things that have never happened: kanaya killing people or even insulting them for poor fashion choices

things that have happened: kanaya killing and hating people for being violent misogynists

Jason Todd's Life Told 1960s Robin Style
  • Birth: holy unhealthy family, Batman!
  • Childhood: holy bad influences, Batman!
  • Meeting Batman: holy jacked tires, Batman!
  • Being robin: holy booty shorts, Batman!
  • Dying: holy crowbars Batman!
  • Death: holy non avenged child, Batman!
  • Resurrection: holy secret Lazarus pit, Batman!
  • Under the red hood: holy takeover of the underworld of Gotham, Batman!
  • Under the Red Hood 2: holy shit, I've been bamboozled, Batman!
  • Batman and Robin era (dick and dami): holy poor fashion choices, Batman!
  • Red hood and the outlaws: holy sexy vigilante sidekicks, Batman!
  • Red hood and arsenal: holy joker's daughter, Batman!
  • Red hood and the outlaws rebirth: holy shit I'm outclassed, Batman!


Photos, stellar investigative journalism, and a recounting of being mooned by Jamie Carragher under the cut (sadly no pictures of that im v sorry)

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Official Prompt List

Day 1 (Sunday, July 23): Something silly Create content featuring these two dorks goofing off, laughing, and having fun. What kind of ridiculous shenanigans and antics did they get up to over the course of their lives? This could revolve around anything: their games of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, their poor fashion choices, bad puns, or any other silly situation you can think of. 
Day 2 (Monday, July 24): Snuggles/cuddles/hugs/sharing a bed Pretty self-explanatory. Anything involving them being physically affectionate with one another.
Day 3: (Tuesday, July 25): Hurt/comfort Being there for one another during tough times. Dealing with bullies and offering positive affirmations to one another when faced with insecurities. Consider stress, panic/anxiety attacks, and various breakdowns they may have gone through and times they took care of each other when injured/sick.
Day 4 (Wednesday, July 26): Awkwardness/crushing Any content related to either of them having a crush, unrequited or mutual. How/when did they realize they had feelings for the other person/each other? How/when do they “officially” get together? Who makes the first move? Was there a confession? What about their first kiss? What kind of nervousness/anxiety and/or denial did they go through? Was internalized homophobia a problem?
Day 5: (Thursday, July 27): Something sweet/sappy Anything fluffy and sappy. Flowers, holding hands, kisses, stargazing, dancing, gifts, etc.
Day 6: (Friday, July 28): Parallel fiddauthor/a better world au There’s so much to explore in this world. How do things play out in this universe? How do they get back together? What happened to the Society of The Blind Eye? The memory gun? What is life like for them now? What is the Institute of Oddology like? 
Day 7: (Saturday, July 29): Post-weirdmaggedon fiddauthor Create content about these old nerds rekindling an old bond and starting anew. How do they get together after weirdmaggedon? How do they recover and deal with their trauma? Do they discuss the past often? What do other people know/think about them? Do they get married? 


“First, there’s the shoes–casual walking shoes colored a screaming rock & roll red. To that, add a pair of hideous green socks, adorned with eighth notes. Moving upward, basic blue jeans; a subdued, cotton print shirt; and a face that beams a beatific smile…Lately, Gilmour would appear to be going through a second childhood. His hair is short and styled, making him look almost unrecognizably modern and years younger.” - Parke Puterbaugh, 1984

Also included: David’s tie, also adorned with music notes. You know…so that everyone understands that he is a musician.

Damian finding Dick’s Discowing suit

“Damian finding Dick’s Discowing suit, hilarity ensues” -dream-chef-flavors

 Sorry if it’s not “hilarious” but I tried to make it cute/funny ;)

“Grayson,” Damian says flatly, hearing his mentor walk down the hallway towards the cavernous recess where an additional annex existed for uniform cases and other displays.

“What,” Damian said turning to meet Dick’s eyes, “is that?” Damian jabbed directly behind himself with his thumb. He stood in front of a case which housed a particularly flashy and off-beat uniform.

“Oh man,” Dick said, removing his cowl and scrubbing a hand over his face, one part exhausted, one part disbelieving, and one part amused. “How the heck did Bruce get his hands on that?” he asked, more to himself than to his young protégé.

“I think the better question is, why would anyone have it to begin with,” Damian said, sardonically.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dick smiled down at Damian, having lived through the same mockery and insults several times before in his life and no longer taking any of it to heart. “It was in,” was all he offered with a shrug, stepping forward to look into the case more closely, ruffling Damian’s hair absently as he passed.

“Why would he put it up, though?” Dick mused. Since he had taken up the cowl, Dick was beginning to get used to finding out new things about his father and mentor—some surprising, some funny, and some just…unsettling—but the figuring out of the whys typically took more detective work than Dick was able to spare these days.

“I think it’s clear that Father likes to remind himself of his failures,” Damian said, matter-of-factly, “and it’s evident that he not only considers a partner’s fatality to be a failure, but their poor fashion choices, as well.”

And that made Dick twitch.

Clever little shit. Damian always knew which buttons to push to get a reaction from  Dick, even when Dick was trying his damndest to be in his zen don’t-punch-your-child-partner-in-the-face mode, all but chanting internally his calming mantra ‘he’s just a kid, he was raised by assassins, he doesn’t know any better, teach him’.

Dick turned around slowly, and Damian was slightly taken aback by the uncharacteristically evil grin that was plastered across Dick’s face. Definitely creepy and unexpected.

“Fly, little bird,” Dick said in a sinister, sing-songy way that one should never hear from somewhere dressed as the Batman before launching himself towards his slightly recoiling, young Robin.

“Grayson!” Damian jumped, darting away from Dick’s grasp in sudden fear, not appreciating the spontaneous chase resulting from his taunts. “Act your age!” he shouted as took off down the cave’s dimly lit hall, towards the more open space of the cave-proper where he could find higher ground or….a place to hide.

Taking a break from working on a comic to fiddle with new human!Gold and Silver designs. It’s super messy and scrappy, I’m sorry.

Gold looks like some kind of Roman councilor, while Silver’s just some engineer grunt or something. Whatever it is they make psychic nerds in handcuffs do. I fully admit to making new Silver look a little cooler and Marty McFly-ish than before, cause he definitely feels a lot cooler and less dorkwad-ish in the new universe. I kind of miss him being a precious dope, but oh well. I’m still keeping the dorkus glasses.

I think I will just draw everyone in the future with some kind of Italian influence + poor fashion choices + a lot of black, white, and gold.

The Back to the Future cover made Gold look a lot taller than Silver. IDK if that’s how it’s meant to be because it’s hard to tell in the comic itself, but I like to think that Gold’s a really tall gal and that Silver’s the short one in the group. No, lifting yourself with telekinesis does NOT count towards your height. Enjoy the Bigger Maker Machine while you can, half-pint.