Man our vet is seriously the nicest fuckin guy like everyone who works there is really nice like wwwwoooow.

We had to take Cheeseburger back in today because he started peeing on the carpet in little round spots, like he couldn’t hold it in to make it to the litter box but it was more water than urine and he was just havin a bad time all around. He’s still on the two bottles of liquid medication for his uti so we where really concerned about it and brought him in this afternoon. The vet gave him a strong antibiotic shot and he’s now also taking pills every night on top of the liquid stuff because the uti infection is just SO bad. Poor babu must feel just awful right now.

But get this.

The vet only charged us for his pills. They didn’t charge for the exam or shot. The exam standard fee is like $50! F I F T Y DOLLARS. Plus probably damn near that much for the antibiotic shot. 

;-; wow 

that’s just

so incredibly kind