poor tommy boy

Between headaches and hot weather this last week, the artblock has been pretty bad. But I don’t want to let my skills get rusty so I doodled up a Tommy for practice. He’s probably fallen asleep against a wall somewhere, but he’s earned a nap after all the stress of being Jason’s nemesis.

Also the image of a sleep-deprived Tommy falling asleep in random places is hilarious to me. >.>

no but the more I think about this the more sense it makes: Hawkeye should’ve died at the end of AoU.

Like, first of all it would get rid of the bullshit with Pietro and the bullets. He could’ve dodged that shit, he could’ve taken each individual bullet and shoved it up Ultron’s metal ass and then still have had time to call Clint and old man. Pietro’s death makes no sense and serves no purpose.

So let’s say that Clint died protecting that kid. Knowing Nick Fury, he probably had a TAHITI machine and a gallon of GH-325 ready and waiting on the helicarrier. Nick (and by extension, SHIELD) hates throwing stuff away, especially people, and if you think for a second he would let his Avengers fight an evil robot on a flying city without a safety net then you are sorely mistaken. So the instant Clint’s body is on the helicarrier, it gets taken away and revived.

Buuuut the whole world–and the Avengers–saw Clint die on national TV. So he can’t exactly go straight back into being a superhero.

And dying probably shook him up a bit too. His family and his team still think he’s dead. Natasha thinks he’s dead. He has no powers, no super-armor, nothing but a bit of stick and string from the paleolithic era, and superheroing turned out to be more dangerous than he bargained for. He died. So maybe he’s ready for a break.

Fast-forward until the Young Avengers form. Here is a group of superkids (and one very not-superpowered Kate Bishop) going out there, kicking ass, making a name for themselves. Cap’s not happy, those kids are going to get themselves killed, but they’re refusing to stop so we’d better train them so at least if they get killed it’ll be their own fault.

And when Cap sees Kate, a highly skilled archer with no superpowers, he sees an opportunity to honor his friend’s memory properly at last and gives her the bow and the name.

and then Clint finds out and becomes an Avenger again because this kid is like nine and she’s totally not a better Hawkeye than him