poor will no one remembers who he is xd

The New Guy


Hell week. Hell week was burning– running full throttle and rendering the editor’s of Marukawa’s Emerald department completely and totally exhausted. There was something Takano was supposed to remember today wasn’t there? Dammit what was it.

Takano growled to himself and refocused on the manuscript– which had been handed in two days late so now they were behind schedule. Papers were scattered all around the room, and the ambiance was so gloomy that one could physically feel the utter gloom and doom from it. Takano’s eyes shifted up and then widened. In the doorway stood a man. A tall man with long blonde hair and bandages on his neck.

It was then that Takano remembered what he was supposed to remember. A new employee, hired and expected to begin work today. That poor man he was going to be eaten alive by papers. Takano cleared his throat and brushed his dark umber hair from his eyes, glancing up at the newcomer with such a dead look in those hazel eyes of his that he may as well just be glaring the guy down, “Oh,” His voice was tired, groggy, and cranky. “You must be Soubi Agatsuma?”


Roma 200 A.D

So! Here we have little comic… and some explanation??

Its not the first time they met since Eden, (I’m thinking about some previous meetings), but they are still before the arrangement they have later.

What Crowley is doing there?? Roma is a big city, full of lust? Maybe he had some work to do  … And how he got trapped?? … As a fan of supernatural I like to think about Hunters. Maybe it had been one of the first hunters who experimented with exorcising and testing the limits of demons. ( that would explain the use of a demon trap on his back xD”? )
And I also like the idea that Crowley cares about animals ( not only plants, he’s a snake in some way, don’t he? ), even if animals hate him because of his nature. ( remember that poor bird in the book? In the magic show?)

Aziraphale is there for book research, he stopped at the show accidentally, just curious. He didn’t know what would happen, he just saw excited people.
And I think ( the gray panels) that he did not stop the time. He just really slowed it down, and Crowley being a super natural being, it didn’t affect him

Hope you like it!

And thanks for all comments! It means a lot to me!!!

extra?? : 

I had a really vivid not-so-weird dream last night.
There’s not really that much to say about it other than it took place at some three day festival where everyone just kinda lived in a convention centre for a few days?? And I met a nice guy whilst watching Sabaton. He was called Jari and tbh, he looked a little like Jari from Wintersun XD But it wasn’t the same dude. 
And yep, we really seemed to get along. I liked him and the poor bastard seemed to like me just as much, and I was going to ask for his facebook before we left. I was so happy.
Then I woke up.

You know that life simulator game that Morty plays at Blips and Chitz, the one called Roy? And when he wakes up he can’t remember who the fuck he is for a minute… Yeah it was like that, except the life was still my own. Thanks brain.

CHANYEOL’s weird hobby

ok I’m kind of bored so here it is :v

<3 This is when they participated in MBC’s ISAC. I didn’t know wat Chanyeol whispered but the point is he’s the one who initiated skinship XD He grabbed Baek’s nape and pulled him closer.

External image

<3 And one more, still the neck

External image

<3 I guess you still remember this

External image
External image

<3 This is when they went to MBC Music Champion. They were supposed to blow Sehun, but Chanyeol chose to tease Baekhyun instead

External image

 shy Baekhyun :“>

And he tied the ribbon around Baek’s NECK to make him his present or something… 

External image

 naughty Yeol

<3 This is from Sm Town Concert

Look at wat they were wearing to define who tops and bottoms *smirk*

External image


OMG I’m so cheesy right now in my head, and perverted :”>

<3 At the airport

External image

External image
External image

Still with the neck, teasing and blowing XD poor Baekhyun and his innocent nape :v sorry not sorry

<3 Can’t remember when was this lol

External image

<3 Melon Music Awards 2013

Teary Baek and the smiley dobi Chanyeol

External image

<3 And recently, Happy Camp. I’m still mad at you Park, how dare you to make my little puppy drink the bittergourd >.< such a nice husband urgh 

External image

Still, I got a question, WHEN WILL YOU GUYS GET MARRIED =)))

Chanyeol does have a neck-aholic or Baek-aholic lol

anonymous asked:

The Aomine angst really hit me in the kokoro and I'm wanting more!! That being said, could I possibly get Kagami + Haizaki + Aomine (poor guy) finding out that their fiance got in an accident and once they wake up, they don't remember who they [Kagami, Haizaki, Aomine] are?? Please and Thank you~ ^-^

WOW A LOT OF YOU REALLY LIKE YOUR ANGST, DON’T YOU D: But glad you like the Aomine angst xD Enjoy this one! -Admin Fyre


When he sauntered into the hospital room, the first thing he heard was your voice asking, “Who the hell are you?” in absolute bewilderment. He stared at you in mirrored surprise then laughed. “Oh, I get it. Satsuki put you up to this, didn’t she? Man, I was really worried there for a sec, ________.” But you still shook your head, and it was only then that the nurse finally interjected and told Aomine that you were suffering from amnesia. He gets angry then, refusing to believe it and accept it. “You’re kidding, right? You can’t possibly have forgotten me. It’s a joke, isn’t it?” It takes a couple of doctors to calm him down and several days for Aomine to realize there was no bringing back your memory, and he accepts that he could only take care of you as much as he could without making you uncomfortable with a stranger who loved you.


He came to visit you in the late afternoon, almost after visiting hours, so your first impression of him was of someone who’d simply walked into the wrong hospital room. You were startled by his appearance but politely asked him to leave. “Aw, c’mon, sweetheart,” he smirked. “I was just a little late. You feelin’ alright?” He tries to take a seat next to your bed, but when you flinch away from him he realizes something’s wrong. “What? What’d I do?” When the nurses come in and tell him about your condition, he’s shocked. “Wha—are you serious?” Upon confirmation, he goes into denial, refusing to believe it. “That’s gotta be a lie. You’re messing with me, right, ________? Don’t you remember me? You’re mine - and I won’t easily give up what’s mine.”


You’re startled (and a bit embarrassed) when you woke up and the first thing you saw was a large red-haired man you’ve never seen before sleeping on the chair by your side, his head in his arms on the bed. Your movement had woken him and the visitor’s badge on his shirt identified him as Kagami Taiga. He looked relieved to see you and laughed, saying, “Oh, you’re finally awake, ________, thank God.” However when he tries to hug you, you push him away, uncomfortable, and he thinks that he’d hurt you, and your doctor quickly comes in to tell him that your memory was in pieces. Kagami is quick to accept it, having seen many American TV shows with these situations, and tells you there’s only one thing for him to do now: “I’ll just make you fall in love with me again, ________.”

pls my kokoro can’t handle it