent misogyny at a female character don’t LITERALLY call her slurs? It’s kind of on the nose. You might have noticed part of my aesthetic is valuing the effort it takes to read between the lines, so like give me a little room for doubt here as to where you’re coming from ok thanks.

G) I didn’t even call Eridan completely irredeemable in the grand scheme of things, for fuck’s sake. My point was that actually just the opposite: That no matter how bad Eridan was, you still have to read him while weighing the agency of a child trapped in an exploitative system with the literal quasi-Adult GOD that set up that system in the first place. 

Eridan is shit, but there’s potential for him to be not shit somewhere in his character. The two statements are not contradictory. 

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I've found an amusing tag that does contain character names, but it's not really necessary to know the characters for the tag to be amusing. Specifically, the tags are "Poor Karkat gets the tables turned on him, well actually more like Dave flips the tables right onto Karkat's head". Would you consider accepting such a submission?

We’re gonna say no on this one. Not that it isn’t an amusing tag, but we don’t really don’t want to get into debates about how much fandom knowledge is needed for something to be funny. Also, just in terms of aesthetics, we like to keep things fandom-reference-free. Thank you for asking though!

I firmly believe that of all the characters in Homestuck, Karkat is by far the most difficult to write well. He’s not the most morally complex, and he is in fact rather archetypal: an aggressive and surly exterior that houses a caring, sensitive interior. The Jerk with a Heart of Gold isn’t exactly a rare character in fiction- it’s romance where the aspiring fanfic writer usually trips up. Karkat is a sexual entity, to the point of studying and analyzing troll romance like an obsessive fanboy. He also shows a great deal of affection for several of his friends, even if he does his best to hide it. Thus the trip-up of Karkat as a spineless baby who is so emotionally needy on others that he flings himself and his problems in a sobbing mess of emotions at them.

In truth, Karkat plays the cards closer to his chest than that. He’s not reserved, but he is very tight-lipped with information about himself and stubbornly refuses to outright acknowledge many of his flaws and insecurities. Karkat seeks to help himself by helping others, but his peers are generally just as screwed up as he is. He cannot fix them, but he tries to in the hopes that he may be able to like himself if he can teach them to like themselves.

As far as a transferral from troll to human, Karkat fell in quite easily. Even his character arc is quite similar to canon: repeatedly, Karkat must watch helplessly as someone he cares about falls into darkness. The first instance is with Sollux, who kills himself after deciding that he is alone in the world. The suggestion there, of course, is that Karkat doesn’t count- Karkat is not enough of an anchor to tether Sollux to this world.

But Sollux was a mercurial, emotionally maladjusted creature. He was overwhelmed with fear and helplessness and certain that he, with his frail body and physical ineptitude, was doomed. Sollux was dead and he knew it- he was not abandoning Karkat so much as expediting the inevitable. Not that Karkat saw it that way, of course.

This sets the theme of Karkat’s odyssey over the island: failure. Many characters have defeat strike them when victory is at hand during Battlestuck- Terezi, Vriska, and Droog all come to mind- but none get as hard and as repeatedly as Karkat does. His next encounter in the story is with Terezi, but by that point her mental health was already degrading. Karkat’s words nearly reach her, but the cold and precise side of Terezi beats out the side that loves and cares about Karkat. She attacks him, only stopping herself from killing him by force of will, and leaves him to die. Failure Number Two: Karkat’s words, his only effective weapon, could not bring Terezi back from the darkness she had plunged into.

Karkat’s third appearance is his climactic one: his run-in with Gamzee. Sollux lost hope, and Terezi voluntarily handed her humanity over so she’d have a chance to win. Neither can hold a candle to Gamzee, who was gobbled up by the monster that lived in his chest and became a nigh-unrecognizable beast from the boy Karkat knew. For years, Karkat had kept that beast in check, preventing it from taking control of Gamzee. A couple days apart combined with the corrupting influence of The Program set it free, and its latest victim was poor Nepeta Leijon.

Karkat cannot help Nepeta physically, and if he had met her hours earlier then he would have been little help mentally. Her mind shattered almost immediately during the game, after all. All he is able to do is ease her passing and, ironically, give her something like joy after hours of an unimaginable hell. He was too late to make a difference, however. Failure Number Three.

Lastly is Gamzee, the monster that Karkat had failed to leash. Karkat is the least physically apt of any major character in Battlestuck- he would lose in a straight fight to almost anyone in the class. His only effective tool is his eloquence, and finally he manages to score a victory with it. He couldn’t talk Sollux out of suicide, he couldn’t talk Terezi into alliance, but he can talk Gamzee into surrender. At last, a success. A victory. All along, Karkat has not been playing the game but actively fighting against it, desperately trying to keep his friends from being consumed by it, and at last he has scored a major victory against it.

And, almost immediately, it is negated.

Simone, as much of an agent of the game as any player, puts a bullet into Gamzee. No warning, no time to preparation. Just a gunshot. Failure Number Four.

Four’s enough. Karkat resigns himself to failure- he cannot save a life. He and everyone else on the island is doomed, and his list of friends has just about run out. But he refuses to give up, even if he knows he can’t succeed. Winning isn’t possible for him, Karkat isn’t that stupid. But he can still try.

John is his last friend- and in keeping with their young and somewhat combative relationship in canon, he doesn’t seem as close to John as he is to many others. But Karkat still tries, and with the help of Feferi’s trident, he manages to save John. At last, a success. At last, Karkat has saved a life.

Then he is gunned down by Slick, but it hardly matters. Karkat gets to die satisfied, having proven to himself that he is capable of saving a life. That’s enough for him.

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Happy Birthday, Momo!! A cute headcanon for you: Gamzee being genderfluid, and when they're in a feminine shift, Karkat will open doors for Gamzee and call her "princess". Also, imagine Karkat and Gamzee trying to slow dance with Karkat leading. He tries to dip Gamzee, but they just end up tipping over onto the floor together. (Also, if you want, I can submit more cute headcanons! I have all the Gamzee headcanons. All of them.)

Thank you! Aw maan, these are exactly what I’m about. (Poor Karkat, that’s what he gets for trying be romantic. But clowns only have the one center of gravity so I’m sure he’ll find it eventually.) And yes of COURSE I would like more!! That would absolutely make my day. You’re too kind.