A letter from Kim Kibum to Super Junior

To Enhyuk:
Eunhyuk hyung, hey, Lee Hyukjae! Are you crying again? You’re so silly, a crybaby. Yeah, if you weren’t silly, why would you give up so many chances just to be with your good friends? If you weren’t silly, then why would you slip out to meet with his fans to cheer him on without him knowing when he debuted before you? If you weren’t silly, then you wouldn’t have pretended to be cool and fine but secretly cried for a month. Silly people have their happiness. In SJ, you are the main dancer. This position, no one can take from you. Oh, right, you can also write songs and lyrics. We really can’t see from your appearance that you also have a passionate side. Hey, Lee Hyukjae, like before, divide your raps half and half with me, we can do it together. You have to wait for me. And guys really lose a lot of face when they ccry, okay? Also, don’t lie to me. I have had enough of your “image control”. Remember, you have to wait for me.


They did a draw and Shindong pulled out a “designer” card and Eunhyuk ended up pulling out the…well you can see…where he would now have to pay around $1000 for Shindong design Tees. 

The total amount of Tshirts: SJ memebers (10), Managers (8), Stylists (6), Hair and MakeUp (14) = 38. 

There were 3 choices for tailor: Brand A (22,000 won each), Brand B (18,000 won each), Brand C (13,000 won each). 

The members chose Brand A. It says “Because Shindong is there,we exist.We are Super Juni-OR!” “Super Junior 7th album Mamacita(Ayaya)” and on the back of the tshirt “Look at the front of this T-shirt!” (image: 1, 2, 3

“Because I am first(?) one who pay for the Tshirts, I feel bad though." 

credit: ButtsBonBon

(maybe the members will keep doing this game and pulling out more designer/investor card to see who is next and hyuk gets the first start XD)