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Beach Day and Jealousy - Nightwing x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  an imagine where yj Nightwing takes his girlfriend to meet the team and Zatanna gets really jealous.

You gasped as you came out of the zeta tube for the first time. Dick caught you before you stumbled to the ground.

“Are you okay? I know it can be strange the first time,” Dick insisted, wrapping his arm around you. You nodded, blinking several times.

“I’m fine. It’s something I have to get used to,” you explained, adjusting the beach bag on your shoulder. You gazed at the cave around you. “Wow, so this is where you are spending all of your time.” 

“Well, not all of my time,” Dick mumbled, kissing your cheek. 

You laughed, turning to press a kiss to his lips. “You’re so cute.” As focused as you were on each other, you didn’t notice the rest of team entering the room.

“Who’s that?” Beast Boy asked, stopping in his tracks. M’gann quickly covered his eyes, much to his disappointment.

“They aren’t a new member of the team?” Bart asked, zooming into the room. 

“Yeah, hermano, Nightwing just kisses every new team member,” Jaime snapped, smacking Bart across the head. “Think, ese.” 

“They are somebody,” Zatanna mumbled, narrowing her eyes at the sight. Artemis placed a hand on her shoulder.

“That’s (Y/N),” Wally announced, causing everyone to look at him in surprise. “They’re his new girlfriend.”

“Really?” Zatanna snapped, glaring at Wally. “How long?”

Wally shrank at her glare, hiding behind Artemis. Artemis sighed, shaking her head in good humor. “They have been dating for about three months.” Zatanna growled at her words.

“Perhaps we should greet them rather than stand here gossiping,” Kaldur interrupted, stepping around the team to go towards you and Nightwing.

“Hey, Kaldur,” Dick greeted with a smile. “This is (Y/N). My girlfriend.” 

“Hi,” you squeaked, your eyes widened at the sight of Kaldur’s gills. Dick had talked about his team before, but you never thought what he had said was true. 

“Hello (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you.” Kaldur smiled, glancing back at the team who was too busy studying you to approach. “You will have to excuse the team. Unfortunately, they have yet to become use to meeting new people.”

“They’re kinda idiots,” Dick whispered in your ear as he slipped the beach bag off your shoulder. He tossed it over his shoulder making you roll your eyes.

“I assume you will be participating in our beach day?” Kaldur asked you as Dick went to go talk to the others. 

You watched him go while answering Kaldur’s question. “Yeah, Dick said it would be a good time to meet everyone. He talks about you all the time.” 

Kaldur hummed, turning to follow your gaze. The two of you fell silent as you noticed a girl with dark hair glaring at you. You tried to guess who she was, but Dick’s descriptions were never that detailed. 

“Who’s that girl with the dark hair?” you asked curiously. The girl’s glare made you shiver.

“Oh, that is Zatanna,” Kaldur explained, not noticing how wide your eyes grew at the knowledge. “She has left the team to join the Justice League, but she always comes back for beach day.” 

Swallowing hard, you forced a smile onto your face as Dick guided the rest of the team over to you. However, Zatanna’s glare chilled you to the bone. 

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