poor winry

Acrobat!Ed AU

I have this headcanon in which Ed is an acrobat from this famous circus (i don’t know what i smoke when my brain came up with this) and one of it’s main stars. His partner in the shows is Ling and they are called the “phoenix and the dragon duo” (Ed being the “phoenix” and Ling being the “dragon”). 

Huge ass post bellow. Beware.

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  • Ed: Listen, I was wondering. Maybe later when you’re finished—
  • Winry: You dressed up. You weren't dressed before. .
  • Ed: I, uh, I freshened up a bit...
  • Winry: [beat] Sorry. You were saying?
  • Ed: I was wondering if you’d like to have coffee?
  • Winry: Black, two sugars please. I’ll be upstairs.
  • [Winry goes to work on Ed's automail]
  • Ed: …Okay.

Well! We’ve cut to Ed and Al defeating and detaining a criminal after a back-alley brawl.

But… Ed’s arm just got shredded up.

Oh my god. I now know exactly what the story of this OVA is and I’m already laughing.

I thought the amount of times Ed’s arm broke in the show itself was absurd. But this… is just mean! Poor Winry!

Fullmetal Hunger Games #1

sgkhskgjhsldkjghsd guys Kayla and I have been working on this AU foreeeveeerr and we still have so much more planned but here is one of the many drabbles I’ve written plus a really visceral animation by @pahndah. AND WE WANT YOU TO HATE US AS MUCH AS WE HATE OURSELVES FOR DOING THIS ;____;


Ed twitches awake at the sound of his brother’s voice. He stands in the doorway, half leaning in, with a smile that breaks across his whole face. Before Ed can make sense of his own surroundings, he fleetingly observes that his little brother’s jaw looks squarer than usual, and if he’s not mistaken, his shoulders have broadened too.

He casts a glance at the digital clock mounted to the wall, waiting for the room to come into focus. It’s quarter to midnight, though, for how long he’s been asleep, he can’t fully say.

“Al,” he croaks. He pulls himself into a sitting position but the wound in his side screams in protest. Black spots spray across his vision from the pain. Dizzied, he slides back down with a hiss.

That’s right, he recalls. His entire body throbs all the way up to his brain. The bed feels like it’s undulating beneath him. I was shot.

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Letters from Central

Note: The author prefers to remain anonymous

Trigger Warnings: Dogs, Giving away animals, scars, swear word, pregnancy, Dog bites

Description: Four letters- three from Roy, one from Riza- all asking at some point if the receiver would like one of Black Hayate’s puppies, because Riza can’t keep so many puppies, even if the Colonel would like her to. I’ve kept their ranks from the series out of simplicity, except for Ling, who is Emperor. I also have no idea how to write a formal letter so yes I apologise for that and any plot holes or things that don’t make sense beforehand.

Ships: Edwin, Almei, LingFan (they travel around together) Royai

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Fullmetal Hunger Games #2

Hello! I hope you like the second one shot in @pahndah​ and I’s FMA/Hunger Games AU. (Technically third if you count the one I wrote for the drabble prompt). They can be read independently of each other since they don’t follow one *chronological* timeline. Though, this one so happens to take place sometime after the first one shot (if you’re a fan of the books/films, toward the middle of the Mockingjay timeline). And I really hope you enjoy it <3

Roy wrings his hands together, itching to fiddle with the lighter he left with Riza in 13. His veins haven’t stopped buzzing since this afternoon. He volunteered to take first watch, claiming he was not yet tired when the truth was that he was terrified of what would come when he closed his eyes. He’s no stranger to nightmares, having survived two Hunger Games. But today’s loss was different. His teammates aren’t tributes, and the casualties were not inevitable. They could have been saved, had he been more careful, more conscious, less afraid.

He drops his head, resting his forehead on joined fingers. The safe house is dark, save the moonlight filtering in through the curtains. The humming A/C unit fills the room with comfortable noise, as if silence would leave him vulnerable to his own thoughts.

Looking frighteningly small, Edward is curled up on an armchair, his blond hair loose and mussed as he shifts and turns in his sleep. Roy has trouble wrapping his mind around the idea of this fifteen year old child being their salvation. When he first saw him at the Quell’s Tribute Parade, he’d been stunned. Despite having watched his Game and seen him win, nothing could have prepared Roy for what he saw in the flesh.

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“Survivor: Not Amestris” - Episode 1 (Part 1)

16 castaways. Two tribes. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast? Who will be voted off the island? And which of these 16 FMA characters will be the sole survivor?

Silly, poorly written parody work where the characters of Fullmetal Alchemist are on the reality TV show Survivor. You don’t need prior knowledge of the latter to read, though, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re familiar with FMA. Spoilers for it are inevitable.

Red Tribe: Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Solf J. Kimblee, Scar, May Chang, Lan Fan, Rebecca Catalina
Yellow Tribe: Winry Rockbell, Fuhrer Bradley, Riza Hawkeye, Greedling, Jean Havoc, Alphonse Elric, Izumi Curtis, Alex Loius Armstrong

*I do not own any of the FMA characters or Jeff Probst*

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The sixteen castaways can hear nothing over the propellor chopping through the wind. Edward Elric stares out the window of the helicopter, marveling at the expanse of the island as they draw closer toward the ground. Turquoise waves lick the rocky shore, glittering from the sunlight’s kiss. He’d never seen anything quite so blue. Probably because Amestris is landlocked and his fictional continent doesn’t grant much in the aesthetic department.

Beside him, Roy Mustang has tensed, taking in the massive body of water with a wary gaze. When he agreed to be on this reality show, no one ever said there would be so much water involved. The humidity percentage must be off the charts. No way he’ll be able to create a spark in a place like this.

Due to his distress, Olivier Armstrong begins to cackle, crossing her ankle over her knee, looking out at their new home for the next thirty days.

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