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Intelligence is not a redeeming character trait.

I’m really unbelievably tired of (mostly male) characters being “redeemed” from their bad attitudes, bad manners, poor treatment of other characters, etc. by the big reveal of their supposed genius. 

Being intelligent (no matter how intelligent) doesn’t make a person worth more than anyone else. It doesn’t excuse any of those things. It isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for bad behavior, and having other skills (no matter what they are) doesn’t justify never prioritizing learning how to not hurt the people around them.

It’s not an excuse. 

And I think this is especially important to bring up for (mostly white) male characters, because actual men outside of fiction are excused by society in the same way that narratives excuse them in fiction. As long as they’re perceived by society as being “more important” than other people (which they already are by default if they’re men, and even more so if they’re white, etc.), any inappropriate, harmful, or offensive behavior toward other people is excused. 

The excuses are always that it would be “hard” for someone who is SO INCREDIBLY GIFTED to… be kind? Show compassion? Consider the effects of their actions on others and act accordingly? 

It’s bullshit. 

Fundamentally the trope is ableist (by basing someone’s worth around their mental capacity), with undertones of classism and racism (in the same ways that IQ tests are classist and racist), and it perpetuates a narrative of male privilege and entitlement.

And by the way, if you were reading this post and thinking “Is this about [specific male character who does this]?” then the answer is yes.

The relationship between misogyny and romance: a SJM study

Why female desire* isn’t problematic, but A Court of Thorns and Roses is.

In which I wade into an issue in depth, praying that the flame war gods do not strike me down.

**Please note that this essay discusses only the misogynist elements of SJM’s writing in the ACOTAR series. There are obviously other problematic elements that require acknowledgement, but this is the one I feel confident in addressing. I haven’t read any of ACOWAR yet.** 

*also, female desire in this instance refers to the desire of the presumed female reader of romance. The reading of romance and YA is obviously not exclusive to women, although a lot of the assumptions of SJM’s work ascribe to the concept of a binary gender.

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Adira’an Oraha comes from a very special tribe of miqo’te that disbanded more than fourteen years ago- and although that signed the end of their way of life, he and his sister chose to maintain its values to this very day. A proud tribe, they valued knowledge and integrity, and above all, unshakable esteem for themselves and every human being they came across. While they were by no means naive, killing was seen as a heinous act, and was punished accordingly. They clung to these beliefs firmly, and their tight hold on their beliefs is was estranged them from the rest of the world… and ultimately lead to their demise

After several years of wandering, Adira’an and his sister Sai’dah arrived at Ul’dah in search of a new life.  In doing so, they bore witness to the suffering of refugees, a plight not unlike their own. With nothing to their names but each-other and the clothes on their back, Adira saw new purpose in this city. While it was full of hardship and suffering of the less than well off, the people were sturdy and hopeful. Adira would do what was needed in order to help them and see the refugees here with more than just hope. Alas, there was dissension to be found. Adira possessed a calm, resounding and patient kind of pride, while Sai’dah’s was vibrant, fierce and unrelenting like the sun itself. They both sought to save the refugees, but could not agree with eachother’s respective method, and thus the two were separated. 

Sa’idah would lend her might to the Ala mighans, while Adira would lend his kindness….

SAY HELLO TO ADIRA’AN~! (ft. a Very Nervous Tiergan ™)

Adira is a keeper of the moon, and currently a wealthy politician in Ul’dah that’s been a thorn in the syndicate’s side for some time. Having come to Ul’dah when he was reaching his sixteenth year, he very much considers himself apart of something bigger that ought to acknowledge the poor treatment of refugees within the city, as well as extend even more help to those that still suffer from inadequate living situations.  Kind, charismatic, inquisitive, and elegant, Adira’an is as brave as he is easy on the eyes, not flinching away from tackling messy political topics and considered a troublemaker/pariah among most pro-syndicate groups.

He has as many friends as he has critiques, as it was no small thing acquiring his wealth and inching his way into the spot light if only to bring to light the more pressing issues of injustice towards not just ala mighans, but anyone below the poverty line.

Beyond politics, Adira’an is a very calm and easy going man who prefers to keep to himself. He dislikes conflict, but his love of people is much stronger yet. His resolve is commendable, as he’s devoted a good amount of his life pursuing the dream he has in mind for the refugees.

Years ago, before his wealth, he made a decision; that he would do whatever was necessary to see his goals come to fruition. It was for this purpose that he sought out an unusual line of work- one that dealt with people and wealth on a regular basis.  After years of training, Adira’an became a professional escort under an alias, and remained as such for several years before retiring after one of his clients professed to him their desire to adopt and bequeath their wealth unto him.

Nowadays, when he isn’t arguing with old men and women or out amid the refugees, hes at home enjoying the small things, having made a hobby of designing his own clothes, as well as playing the part of a practicing makeup artist.

((^He doesn’t usually wear things this gaudy, I just wanted an excuse to draw fancy clothes))

As far as looks go, Adira is on the short side for a male keeper, and while he maintains an alright amount of definition, he is no fighter. Before his fists, he would use his words to defend himself. His tail is long and the fur is thin, lending itself to the fact that hes spent much of his life inside the city rather than out among the birds and the trees. He possesses a deep, smooth voice with a thick accent, rolling his r’s and extending his a’s.

((I’d type more but its 4 am and I want to go die now. I hope you enjoyed reading about Adira!))


( insert longest eh here). im asking myself when im gonna live my life right, but girls just wanna have fun right

i should stop while i’m behind. i’m just gonna walk over here and drown myself in spaghetti until i immerse into a pasta induced comma. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ivar x blind!reader.

warnings: a little wrestling, fluff. help.

“Ivar,” You called out patiently, a sweet tilt to your voice.

Silence, darkness. Your head twitched to the side. “Ivar … “ You stressed, your teeth clicking together a few times as you waited, patience thinning. You finger tapping your clothed thigh.

Ivar!” You snapped, finally seeming to catch his attention as you heard a loud grunt.

“What? What do you want woman!? I am right here!” His voice was tight, and something harshly meeting the forest floor hit your ear. Probably the boys fist, no doubt.

Exhaling deeply, your head cocked and your foot shuffled off to the right. “You did not answer me.” You stated, only to be met with more silence, and it was times like these where you wondered why you stuck around with him so often – or why he kept you around actually. “I did not realize being crippled also meant you could not hear as well!”

“How did you even know I was still here, hmm? I could have left. I could have crawled away and left you all alone in the middle of the forest.” He told you, a tilt to his voice that caused you grave headaches, like you had just given him a very good idea to make someone’s live more miserable than his own.

A chill ran through your veins, and the muscle under your eye twitched. It would not surprise you if Ivar were to do something that – he did have quite a cruel streak in him, and he had no obligation to you, nor you to him. You were not his slave, nor were you his wife, and he not your husband. But after years of an agreement between you both, you had come to trust the youngest prince with your life. Your first mistake, his brothers always told you, and sometimes you wondered if they were right. His mother, no doubt, was just happy he had found a friend and seemed to trust you with his life for some odd reason, not that you could properly protect him in anyway. There was also the fact you two seemed to argue more often than you didn’t, but you were stubborn aside from not being able to see anything, and you wondered if that’s why the prince kept you.

You were marked as completely helpless by the people of Kattegat who knew you, and even if you shouted in the wrong direction or at the wrong person, there was not a moment where you did not stand up for yourself. Of course, people laughed and taunted you, but you took it in stride – if a crippled could be the most feared and respected man, why could you not be successful in your dreams?

“I am blind, not deaf you bastard! Besides, I could not miss the sound of your portly ass dragging across the forest floor!” You retorted, bending your knee to kick out your foot in the direction of his voice, but a vice grip wrapped around your bare ankle and the world was no longer steady.

With the air knocked out of you, your back was flat against the hard ground and a hand pressed to your forehead, pushing on it to keep you down. His breath fanning across your nose, and you could hear the grinding of his teeth. “You are also a stupid child.”

Gripping onto Ivar’s wrist, your curled your fingers, your uneven nails digging into his bracers and you wished at that moment it was his skin. “I am older than you.”

Yet you were under his wing.

Only physically,” He punctuated, pressing with head to the ground harder with each word before his weight lifted from you completely, but your grip on him held and you came flying forward with him, sitting beside him now instead of standing like moments ago.

You knew you would have a bruise in a few hours from the poor treatment to your forehead, and you could only imagine how sore your back will be in the morn. Reaching out slowly, your finger-tips found his bicep, and he sat only breathing as he allowed your hand to crawl up until it found the feathery hair on the nape of his neck. You twirled the short strands between two fingers. The two of you began to laugh, a weight now on your clothed thigh, his thumb seeming to idly pet you. “I hate you, Ivar.”

He was never a man of emotions besides anger, and that was one you knew well, as did everyone around him. He was so cold and distant, and there were times you could feel the expressions painting his face during certain moments. While you did not know what Ivar looked like, you thought his smile was incredibly beautiful, whether it was brought on by happiness by something innocent, or by the way he had made someone miserable and ruined them. You could just feel it. “I hate you, too,” There was a lightness in his voice that you did not hear very often, and you felt the corners of your mouth twitch upwards until a peaceful expression lasted on your face.

He was your strength more than you would ever know, nor were you bold enough to admit. In a sense, he gave you hope for yourself and your future, even if it wasn’t right beside him.  

A blind and a cripple; he was your eyes, and you were his legs.

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While I'm not the same anon you responded to earlier, I'd like to point you to Momo's hero internship as a reference to Horikoshi's poor treatment of her: the whole thing is a 'fuck you' to her character, and the fact that every female character's arcs are so short and that they're never talked about again is a big red flag, especially compared to the male bnha characters. And does Momo's hero costume really have to be like That?


((but i appreciate you not approaching the subject in the same manner as the other anon haha))

uraraka and tsuyu (both girls!!) got AMAZING internships that we see a lot of!! both learned a lot bc of them, and we see exactly what we need to see that will be applied later. if you complain about the girls being cut short you have to admit that the boys were too! i dont even remember what tokoyami or tail boy were doing bc theyre secondary and tertiary characters! its not sexist to put the main character of a story in the lime light!!

ofc the intern arc is gonna focus more on deku!

now specifically speaking of momo’s internship




her internship SUCKED obviously
but it sucked for a reason

when she was in the tournament she never got to showcase her powers, so when this pro hero picked her it wasnt based on how well she could fight as a hero, but on how cute she looked


she was so excited to even be picked at all but then it turns out its not for her brains or powers, its for her looks

this is what avalanches momo’s overthinking and over-analyzing personality to the breaking point. even when the red head (who’s name i cant remember atm) tells her smth to the effect of “wow this sucks but lets at least have fun” momo cant

she cant let loose
the whole time she feels like there is something she should be doing, and worrying that maybe this is all she is good for; being pretty





so after failing in the tournament and suffering through a worthless internship, the girl who started at the top, entering the school under recommendation so she didnt even have to take the entrance exams, suddenly feels absolutely worthless 

its bc of this that aizawa is so determined to fight her and todoroki in their next test

with their quirks taken away what they need is strategy

not power

in this moment, after encouragement from her friend, she suddenly realizes


she’s wobbly at first but in the end they win thanks to her cunning.

((under the cut bc this post is already long haha))

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This Is Love: Part One

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job.

Word Count: 2079

Warnings: swearing and a bit of blood

A/N: everyone who liked the sneak preview got a tag so if you wanna be added or remove just send me an ask!

You took the job so you’d be on a higher wage than all of your friends. You took the job because it came with free accommodation and meals. You took the job so you’d be working with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes every day. You did not take the job to be spoken down to and back chatted by some caveman super soldier with major attitude problems. You didn’t care that he had just come out of cryo, the words finally removed, and that he was still adjusting it gave him no right to be such a pain in the ass to you when you had been nothing but civil with him. Of course you were grateful to your Uncle Tony, better known to most as Iron Man but when he offered you such a small job with such a low wage you did not know that this was because you would essentially be babysitting the Winter Soldier. Officially speaking you were his personal assistant but you felt like his personal punchbag, taking his rude comments and grouchy moods every single day without complaint and even going to the added effort of getting him cupcakes and little treats which only seemed to make him hate you more. Naturally over time you got more and more irritated by his poor treatment of you so you retaliated in the same way anyone would. By being equally rude and aggressive, having a counter to every single remark and shutting him up very quickly. From this a mutual hatred for each other blossomed, your only conversations being words of disgust towards the other. Your desperation to leave always took you to Tony begging him to see reason and let you have a job with him, hopefully one with equally good pay but every time he fed you the same arguments that forced you to stay.

‘I can’t do it anymore!’ you yell at him as he worked, bent over the arm of his favourite suit trying to fix the damage from the last battle. ‘He’s horrible, insolent and insensitive. I went to him today to ask if he wanted anything doing and he just pretended like I wasn’t there! How can you subject me to this torture?’ At this you sigh dramatically and throw yourself into a chair opposite to where he was working.

‘(Y/N) if anyone can get through to him it’s you’ he counters and you raise your eyebrow at his weak point. ‘Ok but what would your mother think if you just gave up on him? Prove her wrong (Y/N), show her that you can stick at something. He’ll warm to you eventually just remember that while the trigger words aren’t in his head anymore doesn’t mean the memories aren’t’. He smiled then, knowing by your silence that he had won and you huffed, launched yourself out of the chair and stalked out of the door. Rounding a corner on the way back to your room with your head down, deep in thought you don’t see the mass of super soldier you walk straight into causing you to hit your head on his broad chest and fall to the ground in slow motion. Closing your eyes and bracing yourself for your imminent collision with the floor your heart almost stops in shock when you feel two muscular arms wrap around your waist and hold you suspended for a moment. You open your eyes to be met by two piercing blue ones which are momentarily clouded with worry until he realises you’re looking at him and then they harden, staring coldly at you as he pulls you up to your feet. Rubbing your head you stagger and his arms are there again as a support. You push them away and rest your hand on the wall to steady yourself. When your eyes meet his again he nods curtly at you.

‘(Y/N)’ he says coldly. Still a bit baffled you fail to find the witty remark you usually would have done and you blink slowly.

‘James’ you mumble before staggering away from him still rubbing your head.

‘I prefer Bucky’ he yells after you. You’ve heard this line often, you refuse to call him by his nickname saying that this was what his friends called him and you were by no stretch of the imagination his friend.

‘And I prefer douchebag’ you say under your breath and then smiling to yourself having got your quick comebacks back.

‘What did you just call me?’ you hear him question disbelievingly. Shit.You had forgotten about his enhanced hearing. You turn on your heels to face him and stride back towards him.

‘I said, James, you’re a douchebag’ you retort standing only about a foot away from him and breathing heavily in your anger.

‘You’re calling me a douchebag after I just saved you?’

‘Saved me? Please, you wouldn’t have had to put those grubby little hands on me if you had been looking where you were going. If anything I need saving from your idiocy’ you yell, knowing what you were saying was not strictly true as it had been in fact you who had not been looking where you were going. His eyes widen, the fury evident but he fails to find a response in time and you smirk at him knowing you had won. You turn away from him and continue your walk back to your room only to hear him clear his throat. Oh this’ll be good, you think keeping your back to him but slowing your pace slightly so you’ll be able to hear him.

‘My name is Bucky, bitch’. A small laugh escapes your lips. Hell, you’d prepared yourself for it to be terrible but that was beyond words.

‘Alright Bucky bitch, whatever you say’ you shout before laughing again loud enough for him to hear. You hear his heavy footsteps as he marches away and smile, man he just made this too easy.

After a quick shower, you slip into an oversized t-shirt and a clean pair of lacy underwear and head down to the kitchen. Assuming everyone was either in their rooms doing their own thing or out on a mission occupying half the team, you knew that your rather revealing attire wouldn’t be offensive and that going to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal would not mean making anyone uncomfortable. Yes, it was almost midnight and yes, you should be asleep but you were just really craving a quick feast to satisfy your rumbling stomach. When you reach the door of the kitchen it’s just about open and, catching two voices coming from inside, you stop and press your ear to the crack. Technically it was eavesdropping but you were just satisfying your curious nature, they would understand that.

‘Well you should have thought about that before you started being unnecessarily rude to her. Now you say you want her to stop being nasty to you? She was so lovely to you when she first got here Buck and you treated her like shit. What’d you expect, for her to just carry on being nice to you?’ That was definitely Steve, you could tell by the sense he was making.

‘I know but it’s not great to have probably the sweetest person here turn into a monster with me and only me’ Bucky counters and you work hard to suppress a snort.

‘Well that’s on you Bucky, if you wanted her to carry on being friendly with you maybe you should have at least been civil with her’ Steve continues and you take Bucky’s silence as a queue to enter. Swinging the door open you skip past them to the cupboards pretending not to have heard anything by greeting the two of them innocently.

‘Steve’ you almost sing, grinning widely at him just to make a point as when he replies with his own smile and a nod, the grin falls from your face and you glance over Bucky. ‘James’ you say sternly. You were gonna call him ‘Bucky bitch’ again but decided against it, knowing that insults lose their impact the more they’re used. He grimaces and nods at you as you reach up for the top cupboard to get a bowl and then the cereal down. When you feel a draught up your shirt you remember what you’re wearing and smile at how exposed you must be from the back now, picturing Steve’s eyes awkwardly avoiding your bum. You never could reach that top shelf and you start jumping up and down in an attempt to get one of the six foot something men to help you out. You know it’s Steve who comes to your aid as he places a hand gently on the small of your back using the other to grab the box and a bowl and you smile softly at him as he hands them to you. ‘Thanks Stevie’ you say, leaning up to kiss his cheek. As you do this you jump in fright at the sound of glass shattering behind you and you spin around, eyes wide and your mouth forming a small ‘O’ shape in shock. Bucky looks as shocked as you do, still gripping broken shards in his hand and ignoring the water spillage on the counter. He must have applied too much pressure to the glass of water he’d been holding too tightly and it had smashed.

Instincts kicking in you grab the First Aid box from next to the refrigerator and pull Bucky away from the shards on the floor. You’re both barefoot and that would not have been pretty for anyone. He’s still gripping the shards but seems less in shock now and the familiar glare graces his features. You think you’re more shocked that his trademark scowl is directed at Steve and not you than when he broke the glass in the first place. You tug on his fingers to get him to open his hand up and when he does you wince at the bloody mess of his palm. As Steve leaves mumbling apologies to Bucky the latter gazes intently at you. There’s only one word that comes to mind when trying to describe the look he’s giving you and that is one of utter adoration, almost forcing you to double take. Must be blood loss you think as you remove some of the smaller shards and apply an antiseptic cream to the wounds to prevent infection. Truth be told you’d always thought Bucky was extremely attractive and it made a nice change that you weren’t at each other’s throats. You’d kind of had a crush on him before you started working here, hence why Tony gave you this job in the first place. That crush was obliterated, however, when he was incessantly horrible to you and the crush turned into a need to crush each other. One piece looks particularly large so before you remove it you look up at him. ‘This one’s quite deep, you might need stitches’ you say to which he just continues to stare at you. You take this as consent to continue and you pull the shard out cleanly and quickly, trying to ignore Bucky’s slight flinch. You go about stitching the deep cut and when you’re finished you wrap a gauze tightly around his hand. When you pick the kit up and return it to its place by the fridge you turn to face Bucky.

‘Thank you’ he almost whispers. You shrug your shoulders, not wanting to make a big thing out of it as it’s something you know you would have done for anyone. Both your eyes wander to the mess on the floor and before he makes a move to clean it up you shake your head at him.

‘Go to bed, I’ll sort this out’ at this a small crease appears between his eyebrows and he mirrors your head shake. ‘Yes Bucky, go to bed’ you say, an irritated tone in your voice. At this his face softens and he grins at you almost giving you a heart attack. What the hell is wrong with him? Maybe he lost more blood than you thought. You respond with a timidly concerned smile and he turns and leaves. It’s only when you’ve finished cleaning up the mess and are binning the shards that you realise why he had been…. well so not him. You had called him Bucky. ‘Oh shit’.

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A lot of these posts “””defending””” Molly Hooper after that last episode are really rubbing me up the wrong way, because I swear NONE of y’all have given a single shit about Molly until now. I’ve had to endure 3 years of people saying it’s “pathetic” that Molly slapped Sherlock because he “didn’t return her feelings” (WHICH IS NOT WHY SHE HIT HIM OH MY GOD), and I’ve had to listen to people say her silly crush on Sherlock is embarrassing or that she needs to grow up and move on. Even when she’s been praised, she hasn’t been praised as an engaging and interesting character, as the sweet, kind and intelligent young pathologist she is, she’s been praised because she allegedly serves as a prop to further a relationship between two gay men. Which - guess what guys, IS NOT PROGRESSIVE. 

But oh, now that her feelings have finally been vindicated, now suddenly it’s poor Molly and Molly deserves better. But listen. I’m the first person to say that Sherlock’s got major problems with writing women. Ask me about Mary’s fridging sometime. And yes, I wish to God Molly had more screentime, but this idea that her final scene is about glamorising abusive relationships or that Molly was nothing but a prop is killing me.

Do you know what I saw when I watched that scene with Eurus and Molly?

I saw a character who had undergone tremendous growth over the past four seasons. Originally intended as a one-off, but so spellbindingly brought to life by Loo Brealey that she was made a non-canon recurring character, Molly has grown from timid, mousy and submissive to a woman more than willing to stand up for herself, whose kindness is her strength and whose love was the undoing of Moriarty. She’s smart - she’s the literal embodiment of medical and pathological knowledge in Sherlock’s mind palace. She proved you can be soft and strong, that vulnerability doesn’t have to mean weakness, and that you can stand up to someone and demand better treatment in a gentle voice. 

And, God forbid, she’s also in love with a man. But she’s never been given the opportunity to say so. Her feelings, which have been a strength and a weakness, are visible enough to us and everyone in the show, but she’s never said it out loud. 

Now, truth in fiction is a rare substance. It always takes a tremendous amount of pressure for two people to be completely honest with each other, especially if that truth concerns feelings of love. The question, “what will it take to make Molly tell Sherlock she loves him?” is answered in this scene. And the answer is: Sherlock needs to say I love you first. 

And do you know who was in control in that scene? Molly. Every single step of the way. At any moment she could have told Sherlock to stick it up his arse and hung up. There would have been no repercussions for her. Sherlock tries in myriad ways to get an I love you and she blocks him every time, says “leave me alone,” tells him she won’t let him make fun of her, tells him she’s not an experiment. She hasn’t been treated well by Sherlock and John this season, is still grieving over Mary, is probably suffering depression, and she’s sick of Sherlock’s nonsense. She’s willing to help if it’s urgent, but she’s done playing games. 

She tells him she can’t say it because it’s true. It’s always been true. She’s always loved him. Do you have any idea how long we’ve waited for her feelings to be validated? At last, no, it’s not a stupid girlish crush, it’s not infatuation, it’s a beautiful, selfless love that she cherishes for him. She loves this man. She saved his life. She stood up to him. She refused to tolerate shabby treatment from him. She was happy to be his friend. She moved on and found a new man, but when Sherlock came back, she had to be honest with herself, and she decided it would be better to be alone than marry a man she doesn’t really love. She is so brave, and so selfless, and she’s never once made her feelings his problem. That’s why she begs him - don’t make me say it because it’s true, it’s always been true.  

And then, still feeling like this must be a game somehow, she challenges him to say it first. Go on. If you want me to make a fool of myself, then you have to go first. I’m not jumping until you do. Molly can see through him; he can’t manipulate her like he did in S1. She’s not that person anymore. And he’s not that person anymore, either. Eurus didn’t rig Molly’s flat with explosives, and Sherlock didn’t win when he supposedly saved her life, because it wasn’t about that. It was about torturing Sherlock emotionally, and where once he manipulated her without a second thought, hurting Molly now is like vivisection to him. Eurus - Molly - both get him to admit “I love you” - twice. Once, because he was trying to save her life - the second time because he realised it was true. As a friend, or something more, who even cares, he loves her and he realises just how much. 

And still, Molly is in control. She can hang up, if she wants. She contemplates it. But then, almost kissing the phone, perhaps having recognised the note of sincerity in his voice, she whispers, I love you.

Too often an unrequited crush ends when a character suddenly finds a new man or woman, falls in love, and gets over their old feelings, and has a happily ever after with this random new person. But I’ve always found that maddeningly dissatisfying, and even though it comes from horrific circumstances, I’m so glad that Molly’s feelings were validated, not because Sherlock returned them, but simply because those feelings are hers, and they are real, they’ve always been real, and it hurts, god it hurts, but at least she was able to be honest. The cut has been made, the truth is revealed, and now she can begin to heal. She doesn’t have to keep those words festering inside her. Molly loves Sherlock, and it took him telling her he loved her to admit that. 

And Sherlock’s a wreck afterwards. He caresses those words “I love you” and thinks about how he always believed caring was not an advantage. He thinks about selfless, kind Molly Hooper, who had always loved him, and saved him, whose love was her strength, whose love was doomed, who would not suppress or deny her feelings, but merely kept them to herself to spare him discomfort and then - 

He thinks about Molly in that coffin. He thinks about losing her. He thinks about what he’s just said to her. He thinks of how he’s hurt her.


He loses control. Always, he’s pretended to be pure intellect, has always clung to rationality, but in this moment he is nothing but emotion. Rage, pain, fear, sadness, needing to destroy this coffin, smashing it to pieces, screaming in agony because of how much he feels for this woman. 

Molly loves Sherlock. We’ve known for a long time. And I truly feel that Molly being allowed to own those feelings, because they are hers, regardless of whether they are reciprocated or not, is far more powerful than sweeping them under the rug and pretending they never existed or that she got over them just fine. This is how she feels, and no she won’t tolerate poor treatment because of them, and no she won’t put up with him playing games, but yes - she will be there when he needs her, because that’s just who she is. 

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don't take this the wrong way but like i'm always so surprised when you say you're a keith stan bc your entire blog SCREAMS that you're a lance stan lmao

hewuuwhwwhe okay but do you want a kind of serious answer??

Come away with me on a journey to June of 2016….. I’ve just made my blog and have started my foray into the fandom. No matter where I turn, I always come up with the same thing: Keith content. Everyone loves Keith. There are gifsets about Keith, there’s tons of Keith fanart, there’s all this meta/theory/analysis about Keith being Galra. And this is all aided by the fact that the show itself loves Keith.

Now me, being an immediate Keith stan, is happy about this! I love Keith. I love klance. Everything is coming up Katie. But I’ve always tried to love characters in a ship equally. So I go looking for Lance content. And I find it! We’ve got Lance memes, we’ve got Lance gifsets, we’ve got whitewashed fanart, we’ve got Klance fics, we’ve got Lance as the butt of the joke posts, we’ve got more memes, we’ve got Langst. My god, do we have langst. There’s langst where Lance is horribly injured, there’s langst where Lance dies, there’s langst where Lance is tortured, there’s langst where the team hurts Lance’s feelings, and there’s klangst where Lance dies for Keith.

Me, noticing a pattern: ummmmm. What the hell lmao

So I’m looking around, and I’m realizing that the fandom… treats Lance like shit. And I’m a ‘everything in moderation’ kind of gal, so when I saw how one-sided this treatment was, I decided to personally balance things out. Basically: I ramped up the Lance loving. I made as many shitposts about Lance as possible, so people would laugh and associate Lance with fun times and like Lance more. I tried to encourage more positive Lance enjoyment. I’m not like, claiming I’m 100% responsible for the Lance Stan movement, but at the time I figured I could make a difference. I also tamped down on my Keith stanning. I figured, there are enough Keith stans in the fandom. I don’t need to add my voice to the group. But I can help Lance. So… that’s why there’s a lot of Lance loving on this blog.

Things got even easier once season 2 aired and the disparity between Keith and Lance grew bigger. Even when Keith was pulling the most bullshit of his young adult life he received way more attention and praise than Lance, both in the show and fandom. So again, I tried to be the balance I wanted to see. I drank a gallon of Loving Lance juice and started bullying Keith.

Tldr I’m a Keith stan who bullies Keith and loves Lance extra hard to make up for the over glorification of the former and the piss poor treatment of the latter.

“I remember it so well. I thought I was five years old, but there is a dated photograph and it turns out that I was three at the time.
My sister is four years older, and my parents let us go into this room, and there were two bicycles—a little one and a bigger one and the little bicycle was beautiful. It was purple and sparkly and it had little streamers on the handlebars. My first thought was, ‘Ah, such a beautiful bicycle!’ I was filled with awe at its beauty.
And my second thought—in fact it was almost immediate and tied to the first one—was, ‘Well, obviously this is not for me.’
I immediately shut down any expectations. I was certain that it was not for me, and I would probably get into trouble for even touching it. But then my mom said, ‘Come on, go ahead, sit on the bike.’
So I sat on the bicycle, and my mom was trying to take a picture to show my joy but I wasn’t feeling joy—I was anxious and confused.
My sister had already known about the bicycle, because she had peaked, and she was older, she knew better, so she played the game. She had this expression that says, ‘Oh my goodness this is amazing!’ and she has the big smile because she knows that’s the deal— the cost of the bike is to smile for the camera.
I was uncertain why my mom was making me sit on this bicycle and then, when I realized that it was mine—a gift for my third birthday—I felt this terrible sorrow and shame, that I was the sort of person who couldn’t just be grateful and happy that this beautiful bike was mine.
This probably sounds unbelievable to someone else—it sounds unbelievable to me—except I remember it so well. So she takes the photo and I’m smiling, but inside I was weeping really, really hard. I was barely hanging on to the smile and I was good at suppressing tears.
It was as if I was thinking ‘This is what I’ve come to?’ It sounds ridiculous if I am three, but that’s the best I can articulate it—I didn’t have the words. I felt sorrow that I was—not cynical, but so used to turning off desire and expecting not just nothing but expecting poor treatment. And the notion that something good could be for me was so foreign that I rejected it out of hand.
On top of that, I felt I had disappointed my mom because I was supposed to be excited like my sister.”

(Part II)

Canton, MA

An open post, addressed to Men; who consider themselves 'Allies' to the cause of Female Supremacy.

The below is a totally non-complete and non-scientific list of things we (Men) can do to improve the quality of the lives of the women around us. Some of these items are minor, some require a little more effort. None require extreme action.

If, like me, you agree the world would be much better off governed solely by biological females - these are small steps we can take to help the cause along the way. By making women’s daily lives easier, we begin to lay the foundations of a peaceful, happy, female oriented world of tomorrow.

Please feel free to add to this list, remove from the list as you see fit, just please mention that your list is based from this one. I may add to this from time to time.

(P.S. - Enacting any or all of these warrants no special reward, no prize and no recognition. These should be common courtesies extended to women, by men; to improve their lives and help to try and make up for the piss poor treatment that the entire female sex has suffered for 1000s of years. )

If you work with women:

- Offer to make her/them a tea/coffee; so she/they can continue working. If she/they decline(s) don’t pester and just offer again when you next make one. Never be pushy.
- Clean her/their cup(s)if you do, don’t be lazy.
- Keep the workplace tidy, don’t leave this to the women.
- Complement women on the work they do and thank them for the their efforts. A little thanks goes a long way.
- Don’t bear down or mansplain anything.
- Don’t talk over women.
- Don’t comment on women’s appearance anything other than a polite ‘you look nice today’.

If you employ women:

- Never enforce a dress code you don’t enforce on men (I.E. High heels or make-up).
- Promote and hire women over men when possible, if it’s a choice between two candidates right for the job, choose the woman.
- When hiring women, always push for the most significant pay/benefits package possible for her role.
- Allow fully paid menstruation leave (Min 2 days per month) on top of holidays and sick pay. This should be in contracts with female employees. No equivalent should be offered to male employees (as, you know, they don’t fucking need it).
- Allow women to leave early if they have an issue with children. Don’t hold this against them.
- Ensure there is a safe, strictly enforced women-only space available (ideally accessible using ID cards/security passes only. With penalties up to and including termination for men who enter this space.

If you’re employed by a woman:

- follow her instructions to the letter. She has enough to deal with without you not listening.
- If she asks you to perform minor things outside your duties (I.e - tidy the office, or do a coffee run) do it without hesitation.
- Offer to take charge of any errands she may need running.

In the street/on the road:

- Never wolf-whistle.
- Hold doors open for women who are pregnant/pushing prams or holding bags etc. Expect no reward.
- Don’t stare at women.
- Don’t objectify women.
- Don’t push in front of women in queues.
- Give way to women at road junctions who are waiting (so long as it’s safe and lawful)
- If it’s dark/late and a woman is approaching you, cross the road/keep your distance. Due to rape culture, women report feeling tense in these situations. Make it as comfortable as possible for her.

In the home:

- Men should strive to make women’s lives as comfortable as possible. There are studies that show men THINK they’re doing more in the home than they’re actually doing when it comes to house-care/home cooking/house cleaning and childcare. There’s no such thing as a man doing “too much” around the house, but there is such a thing as a man doing too little (and most men do too little). It isn’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘fun’ but it is absolutely reasonable and necessary. This means men do at the very minimum 75% of the household chores, ideally more. Women have to put up with much more shit at work on a daily basis than men do, she shouldn’t have to worry about doing as much as you in the home.
- If you have kids, make it clear in absolutely no uncertain terms that all major decisions are made by the Female head of the household. Any girls growing up in the household will see female authority as natural and act accordingly, any boys growing up will see this and know to respect female authority in life elsewhere.
- If she has friends over, don’t get in the way. But do make yourself useful.

When raising Daughters:

- Teach them unlimited aspirations.
- Teach them about excellent female role models.
- Don’t enforce über femininity on her, she’ll decide for herself later in life her look/style.
- Take her to self defence classes.
- Make sure she sees the head of the house is Female.
- Ensure she feels safe to talk about anything to you.

When raising sons:

- Teach them to respect and listen to what women are saying. Don’t enforce female supremacy on children, but also don’t reinforce societal roles of Female submission and male dominance. The removal of toxic masculinity begins with fathers and sons.
- Teach them about excellent female role models.
- Make sure he sees the head of the house is female.
- Make sure he feels he can talk to you about anything.

In the bedroom/Sexuality:

- Never pay for sex. The chances of the woman invoked having gone through no abuse/degradation is nil. Paying for sex is paying for the abuse of women.
- Men should never push for sex from a partner, regardless of how horny they are feeling. While trying to ‘come on’ to a partner is of course fine, accept her first rebuttal. If she wants sex, you’ll know about it.
- Prioritise the woman’s desires/fantasies always. Do your best to put aside your own wants for her benefit.
- If a woman has said no to a sex act (I.e Anal) never ask for it again. She’ll let you know if she’s changed her mind and wants to try it. Anything else is pressuring her.
- The woman should dictate what sex involves. Even if this extends to rarely/never having PiV. The idea that this IS sex must be removed from society, it’s merely an act on the massive spectrum of sexual activity (and can be very disappointing to women when compared to female centric acts like cunnilingus).
- Never sexually dominate a woman (even on her request) as much as this appears to contradict the previous point, it doesn’t. The overall goal of female supremacy supersedes the individuals sex lives. The less instances men have any authority over women the better.
- Reverse the orgasm gap. Women are naturally capable of multiple orgasms whilst men are not. It’s selfish and unfair to limit women to one or no orgasm(s) when she’s capable of much more. Sex should never involve a man orgasming and a woman not. The reverse is acceptable.

When professionally dealing with women (serving a table, sales etc):

- Be polite, use ma'am/madam unless you’re told differently.
- Don’t eavesdrop on conversations.
- If she has an issue with your service/establishment - listen attentively, she’s probably been pretty nervous about asking you because of social conditioning.

On a night out
- NEVER touch women without permission.
- If you ask a woman to dance or buy her a drink, if she refuses don’t press the issue. Wish her a good night a walk away.
- Intervene if a woman is clearly on her own and being intimidated by a man / either report or step in.


- Don’t tell sexist jokes.
- Don’t wolf whistle.
- Don’t mansplain.
- Don’t intimidate.
- Don’t raise your voice.
- It’s the little things that count: men should regularly ask the women close to them (e.g.: mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc) if they “need anything [else] done?”, or “is there anything [else] I can do for you?”. It’s a good simple open-ended question that can lead to women naming their needs and it doesn’t come across as unusual when asked. It comes across as considerate and polite.

Just to re-iterate, none of these things qualify you as a female supremacist ally. These are good starting blocks though. Let’s make a better world! #FemaleSupremacy

(P.S. - Big thanks to @radfem-femsep-femsup-amazon for her help input and excellent additions. It’s been much appreciated)

Full offence but if you’re only unstanning supergirl now ? You’re white wlw who doesn’t give a fuck about racism, the poor treatment of poc and an interracial couple, and brown face. Every single one of you were worshipping Floriana for her brown face, none of you said anything about james’ poor treatment in the show. Supergirl should’ve been boycotted a long time ago for brown face alone. Full offence, all of you are racist as fuck

Kingsglaive!Lunafreya: I want to escape from my wedding with Noctis, it’s horrible trap, which was set by Empire 

FFXV!Lunafreya: *sits in her room 24/7, stares at her wedding dress, cries how much she wants to get married to Noctis*

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Emotional Barriers: Whenever the victim gets upset and questions the manipulator or complains about something they’re doing, the manipulator turns the focus on the victim’s angry or upset state. The manipulator becomes demeaning about the victim’s objection to their poor treatment. The goal is to frustrate and suppress the victim’s emotions in order to dodge the blame for wrongdoing or maintain control of them.

the only real story to the college au stuff i have so far is that the three of them basically never see each other after leaving camp like they try and message each other every once in awhile but tbh it doesn’t really last past a month or smth bc they’re all too busy

ya speed up to college and they all live in the dorms and end up like. by miracle. assigned as roommates (i guess nikki’s there bc they ran out of room in the girls’ dorms so she’s just there idk let’s pretend that actually happens irl if that’s not a thing. edit: i’ve been told co-ed dorms are a thing so that’s the case) nikki is studying criminology bc hey she gets to run around doing really cool shit?? gets to beat up bad guys ?? gets a police dog to train?? fuck yeah dude. neil is in engineering. and max is studying to become a child therapist to help kids with specifically issues with family, either by abandonment or poor treatment. (he doesn’t actually get into that field he has trouble finding work and his personality just makes him iffy at it but let me tell u he makes a great counselor at camps)

i think the only other thing that i’ve come up with so far is the bike scenarios from CS where they all have their drivers licenses but none of them actually have cars. neil has a bike however. and bc max doesn’t give a shit he often hitches rides on it and beforehand it was really awkward bc like. it’s a bike. for one person. they’d usually work it out where max would stand on the seat while neil stood as he pedaled, they tried max sitting on the handle bars but usually he’d just end up tucked between the bars and basically in neil’s lap. neil ended up installing pegs on the back tires for max to stand on and it made him cry bc that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him but instead of “thank you” or anything he called his bike stupid looking but like it’s max that translates to “dude thank you so much”. nikki just runs and manages to keep up she’s a speedy fucker

i plan to try and design the other kids but that’ll be a bit lkdg

It’s no secret that foreign idols face poor treatment in kpop, but it isn’t always talked about or at least discussed in detail. CLC member Sorn is from Thailand and she recently spoke out about how she and her member Elkie from Hong Kong have been getting screwed over and not receiving payment simply because they are foreigners, while the other korean members are receiving money properly. She apparently filed to receive 100% of the royalties she deserves and hopes that things will change for other foreigners as well. We don’t know which foreigners are also facing this but given the history, it’s safe to assume it happens quite often.

Interviewer: the word “royalties”….

Sorn: Oh. My. God.

Int: the word “royalties” and “copyright”. It’s interesting. Why did you have to do research on them?

Sorn: um…I’m not saying that I know it that well 100%, I haven’t done deep research on it. The company (cube) opens a bank account for all the artists. We can go check the money. I asked where the money coming into the bank account came from. They said it’s the money you got from royalties by people who played clc songs and used it, the money goes into the bank account afterwards. It’s a system where the money coming from royalties don’t have to go trough the company. The company doesn’t have to pass the money over because it goes straight into the bank account. To the artist, producer, song writer, person who sang the chorus, the singers, the engineers, etc. Anyone who helped make the song. The money goes straight into the bank account so the company won’t have to give it out separately.

Int: so that means the company opens a personal bank account?

Sorn: yes

Int: have you talked about what this bank account is?

Sorn: actually…I go to check the bank account to see if the money has come in yet because it normally comes in after a promotion has ended. My friend said that her money has been put in already so I figured I’d go check to see if mine’s been put in. When I went to check, the money from a year ago promotion was still there. (There was no change) So I thought “why don’t I have…why didn’t my money get put in?” But my 6 members, wait 5 members had theirs? I went to ask Elkie (from Hong Kong) to go check her one and she didn’t have her money either. I thought “what? Why don’t the foreigners have their money put in?” I started to think too much and wondered, “hey! Did they scam us or what?” “What happened to the money and our bank accounts?” I went to ask the company why the money didn’t get put into our accounts. When I looked at the numbers it was different from the other members.

Int: in the group clc, how many korean members are there?

Sorn: there’s five Koreans.

Int: so there’s five Koreans and two foreigners: you and this person from Hong Kong.

Sorn: yes.

Int: when you checked the account from the royalties, the money wasn’t put in.

Sorn: it’s not that the mine wasn’t put in, it was the same money from before. From a year ago. So it means that there was no change, no new money has been put in. There wasn’t a ‘big’ amount of money like the others.

Int: the others who are korean.

Sorn: Yeah. It’s not like I REALLY want money (Sorn comes from a wealthy family. Her dad works for the prime minister of Thailand), I’m just wondering how many foreigners are like this in the system. I asked the company what happened and why they are late. They said that they went to research and said “oh, the royalties is slow because…the royalties you have, imagine there’s ABCD. you only got A and haven’t got BCD yet because you’re a foreigner.”

Int: ohh because you’re a foreigner

Sorn: yes. But the korean members have the BCD (the current royalties they earned). But I’m a person who doesn’t give up. Like…I’m not stupid. It’s not that I’m not stupid but I have to know why. The company said that “because your country doesn’t have these laws there’s nothing they can do about it” the money that people get is already reserved so I thought “what is the korean law?” What do I have to do to make the law…like… if there was anything I could do to make Thailand artists to make the same amounts, I would do it. I would have to sign another contract in Korea for another 6 years, if I don’t have it then I would feel greedy.

Based off of this it made me wonder if she even received payment A on time. Who knows how many other foreign idols are facing the same or worse treatment. Doing the same labor as others and receiving way less pay all because of your nationality? That’s so gross and I hope Sorn fights hard to get what she (and probably others) deserve.

you’re just embarrassing yourself if you say everything is cut and dried when it comes to the industry whether it be music, acting, modelling, etc. it’s cutthroat and there’s so much toxicity going on behind closed doors that we have no idea about, that we can’t even begin to glean the surface of. we see the bare minimum of a whole world of shit. there are harsh closetings left and right, extremely poor treatment of poc, abuse and rampant sexualisation of women…if you look at the harvey weinstein mess it’s bone-chilling to think about how many people are manipulated or threatened into silence. it runs on injecting fear into impressionable people and harnessing it to make money, without care for their wellbeing.


Because why not?


Who: A mental toddler full of hope and optimism out to do good in the world after imprinting on the superhero team A-force.

What: She is a sentient pocket dimension.  She is able to teleport, blast things, fly, and hide people and things inside herself. 

Why: Because Nico and her formed a deep bond and that is not easily broken.

Hazmat and Mettle

Who: Jennifer Takeda and Ken Mack. Both of these kids had fulfilling lives before their powers took away what they wanted.  They found solace in each other.

What: She’s radioactive and poisonous, having the live in a containment suit because of it (until a poorly written ‘cure’ was applied to her).  He used to be a surfer before he was turned into “Red Irridium” by being flayed alive.  He’s super-strong, and super durable, but can’t feel much. 

Why: Both Mettle and Hazmat clicked with Chase and Nico pretty well. One of my big criteria for Runaways team members is people thinking they might be evil, and these kids have that specter over them.

Plus, they could double date with Chase and Nico and be really, really cute together.


Who: Andrea Benton.  A goth girl who is bonded to a hellspawn-infused version of the Venom symbiote. 

What: aside from various venom-related powers (spider-sense, enhanced strength, enhanced agility, regeneration, enhanced durability, claw/tooth/and tentacle creation), she has a Hellmark which allows her some demonic magic/control over demons.

Why: She’s an orphan with an ‘evil’ power, and an ‘evil’ parent of sorts.  And since flash seems to be letting her down a lot, she might as well hook up with the Ruanways. 

Sun Girl

Who: Selah Burke, daughter of Lightmaster (Edward Lanksy), a bright girl who was inspired by Spider-man to do good with science!

What: She has invented energy blasters and a jetpack that are all solar powered/light enhancing.

Why: Villainous parentage, and after her experience in the new Warriors, she might be more towards the Ruanways way of thinking (cleaning up the messes of adults, not bowing to their authority).  Haeichi might join her in that regard.


Who: Elvin Haliday. A young kid who, thanks to chemical waste exposure, becomes a hulking figure.  Former Avenger, New Warrior, and Lucha enthusiast.

What: He has Super-strength and Durability. 

Why: He is pretty well solidly orphaned twice over.  And his short temper has gotten him into trouble before, he could fit in pretty well with a bunch of kids on the run (though he’d blend in about as well as Ken Mack). He also shares a deep disillusionment with adults. 


Who: Noriko Ashida, former leader of the New X-Men. Stubborn, and driven into depression because of her responsibilities as a leader. 

What: She has electrical absorbing and projecting powers.  She can also channel this into bursts of super-speed. 

Why: let’s face it, her generation was basically abandoned by the X-Men.  Putting her and her friends through hell easily disillusioned her.  She can’t take that other members of her class still stomach the poor treatment they get from the established X-Men.  Her mutation also forced her to run away from Japan to America (not an easy feat) and she lived on her own for months before being adopted into the X-Men (or as she sees it, “unknowingly drafted”). 

Also, her and Victor Mancha might be cute together. 


Who: Carmilla Black, daugther of pre-mutation Bruce Banner and Monica Rappaccini (one of the Scientist Supreme of AIM).  Trained by shieLD to do infiltration missions.

What: Aside from SHIELD training, she has been given a Gattaca treatment to nearly ‘perfect’.  She also has the ability to absorb and project poisons in the form of a ‘venom blast’.  She is also immune to radiation. 

Why: Villain parents give you insant Runaways cred.  She might be there to spy on them, and then come to like them as a new family, just to make her eventual ‘traitor’ reval all the sweeter. 

Because I am evil.

Ghost Rider

Who: Robbie Reyes, a good kid with dark powers from his evil uncle’s spirit. 

What: Mystical empowerment, Hellfire, a sweet rid, blades and chains are all as his command.  And he’s tough as hell. 

Why: He’s living solo, though not off the grid.  A young man still going to high school who works to keep his little brother well cared for is more along the ‘adulting’ path than the Runnaways, but I figure he could help them all survive better in the world.  Chase, at least, could get a job at the shop with him.  And his little brother would totally have a balst with Molly.

Also, him and Nico would make an interesting ship. Or Fusion.


Who: Rikki Barnes, girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire.

What: She has no powers, trains as best she can, and stays off the grid as besst she can.

Why: Look at all that!  Look at it!  she’s taylor made to at least ally with the Runaways! 


Who: Anya Corazon, twice orphaned, outspoken young woman with a drive to do good.

What: Standard Spider-Package with some mystical edges to them.

Why: Twice-Orphaned, and formerly working for a society that didn’t tell her everything.  distrust of adults from that alone gets you Runaways cred. 


Who: Daughter of Scott Lang, determined, driven, and with an inability to take ‘no’ easily.

What: She has size-changing powers, and she has tech that allows her to fly, blast, and control ants/wasps.   Though there are some Heart issues she has to deal with …

Why; If it wasn’t for the Young Avengers, she was going to run away to LA to join the Runaways.  She got along with them pretty well.  Well, except for that incident with Molly …


Who: Aside from the above?  She was rules strict and is learning they don’t always apply.

What: ice Powers, and she’s pretty buff.

Why: She was a Runaway in one world already, might as well make her one in 616.  Also, she can crush on Karolina (or Nico, she does have a thing for Gothy Asians). 

Feel free to share your own ideas!