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Any of your muses reactions to finding flavio in a coma *totally not the anon that put flavi in that state anyways nupe*

How about ALL of them.

Mich would probably get the worst of all. Flashbacks and memories would rush through her, causing her to breakdown, not crazy crying and shouting, beyond that. To the point where all you can do is stare emotionless.

Chris would do the same as Caar and Carr. Check on him every once in a while. Sometimes, he would bring flowers and bunnies.

Carrie would be sassing him about his poor fashion choices, telling him that’s why he’s this way. That scarf is SO last season.

Then… There’s Carter. The one who witnessed Mich’s coma because of Flavio. He would smile, even laugh. Threaten him in his slumber… But worst of all… He can enter the minds of anyone unconscious or asleep or even daydreaming. And he would haunt his every thought til the moment he wakes up. He won’t be awake for long, though…

an ode to jeggings

oh sweet jeggings mine
how you cling to my behind
can’t belive i bought a pair
kinda did it on a dare
just like wearing pajama bottoms
so soft & silky & made of cotton
and spandex and lycra too
but somehow ive forgiven you
so glad i gave in to this trend
you even look good on my boyfriend

thought in this i do confide
i will never wear you outside.

Loki, we need to talk about your scarf.

I understand that you and your three sets of armor to Thor’s one are very, very dapper and refined.  I understand that you feel that in order to achieve this level of refined dapperhood while wearing Earth clothing, you have to wear a specific combination of 1) a distinguished suit that makes you look like a seventy-year-old man, and 2) an old-fashioned scarf.

But did it have to be that scarf?  Not that it’s ugly.  It isn’t.  It even matches your green and gold color scheme.  It’s just that…

One, it looks kind of like leopard print.  I thought it was leopard print, at first, which is kind of flashy and weird and sexual for your character, which then would have explained all these random scenes of you and Tony hanging out in his apartment.

Two, my mother would wear that scarf.