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Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]

wait so tony said that he and sam don’t know each other very well, but he goes ahead and makes sam redwing anyway?? where are the A.I.s for everyone else tony why are you giving one to sam specifically?? is it because you have a crush on him its because you have a crush on him isnt it tony

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Hi! i just binge-read like all of your winter iron stuff, and while I loved them, i especially loved your kid-fics, like the one where tony and Bucky are dads and the one were Bucky gets shrunk and attaches to Tony. Do you think you could do one where the reverse happens, and Tony and maybe everyone but Bucky shrinks, and Bucky has to take care of them but he's really overwhelmed and tiny Tony makes it better cuz he imprints on Bucky like Bucky did?

I’m really sorry this too so long, anon! It’s short and probably not quite what you had in mind, but…

“No, nuh-uh, don’t you dare hang up on - Fury? Fury?!” Bucky yelled futily into the phone. Fury, having disconnected the call, did not of course answer.

Snarling, Bucky very nearly threw his phone into the wall, but a tiny tug on his pant leg - as well as a gurgle from the infant in his arms - made him think better of it.

Taking a deep breath, Bucky adjusted his hold on baby Steve, then addressed the child who was still tugging on his leg. “Yes, Tony?” he asked, doing his best to keep his frustration out of his voice.

Tony - who couldn’t have been more than four or five - fidgeted nervously, then raised his arms. “Hug?” he offered shyly, eyes wide and hopeful.

Bucky bit his lip - the sight of his boyfriend’s tiny self offering him a hug making him want to cry a little - then crouched down to Tony’s level. “You want a hug?” he asked, carefully rearranging Steve when the baby started to pitch sideways.

Tony shook his head, eyes going impossibly wider. “N-no… I th-thought… maybe you want a hug?” he asked, looking unsure of himself. “Hugs are nice when you’re up-upset. Do you not want…?”

It was too much. Barely choking down the ‘aww’ that wanted to escape his throat, Bucky wrapped his free arm around Tony and hugged him close.

“No, sweetheart. I’ll always want hugs from you,” Bucky assured, kissing the top of Tony’s head, and then Steve’s for good measure.

Tony beamed up at him in delight, then wrapped his little arms around Bucky’s neck and kissed the side of Steve’s head, too.

Steve gurgled happily and tapped Tony’s face, giving him a gummy little grin.

Bucky sighed, the tension that had been building since that damn baby bomb had gone off draining from his shoulders.

Okay, maybe this wasn’t so bad. He could do this. He could totally -

Another little hand tapped his back. Bucky turned around as best he could while crouched down and holding both Tony and Steve, and found Sam staring back at him.

“Bruce pooped,” Sam said, his tiny nose wrinkled. “And Thor’s trying ta put Natasha into the dishwasher.”

Bucky was going to kill Fury.

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Hush Hush, 2016.

My part of an Amnesia/Don’t Starve crossover art trade with @vampirebarons! Something spooky/disturbing for the dark part of the year, oh yes. You guys know how much I love messed up pairings, and I have a soft spot for insane!Daniel. When he snaps, it’s not going to be a fun ride for poor Wilson.

Since the subject was dark, I ended up working entirely with black ink for that creepy atmosphere. And Wilson’s hair is still a mystery to me, haha. I hope you like it, dear Barons, it was such fun to play around with this theme! <3